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  1. That's definitely Wayne Byars! A great teacher, and I feel lucky to have taken his class. Thank you, Tapfan, for posting this article. Misty Copeland isn't the only one, by far. When I was growing up and taking ballet classes, Virginia Johnson, Stephanie Dabney, and Cassandra Phifer were my role models. I'm happy for Misty's success, and even happier that all this publicity is simultaneously shining a spotlight on the lack of diversity in classical ballet companies and highlighting the ballerinas of color who are soldiering on and dancing.
  2. I downloaded a copy of this beautiful book onto my laptop three years ago. The laptop was recently stolen. Unfortunately, I hadn't backed it up I will never make that mistake again!!! Now, I'm trying to put everything I had back together. The link is no longer working. If anyone has this book and wouldn't mind forwarding it on to me, I would be very, very grateful.
  3. Giselle- Alina Cojocaru, Diana Vishneva, Natalia Osipova Albrecht- Marcelo Gomes, David Hallberg, Johan Kobborg Myrtha- Veronika Part, Maria Allash, Marie-Agnes Gillot
  4. I was trying to quote part of nysusan's post above- that's the first paragraph!
  5. Cojocaru is one of my favorite ballerinas and while her Giselle was certainly well worth seeing IMO what I saw this time around is no longer on the same level as Osipova and Vishneva. I HOPE this can be attributed to a current injury and not just a decline in her technique due to the cumulative effect of her many injuries and well known foot problems. She still has a wonderful, floaty quality to her dancing, beautiful, easy extensions, gorgeous phrasing and line and is a very great interpretive artist but her technique has definitely declined. Last season when she flubbed a bit in DQ I put it down to a bad night. Now I don't know. I'll speak up in defense of Cojocaru. Having seen her Lise in "La Fllle mal Gardee" a few weeks ago, I can say that her technique has not declined at all. There is a lot of intricate pointe work in that ballet, and Alina executed it with aplomb. It sounds like a recent flare-up of an old injury or a new injury! Either way, I hope she recovers soon. I'm enjoying all of the Giselle reports since I'm not in New York this summer. I do wish I could have seen Vishneva and Gomes!
  6. Of course! As soon as I leave New York I will have to rely on BTers and Youtube to let me know what I'm missing!
  7. Thanks for the advice! I was unlucky with the standing room queue, but my friend waited inside and we were able to get real seats. I found the performance a bit disappointing, though. I was really looking forward to seeing Uliana Lopatkina for the first time and in her signature role. The Parisian audience went wild for Lopatkina, but she seemed mechanical and cold to me. Her interpretation of Odette/Odile was very deliberate and it didn't feel like she made any effort to interact with her partners or engage with Nureyev's particular version of Swan Lake. It seemed as though she could have been dancing with anyone. The corps de ballet, however, was magnificent. And I also enjoyed Stephane Bullion's menacing Rothbart and the highflying Pas de Trois danced by Emmanuel Thibault, Ludmila Pagliero, and Eve Grinzstajn.
  8. It was absolutely impossible to get tickets for the run of "Swan Lake". I would like to try for standing room at the Bastille. I was lucky to stumble across standing room tickets last Christmas for "Casse-Noisette". How early should I queue up outside? I can only see the Dec 21 performance with Lopatkina!! I'm prepared to wait out in the cold for awhile
  9. Thanks! I wonder if binoculars will help...
  10. David Denby gave the film a pretty scathing review in "The New Yorker". Favorite quote: "Dance lovers will find it so over the top that they are likely to be amused".
  11. I came across this announcement the other day on the ROH website. http://www.roh.org.uk/theO2.aspx Has anyone been to the O2 arena? What is the seating like? Can anyone hazard a guess as to what "Romeo and Juliet" might look like in that space? I'm spending this year in Glasgow and London, so I'm very happy to be able to catch up with the Royal Ballet in person!
  12. Is she supposed to look like that?? More chicken than swan. The audience's enthusiastic roar is highly inexplicable.
  13. Wow! What artistry! Thank you for posting these clips.
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