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  1. Very demoralizing. I hope she knows how much the audience loves her.
  2. Still think it's strange that Sarah Lane is not dancing with Herman for his 20th anniversary night. A quick Instagram story showed Skylar Brandt rehearsing for "A Gathering of Ghosts". One would think if Sarah was also rehearsing for that piece, there would be evidence for it or, as a principal, she would be mentioned in the casting sheet for any of the three ballets.
  3. Fleurfairy

    Kathryn Morgan

    She looks quite good. Maybe more work to go on extensions and the flexibility in her back, as she looks slightly tight. But that will come with time.
  4. I'm wondering if Swan lake is beyond her abilities now, considering Lane had to fill in as Odile this past Met season.
  5. Ditto. Not a fan of self-promotion. Especially when she hasn't paid her dues in the company like many other dancers who have been there a lot longer and are quietly toiling away.
  6. Between not being cast in on this tour and getting shoved into two Saturday matinees performances for Nutcracker, I'm still hoping Lane leaves ABT. She has always gotten the short shrift at this company. I know all the reasons why she has stayed, but she has bigger reasons to leave. She's till at the top of her game, technique-wise. Probably the best she's ever been. It's just so frustrating.
  7. I'm surprised Abrera was cast as Giselle again -- during the 2018 season, there were quite a few reviews on this forum that she looked very wobbly and unsure in that role. I think she has aged out, I think Murphy has too TBH.
  8. I'm surprised Sarah Lane isn't included among the dancers on Herman's 20th anniversary. Unless she is in the yet-to-be-announced Piece d'occasion.
  9. I wonder if it will be guest artists. Yeah I just don't get Giselle vibe from Skylar. I can't say why, I just don't.
  10. Very interested to see how this turns out....being just a face in the corps at this point in her life. We shall see.
  11. When will casting go up? Does anyone remember from last year?
  12. That’s too bad about Melanie as I really enjoy her dancing and think she has a lovely stage presence. My eye was always drawn to her. But I guess after having s child and being plagued with injuries, she’s ready to move on.
  13. I think this is a common complaint re Misty Copeland. If a dancer can't do the steps, how/why are they cast? How can that happen in what is supposed to one of the best companies in the world? It brings the quality and integrity of the entire company into serious question.
  14. I think the demi-pointe chaines look better on dancers with small feet. Long or big feet tend to look like floppy fish. Ditto those dancers who wear Gaynor Mindens -- on the whole, they aren't a flattering shoe in demi-pointe.
  15. Yes it looks like she’s floating! Just exquisite.
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