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  1. I enjoyed Program D yesterday, but agree that the choreography was uneven. That being said, I absolutely loved all four dancers in everything they performed.
  2. Yes, I agree that it sounds like she'll miss the fall season. Hope to see her back in the winter season.
  3. According to the London Times, Marcelino Sambé has just been promoted to principal! London Times I saw yesterday's program B and it was marvelous. Sambé danced a pdd with Cuthbertson and the audience went absolutely crazy. I was so pleased to see so much of Cuthbertson on the program as she totally blew me away. Teuscher/Bell pdd did themselves proud in a new Gemma Bond piece. Can't wait to see my next performance (program D)!
  4. Yes, I received mine weeks ago as well. The Joyce is usually very efficient about mailing out tickets. You may want to give them a call if you ordered them in early July.
  5. Wow, and thanks for the update! It must have been a very exciting performance. I am wondering if there was any chance I was there too, as I vaguely remember attending a Memorial Day matinee of a mixed bill some years back. Now, I'm determined to go through my playbills as soon as it cools down a bit as they're in the hot attic.
  6. It last year is anything to go by, it was announced at the end of August. Like you, I'm also hesitant to buy tickets until casting is out.
  7. Congrats to Ashley and Troy! Like everyone else on here, I had no idea she was pregnant when she danced in the spring season! I wish them both all the happiness in the world!
  8. I just remembered buying tickets for a Broadway musical which closed before my performance date. Because I bought the tickets in person at the Box Office, I was not notified that my performance was cancelled. So I'm guessing this is pretty much the same situation with SPAC. I wonder if there is a way to avoid this by theaters asking for voluntary e-mail addresses, as long as no one is forced to comply. It sure would have come in handy. I'd have been very upset if I'd made a long trip in the heat to a performance which had already been cancelled. I totally agree that the venue who sold the tickets is responsible.
  9. That's what I'm thinking. NYCB is always on top of things at the Koch since they sold the tickets. I would think the venue (SPAC) would be responsible for notifying ticket holders. That being said, I wonder how many e-mail addresses SPAC had for ticket buyers. If tickets are bought online they should have e-mail addresses. But if someone buys in person at the box office, are they asked for this information? I've never been asked for contact information when purchasing tickets in person at any theater box office.
  10. In light of this excessive heat wave, NYCB was smart to cancel today's matinee. It's a shame, but it was the right thing to do for the dancers. I hope all goes well for everyone this evening.
  11. NinaFan

    Maria Kochetkova

    Agreed. I was one of those people upset by her move to SFB. I was very excited about seeing Sylve today, but I just donated my today's tickets back to the Joyce. This heat and very hot subway platforms are just too unbearable to make it worthwile.
  12. I almost choked on my iced tea. From this to his heavy costume in this heat has gotta be tough!
  13. For what it's worth, Maria is still listed for the Ballet Festival at the Joyce next month. Fingers crossed that both dancers will be back dancing soon.
  14. FPF - Thank you so much for sharing your review with us! I've only been to SPAC once, and it wasn't nearly as hot as you're experiencing right now. I don't know how the dancers manage to hold it together in this heat, but it sounds like there were still some outstanding performances. Thanks again!
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