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Most Beautiful Female Dancer(s)


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Some seem to interpret this question as to who dances the most beautifully. On straight looks, mine are:

A. Asylmuratova

Christine Dunham

Isabel Guerin

Sylvie Guillem

Susan Jaffe

Julie Kent

Moira Shearer

Silja Schandorff

Tamara Toumanova

As beautiful as Fonteyn and Farrell were as dancers, they just cannot be on this list.

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Oh, I don't know, paolo. I'd keep Fonteyn on a list, but I probably wouldn't include some of the ladies you named. Yours all have attractive faces, but I don't feel all of them merit the rarified status of "most beautiful." Fonteyn, to my mind does.

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I agree with Carbo, and I would keep Farrell as most beautiful, too, although I didn't list her previously because I was sure others would. I remember reading on here someone saying whether or not he/she would find Farrell attractive if she were not a dancer- in my mind, she still would be. She isn't beautiful in a glamorous way, but rather has a natural prettiness, kind of Uma Thurman-esque. Anywho, there's the old cliche: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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I'm following paolo's guidelines in the following list:

Moira Shearer. Gorgeous onstage, gorgeous off – the director Michael Powell, who saw a few beautiful women in his life, has recorded in his memoirs her effect in person -- and in front of the camera. She covers all the bases.

Nina Fedorova – I’ve only seen her in photographs, but her face and figure just leap out at you, even in pictures where she’s tucked away in the corps. Wow.

Tamara Toumanova

Pearl Argyle

Tamara Karsavina

Julie Kent

I don’t think she’s been mentioned earlier, so excuse me if she has, but I nominate Diana Adams. Not a glamour girl in the Toumanova mode, but a beautiful figure and lovely features.

I wouldn’t call Fonteyn or Le Clercq beauties in the traditional sense. Magnetic and attractive, yes, but not great beauties.

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"I remember reading on here someone saying whether or not he/she would find Farrell attractive if she were not a dancer- in my mind, she still would be."

This is reminiscent of the very beginning of the Elusive Muse film. Farrell recalls a conversation with Balanchine in which he said, "You know, Suzanne, if I weren't a choreographer, you wouldn't look at me twice." She responded, "You know, George, if I weren't a ballerina, you wouldn't look at me twice."

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I would add Aurelie Dupont to the list. She fit the title perfectly!

I watched Nureyev's "Don Quixote" with Dupont last night. When I first looked, I saw she bore a strong resemblance to Catherine Zeta-Jones. She is gorgeous!

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I'll second the vote for Irina Dvorovenko. I downloaded the "Inside the ABT Studios - Raymonda" video clips from the ABT website a while ago, and I was mesmerized with how beautiful Dvorovenko was in the studio - even with a freshly-scrubbed face free of make-up, her dark eyes and alluring features still shine through.

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My vote is for..........all of them!!! :clapping:

All of the ballerinas I've danced with and watched seem like radiance and beauty personified.

That's the nature of what they do. And I, for one, celebrate it.

Having said that- Roberta Marquez at the RB seems cuter than most.

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I'd say Farrell was one of hte great beauties of hte sixties.....

She looked astonishingly similar to one of the most fashonable models of that time, Jean Shrimpton, and English woman, a self-described "Cockney" whose refreshing lack of pretension suited the times as well. Shrimpton had huge eyes and a famously photogenic overbite; for a while in the late 60's all beauty magazines featured girls with their two front teeth showing. Gelsey Kirkland, who had naturally thin lips, like mary Pickford's, went and got a silicone implant in her upper lip to create that line.

Farrell's face typified certain qualities -- vulnerability, inwardness in particular -- that were very important in that era.

Her face and body made her beautiful even before she started to move - and then, there were those moves!

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