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  1. dirac

    Monday, October 21

    Stella Abrera announces her retirement.
  2. dirac

    Saturday, October 19

    Jury deliberations in the trial of Viktor Kabaniaev begin next week.
  3. dirac

    Monday, October 21

    An obituary for Alicia Alonso in The Herald.
  4. dirac

    Friday, October 18

    More obituaries for Alonso. The Times The Daily Telegraph Ismene Brown provides a previously unpublished transcript of an interview with Alonso and select critical commentary for The Arts Desk.
  5. There’s also a fuss over the Sea Grass and its doomed crew being covered in sludge, as if it and they had been underwater for weeks, and then we never hear about this again. Well, having a woman alone in an isolated location is a classic threat situation for a horror film and given the central role Barbeau and her radio station play in the story, I’m guessing Carpenter felt the need to have something more happen at the lighthouse. Or maybe the sailors just lost count.
  6. SPOILERS: TCM showed this a week ago and I taped it. Very nice ghost story, as you say, with an effective cameo by John Houseman (took me a minute or two to figure out that it was really him). Some bad decisions were made, as is customary in this genre - personally, if a scary fog surrounded my house and a mysterious figure started pounding ominously on the door, I would not open it and wander out onto the porch. Just saying. I did wonder if Carpenter saw DeMille's The Ten Commandments and the deadly mist that trails through the streets. There are a lot of plot points, insofar that there is a plot, and happenings with no follow up or explanation. This may bug you or it may not (it didn't bother me, but I would find it understandable it it bothered others). The actors are engaging and the Point Reyes locations are gorgeous. I will say that the ending is not as scary or boffo as it might be, and the timing is a bit off - the buildup seems to go on for too long, and then the movie ends too abruptly. Still very enjoyable.
  7. In the Astaire clip she looks like she's dancing with her dad. (No, not Mr. Cansino.)
  8. dirac

    Thursday, October 17

    A review of American Ballet Theatre by Mary Cargill for danceviewtimes.
  9. dirac

    Friday, October 18

    A review of the Milwaukee Ballet in "Coppelia" by Lauren Warnecke for Milwaukee magazine.
  10. dirac

    Thursday, October 17

    Reviews of the Joffrey Ballet in "jane Eyre." The Chicago Tribune The Chicago Sun-Times
  11. dirac

    Friday, October 18

    Alicia Alonso's funeral will be held on Saturday.
  12. Signing on to this, except to say she'd probably rather be dancing than resting, and I hope she can see forever, as the song goes.
  13. dirac

    Thursday, October 17

    A review of American Ballet Theatre by Brian Seibert in The New York Times.
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