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  1. Writers have to make choices all the time. You want to make the choices that will best communicate your meaning to others. "Reluctant" is, in that context, the superior word choice, the one which is most appropriate to not wanting to watch a TV show. See pot, calling kettle black.......
  2. I'm guessing it's more a matter of overcompensation than anything else. Boys get a lot of grief for choosing a career in dance in our culture, particularly ballet, but once they're in the ballet world they're pampered, relatively speaking. The girls face even greater competition, there are more of them, they have to work harder, don't get the same chances at leadership roles like choreographer, etc. It's easy to see how these circumstances might turn toxic.
  3. Yes - "pass over in silence" - referring to speech. "Reluctant" was the better - really the only - word here. It even sticks out in the context of the original sentence. I don't mean to flog the dead horse, but it is what it is, and none of the second or third definitions out there change that.
  4. The usage is at best suboptimal, as people say. As you concede, it stands out as "not incorrect." And as I said, some copy editor should have helped. Your mileage may vary, etc. However, I do like "usage maven" and welcome the UV aboard as cousin strawman to our old friend the "purist balletomane." (h/t L. Witchel)
  5. "Reluctant" is clearly the better word for the sentence Kourlas wrote. As the definitions you supply indicate, "reticence" applies to speech. I'm guessing Kourlas didn't know/consider the difference and thus used the "wrong" word, and no copy editor came to her aid.
  6. dirac

    Friday, March 27

    Performances and partying at American Ballet Theatre's Southern California engagement earlier this month.
  7. dirac

    Friday, March 27

    Pennsylvania Ballet cancels the balance of its season and makes changes to next season's schedule.
  8. dirac

    Friday, March 27

    Houston Ballet shuts down "for the foreseeable future."
  9. dirac

    Thursday, March 26

    New York City Ballet cancels its spring season.
  10. dirac

    Friday, March 27

    A review of the last performances of the Richard Alston Dance Company by Jann Parry for DanceTabs.
  11. dirac

    Wednesday, February 5

    An interview with Marianela Núñez.
  12. dirac

    Friday, March 27

    Ballet Philippines cancels its final show of the season for health concerns.
  13. dirac

    Friday, March 27

    A review of an episode of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" inspired by the recent scandal at New York City Ballet by Gia Kourlas in The New York Times.
  14. dirac

    Tuesday, March 8

    An NBC News feature on trans dancers.
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