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  1. Yes, there's a video of her doing the woman's variation on YouTube: It looks like Patricia McBride was the honoree. She seems to have also done it at Vail in 2015:
  2. Alastair Macaulay has published a "Critic's Notebook" on this book: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/23/arts/dance/petipa-biography-nadine-meisner.html
  3. I thought that he said that he wasn't going to be a full-time soloist but would still dance in his own work.
  4. There is also a set restoration fee tacked onto ABT Met tickets. Depending on the performance and method of purchase, ticket fees may be applied to your order. For performances at the David H. Koch Theater, there is a facility fee and a costume restoration fee for all tickets and a per ticket handling fee for orders made online or through the call center. For performances at the Met Opera House, there is an ABT set restoration fee for every Single Ticket purchase and a per ticket handling fee for orders made online or through the call center.
  5. I bought a season lawn pass in person last December when they were on sale + all fees waived. I don't recall that they asked for my email address at the time, but they definitely asked for my home address so that they could mail the pass to me. I have bought tickets online from them before, so I would expect to be in the database. I used the first of my five $5 upgrades on Tuesday night and had to show them my driver's license at the box office but didn't provide my email at that time. On Wednesday morning, I received an email thanking me for attending with a discount offer for SPAC OnStage or Fela!. So they were clearly able to tie my attendance with pass and upgrade both bought in person to my email address in their database.
  6. Also, KarenAG said earlier that she had matinee tickets and hadn't received any emails about the cancellation. I don't think there was an earlier email that somehow we both didn't get.
  7. The email isn't from NYCB, it's from SPAC. To be fair, they are actually offering a choice of a refund, a gift certificate that can be used through the 2020 classical season, or donating the tickets. If you click on the link where it says Donate your tickets, it provides all three options. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfzwVVuL8zqq7pJgrqUIUBZXZjtfgMMLWrzELVd80yjI0Jx_g/viewform?mc_cid=fcc73d6844&mc_eid=bee1c0630b
  8. Yep. I'm not sure what time the announcement was made on Friday, but the email came more than 18 hours after I first saw online that the Saturday matinee had been cancelled.
  9. It looks like they did finally send out an email about the cancellation late yesterday morning, along with a plea for donations. THANK YOU for supporting the New York City Ballet at SPAC! Dear Friend, Tonight will be the glorious close of one of our most exciting New York City Ballet residencies in recent memory. As you know, yesterday we took the very difficult, but important, decision to cancel today’s matinee due to the extreme heat conditions and concern for the health of artists and patrons. As the matinee was one of our most heavily-sold performances, the negative financial impact on this year’s residency will be considerable. Would you please consider donating your matinee tickets – or making a direct contribution to “HEAT FUND” – to help us offset the loss on today’s performance? Here’s how you can help: Donate your tickets for today’s performance as a contribution to SPAC here Make a gift online today
  10. As per Ashley Bouder's instagram, the gala program has been changed so that she and Joseph Gordon can do the Coppelia wedding pas de deux.
  11. Yes, Lovette was Waltz Girl, Le Crone was Dark Angel, and Pereira was Russian Girl. Yes, I've been wondering if the cancelled performance and refunds will somehow be spun as NYCB not bringing in enough money. I also find it very discouraging that Sobel can't even convincingly pretend to like ballet for two minutes on opening night. This should not be difficult. I saw the notice by chance when I went to the SPAC website. No email.
  12. Thank you CTballetfan--I don't have real-life ballet friends, so it's really a pleasure to have this forum to discuss what we all see. I totally agree with your assessment of Megan--she has really developed star quality. A few years ago, Huxley really wowed me on an opening night Square Dance with Ashley Bouder and he's been a favorite of mine since then. I'm really happy to that he's not getting only the short guy/jumping bean roles. Also, I forgot to mention Kennard Henson in my earlier post--he had some amazing split jumps as the acrobat automaton in Act 2 last night---he really wowed the audience--I don't think I've seen that role make that much of an impression before. And I hadn't realized it, but last night was Andrew Veyette's debut as Dr. Coppelius. Just wanted to clarify that she didn't say anything negative about the ballet, it's just obvious that she really doesn't have anything to say. Her speech was something about how (innovation? renaissance? excitement?--I can't remember) was throughout the area, from Caffe Lena to Skidmore to Yaddo to... to here at SPAC. And to the New York City Ballet. Which has new leadership in Jon Stafford and Wendy Whelan. The end. The previous AD, who I was not a huge fan of, would have probably had Jon and Wendy come out and make some brief remarks, and would have said something about NYCB and the current season and how wonderful the evening's program was going to be. Also, since I didn't post them earlier, here are the last of the promo videos: I can't believe that we are down this year to only 6 performances.
  13. Tomorrow afternoon's Coppelia has been cancelled. This is the first time I can recall NYCB being cancelled at SPAC due to weather. https://spac.org/event/new-york-city-ballet-8/ https://www.news10.com/news/nyc-ballets-saturday-matinee-performance-cancelled-due-to-hot-weather/
  14. I was pretty wiped out from the heat and late night on Tuesday, so I decided to skip Wednesday night and do a ballet double-header yesterday. The matinee was the same Balanchine Tschaikovsky program as on Tuesday night and with the same cast. The weather was thankfully quite a bit cooler and there was a bit of a breeze, so it was much more pleasant. I sat downstairs this time thanks to a very nice woman who gave me her extra ticket. This peformance looked to have sold very well, and this time, they did announce the cast substation before the start of the program. I thought Serenade was better this time--I enjoyed all three women (Le Crone, Pereira, Lovette) and Chamblee was much smoother. And I can confirm that Lauren Lovette was the blonde--it looks like the roots are still dark, but when she pulls it down, it looks very blond. I found the theme and variations in Mozartiana a bit of slog, although I couldn't say what was different in between the performances--sometimes I think that the matinee is better because you can see more, but I think the darker theater does help you to focus. Lydia Wellington was looking very good in the Menuet quartet. Finally, Teresa Reichlen gets my vote again as MVP--this performance of Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 was just as good as the Tuesday night performance and received a huge and loud ovation from the crowd.. Russell Janzen and Lauren King were also excellent, once again. I also particularly noticed Alec Knight as one of the demis. I came back last night for the first of the three Copppelias. Swanilda was Megan Fairchild, Fritz was Anthony Huxley, and Dr. Coppelius was Andrew Veyette. I've seen this a number of times over the past 30 years, and last night's performance definitely ranks as one of the best I've seen. Megan and Anthony were absolutely on fire, particularly in the wedding pas de deux. Veyette was an unusually spry Coppelius. Baily Jones substituted for Sarah Villwock in the Waltz of the Golden Hours--she was great and the kids were both professional and adorable. Lauren King was wonderful as Dawn--she is so sunny and glowing. Emily Gerrity did very well in Prayer. Although she was otherwise very good, Sara Adams had a very visibly fumbled step in Spinner. I may be in the minority here, but I love Discord and War and Unity Phelan and Spartak Hoxha were wonderful. I've said it before, but the wedding pas de deux was just brilliantly danced. On the whole, a great night at the ballet. This performance also seemed to have sold well and the audience was extremely appreciative. I'm probably skipping tonight, although I'm kind of tempted to see Huxley and Fairchild again. I'd also really like to see the Bouder/ Gordon cast , but the heat/humidity tomorrow is supposed to be brutal. Ditto for the gala.
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