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  1. Pacific Northwest Ballet did a session a couple years ago where we learned the Prince's mime -- it was great to have that kind of experience with the material.
  2. Saw Morris' Hard Nut this weekend, and am enjoying the contrast with his "Arabian" variation -- very tongue-in-cheek (big tunics and sunglasses), but also musically very adept.
  3. And I saw Cecelia Illiescu on opening weekend, who did a fantastic job with it as well
  4. Could be -- it's the same director. There was no release date that I could find about the film.
  5. If you're in Seattle this Friday, there is a screening of a new documentary about Tallchief at Town Hall. Apparently DVDs are available -- I'll post more when I learn more.
  6. I'd be very curious to see her in that repertory.
  7. You can't get to Northwest Film Forum on the 8th?
  8. Rummaging around online and found this -- Chelsea Adomaitis has joined the Monte Carlo company!
  9. Between the two of them, Leslie Getz and Don McDonagh had one of the most extensive private dance libraries in the US. Getz, who had been collecting since the middle of the 20th c, was also the author/publisher of Attitudes and Arabesques, a long running catalog of dance publications (books, journals, etc). Before the internet made it simple to search for texts, and for dance publishers to advertise their wares, A and A was the way most of us learned of new publications. Getz died recently, and McDonagh is unable to continue the work alone -- they did not make arrangements to donate or sell their collection, and so it is being auctioned. Take a few minutes to browse the online catalog -- it is full of wonders.
  10. Thanks for the clarification -- I'm still trying to figure out Passport. Brooks has a special resonance for many folks, especially after her memoir in the early 80s
  11. Always glad to hear that Nut is doing well -- it's the cornerstone of many earned income budgets. Despite that, though, I've noticed some companies wait until mid-year to announce promotions and new hires. Sometimes is just availability, sometimes it's casting (opening season with works that require smaller casts, and then there's Nut, which is all-hands-on-deck), sometimes it's money.
  12. Pacific Northwest Ballet has made mid-season promotion announcements in the past. I think the strategy has as much to do with budgets as it does with casting decisions, but belts are being worn tighter in many places these days.
  13. I hope your day has been full of tasty things and wonderful friends.
  14. It looks like you can watch it on the PBS website, at least for now. (I am still trying to figure out what their Passport category does...)
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