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  1. So excited to hear about last night - wish I was there! Every time I see Shklyarov I am amazed by how he grows as an artist. I think I saw him for the first time back in February of 2010 when the Mariinsky came to DC in The Sleeping Beauty. I remember thinking he was good - nothing outstanding. Then I saw him in July of 2011 when the Mariinsky came to the Met in Symphony in C. I noticed how much he matured and thought that he was excellent in that ballet. Last summer, I saw him in La Bayadere with Tereshkina and marveled not only at his superb dancing but his command of the stage as a le
  2. Even though this was the 75th anniversary - one thing has not changed. Best dressed - Dvorovenko Worst dressed - Vishneva. Diana is my favorite dancer but her stylist - eek!!
  3. I can't wait for tonight! I have never seen Osipova in a full Giselle. I saw her in the Act II Pas de deux at one of the ABT Opening Night Galas a few years ago. Tonight should be a treat. Also, I can't think of the last time I saw Sarafanov dance!
  4. I attended last night's performance and I have some mixed feelings. First - I loved seeing Svetlana Zakharova. She is a world famous ballerina who rarely dances in New York. I have only seen her dance live twice - when the Bolshoi came to NYC in the summer of 2005 in Don Quixote and when she danced an awful pas de deux from Tristan and Isolde at the 2012 Stars of the 21st Century Gala. Last night, she was my favorite part of the ballet. I kept waiting for her to come on stage. Her Odette was lovely and vulnerable and her Odile was very spectacular. Her solo work was beautiful and Hallb
  5. Wow - I was really looking forward to Cojocaru!
  6. I went last night and as usual - thank you Diana and Marcelo for giving 110 percent and spilling your guts onstage. What a performance! That last pas de deux in the Louisiana bayou was amazing!
  7. I attended the opening Coppelia. I also saw this three years ago with Osipova and Simkin. I want to second the opinion that this was a triumph for Misty Copeland. I thought that she was beautiful as Swanilda. She was very funny, showed great command of the stage and the audience, and danced very well with Herman Cornejo. The production of Coppelia itself is okay - I felt that it was a little boring in certain parts. I kept waiting for Misty to come back on stage. By the way, I tried to buy Misty Copeland's book at the Met Gift Shop, and I was told that they were completely sold out!
  8. I agree with the above - this is the first time that I have seen Shklyarov dance with Tereshkina where he actually looked older than her. I attended three of the performances. I attended Vishneva/Gomes/Murphy, Smirnova/Muntagirov/Seo, and Tereshkina/Shklyarov/Boylston. Of the three, my favorite was the first. Diana and Marcelo usually spill their guts on stage and they more than delivered at the opening Bayadere performance. When the veil was lifted off of Diana's face, I knew that Diana was not seeing the audience of the Met. She was looking at the Himalayas in the distance and she cre
  9. I saw Tereshkina as Gamzatti back in 2008 when the Mariinsky came to DC. The coldness was perfect for the role of the Princess Gamzatti and her dancing was superb. Her coldness was a perfect contrast to Vishneva's Nikiya. The next time I saw her was as Aurora when the Mariinsky came to DC in 2010. There, the lack of warmth was a hindrance. Again, her dancing was gorgeous, but at that performance I ended up watching Kondaurova as the Lilac Fairy more than her. Shklyarov was Prince Desiree at that performance, but he was still a work in progress back then. The next time I saw Shklyarov
  10. I attended last night. I also attended Friday night with Vishneva/Gomes/Murphy. Friday night was total magic. Last night was not, but there were many beautiful moments. I thought Smirnova was lovely. Her Nikiya was still a work in progress, but I was thrilled that she came to the Met and I would love to see her again. I had only seen her dance once before - at the 2012 Stars of the 21st Century Gala. Muntagirov was the surprise for me last night. This is the first time I had seen him dance and I read the mixed reviews about him in the past, but he was really great last night. He w
  11. I agree with you, although I am looking forward to Tereshkina/Shklyarov. I saw Tereshkina dance Gamzatti (with Vishneva as Nikiya) when the Mariinsky was in DC in the winter of 2008.
  12. Craig Salstein was the Bronze Idol on Friday night. He was very good. The best Bronze Idol I ever saw was Cornejo, although Simkin was pretty good himself.
  13. It is after midnight - I will write more tomorrow, but just have to post that it was a magical Bayadere last night. All three leads were at their absolute best. One funny thing - when they moved Solor's divan/couch in Act II, something dropped on the floor that sent a couple of sparks flying. As the Shades were entering, a visible hand came out from behind the curtain to clean up whatever that was.
  14. I attended Thursday evening with Kochetkova and Cornejo. While there were moments of brilliance, there were also moments of terrible sloppiness. Twice (or maybe three times) Kochetkova fell off point while Cornejo was spinning her. It just seemed that the two leads were out of sync with each other. The ballet got stronger as the night went on. Act I seemed to be "off". Kochetkova's Kitri is still a work in progress. She is not quite the feisty girl that I have seen portrayed by Valdes or Osipova. She did have some lovely moments in the Act II dream ballet and most of her solo work was
  15. Thank you so much for your reviews. For the third time in a row, I have had to miss the ABT Opening Night Gala..
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