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  1. PNB has made changes to the 2020-21 Digital Season: some rep swapped, some program swapping, and some great new content. Details are posted here:
  2. Rep 4 – April 1 – 5, 2021 And the sky is not cloudy all day – World Premiere Music: John Adams Choreography: Donald Byrd Pictures at an Exhibition (Archival recording) Music: Modest Mussorgsky Choreography: Alexei Ratmansky World Premiere Choreography: Alejandro Cerrudo Bonus content for season subscribers and Digital Performance Plus ticketholders includes the debut of a new work by Margarita Armas featuring PNB company dancers and PNB Company Pianist Christina Siemens, and an interview with Mr. Cerrudo and PNB School New Voices students.
  3. From today's press release -- Part 1: Dance Happens Everywhere: PNB’s 2020/2021 Digital Season Filmed at the Seattle Center Studios at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall. Viewable in the comfort and convenience of your own home. SEATTLE, WA— Pacific Northwest Ballet had no idea how an all-digital season would be received when it launched its 2020/2021 Dance Happens Everywhere line-up, but with three repertory programs and a Nutcracker under our belts, it is safe to say that the response has been resounding. Patrons from all 50 states and 35 countries outside of the United State
  4. I am listening to a Met Opera Guild podcast* of a recording of the late Father Owen Lee's lecture about "Faust," the first opera performed at the Met, and he said that the ballet music that Balanchine set for his "Walpurgisnacht" ballet was incongrous with the rest of the act, and he suspects it was written by Leo Delibes, not Charles Gounod. He said there is an edition of the manuscript of it in the archives of the L'Opera with Delibes name on it. It does have a Delibes-like bounce to it. But he also notes that Delibes may have orchestrated music written by Camille Saint Saens, who was ori
  5. It's that time of year, when we ask for your support to keep Ballet Alert! up and running. We ask yearly for just enough to pay for the Ballet Alert! and Ballet Talk for Dancers sites, bank fees, and payment processing fees for the next year. These are about 4K in total, which is a formidable amount. We are asking each person who uses the site to consider contributing $20, but we do understand that everyone is still being asked for contributions from every direction: from arts organizations, from relief organizations, to support local businesses, and that personal finances can be precar
  6. Helene


    If you posted before, no. If you never posted, then in August, when we tried to do our semi-annual purge of members who had never posted and hadn't logged in within the last year, the software ignored the "not logged in in more than a year" input and purged everyone who had never posted. I posted about that back in August.
  7. Helene


    Welcome back, lmrook!
  8. Welcome to Ballet Alert! Degage E.!
  9. Helene

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to Ballet Alert!, TeriAnne! We hope that you'll join our discussions from the audience point-of-view.
  10. Different organizations have different approaches and policies, but I don't remember seeing any with unlimited viewing periods for paid content aside from subscription services, like Marquee TV, medici.tv, and Met Opera on Demand. SFO streams archived videos for one weekend for free: if you want on demand vault streaming, you have to donate $75 or more. Pacific Northwest ballet allows five days of streaming for each program, whether subscription or single ticket, except for Nutcracker, which was longer, with period based on ticket type. Seattle Opera does the same for subscribers, at least,
  11. That is great news! I haven't seen the company live since 2004, and Madeleine Eastoe was a great favorite of mine. I look forward to seeing the company a generation later!
  12. San Francisco Opera is holding a Ring Festival from March 5-30, mostly from Fri-Sun. There are paid Zoom presentations throughout, but streaming of the HD filiming is going to be free! This is before they plan to go back to live performances starting in April: https://www.sfcv.org/music-news/sf-opera-revisits-wagners-ring-and-inaugurates-live-drive-in-opera Four weekends in March: March 7-8, Das Rheingold March 14-15: Die Walkure March 21-22: Siegfried March 28-29: Die Gotterdammerung It is Francesca Zambello's production, originally from 2011 or 2012. It
  13. Here's a link to the Seattle Dance Collective .pdf that describes a fillm collaboration between Sara Mearns and Seattle Dance Collective in 2021: https://4ad77e12-1059-4cdf-8053-c9fb38d0d01f.filesusr.com/ugd/5560e9_c34a59c2026949afbd450269bea391e9.pdf Choreographer is "Gaga instructor and choreographer Bobbi Jene Smith. Seattle Dance Collective is PNB Principal Dancers James Yoichi Moore's and Noelani Pantastic's project.
  14. I remember watching the last movement of Esplanade and, for decades, thinking that it would be the most fun imaginable to be part of. Now, my knees are screaming with empathy.
  15. I hope Peckl gets a summer home out of that gig.
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