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  1. I was supposed to today, but I got the time wrong...
  2. I went straight to the dancing and really loved the alternate settings to the first two pieces. I would have loved the Liebeslieder, but I found the lighting difficult. I liked what was onstage the least, the Peck again for the lighting, but it was NYCB dancing up a storm, and any chance to see Tiler Peck whip off the central role in Divertimento without breaking a sweat is a joy.
  3. When Kyle Davis was a young dancer at PNB, people often remarked that he resembled Peter Boal.
  4. From the press release: Pacific Northwest Ballet Bids Adieux to Principal Dancers Jerome and Laura Tisserand. Couple to join Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. SEATTLE, WA – Pacific Northwest Ballet will be bidding an adieux passionnés to principal dancers Jerome Tisserand and Laura Tisserand at the end of the company’s 2020-2021 season: The couple have announced that they will be leaving Seattle this summer, to accept positions with Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. Laura Tisserand (formerly Gilbreath) trained at PNB School before joining the company as an apprentice in 2003; she was promot
  5. Francia Russell, who staged Theme and Variations for the Mariinsky as part of the same invitation that brought Farrell there, said in a public seminar or post-performance Q&A at Pacific Northwest Ballet that she was diverted to China during one staging trip to work with a company who had learned the ballet(s) from videotapes. Someone wanted the performances to be credible, even if the Chinese government or the company had not gone through the route of getting permissions. Chinese competitive figure skating started when Chinese coaches studied films of Soviet figure skating and tried to r
  6. From the email announcment: SINGLE TICKETS ON SALE MONDAY, MAY 3RD! 10:00 AM - MEMBER AND DONOR PRESALE 1:00 PM - PUBLIC SALE Once again, audiences will see dancers and choreographers exploring their art form in intriguing and cutting-edge new creations. This year, the festival will showcase an exciting first time collaboration between two Utah arts icons, the Sundance Institute and Ballet West. Principal Artist Emily Adams and Katy Jarzebowski, an alumna of Sundance Institute’s Music Film Program have been commi
  7. Fundraiser with digital content alert! ArtsFund in Seattle is having an online presentation on May 6 from 12-1:30pm PDT. You need to register for it here: https://www.artsfund.org/2021-digital-celebration-of-the-arts/ PNB posted this to their Facebook group, announcing that Leah Terada's and Miles Pertl's "Happening" will be part of it. PNB also linked to this Seattle Times article that describes ArtsFund's initiatives, and the article states: It isn't clear to me what ArtsFund's model will be: direct grants or grants to companies to fund digital content going forward,
  8. More casting info, this time three of the four Act III soloists, retired dancers Margaret Mullin (Dance of the Golden Hours, originally Marnee Morris), Sarah Ricard Orza (Dawn, originally Merrill Ashley), and Kylee Kitchens (Prayer, originally Christine Redpath): https://www.facebook.com/PNBallet/posts/10158634639568952
  9. I think they're using "sooner" to meaning within the 14 days, as in the last shot on July 10 would be too soon
  10. You're not considered fully vaccinated until 14 days after your last shot. (The number of weeks vary by vaccine, although two weeks may be true for all vaccines currently administered in the US.) That is why you can't show proof of full vaccination any time sooner than 14 days. Within 14 days means you are still waiting to be fully vaccinated. While the CDC has changed its advice with regard to masking policy for small, outdoor gatherings, they have not changed masking policy for large outdoor gatherings for live events, regardless of the seating scheme.
  11. I've moved the news and responses to the death of Katherine Barber to its own thread here:
  12. The press release from Ballet West: BALLET WEST ANNOUNCES "IN THE BALANCE: BALLET FOR A LOST YEAR" A WORLD PREMIERE DOCUMENTARY SERIES Salt Lake City, UT— Ballet West and Skyscape Studios announced today the world premiere of a nine-episode documentary series featuring the iconic ballet company, In The Balance: Ballet for a Lost Year. The first episode debuts on Ballet West’s social media channels May 7, and episodes will be released every week through the spring and early summer. Award-winning filmmakers Diana Whitten and Tyler Measom dire
  13. From last Friday's links, a small victory* for Lopes Gomes: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-56858493.amp *A smallish amount of money and a one-year extension of her contract.
  14. Rest in peace, Katherine, and my deepest condolences to her family and many friends.
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