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  1. The National Ballet of Canada announces its new virtual season.
  2. An appreciation of the late Marie Hale.
  3. Layoffs and cutbacks at Colorado Ballet.
  4. dirac

    Monday, September 21

    Cleveland Ballet will perform live.
  5. Tulsa Ballet cancels its Nutcracker.
  6. Grand Rapids Ballet announces its virtual 2020-21 season. Related.
  7. Houston Ballet's Nutcracker Market moves online.
  8. Great article, Deflope. I think that DS is one of the best TV shows ever, on its own terms. Edmonds played Roger like some weird cross between Dickens and Coward. I remember somebody had to summon a doctor for some reason, and Roger took charge: “You’d better allow me. As one of the locals I can get one of the less addled quacks we have serving the countryside here.” Great show, I'm telling you. Soap fans of the era will recall Edmonds as Langley Wallingford, who was married to Ruth Warrick's Phoebe Tyler on "All My Children." They were a magnificent pair.
  9. dirac

    Sunday, September 20

    Houston Ballet charges for virtual performances.
  10. dirac

    Monday, September 14

    Grizzly bear does a turn or two underwater.
  11. dirac

    Sunday, September 20

    Cape Town City Ballet "retrenches" some dancers.
  12. dirac

    Monday, September 14

    Boston Ballet plans a new virtual season. Related.
  13. PepsiCo executive Donald M. Kendall has died at age 99.
  14. Thank you for the correction, Buddy. No offense intended. Have you seen the reboot? I think it's on Netflix.
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