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  1. Domingo is still a tremendous draw at the Met Opera. He is one of the very few artists whose name recognition still sells huge numbers of tickets.
  2. ABT changed the program for Chicago. It is now only a portion of Bayadere (Act II Shades?), Lilac Garden and New Tharp. So it's likely ABT will do Lilac in NYC either at the Met or next fall. The Whiteside ballet looks somewhat interesting. There was no way I was seeing that program with the Dorrance piece, which I thought was a complete misfire for ABT. Based on the clip, fingers crossed that Aran Bell and Hurlin might debut in the leads of Don Q next time it is revived.
  3. Thanks for the discount info.
  4. The lawsuit between Levine and the Met Opera has been settled. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/06/arts/music/james-levine-metropolitan-opera.html
  5. abatt

    Simone Messmer

    Messmer has performed Serenade with Miami City, so I suspect she will dance in that ballet.
  6. Copeland did that one section of Tschai Pas for the Kennedy Center Honors. It was an excerpt; she did not perform the entire work.
  7. Since there are no subscriptions sold for the Koch theater engagement, I don't think that people who subscribed to the Met season would be permitted to free exchanges of any tickets purchased for the fall Koch season.
  8. I plan on going to see Cornejo as Apollo if he is cast, but I think he is too short for the role.
  9. I would rather they give that soloist slot to someone is actually a full time dancer, like Roman Mejia.
  10. I've been to lots of galas where there is a disclosed mandatory contribution as part of the ticket price, but that contribution has always been TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Your ticket comes with another piece of paper telling you the contribution portion for tax purposes. What ABT is doing is forcing a charitable contribution, but not providing the customer with the option or the documentation to take it as a tax deduction. Is this even legal? Anyone with some spare time should write to the New York State AG's office to inquire whether this is legal.
  11. Costume restoration fee?!!! What will they think of next. Pointe shoe fee? There comes a point at which we all have to say enough.
  12. Considering the amount they charge per ticket for handling fees, this is very disturbing.
  13. I'm very happy for them, but sad that the audience will not see Laracey's gorgeous performance in Emeralds this fall. Hopefully, she will return to the role at some future time.
  14. Correct. Simkin is not performing in the fall season.
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