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  1. I follow the initial thinking. Richards was one of the better guest hosts and as he was already working there he'd be cheaper than a lot of the starrier names. But once this more recent stuff surfaced he was toast. I just hope Bialik doesn't get the regular gig. If Aaron Rodgers doesn't get back to form, maybe Green Bay will trade him.
  2. And as a teacher as well. There's also a bio, it seems. From the Times obit:
  3. Mazzo was absolutely on my wish list. I’d have like to have heard more from people who’ve been/had been interviewed less frequently, or haven’t/hadn’t written their own books. For example, I remember Richard Tanner had interesting things to say in “I Remember Balanchine.” Helgi Tomasson. Robert Weiss. And, yes, I’ll say it, Peter Martins, who had great things to say in the PBS documentary on Jerome Robbins with regard to the difference between working with Robbins and Balanchine. Kyra Nichols instead of Watts. Maybe even soloists who were in the company a long time without making it to principal, since this is about class, not the making of ballets. But I’ll reserve judgment till I see the movie, which I’m definitely looking forward to doing.
  4. An item on the current exhibit at the Edward Gorey House in Cape Cod, with a photo of the house. th.
  5. dirac

    Sunday, September 12

    A preview of the new season in San Diego dance.
  6. dirac

    Friday, September 10

    Lauren Lovette and Jamar Roberts talk about their transition to choreography full-time.
  7. The National Ballet of China concludes its series of performances of Nureyev's "Don Quixote."
  8. Thank you for the link, Cherilyn, Interesting reading. I'm a trifle disappointed by the movie's roster of leading interviewees but I'm sure they'll be worth hearing from. I suppose in Villella's case it will be "(Why I Wasn't) In Balanchine's Classroom."
  9. I would say it's less a US-centric argument than an aesthetic one. Bejart not only didn't kill Farrell's career, he likely saved it, since no one else dared hire her. By her own admission she learned a lot from Bejart and committed herself to his work, but it's not necessarily pleasant to think of what might have happened to her as an artist had Balanchine not taken her back for what became the greatest phase of her career.
  10. El Paso Ballet returns to live performance this month.
  11. dirac

    Friday, September 10

    New faces at the Monte-Carlo Ballet.
  12. Joan Harris, who doubled for Moira Shearer on the spiral staircase at the end of "The Red Shoes," died last year, aged 100. Related.
  13. dirac

    Friday, August 20

    An exhibition of photographs by Mikhail Baryshnikov opens in Toronto this month.
  14. The National Ballet of China revives Rudolf Nureyev's "Don Quixote."
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