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  1. lmspear

    Job posting for artistic director

    Here's some disqualifying info. from the time one of his own companies folded. http://articles.latimes.com/1996-06-29/entertainment/ca-19543_1_los-angeles-ballet I think the phrase "a legend in his own mind" applies to Clifford.
  2. Thank you, Helene. I can't believe this thread is up to 66 pages already.
  3. Back the the party in the Washington, DC hotel room for a moment -- If the underage apprentices of 16 and 17 years, were not declared emancipated minors, are there any child labor laws that were violated by not having this group of people under supervision during nonworking hours?
  4. If Waterbury can inspire that kind of change, we might be seeing the balletic equivalent, in terms of impact, of the Libby Zion case. That case changed the rules about how many consecutive hours medical residents are allowed to be on call. The New York State medical establishment reevaluated and restructured their training programs. Her father Sidney Zion was the force leading to the systemic reforms. His NY Times obituary provides a brief summary of the events leading too and resulting from his daughter's death. https://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/03/nyregion/03zion.html
  5. Leaving reality 100 percent behind, I just had the thought that this situation will probably inspire a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, ripped from the headlines, episode next season. The idea of that team, led by the Olivia Benson character, conducting the investigation opposite the real life alleged perpetrators was a very satisfying fantasy.
  6. There is one issue that has not been addressed which could leave potentially vulnerable in the case or at the very least open up an IT headache that they probably never thought the need to deal with. Even if personal devices were used by the men in Waterbury's case, there is the possibility that company email addresses, WI-FI, and servers were used. The company then becomes, probably unknowingly, the provider of the distribution method of harmful messages and photos. I believe it has been established in cases involving businesses and government that there is no expectation of privacy if your material is routed through your employer's computer servers. The company code of conduct should contain a section on cyber-behavior (but even if the document is up to date, who reads the fine print?). I think we can agree that sending naked pictures of your girlfriend through the company internet servers is worse behavior than taking home a pad of little yellow sticky notes. The company resources have been misused in a way that harms employees and their personal associates and damages the company image as a desirable place to work for future employees, or an institution worthy of financial support from ticket sales and donations. The men named in the case have harmed both the company and the women in a manner that deserves more than a slap on the wrist. Whether the situation is resolved through civil and/or criminal litigation is up to the lawyers and the district attorney's office.
  7. There's also the tradition of having an extremely limited dating pool when dancers enter the feeder school at fourteen or fifteen and then continue into the company which is composed of people from the same source.
  8. I just came across this article from about a year ago, https://variety.com/2017/film/news/felicity-jones-swan-lake-luca-guadagnino-1202489132/amp/ I don't recall there being any discussion here, so I'm throwing it up on the board. I was reading an interview with Felicity Jones about playing Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Swan Lake movie was mentioned as her next project. It looks like all of the pieces needed for production haven't fallen into place yet. A director and scriptwriter are attached, but I saw no description of the plot, other than "she gets turned into a swan by a sorcerer." Does anybody know anything more or have any thoughts about it?
  9. lmspear

    Job posting for artistic director

    Darla Hoover?
  10. lmspear

    Where is Brooklyn Mack?

    Alici Graf Mack has a "mixed marriage" with someone outside the dance community.😵 https://www.romper.com/p/alicia-graf-mack-thought-she-might-never-dance-again-then-she-became-a-mom-9001903 "Post-surgery, Graf Mack was bedridden and, for the first time in a while, at home with her husband Kirby Mack (whom she met at Columbia) and not on the road with Alvin Ailey. "
  11. lmspear

    Job posting for artistic director

    By the way what is Robert LaFosse up to these days?
  12. lmspear

    Job posting for artistic director

    Woetzel is the fist name that pops into my head as an ideal candidtate for both the NYCB and Julliard positions. I have no idea who else was being considered for the Julliard Presidency, but I think he will have more visibility at Julliard than at NYCB, plus given the chaos of Lincoln Center leadership over the last couple of years, positioning him at Julliard would hopefully give NYCB a second supportive voice in Center-wide negotiations and gives him a wider pool of potential contacts, inluding donors, to use if he successfully completes a respectable length of service at Julliard.
  13. lmspear

    Kurt Froman's Instagram & NYCB

    The post identifies the footage as an excerpt from the documentary Elusive Muse, released in 1996 over 20 years ago. So, if your not old enough to have seen it or are old enough to have forgotten it, check it out. https://www.amazon.com/Suzanne-Farrell-Elusive-George-Balanchine/dp/B00005KA78
  14. lmspear

    Job posting for artistic director

    He made it to principal before he decamped.
  15. lmspear

    Job posting for artistic director

    That would mean that Ethan Steifel could be a legitimate possibility.