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  1. That's too bad. Can't help you there, I'm afraid. It isn't an either-or choice, fortunately.
  2. A review of Pacific Northwest Ballet in "Romeo et Juliette" by Sondra Forsyth for Broadway World.
  3. dirac

    Sunday, February 7

    A review of the Hungarian National Ballet in "The Flames of Paris" by Jenifer Sarver for Bachtrack.
  4. dirac

    Monday, February 8

    Lauren Anderson conducts a free master class.
  5. dirac

    Tuesday, February 9

    Canton Ballet holds a virtual fundraiser.
  6. dirac

    Monday, February 8

    Rochester City Ballet presents a streaming performance of "Sleeping Beauty."
  7. dirac

    Tuesday, February 9

    A biographical article on Lauren Anderson.
  8. Atlanta Ballet launches an inclusive line of dancewear.
  9. A review of Sarasota Ballet by Jann Parry.
  10. A story on diversity efforts at the Paris Opera Ballet in light of a new report.
  11. dirac

    Sunday, February 14

    Black dancers face special challenges during the pandemic.
  12. An interview with former Berlin Staatsballett dancer Chloé Lopes Gomes,
  13. dirac

    Monday, February 8

    The Paris Opera Ballet takes diversity measures. Related.
  14. You can tape a broadcast. Not so with streaming, although of course you can "buy" it.
  15. Yes, I posted that piece in the Links. It may just go straight to PBS and video. The film is associated with "Women Make Movies," which is currently being featured on Turner Classic Movies, so who knows, we may see it there.
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