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  1. NYCB has the same number of rep weeks that they had before the fall season was created. They just shuffled things around. Both the winter and spring seasons used to be 8 weeks each for a total of 16 weeks of rep. When New York City Opera no longer required the fall spot, NYCB reduced their winter and spring seasons from 8 to 6 weeks each and moved the remaining 4 weeks to the fall totaling the same 16 weeks of rep.
  2. The total refund for subscriptions and single tickets were posted to my credit card yesterday. If you haven't received it yet, you may want to contact the MET.
  3. Just got it too, and like everyone says, we pretty much guessed it was coming.
  4. I certainly understand that. While somewhat different, we have always donated our tickets back to the Joyce as opposed to the dance company. I'm not talking about cancelled performances, but ones we could not make. It's a wonderful venue and we want them to be able to continue to present the marvelous programs they bring to NY.
  5. Well, I am going to be that person if the spring season is cancelled. I have way too many tickets to even think about having a problem getting my money back. It would be no way to encourage patrons to renew subscriptions as well as buy additional single tickets at the same time which of course is what I did. Who knew? I am banging my head against the wall right now. But to put things in perspective, everyone's health is the most important thing. Aggravation dealing with the Met is just aggravation.
  6. I just looked at ABT's website, and their links provide the information below for cancelled performances (on tour): Durham,NC - For our ABT presentations, most affected ticket buyers who purchased using a credit card should see a credit appear on the charge card account used for purchase within the next 2-3 weeks. This automatic refund includes those that purchased tickets online or by phone with DPAC or Ticketmaster, or in person using a credit card at The Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Ticket Center at DPAC. If you purchased with cash, please return to the Ticket Center to obt
  7. I totally agree. If done as a credit, it should have no restrictions. But I honestly hope it is not legal to keep the money as a donation, especially when it is a large amount of money at stake. Have you been able to get through and ask to speak with a manager?
  8. Yes, I just saw that they were not offering a refund. The problem with their credits is they expire in one year. I don't know about others, but the number of ballet performances I attend each year varies. I have a hefty amount tied up in ABT (and NYCB tickets) and would hate to be in a position to be forced to make a mandatory donation.
  9. I certainly understand that they are fragile, as are most of the arts organizations, but I certainly hope that they cannot get away with doing this without consent. A friend of mine who subscribes to KC was sent the following for cancelled performances. Seems to me that the Met should be doing the same thing if they want to encourage VOLUNTARY donations. Exchange your tickets for a future date or alternate show (where possible) Donate your tickets, and receive a tax deduction for the total ticket value Exchange your tickets for a Kennedy Center gift certificate, or
  10. Got this too. And yes, it makes sense.
  11. You bought something (item/service/performance) and have not received it. How on earth could the Met get away with this! Your credit card company can resolve this if you can't. I guess we have this nonsense to look forward to if any ABT performances are cancelled. I received an e-mail from Telecharge the other day saying they would automatically refund to my credit card for theater tickets during the Broadway cancellations recently announced. That's what the Met should be doing.
  12. This is so sad. Danny was such a gorgeous dancer who had so much to give the dance world. My heart goes out to his family.
  13. Did exchange instructions come with your tickets? I received the exchange instructions with my subscription tickets with the date of 3/15.
  14. Thank you so much for the update on Coll. I've been missing him, and hoping that he's okay.
  15. I get migraines too, and try to move seats when possible. Sometimes it even makes my eyes tear. Those same people have it on their coats making it even worse. It makes it difficult to enjoy a performance.
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