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  1. Two points - I know there was one broadcast where Dowell was Drosselmeyer (Yoshida/Cope) - That I do remember .... and the ROH has - as of last November - sold Opus Arte to Naxos. See here. According to the article it was at a considerable loss.
  2. meunier fan

    Ballet on tv

    The Royal Ballet's new Swan Lake is to be presented on Xmas Day on BBC2 in the UK https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/xmas18tv/bbctwo
  3. meunier fan

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    Two points from reading this strand: I would imagine the Hungarian National Ballet would be - as most foreign companies taken on by any venue - playing 'against guarantee'. Therefore it is the Presenters who take the toll not the Company in terms of losses as they are getting their 'guarantee' payment as contractually agreed regardless of sales or cancellations which are under the Presenters' entire/core jurisdiction. I somehow suspect that this is not the case with ABT. I should think theirs is a straight rental since (a) they are resident on a calendar basis and (b) a core American company with National and State funding. At the RB/ROH all McGregor programmes (well, - let's be fair - many including new works - but not all) are subsidised (sorry, subsidized) in the sense that the ticket prices are often kept at a considerably lower tariff. After the first night - and depending on the rest of the programme - you will sometimes find swathes of red. Of course, there are far less spaces to fill at the ROH than at the MET .... and so, sadly, I suppose it makes sense that the powers that be at ABT would cut the traditional mixed bill week when they reduce the MET Spring season. They will probably justify this by the Winter ABT one being entirely made up of that same. It will, however, I feel be a sad passing.
  4. meunier fan

    SFB in London 2019

    According to the Sadler's Wells website the Scarlett contribution for SFB's much appreciated London sojourn is HUMMINGBIRD ... Set to the violin concertos of Johann Sebastian Bach, Stanton Welch’s Bespoke explores dance itself in a love letter to ballet. The critically acclaimed Hummingbird by British choreographer Liam Scarlett is accompanied by Philip Glass’ Tirol Concerto, with shadowy designs by regular collaborator John Macfarlane. “Virtuoso of the form” (New York Times) Justin Peck uses the electronic music of M83 for Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.
  5. meunier fan

    2018-19 Promotions and Roster Changes

    I saw Dylan Wald in Opus 19/The Dreamer twice this summer in Paris. His was one of the most outstanding performances I've seen by a danseur EVER. You could certainly see the influence of that giant, Peter Boal. Wald's dynamic pulsated. I had some mixed feelings by some of the offerings by other Companies but Wald's/PNB's performances in the dedicated Robbins Festival made - certainly for me - that particular sojourn at Le Seine Musicale entirely worthwhile. At the second performance in which we were graced with Wald's extraordinary presence - the Saturday matinee - the audience applauded so much at the end of the Opus 19/The Dreamer's first movement that the second had to be slightly delayed. It was a spine tingling moment. Later that evening I ran into Wald in the upper echelons of the Palais Garnier. I said that in years past a debut such as he had made in Paris would have immediately made him a ballet star. There is no question in my mind but that HE IS. May he be promoted soon. He heartily deserves it. I only hope I, myself, - living thousands of miles away - have another chance to ravish in the joy of his extraordinary gifts.
  6. meunier fan

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    I know he is listed in the ABT corps ... but surprised there is no casting that I can see for Gabe Stone Shayer. Is he injured?
  7. Forgive me for intruding .... but I just wondered given the change in status in respect of Ramasar and Catazaro if the title of the thread might not best be altered to reflect their current situations.
  8. meunier fan

    Bolshoi Ballet Summer 2019 ROH London Residency

    Particularly sad that they are not bringing one single item which they have not done in London before ..... and some repeatedly. Times we know are a-changing of course ... for EVERYONE!
  9. meunier fan

