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  1. meunier fan

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    In terms of a guest what about Cesar Corrales (depending on the tour schedule of the RB). Those eyes are piercing .... he is very young ... mesmerizing ... still in his early 20s .... a decent height ... and has always said his 'dream' was to dance with ABT. Would have thought he might be a prime candidate.
  2. meunier fan

    Chase Johnsey leaves Trocks; Joins ENB

    I attended and was fascinated by the content. Chase Johnsey handled himself very well and was certainly refreshing in the candour of his delivery. The audience was surprisingly small (it may just be the time of year - mixed with World Cup and Wimbledon fever) but certainly were very responsive. Gerald Dowler proved a keenly insightful host. I walked to the tube with Dame Monica Mason who came as an audience member and she kindly said how taken she had been with the evening. Mr. Johnsey said he would be filming a documentary in and about now - with original dance segments included - and I very much look forward to the potential of seeing that. In short a fine - and very rewarding evening. I'm sure the full content report will arrive on the LBC website in appropriate course - e.g., once it has been transcribed and approved by all the participants.
  3. meunier fan

    Royal Ballet Autumn 2018 Casting

    If you have not seen the exquisite Ms. Naghdi before, Petra ... I would opt for that (latter) one. Takada should also be a fine Nikiya. Fingers crossed that McRae actually dances. It appears that his injury may have been more significant that originally anticipated given the amount of time he has been away and announced performances he has sadly had to miss Fingers crossed.
  4. meunier fan

    Yasmine Naghdi, Principal, The Royal Ballet

    I agree with you, Katia. This young lady IS special. It was as Ogla (opposite Matthew Ball's Lensky) that she really first stood out for me as the TOTAL package (and never have those over the shoulder lifts looked so easy as Ball made them appear.) Then there was her performance in MacMillan's The Invitation - a hugely focused dramatic powerhouse - as was her Madame Mistress in Manon; her life ravishing Juliet (again opposite Ball); her entirely victorious Aurora and, most recently, her unalloyed joy in dancing the Symphony in C 4th Movement segment at the Spring Gala. She glowed as if she had come home - and even led the curtain calls for the assembled company (mit guests - including NYCB wayward son, Robbie Fairchild) bringing them forward out of naught but her own enthusiasm. The future does indeed look brighter with Naghdi in our breach.
  5. meunier fan

    Promotions and new dancers 2018-2019

    I will very much look forward to this Agree Robison is a wonderful artist. He was simply dazzling in the new Forsythe (Playlist 1,2,3) at Sadler's Wells.
  6. meunier fan

    Promotions and new dancers 2018-2019

    For the above reason I was surprised when I read that ENB are briefly taking Manon out on tour and playing it in London for a week given how poorly it sold when ENB last did it. (I seem to recall that one performance in Manchester had to be pulled altogether due to lack of ticket sales). That said - in London - it is one week aside three for Nutcracker and two for Swan Lake which stand a good chance to be a full capacity so that too may well have been part of the programming which is certainly brave. I would I think fear more for Wheeldon's Cinderella at the Royal Albert Hall. I seem to remember that certainly struggling for capacity when DNB did it at the Coliseum with the original casts. I pray that it is able to at least break even for ENB ... or perhaps they are playing there against guarantee in which case such concerns would not be a consideration.
  7. meunier fan

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    Don't forget the Prince in Wheeldon's Cinderella - another classic - as well ... and appear in the fantastic Lest We Forget Triple Bill ... and maybe a featured role in Broken Dreams (such a stunning ballet) ... or in Stina Quagebeur's (such a talent) new work to premiered based in and around around Ibsen's A Doll's House .... etc., etc., .... With the new building I assume they will reinstate the glorious ENB Choreographics programme - and Cirio will definitely have an opportunity to not only choreograph there ... but to have his work meaningfully seen ... and meaningfully filmed for posterity. Not a bad move at all come to think of it. Also ENB in recent years has had significant international tours including both Chicago, Japan and Paris at the Palais Garnier. Has it been determined that Cirio WON'T any longer dance with ABT at all?
  8. meunier fan

    National Ballet of Canada 2018-19 season

    That is a great loss I think to the Canadian company. I found them more decidedly mixed than I had remembered (not having seen them since the Ratmansky R&J when it was performed in London). After seeing them dance Nijinsky in several performances in Paris there was no question but that Tedaldi was a definite standout. None. Frola was definitely another. I'm sure Kain will have some new very exciting additions to her roster to announce soon.
  9. meunier fan

    Chase Johnsey leaves Trocks; Joins ENB

    Chase Johnsey is speaking to the London Ballet Circle (Civil Servants Club on Great Scotland Yard, 7.30 pm on 9th July) so that should I think prove interesting. It is only £8 for guests should anyone wish to attend.
  10. meunier fan

    National Ballet of Canada 2018-19 season

    with Frola now, Caley, Hernandez, Robison, the stunning young Mexican American, McCormick and the PdL winner Wagman to come Rojo seems to be again building a strong male stable for ENB - having lost Canadian/Cuban Corrales to the RB (much akin to Muntagirov previously). It enforces ENB's role as a significant training ground towards further glory much as it served for Canadian born Rojo herself in times past. The stealth of her arm (and taste) has continued to pay significant dividends. Long may it do so.
  11. meunier fan

    National Ballet of Canada 2018-19 season

    So pleased to hear about Frola. Saw him as Nijinsky in Paris and thought he was SPECTACULAR ...
  12. meunier fan

    Alina Cojocaru

    Saw Cojocaru dance Aurora again yesterday afternoon. NYSUSAN - that gold is still glittering ... Mightily so It was a privilege just to be there. Totally life enriching.
  13. meunier fan

    New Royal Ballet Swan Lake

    What a fantastic description, Drew. Truly mesmeric and apt. Bless you.
  14. meunier fan

    Petipa Gala

    I'm sorry, mnacenani, but I feel your comment about MATTHEW BALL in reference to the 'entrechats' is simply unfair. Of course blame a dancer if he is supposed to do 32 - or let's say 'a mass of' - entrechats ( and Sarafanov I agree can be totally brilliant at this) .... but NOT if the choreographer (here Sir Peter Wright) ONLY allows them (e.g., the dancers currently dancing Albrecht in THIS production as it currently stands) about 12 to a very explicit count BEFORE the variation is broken up. IF anything 'peters out' (and I agree with you - I feel that variation - as it currently stands - does) it is the CHOREOGRAPHER'S VARIATION. Whatever else it may be THAT IS NOT THE DANCER'S FAULT. Of course, I realise you may not be familiar with the production - and Wright has and will (he's in his 90's) continue to tinker with it ... Dancers will tell you he does this constantly. Just don't blame the messenger, mnacenani, in this regard. Matthew Ball is strong; VERY strong; he's also a fine musical actor which makes such a difference. He is young - there is oh, so much to come from this lad ... and he has come oh, such a distance. Please keep your eyes peeled. It will pay off heartily. Promise.
  15. meunier fan

    Royal Ballet Summer Season Swan Lake Casting !!

    You can scroll down here.