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  1. dirac

    Monday, November 16

    A profile of Andrès Trezevant of the Charlotte Ballet.
  2. Texas Ballet Theater will present its Nutcracker online.
  3. One of the two indoor theaters at Jacob's Pillow is destroyed by fire. (Thanks to Amy Reusch for sending in the link!)
  4. dirac


    It's nice to have you, Eduardo. Welcome!
  5. Thank you for posting your comments. I too got tired of looking at the choreography through foliage. I liked Bracewell.
  6. This, is great, Traveling Ballerina. I will watch it if I can. It would not surprise me if the piece is disappointing as ballet. Kelly wasn't trained as one and his body wasn't ideal for it. (He did study under Berenice Holmes in the 30s, who was Adolph Bolm's Polyhymnia.) Kelly himself wasn't satisfied with it; he thought the pas de deux was fine but wasn't happy with his work for the ensemble. From your article: Kelly was an enthusiastic proselytizer for dance and ballet as well as a performer, so his influence went beyond his work as a perfomer, choreographer, and directo
  7. dirac

    Saturday, November 7

    Ballet Northwest will film this year's Nutcracker.
  8. dirac

    Monday, November 2

    A review of New York City Ballet's digital fall season by Ivy Lin for Bachtrack.
  9. dirac

    Saturday, November 7

    A review of the Royal Ballet by Jann Parry for DanceTabs.
  10. A review of Birmingham Royal Ballet by Jann Parry for DanceTabs.
  11. dirac

    Friday, November 6

    An interview with Misty Copeland.
  12. dirac

    Saturday, November 7

    Singapore Dance Theatre cancels its Nutcracker.
  13. dirac

    Sunday, November 1

    A review of Fall for Dance's second program by Marianne Adams for danceviewtimes.
  14. dirac

    Saturday, November 7

    Vicki McLean, the AD of Lone Star Ballet, is retiring.
  15. dirac

    Friday, November 6

    The Royal Winnipeg Ballet copes with COVID-19.
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