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  1. Jacob's Pillow has announced the 2019 Festival lineup. Ballet companies include Ballet BC, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Boston Ballet. Sara Mearns: Beyond Ballet will feature her in "multigenre collaborations." Plus a bunch more modern and other dance. Details here: https://www.jacobspillow.org/festival/ticketed-performances/
  2. FPF

    Nutcracker Quiz

    💯😁 I did have a lucky guess for the last question.
  3. FPF

    NYCB at SPAC 2019

    I would consider going to more than one Coppelia, especially if there are different casts, but I'm local. My guess is that there will be at least one other program given twice, a third program give once, and then the gala program, which usually has a new ballet(s) that is only performed that night. I think that they are trying to attract more unique attendees and getting people to come a second time, and are less interested in catering to more hardcore ballet fans. SPAC Director Liz Sobel said that she wanted to bring more variety to the programming, but my sense is that she's only interested in music and not in dance so there seems to be both fewer performances and less variety. I don't think this is great marketing--Glimmerglass, for example, has a few summer weekends where you can see all four productions in one trip, which helps to make it a destination.
  4. FPF

    NYCB at SPAC 2019

    SPAC has now announced that there will actually be 3 performances of Coppelia: the evenings of July 18th and 19th, and the matinee on the 20th. https://spac.org/calendar/calendar-of-events/?view=list&gen=2&mc_cid=5db66c137f&mc_eid=bee1c0630b The rest of the season will be announced in 2019.
  5. FPF

    Nutcracker 2018

    Thanks for posting these pictures Tutu. I like the new- Columbine costume. I think it goes much better with the Harlequin costume than the previous one.
  6. FPF

    NYCB at SPAC 2019

    The Albany Times Union has posted that the NYCB will be performing Coppelia twice at SPAC next summer. No details on the specific dates or on the other 5 performances yet. https://www.timesunion.com/entertainment/article/Marsalis-Mozart-Coppelia-highlights-at-SPAC-13447745.php#item-85307-tbla-3 I love this production of Coppelia and haven't seen it for ~10 years. I hope there will be two different casts.
  7. FPF

    Nutcracker 2018

    Great news! I agree that Ulbricht has been underused. There are some fairly petite ballerinas that he should be an appropriate height to partner.
  8. FPF

    Dog at the ballet

    Did you get any response from the Joyce? This would be a very concerning situation for me as I am very allergic to dogs and have asthma.
  9. FPF

    Nutcracker 2018

    Quote by the original Coffee, Francisco Moncion: He'd danced the Coffee solo at the premiere, smoking a hookah and drinking a cup of coffee provided by four tiny parrot-costumed children from the school, then falling asleep. The solo has been rechoreographed and is now danced by a sensuous woman. ''When we moved into the big State Theater, it was felt there ought to be something for the daddies in the audience.'' Source: https://www.nytimes.com/1982/12/19/arts/new-role-for-a-ballet-veteran.html Does anyone know if the other divertissements also originally included eating/drinking the various sweets?
  10. FPF

    Nutcracker 2018

    Story in the NYT about changes to Tea to tone down the stereotypes (NYCB is the focus, but other Nutcrackers are also mentioned): https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/13/arts/dance/nutcracker-chinese-tea-stereotypes.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Dance It looks like they've changed the hat and makeup for the man and eliminated the mustache, eliminated the black wigs for the women, and modified the choreography to eliminate the pointing fingers. And Coffee may be next up for revision.
  11. FPF

    Job posting for artistic director

    I think Whelan would be an appropriate choice. As noted previously, Whelan was credited for changing the culture of NYCB, and the job ad specifically mentioned that they wanted a humane leader. She has run her Restless Creature and other projects, has taught, and has also recently staged Ratmansky, and had a very extensive NYCB rep. I've also never thought that Whelan was bitter--my sense of her is that she devoted herself, very single-mindedly, to her ballet career, without thought about what came next and was emotional about it. I find it just very human and honest of her. Maybe she showed too much of her inner turmoil at the time in Restless Creature, but when I saw her speak last summer, she came across as very warm, enthusiastic, and upbeat. Also, although Woetzel has other types of relevant experience, he has also never run a major company. And many other ADs, including Boal and Tomasson, have done very well leading major U.S. companies with little/no prior experience as ADs. Although the ad said that they wanted successful AD experience, these laundry lists of skills/experiences are often wish lists, and the lack of one qualification an otherwise excellent candidate may not be a deal-breaker if the other positives are thought to outweigh it.
  12. FPF

    Job posting for artistic director

    He was obsessing about this in some of his earlier posts, too.
  13. FPF

    Job posting for artistic director

    I don't know why he thinks that the mystery female ballerina would necessarily be closed to coaching by dancers who worked with Balanchine. If he is referring to Wendy Whelan, she has always seemed very committed to working to achieve the intent of the choreographer.
  14. FPF

    An American in Paris in Cinema in September

    This performance is being shown on PBS tonight at 9 and should be available for streaming on Saturday. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/gperf/an-american-in-paris-the-musical-about/8895/
  15. FPF

    Job posting for artistic director

    I haven't watched the whole thing, but this is exactly what I noticed so far. She talks about what you do, he talks about what I did. Also, thank you for posting this BalanchineFan.