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  1. I would be very interested to hear about Molina's Spartacus, which he choreographed for himself and Erica Cornejo (who I miss so much )...fished around for a little while and found just two reviews of the opening night gala, one from Boston Globe and another very impressively written one from the Harvard Crimson (albeit no mention of Cornejo): Karen Campbell- The Boston Globe Erica Sheftman- The Harvard Crimson Was anyone there? Please?
  2. Just to clarify: shoud we not have a ballet company that have a classical repertoire but wait for Kirov and Bolshoi and Royal to give us Swan Lake and Giselle, my two favorite ballets? What about Baryshnikov, Makarova, Julio Bocca, Alessandra Ferri, Nina Ananiashvili, Malakhov, Carreno, Corella, Gomez and so many others - who spent their entire ballet career on the American soil? I think this view should be very discouraging for them all. How sad. All these dancers spoke of their love of ABT and American Audiences.
  3. Thursday Night: Herrera, Beloserkovsky, Bocca I must say I liked Paloma better than I have in past seasons. This ballet is perfectly suited to her in that her technique is strong and consistent and that is exactly what is needed. She executed every single pirouette, balance, and transition perfectly- there was not one flaw, not one misstep, teeter-totter, hop, skip, pause...it was so smooth- I was amazed. She interpreted Raymonda as a youthful, Giselle-esque girl who is almost frightened by the perspective of suitors courting her but is at thesame time thrilled. The one part I really did not
  4. Why Giselle05, you really summoned it up well! I agree with everything you said. :-) Especially happy about my favorites :-) They truly are an amazing couple. They had so much class. Did anyone else feel like something was really missing...something like...perhaps, Nina?
  5. I am a huge fan of Ananiashvili, bart. In fact I was going to purchase tickets for all her performances at ABT in the spring, but alas... To me she is the epitome of someone who combines amazing technical bravura with sublime artistry, something very few ballerinas manage to merge successfully. Last year at the MET, I saw her in Swan Lake with Julio Bocca- it was absolutey the most incredible performance I'd ever seen! Her balances and fouettes were just unbelievable. She stayed up there forever, for hours on end, it seemed like. The house was roaring! Add to that her lyricism, especially as
  6. Broken Promise is probably the Albert Evans ballet...as Distant Cries is the Edward Liiang one that Peter Boal and Wendy Whelan danced together at the Joyce Theater recently.
  7. ooo Malakhov for Nureyev sounds good
  8. Ariodante- your analysis is quite perfect. :-)
  9. On a side note, I was just wondering...has anyone ever tried sitting front row at the MET? Do you feel like you're looking up and cant see some things, or is it just right? *getting tickets soon for ABT's spring season*
  10. So the single sale brochure has come out?? :excited to see ferri on the cover:-)
  11. ahh i see..thanks. so as of now, you can only buy tickets for the gala, and subscriptions, correct? i want to get really good seats for the ferri-bocca giselle, and i hope i still can! :-)
  12. Hmmm... I didn't know you could order already?!?! Have you received a brochure?
  13. Men: Hugh Grant Sean Penn George Clooney Colin Firth Tom Cruise Pierce Brosnan Women: Natalie Portman Scarlett Johanssen Charlize Theron Penelope Cruz Kiera Knightley Diane Lane Julianne Moore Julia Roberts Audrey Hepburn
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