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Ballet Talk for Dancers Has Closed; Ballet Pursuit Has Opened

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As announced earlier, Ballet Talk for Dancers closed its doors at the end of April 2023, after nearly two decades.  It was a hard decision by the BT4D team. and there aren't enough thank yous for the Moderators and Administrators there, some of whom followed BT4D found Victoria Leigh from its start as a sub-forum on this site.

At the end of April, just in the nick of time, BT4D member InTheWings established a new website called Ballet Pursuit, for dancers, dance students, and parents of dancers.

This site is independent of BT4D, and the only content moved to Ballet Pursuit was posts by members themselves.  Ballet Pursuit started with a clean slate, which means that a new registration is required.   The software provider is the same, so the functionality should be very familiar, but, please note: it is highly configurable software, and the Ballet Pursuit team may make different choices than at BT4D.

The registration process has changed a lot over the last few years, but it is straightforward.

Here is the link to the new site:


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I add my thanks to the moderators and administrators of Ballet Talk for Dancers, as well as all the wonderful posters there. I wish InTheWings the best of luck with Ballet Pursuit. I'm sure there will be good reading there!

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