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  1. Many, many of us are with you on this one, griffie.
  2. The NYT is nothing more than a trashy tabloid at this point.
  3. Balanchine is also at Pennsylvania Ballet which is very close to NYC.
  4. Very strange and disappointing. The exciting thing about Nutcracker was always the unexpected debuts. Takes a lot of air out of the season.
  5. I saw her as Dewdrop last year and her dour facial expression took all the joy out of the Waltz. I know there's little she can do about her facial features, but I think over-smiling would do wonders for her.
  6. It hurts my forearm just watching this lift! 😖 Hoven and Copeland executed it beautifully though. He's one of the best lifters in the company, of course mostly ignored by McKenzie.
  7. Judging by the fact that we already know two of the casts (Hurlin/Bell and Shevchenko/Forster), it doesn’t seem likely. Especially when AD Favorites Boylston and Seo are available as well.
  8. I don't know if someone has already mentioned this, but I noticed that the first portion of the Met Seasons casting is now up. TBAs for The Rose in The Seasons. Lane is only cast in 3 performances of the Met Season as opposed to say Hee Seo who is cast in 14 performances. Something is brewing here...
  9. Same old, same old. As is usually the case for the first week.
  10. Not a fan of anyone of any profession tooting their own horn constantly. I know that's what social media if for to an extent, but Brandt goes above and beyond with the endless videos of her own dancing as well as reposts of everyone who comments or posts a story about her. I find it tacky. But I guess this is what gets you promoted at ABT, Home of Misty Copeland.
  11. That's probably wishful thinking on Brandt's part. I'm guessing the TBA will be either Shevchenko (who is already cast as Giselle for the Met Season) or a guest artist.
  12. Agree. He reminds me a lot of Baryshnikov in style and physical appearance. He was always exciting to watch. And has great chemistry with Lane. So I will absolutely be there for their Giselle.
  13. So agree with you laurel. (Couldn’t help but LOL at the Lord Voldemort reference) This is a tragedy and spells disaster for Lane’s prospects in coming seasons. I hope she sees the writing on the wall and starts making plans.
  14. Yes, it is telling and too bad. They were the best partnership in the company. If they refuse to dance together, that could be a factor of why Lane's number of performances have dried up. And with Cirio and Simkin gone, she doesn't have a lot of options (besides Gorak) and McKenzie doesn't seem interested in fostering any new partnerships for her. I hope people in CA report back to us re: her Nutcrackers with Ahn.
  15. I can't give McKenzie the benefit of the doubt here. We've seen how he's treated many beloved dancers over the last few years. I think Cornejo either felt he couldn't speak up or probably did speak up and his request was rejected.
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