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  1. True, Mashinka, although she did misjudge Essex, I have to say. I see I was rather hard on the 1971 "Mary Queen of Scots" earlier in this thread --too hard, in retrospect. It looks like a masterpiece compared with the new one. There have also been a number of cable shows in the past few years that appear to be based on history, with titles like The White Queen and The Red Princess and other royal ladies of various hues, but I haven't seen them.
  2. dirac

    Friday, January 17

    The Royal Winnipeg Ballet presents "The Wizard of Oz."
  3. The James Sewell Ballet tours Minnesota.
  4. dirac

    Monday, January 13

    Trey McIntyre makes a new piece for San Francisco Ballet.
  5. dirac

    Thursday, January 16

    An op-ed in support of Misty Copeland.
  6. dirac

    Thursday, January 16

    Photo gallery from San Francisco Ballet's opening night party.
  7. dirac

    Friday, January 17

    A review of San Francisco Ballet's opening night gala.
  8. dirac

    Tuesday, January 14

    John Lam of Boston Ballet writes about his visit to Vietnam.
  9. dirac

    Thursday, January 16

    Advice from Playbill on how to find cheap tickets.
  10. dirac

    Friday, January 17

    Annabelle Lopez Ochoa makes a new work for Dutch National Ballet based on the life of Frida Kahlo.
  11. There was a new feature film entry in the Elizabeth I sweepstakes with the recent Mary Queen of Scots movie with Saiorse Ronan and Margot Robbie. Worse than I anticipated. (We’re going from Katharine Hepburn and Florence Eldridge and Vanessa Redgrave and Glenda Jackson to Ronan and Robbie, which suggests that Hollywood evolution is headed in the wrong direction.) It followed the line of older movies on the same subject – Mary is the Real Woman while Elizabeth is a frustrated old spinster. At least in other versions Elizabeth was given some credit as an astute politician; Margot Robbie’s Elizabeth is putty in the hands of her menfolk. She is not aided by bad makeup decisions; Ronan’s makeup is clean and contemporary looking, while Robbie is made up to look like Ronald McDonald with over-the-top smallpox scars.
  12. Thank you for posting, Deflope. He sounds like a lovely man. I am not a devoted reader of Tolkien but I know many who are. I see Christopher Tolkien was not a fan of the Peter Jackson film adaptations, which were discussed at some length in the Other Arts forum here, for any who are interested.
  13. Thanks, Marta. I believe Domingo and Carreras were both interviewed, although they weren't shown at great length (?)
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