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  1. I would think that ABT would be happy for outstanding corps dancers to return, especially if they are still dancing well and left the company on good terms. While it was a soloist position, Sascha Radetsky also left and returned. I was very pleased when Ribagorda and Radetsky returned, and equally pleased to see Tamm return to ABT.
  2. Thanks! It has obviously been "on repeat" longer than I realized.
  3. That is very true about the number of performances in a given year and it obviously takes a lot more rehearsal time to prepare for multiple ballets. I guess I'm spoiled by the large rep the company used to perform. If it was two years ago, then they were performing many more programs than they do today. It is only in the last year or so that they started repeating ballets more than three times.
  4. I don't know if it was the intermin team or Stafford, but I'm with you in finding it lacking in excitement. To make matters worse, they never used to perform a program more than three times in a season, but now it can be as many as six repeats of the same program. So basically we're not getting as many ballets as we used to....
  5. I do not believe that Nutcracker sales are casting dependent, especially since most tickets are sold well in advance of casting. In my experience Nutcracker attendees typically go to the ballet once a year and are likely be unfamiliar with the dancers. Certainly they can tell good dancing from bad dancing, but I doubt seeing Stafford’s name on a casting sheet would dissuade most people from seeing a Nutcracker performance. Perhaps the ticket prices have something to do with the lack of attendance? Feeding ones family, putting a roof over their heads are likely to be a priority over expensive tickets for a typical family of four. Perhaps the Nutcracker season should end a bit earlier than the first week of January. I remember in the 90’s NYCB had a gala and a week of rep before the Nutcracker started. If the sales are dismal after Christmas, perhaps they should think about two weeks of rep after Christmas and see how that pans out with balletomanes.
  6. My first reaction was that he is just retiring the role, however now I'm not so sure what he meant.
  7. canbelto - I just saw your posting about your ankle getting worse. It must be so frustrating to be missing performances etc. I hope the doctor(s) can come up with a plan soon so you can finally get this resolved. Please keep us all posted.
  8. Oooops my mistake, Peck is doing the choreography. While I would have preferred Robbins, Peck works for me as I enjoy most of his work. Yes, and yes.
  9. Good point. I just hope it's not too weird. At least the film with have Robbins choreography.
  10. Hopefully he'll hang on for a bit longer as he's still dancing beautifully.
  11. Why do you truly doubt the show will succeed? As far as projecting whether a show which has not premiered yet will have a decent run, it looks like the the advance sales are very high. I already have tickets for the show, but decided to get another set for an earlier date, and I'm having trouble getting anything decent before February. While I agree that there is nothing wrong with the original film (which I love and have watched a million times), what's wrong with having another version with today's dancers? Film and stage are two completely different forms of entertainment. I attend Broadway shows much more frequently than the movies. Also, movies can be seen worldwide, but this show is in NYC. So while they are being done simultaneously, IMO it's unlikely that they'll be competing for an audience. Ramasar has not been holding up and coming men so you should have been seeing them anyway. If the AD deems fit to cast them, then he will. I just saw Preston Chamblee in a principal role a few days ago, and he was gorgeous.
  12. I agree. I'm looking forward to seeing him in West Side Story, but will certainly miss him at NYCB.
  13. I am so sorry to hear about your ankle sprain. I enjoyed reading the reviews of the performances that you did manage to get to this season. Feel better and Get Well Soon!
  14. I haven't noticed any issues with technique. Obviously some dancers have always been better than others, but as a whole the dancers appear to be in top form. I prefer some dancers over others, but don't we all. I keep seeing my least favorite female principal this season, but at least she is mixed in with far superior dancers. As far as outstanding corps members getting a shot at featured roles...let's hope the new leadership gives them ample opportunities. Martins did this all the time with promising corps and apprentices, so I certainly hope the practice continues. My only gripe is that the same rep is being repeated way too much. Starting with this fall season, I see them performing the same program as much as five times in a four week season. In the past, a particular program was never danced more than three times per season. So this may be why you're getting bored, and why the theater is less full this season.
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