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  1. dirac

    Friday, February 14

    Ballet West presents "Jewels."
  2. dirac

    Friday, February 14

    A review of the Joffrey Ballet by Angela Allyn for Third Coast Review.
  3. dirac

    Tuesday, February 11

    A new exhibition spotlights the interplay between ballet and fashion.
  4. dirac

    Saturday, February 1

    Moscow City Ballet brings "The Sleeping Beauty" to Ireland.
  5. I could not find a thread devoted to Fonteyn's centenary, so I thought I'd create one, belatedly. Photo galleries below. The Guardian Dance Magazine Aren't they cute?
  6. dirac

    Saturday, February 8

    American Contemporary Ballet presents "Astaire Dances III."
  7. dirac

    Tuesday, February 11

    A merican Repertory Ballet presents "Giselle."
  8. dirac

    Monday, February 10

    A review of New York City Ballet by Wesley Doucette for Broadway World.
  9. dirac

    Tuesday, February 11

    Nashville Ballet announces its 2020-21 season.
  10. dirac

    Wednesday, February 12

    New plans and programs at Columbia City Ballet.
  11. dirac

    Sunday, February 9

    Q&A with Trey McIntyre.
  12. dirac

    Saturday, February 8

    Ballet West presents "Giselle."
  13. dirac

    Sunday, February 9

    Dancer Gray Davis talks about his new career in law enforcement.
  14. dirac

    Saturday, February 8

    Ballet Idaho presents a new program.
  15. Sorry to hear this. I thought Karlen was great. In fairness, Willie had a lot to cringe about. When he wasn't getting his blood sucked Barnabas was smacking him about with his cane. Returning good for evil, Willie was forever trying to talk Barnabas out of some nasty and reckless course of action, since Barnabas' first impulse when dealing with a troublesome individual was to kill him. He certainly looked younger than his mid-30s on the show. Obits: Hollywood Reporter Variety
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