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  1. FauxPas - Thank you for your detailed review. I am so disappointed to hear that Maria is not dancing on Saturday as I already ordered tickets. I'm not sure if I'll bother to go after reading your description of a very lumbered pdd, and only partnering work for Amar. I can't make it Thursday or Friday. The press release I read said Amar and Maria were dancing together for this engagement. I assumed it was a short piece, but it was worth it to see them together again. False advertising not to have said that it was only some performances. I did wonder how Maria could be there all week, but I never checked the NYCB casting. At least I'll be seeing her next week at NYCB. It sounds like there are two intermissions with one right before Amar's pdd with Wiles? Thanks.
  2. Ditto on Khoreva, plus I added on a Tereshkina performance. I'm also very excited about seeing Kim's Ali!
  3. I hope he's okay. I saw him in rehearsal of "In the Night" last week Friday and he seemed just fine. But then it's not a full length ballet, and there were lots of the usual rehearsal breaks/pauses, so plenty of time for him to catch his breath.
  4. Very excited to see Sleeping Beauty with Lovette, and Gordon in his Prince Desire debut tomorrow!
  5. I've been wondering the same thing. I haven't seen him all season.
  6. I agree. While there are some performances important to me, it's personal preference, not star power like Bolle or Osipova.
  7. I can't access it either. The choose-3 link is still on ABT's site, but keeps taking me round in circles. I don't even see it on the MET ABT site. Perhaps the the choose-3 start at noon today?
  8. CTballetfan is correct about "early access to additional tickets". After you have purchased your create your own series, you can order additional single tickets online. You can do it right away and do not have to wait until tickets go on sale to the general public. Unfortunately you do not get to choose your seat. If you are planning to order them right away, you might do better to make it part of your create your own series. But if you are planning on waiting a bit for casting changes, it is a great benefit. I have a standard subscription, which allows me the same benefit, and have already ordered additional tickets. While I enjoy choosing my own seats, it helps in getting tickets to popular performances. I'm guessing that's how Osipova/Hallberg Giselle sold out so quickly last year.
  9. I was hoping that Bell would be doing Conrad TBAs.
  10. Thank you vendangeuse and Leah!
  11. When buying a subscription I get “Early access to additional single tickets”. I’ve always resisted, as I prefer to select my own seats. However I’m thinking about ordering single tickets for a couple of performances. Has anyone had recent experience ordering early access tickets, and does the MET charge the usual online per ticket fees as they do during the season? If so, I may be better off just adding a “create your own series” as I’ve often done in the past. Thanks!
  12. Why? I think he'd make an excellent Rochester and can easily picture him in the aristocratic, mysterious and broody role.
  13. Thanks, that mystery is finally solved!
  14. DeLuz retirement - It's so difficult to make out the faces. My husband I thought that the guy who came out at 4:10 (after the Interim team) was Chris Wheeldon. That's the same person who has also been identified as Robbie Fairchild and Carlos Lopez. So take your pick, it's bound to be one of them!
  15. I saw Barber Violin Concerto when it premiered with the original cast of Merrill Ashley, Adam Luders, and guest modern dancers Kate Johnson and David Parsons. NYCB's own dancers have since taken on the modern dancer roles, and they're just as good as Kate and David. This is an example of how well NYCB dancers adapt to other styles. In my opinion, it's a clever "keeper" ballet, with some funny moments.
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