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  1. Yes, Maria was sublime. I hope to see more of her in the future.
  2. I agree with you. I doubt that this stage version will last for a full year. I don't interpret Ramasar's words as indicative of a permanent departure. He is merely expressing his thanks to people in the company, thereby demonstrating that his mandatory sensitivity training has paid off.
  3. Except for the scene where Xander stood too close to Batoeva to support her in a spin or turn and her leg smacked right into him and caused her to stop mid-spin. Mr. Abatt turned to me and noted that we've been attending ballet for about 25 years and have never seen that error. It was egregious. All in all, however, it was a wonderful weekend of ballet from the Mariinsky.
  4. FYI, Copeland is also appearing as a guest artist at the Gala for Paul Taylor Dance Company at Lincoln Center in early November.
  5. McKenzie would let Copeland make up any variation she could muster to keep her continuing performing in SL. As long as they keep doing the McKenzie version, Copeland will continue in the role. Unlike the exacting demands of Ratmansky, who does not allow alterations of the choreography, anytihng goes if it makes money as far as McKenzie is concerned. I'm not sure every principal is required to go on every tour.
  6. Lauren King is cast as the demi soloist in Tchai PC, in the cast that has Mearns and Janzen. It is LeCrone who is not dancing the part this year, presumably because LeCrone is cast in Serenade on the same program.
  7. I think the point of these fall galas is not the choreography. The entire point is the hope that patrons will pay for the gala dinner to rub elbows with famous fashion designers. The significance or quality of the choreography is almost an irrelevant afterthought. These are gimmick galas, concocted by SJ Parker and utilizing her connections in the fashion world. The most successful was when they had Sir Paul and his fashion designer daughter collaborate with Martins. That gala made a lot of money. The Valentino gala also made a ton of money. Notice that serious ballet choreographers like Ratmansky never participate in the fall fashion gala.
  8. I think the disturbances from the ushers are worse than from the audience members. The ushers are there to enforce rules, not to create disturbances themselves.
  9. I've had the usher walkie talkie issue in the third ring several times. YOu would think that ushers would have a little common sense. Any insights into why they did not give Gordon Diamonds this season? I thought he was sensational in his debut last season. However, he does look odd when paired with Mearns in this ballet. They need to find more appropriate partners for Gordon - ie, people who are closer in age to him. PS: Emily Kikta gets my vote for a chance at Choleric in the 4T's when it is next revived, based on her outstanding Tall Girl.
  10. I was disappointed that they took Bouder out of Rubies this week (Saturday evening). That is a role that suits her well.
  11. Fairchild and Veyette are paired together in the middle section of Union Jack. I guess when duty calls, you have to put the bad blood behind you.
  12. I hope so too, but since Albrecht is one of the few roles Hallberg is still willing to perform at ABT, I'm concerned that Forster might not get his chance at the Met.
  13. I agree. Maria was captivating in Diamonds in the Spring. She is not to be missed. Given Maria's age and history of recent injuries, you can never be sure whether she will continue to dance the role going forward. The Farrell coaching only improved and built upon what Maria had already accomplished in the role through years of performing it. The allegro portions of the role are becoming more difficult for Maria as time marches on. I hope that whenever she decides to retire, the Diamonds pas will be part of her final performance program. Along with Agon , I regard the Diamond pas as one of her signature roles with the company.
  14. Neither Garcia nor Veyette are up to the challenges of the male lead in Rubies at this stage of their careers. Time for some new blood. Ulbricht? Mejia?
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