    Job posting for artistic director

    Do the universal 'they' really say this? Based only on my observations in Paris and Copenhagen this summer - and having lived in NYC for 17.5 years during the end of Balanchine's reign and the aftermath immediately thereafter whence throughout my adoration for the NYCB ethic was born - I would say that there were pockets of excellence today certainly - (Tiler Peck is oft a dazzling revelation unto herself) - but there seemed - at least to me - to certainly be assured areas of concern. To ignore such on this overall journey's path would, I think, be foolhardy and unquestionably unfair to the deserved future to come. May a rightful light be able to shine. If I had a vote - which blessedly I don't - mine I think would go to Woetzel. Were he to be interested in taking on this mantle ... surely the powers that be at Julliard/Lincoln Center would be forgiving .. and entirely understanding. It would - or so I, myself, imagine - only serve their better interests - and those of us all - in the long run.
  10. meunier fan

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    In terms of a guest what about Cesar Corrales (depending on the tour schedule of the RB). Those eyes are piercing .... he is very young ... mesmerizing ... still in his early 20s .... a decent height ... and has always said his 'dream' was to dance with ABT. Would have thought he might be a prime candidate.
  11. meunier fan

    Chase Johnsey leaves Trocks; Joins ENB

    I attended and was fascinated by the content. Chase Johnsey handled himself very well and was certainly refreshing in the candour of his delivery. The audience was surprisingly small (it may just be the time of year - mixed with World Cup and Wimbledon fever) but certainly were very responsive. Gerald Dowler proved a keenly insightful host. I walked to the tube with Dame Monica Mason who came as an audience member and she kindly said how taken she had been with the evening. Mr. Johnsey said he would be filming a documentary in and about now - with original dance segments included - and I very much look forward to the potential of seeing that. In short a fine - and very rewarding evening. I'm sure the full content report will arrive on the LBC website in appropriate course - e.g., once it has been transcribed and approved by all the participants.
  12. meunier fan

    Royal Ballet Autumn 2018 Casting

    If you have not seen the exquisite Ms. Naghdi before, Petra ... I would opt for that (latter) one. Takada should also be a fine Nikiya. Fingers crossed that McRae actually dances. It appears that his injury may have been more significant that originally anticipated given the amount of time he has been away and announced performances he has sadly had to miss Fingers crossed.
  13. meunier fan

    Yasmine Naghdi, Principal, The Royal Ballet

    I agree with you, Katia. This young lady IS special. It was as Ogla (opposite Matthew Ball's Lensky) that she really first stood out for me as the TOTAL package (and never have those over the shoulder lifts looked so easy as Ball made them appear.) Then there was her performance in MacMillan's The Invitation - a hugely focused dramatic powerhouse - as was her Madame Mistress in Manon; her life ravishing Juliet (again opposite Ball); her entirely victorious Aurora and, most recently, her unalloyed joy in dancing the Symphony in C 4th Movement segment at the Spring Gala. She glowed as if she had come home - and even led the curtain calls for the assembled company (mit guests - including NYCB wayward son, Robbie Fairchild) bringing them forward out of naught but her own enthusiasm. The future does indeed look brighter with Naghdi in our breach.
  14. meunier fan

    Promotions and new dancers 2018-2019

    I will very much look forward to this Agree Robison is a wonderful artist. He was simply dazzling in the new Forsythe (Playlist 1,2,3) at Sadler's Wells.
  15. meunier fan

    Promotions and new dancers 2018-2019

    For the above reason I was surprised when I read that ENB are briefly taking Manon out on tour and playing it in London for a week given how poorly it sold when ENB last did it. (I seem to recall that one performance in Manchester had to be pulled altogether due to lack of ticket sales). That said - in London - it is one week aside three for Nutcracker and two for Swan Lake which stand a good chance to be a full capacity so that too may well have been part of the programming which is certainly brave. I would I think fear more for Wheeldon's Cinderella at the Royal Albert Hall. I seem to remember that certainly struggling for capacity when DNB did it at the Coliseum with the original casts. I pray that it is able to at least break even for ENB ... or perhaps they are playing there against guarantee in which case such concerns would not be a consideration.