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  1. dirac

    Saturday, April 17

    Gavin Larsen publishes a book, "Being a Ballerina."
  2. dirac

    Wednesday, April 14

    Q&A with Gavin Larsen about her new book, "Being a Ballerina."
  3. dirac

    Friday, April 9

    A review of "When We Fell" by Ivy Lin for Bachtrack.
  4. dirac

    Thursday, April 15

    A review of San Francisco Ballet in "Jewels" by Eric Taub for DanceTabs.
  5. dirac

    Wednesday, April 14

    Lone Star Ballet returns to live performance this week.
  6. dirac

    Thursday, April 15

    Houston Ballet will perform outdoors next month.
  7. dirac

    Tuesday, April 13

    Texas Ballet Theater announces new faculty and staff appointments.
  8. dirac

    Monday, April 12

    A review of Boston Ballet by Iris Fanger in The Patriot Ledger.
  9. dirac

    Thursday, April 15

    Nashville Ballet returns to live performance next month.
  10. dirac

    Monday, April 12

    Houston Ballet announces live performances next month.
  11. They have since dropped "Offensive" from the headline.
  12. dirac

    Saturday, April 17

    Liam Scarlett is dead at age 35. Associated Press. The Sunday Times The Times The Daily Mail
  13. I don't think any charges were ever filed anywhere. The independent investigation of the Royal Ballet matter said there were "no matters to pursue."
  14. The Royal Danish Ballet canceled because apparently there were complaints about Scarlett within the organization. Not a typical cancellation and not surprising that it would be noted in the press given Scarlett's having been dumped from the Royal Ballet and his ballets canceled there (and elsewhere). The word "offensive" was used by the ROH's director, speaking to The Times: "Offensive behaviour is unacceptable at the Royal Theatre."
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