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  1. dirac

    Sunday, June 13

    A review of the Birmingham Royal Ballet by Bruce Marriott for DanceTabs.
  2. dirac

    Saturday, June 12

    A remembrance of the New York Negro Ballet Company's visit to Glasgow in 1957.
  3. dirac

    Wednesday, June 2

    A Pride Q&A with Houston Ballet corps member Jack Wolff.
  4. dirac

    Tuesday, June 1

    A story on lesbians in ballet by Siobhan Burke in The New York Times.
  5. dirac

    Sunday, June 13

    A report from Spoleto Festival USA by Maura Hogan for The Post and Courier.
  6. dirac

    Saturday, June 12

    Former participants in the USA International Ballet Competitition return to Jackson for promotional events.
  7. dirac

    Sunday, June 13

    Feature on a blog devoted to commemorating Jewish involvement in ballet.
  8. dirac

    Sunday, June 13

    Bejart Ballet Lausanne is placed under audit after allegations of drug abuse and other misconduct.
  9. dirac

    Thursday, June 10

    An obituary for Carla Fracci in The Irish Times.
  10. dirac

    Sunday, June 13

    An interview with David McAllister.
  11. dirac

    Friday, June 11

    Reviews of the Birmingham Royal Ballet. The Guardian The Times
  12. dirac

    Friday, June 4

    An interview with Carlos Acosta.
  13. dirac

    Sunday, June 13

    A preview of Ballet Festival Korea.
  14. dirac

    Saturday, June 12

    A review of the British Ballet Charity Gala by Jenny Gilbert for The Arts Desk.
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