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  1. Also, Titania in Midsummer, the Susan Stroman ballets, Slaughter on Tenth Ave.
  2. I'm very happy about this. These programs really gave me something to look forward to every week this past spring.
  3. SPAC is replacing the ballet floor and looking for donations to help fund it after the cancellation of this summer season. The floor was already ordered so that it would be in place for this summer and since it was custom-made, they couldn't cancel the order. Daily Gazette article here: https://dailygazette.com/article/2020/07/30/spac-seeks-help-with-ballet-floor-plan?utm_source=SPAC+Master&utm_campaign=0e5c5530bf-EMAIL_GFM_halfway0810&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_506934f83b-0e5c5530bf-217250197&mc_cid=0e5c5530bf&mc_eid=bee1c0630b GoFundMe link here: https://charit
  4. This clip from John Clifford's YouTube channel has the Pas de Neuf and Valse Bluette (LA Ballet): Alexandra Danilova's Kennedy Center honor featuring Darci Kistler and Robert Lyon in the White Swan Pas de Deux.
  5. Megan posted a new interview with Wendy Whelan where they discuss their memories of Albert Evans.
  6. Jacob's Pillow is starting their Virtual Pillow series next week, which will continue through August 29th. More information here: https://www.jacobspillow.org/virtual-pillow/ Up for next week (each of these will be the first of a weekly series): July 7th at 4 pm: Ballet Master Class with Sascha Radetsky July 9th at 7 pm: Limon Dance Company (Chaconne, The Moor's Pavane, Suite from A Choreographic Offering, Corvidae)--this performance is from the 2018 season July 10th at 3 pm, Families Dance Together virtual class (continuing weekly at this time through 8/28) July 12th
  7. Le Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal is back in the studio: https://grandsballets.com/en/news/detail/les-grands-ballets-dancers-are-back-in-the-studios/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=gb2019&utm_content=retourdesdanseurs
  8. The two cancelled Lincoln Center Dance Week NYCB performances have been rescheduled. Coppelia will be at 8 pm on 6/22 and Tribute to Balanchine will be at 8 pm on 6/29. More details here: http://lincolncenter.org/lincoln-center-at-home/series/live-from-lincoln-center
  9. I haven't had a chance to watch either of these videos yet, but I thought some BalletAlerters might be interested. First, there's a Works & Process video from the Guggenheim with choreography by Josh Bergasse performed by Sara Mearns as part of their virtual commissions series: Then, there is a discussion with Bergasse as part of BSC@Home (Barrington Stage):
  10. Thanks for posting fiddleback. I really enjoyed this.
  11. I've checked the YouTube channel and Facebook page and I don't see it in either place.
  12. Was tonight's Lincoln Center Dance Week program pulled (Tribute to Balanchine)? I just looked at the website and I don't see the program listed anymore.
  13. I also really enjoyed this. Thanks to fiddleback for spreading the word.
  14. Thanks for posting this yesterday--I couldn't figure out where the link was and thanks to you I didn't have to.
  15. The Miami production really made me appreciate how much the Chagall sets and costumes add to the NYCB production. It doesn't really matter that not much is happening in the final tableau at NYCB because there's so much to look at. The Miami production just doesn't have the visual splendor to complement the music.
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