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  1. Wow! What artistry! Thank you for posting these clips.
  2. I just purchased this DVD after seeing "Sylvia" with ABT this week. The cast list is incomplete, and not being a a frequent viewer of the Royal Ballet, can someone help me? Who are the soloists in the third act dancing Ceres, Jaseion, Persephone, Pluto, Terpsichore, and Apollo?
  3. Hello! I was at the Met last night for Xiomara Reyes' and Angel Corella's "Manon". I've only seen these two dancers paired up in "La Fille mal Gardee", so it was a definite change to see them as MacMillan's desperate lovers. Xiomara's frame is tiny and childlike- her Manon was a victim of her brother's machinations and a corrupt, sexually rapacious society. I kept comparing her to the only other Manon I've seen in person- the POB"s Isabelle Guerin. Guerin was sophisticated and utterly in control of her sensuous powers- not a sex kitten, but a tigress with lovely arched feet and expressive a
  4. Has anyone seen Matthew Bourne's new piece at BAM, "Play without words"? Any comments? Is it worth catching?
  5. Along with Aurelie Dupont, Marie-Agnes Gillot is absolutely gorgeous!
  6. What a great topic! I'm going to limit my replies to dancers I've seen in person. So, here goes: Legs: Sylvie Guillem, Maria Kowroski, Marie-Agnes Gillot Feet: Veronika Part, Isabelle Guerin, Alessandra Ferri Arms/Hands: Nina Ananiashvili, Julie Kent Eyes: Mara Galeazzi
  7. I've never read a biography of Schumann, but I recently read a novel about his marriage to Clara Wieck- "Clara" by Janice Galloway. It's beautifully written, and captured the spirit of their romance and music. It's even structured in the sections of Frauenliebe und leben!
  8. I traveled to Paris to see Liebeslieder Walzer as well I'd gladly hop on a plane for: A Month in the Country The Dream The Two Pigeons Ondine Mayerling Manon
  9. Thanks Maria- I'll search for the Bournonville tape. Cinderella and Don Q both sound tantalizing. I've only been able to see Kobborg dance a few times and in tragic roles- Onegin, Romeo and Rudolf. I'm still floored by his subtle acting and incredibly pure technique. Let's petition the Royal Ballet to release Johan DVDs
  10. I'm trying to locate any videos or DVDs with Johan Kobborg. I recently saw him in "Mayerling". What a dancer! Thanks!
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