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  1. I wonder when she will retire. She missed another Met season with injury. Promotion looks bleak. And she's got a small child with a boyfriend that is forever on the go. It's a shame because I always enjoyed her dancing when she was on stage.
  2. Fleurfairy

    ABT 2018 Whipped Cream

    From the clips I’ve seen, I think the music is entirely unsuitable for ballet - lots of screeching violins and no discernible melodies. This is the reason I have not gone to see it yet. Not sure if I ever will. I just can’t abide bad music.
  3. Fleurfairy

    ABT 2018 promotions

    All very well deserved. I saw Fang as Zulma(?) last year and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She's a lovely dancer.
  4. Fleurfairy

    Don Quixote Spring 2018

    A pretty revealing interview with Sarah Lane and Hee Seo in the NYT today regarding their Don Q debuts. Glad Sarah decided to stick with it just a little while longer and got that promotion. Still, our assumption was correct that the company dancers resented the guest artist trend. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/26/arts/dance/abt-don-quixote-sarah-lane-hee-seo.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fdance&action=click&contentCollection=dance&region=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront
  5. Fleurfairy

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    It’s a real shame because Baca and Jared Matthews could be killing it at ABT right now if not for McKenzie’s total mismanagement. He really only had himself to blame for the lack of good male talent.
  6. Fleurfairy

    Don Quixote Spring 2018

    I’m guessing she will omit the hops on pointe and also the fouettés.
  7. Fleurfairy

    ABT 2018 Swan Lake

    According to Sarah Lane’s Instagram stories, she’s performing Pas de Trois tonight. Sigh.
  8. Fleurfairy

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    ABT seemed to pigeonhole Cirio into the Daniel Ulbricht/Tom Gold type roles. Rarely Leading Man roles.
  9. Fleurfairy

    2018 Romeo & Juliet

    I get the feeling a lot of people have been boycotting due to the really underwhelming casting, me included. Misty getting two performances with two different Romeos was ridiculous. They couldn’t have paired Sarah Lane (a natural Juliet) with Daniil?? That would have been amazing but much too logical of McKenzie. Also pretty sure the majority of people wanted to see Abrera and Hallberg together.
  10. Fleurfairy

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    FOF, I hope you didn't back down or apologize. There is no excuse for a child ruining the viewing experience of other ticket purchasers.
  11. Fleurfairy

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    She was originally listed on the casting sheet as Columbine but was recently replaced by Skylar Brandt.
  12. Fleurfairy

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    Then it doesn't surprise me that they took Misty out of the role. This type of dancing is not exactly her forte.
  13. Fleurfairy

    ABT 2018 La Bayadere

    Let's be honest. Shades Trio is a soloist role at the most. Ideally, a corps or even apprentice dancer should be performing it. The fact that they are putting two principal women in (and notice they didn't dare put Misty in) says 1) their corps and soloist well is very shallow at the moment and not many dancers can step in and make it look decent; 2) they haven't been developing the corps dancers enough to be able take on roles like these at the last minute and 3) management doesn't mind insulting Lane and Shevchenko by giving them these subpar performance opportunities. It's like throwing crumbs to a starving lion.
  14. Fleurfairy

    ABT 2018 La Bayadere

    Just noticed on Sarah Lane's Instagram that she, Shev, and Stephanie Williams are performing the Shades Trio tonight. Kind of ridiculous that they needed to sub in two principal women for roles corps girls should/could be dancing. There really is no development or role experience in the pipeline right now, is there?
  15. Fleurfairy

    ABT 2018 La Bayadere

    I think ABT needs a big overhaul of their Spring Season repertory. Way too many ballets being performed just out of some sort of outdated necessity. The audience is bored which reflects in low ticket sales.