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  1. dirac

    Wednesday, July 18

    Sufjan Stevens will compose the score for another Justin Peck ballet.
  2. dirac

    Thursday, July 19

    Troubles at Ballet San Angelo.
  3. dirac

    Thursday, July 19

    Articles related to the new Hulu documentary, "Ballet Now," featuring Tiler Peck. Q&A with Peck, Turnto23.com The Wall Street Journal
  4. dirac

    Thursday, July 19

    A preview of the Dance on Camera festival by Angelica Frey in The Observer.
  5. dirac

    Monday, July 16

    Isabella Boylston talks about the Ballet Sun Valley festival.
  6. dirac

    Tuesday, July 17

    An interview with dancers who will be appearing at the Yokohama Ballet Festival.
  7. dirac

    Cats in Charge

    Five dancers and their felines: 3. New York City Ballet principal Lauren Lovette and Boon Lovette rescued her adorable feline friend last year, and has since urged others to do the same. From snuggles with tutu boxes to snuggles with pointe shoes, Boon now lives vicariously through Lovette and her incredible dance career.
  8. dirac

    Monday, July 16

    A look at the ballet world in the aftermath of #MeToo by Judith Mackrell in The Guardian.
  9. dirac

    Tuesday, July 17

    A review of the Barak Ballet by Barnett Serchuk for Broadway World.
  10. dirac

    Monday, July 16

    Hirings and promotions at Oklahoma City Ballet.
  11. dirac

    Friday, June 29

    A profile of Sharon Story, the dean of the Atlanta Ballet’s Centre for Dance Education.
  12. dirac

    Friday, June 29

    Arcadian Broad appears on "So You Think You Can Dance."
  13. dirac

    Thursday, June 28

    A review of the Royal Danish Ballet at Jacob's Pillow by Deborah Jowitt in her blog, "DanceBeat."
  14. dirac

    Friday, July 13

    Q&A with Daniel Roberge of the Washington Ballet.
  15. dirac

    Saturday, July 14

    Estee Lauder announces an expansion of the number of colors in one of its cosmetics lines, with an assist from Misty Copeland.