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  1. dirac

    Friday, June 29

    A profile of Sharon Story, the dean of the Atlanta Ballet’s Centre for Dance Education.
  2. dirac

    Friday, June 29

    Arcadian Broad appears on "So You Think You Can Dance."
  3. dirac

    Thursday, June 28

    A review of the Royal Danish Ballet at Jacob's Pillow by Deborah Jowitt in her blog, "DanceBeat."
  4. dirac

    Friday, July 13

    Q&A with Daniel Roberge of the Washington Ballet.
  5. dirac

    Saturday, July 14

    Estee Lauder announces an expansion of the number of colors in one of its cosmetics lines, with an assist from Misty Copeland.
  6. dirac

    Friday, July 13

    A review of BalletX by Alastair Macaulay in The New York Times.
  7. dirac

    Friday, July 13

    Tiler Peck appears in a new documentary.
  8. dirac

    Thursday, July 12

    Houston Ballet prepares "Premieres" for next season.
  9. dirac

    Friday, July 13

    On ballet wear and dancers of color.
  10. dirac

    Friday, July 13

    A feature on Matthew Ball.
  11. dirac

    Thursday, July 12

    A hungry rat puts out the lights at a performance of the Australian Ballet. Related.
  12. dirac

    Monday, July 9

    Marquee.TV offers itself as a "Netflix for the arts."
  13. dirac

    Wednesday, July 11

    Robert Gottlieb publishes a new collection of his essays.
  14. dirac

    Wednesday, July 11

    A review of the Ashley Bouder Project by Barnett Serchuk in Broadway World.
  15. dirac

    Tuesday, July 10

    A review of the English National Ballet School's summer performance by Jann Parry for DanceTabs.