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  1. Saw this listed and thought it might be of interest to some: All Arts: In This Life - Wednesday 8pm EDT / 1am BST (then online) - The terrific dancer Robbie Fairchild has been on an odyssey of self-discovery in the past few years that has taken him, among other things, from New York City Ballet principal to Broadway leading man (An American in Paris) and cinematic Muskustrap (Cats). Now he ventures into the realm of digital short films with In This Life, an exploration of grief that he has co-created with director Bat-Sheva Guez. The piece is divided, à la Kübler-Ross, into five sections
  2. I've just been watching the new set of Alan Bennett 'Talking Heads' on the BBC ... This sentence made me giggle. Perhaps it shouldn't have .. but it did. (Blame 'Bed Among the Lentils' ... I know, I know ... That's old ... but still .... It's hard to beat Maggie Smith ... but Lesley Manville does give it a fair crack.) I could just picture this Washington doyen ... and her darkening roots ... as a subject for Bennett's beady pen. Bennett does isolation ... and rain ... oh, so well ... There's always something sad that lets you smile ... And there she'd lounge blowing yet another longing ki
  3. Strange that ... Perhaps it's just an error ... and they'll send out a modified link later ... A shame really ...
  4. Neither have I. I very much enjoyed both Connection and the Don Q ..... Happily I just received a 'corrected' link ...
  5. Has anyone got the link / password from Pennsylvania Ballet yet? I did register ... but haven't heard anything yet. Perhaps they just release them on the day?
  6. So moving .... Much thanks for tagging this, volcanohunter ...
  7. Thanks for letting us know about this, Dale ... Much appreciated.
  8. I did look down below, California. It seems that they are doing the MacMillan piece last on the triple bill. They give the full cast for it in the YouTube outline. The picture in your freeze is definitely of the MacMillan.
  9. Winter Dreams is a one act ballet by Kenneth MacMillan loosely based on/inspired by Chekhov's Three Sisters ...
  10. Speaking of The Runaway .... Don't know if this has been posted elsewhere ... Next Week sees the sixth and final week of programming of New York City Ballet’s six-week digital spring season. On Tuesday 26 May at 8pm EDT, NYCB will release Balanchine's Donizetti Variations with Ashley Bouder and Andrew Veyette. On Friday 29 May, there will be a mixed programme of Justin Peck’s Easy, set to music by Leonard Bernstein, along with excerpts from six other ballets: These include - Pam Tanowitz’ Bartók Ballet, her first work for NYCB, featuring Indiana Wo
  11. No, but she was in the original cast of Four Temperaments in 1946 soon after she joined Ballet Society.
  12. Was surprised to find this online - The Royal Ballet's 2017 Cinema Broadcast of Jewels ... (Leave it to the Russians) ... Lamb and McRae are fun in Rubies (great too to see Valentino Zucchetti beaming away in the background) ... and James Hay is oh, so elegant in the Emeralds trio. Sadly Soares (now retired) was just not up to the Diamonds' challenges - which was especially frustrating as Muntagirov had been so spectacular in it and he and Nunez work so well together. A definite missed opportunity ...
  13. I live in London and so always long to see and catch up with NYCB - when I don't actually get a chance to be in NYC. I am HUGELY grateful for the digital opportunities. The Allegro was simply life enriching. I very much am hoping that people are making donations. I thought too if people could write in perhaps it would encourage them to do more after the Covid curse has passed ... as an effective way to raise money. I'd happily pay per/to view these pieces. Very happily indeed.
  14. Just received this very respectful and well thought out notice:- (Certainly it is a different world from that of a few brief months ago ... ) As a precaution to help limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and support the City's efforts to promote social distancing, the Library for the Performing Arts has suspended all programming and events at our location through March 31. At this time, our location remains open during our regular hours.Please know that this was not an easy decision for us to make since we know how important our programs are to our patrons. However, out of an
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