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  1. Yeah that was a mistake to turn down that principal contract with SFB and I’m sure she regrets it given how her career at ABT turned out. Having to sub as Odile in a Copeland/Cornejo SL (with no SL if her own) couldn’t have improved matters and it seems her partnership with Cornejo broke down right after that.
  2. Enlightening, as always with Sarah. Company politics have ruined ABT. I say good on her for refusing to keep quiet in order to dance a consolation-prize Juliet. She’s a rare dancer and I hope she keeps performing.
  3. This decision came about 10 years too late. A lot of wonderful dancers had their careers hindered under his helm. I doubt Sarah would return. In 2022 she’ll be what, 38? Sad as it is, I think she’s too old to be offered another contract, but of course stranger things have happened.
  4. So sad. What might have been if she had been at another company where her gifts were truly appreciated...
  5. Hard pass. If that is the best ABT can offer (a stale video of Ferri past her prime) maybe they deserve to go under. Sorry to be harsh but these are harsh times.
  6. Oh that’s sad. He always seemed like a dancer everyone in the company loved.
  7. I think this was just a ballet suited to taller dancers. And Hurlin seems to be the new company golden girl so they want to capitalize on that. Re: Lane’s photo and caption...Strange that Lane is not cast in The Seasons although she created the role. And why a “TBA” in its place? Doesn’t make sense.
  8. This is very poor practice on ABT's part to cast Copeland in these roles knowing that she will most likely not be able to dance them. Especially the two Swan Lakes at the Met. Selling tickets under false pretenses and disappointing many young fans. No matter how good the understudy is, they want to see Misty. And to not give the deserving dancers their own casting, instead of being thrown on as a sub.
  9. Same. Sad to think Trenary may get passed over for big roles that truly suit her because of this huge social media push and a ton of money being spent by Brandt. I know that that is the name of the game these days, but it does leave a bad taste in my mouth.
  10. We'd all like to think the ballet world has changed but it hasn't. Look at the Russian superstars that everyone adores, one more skeletal than the next. I don't doubt Morgan was taken out of the role because of her body. What disappoints me is that they hired her knowing her body type and her illness and that she would never be stick thin again. What were they trying to accomplish?
  11. Yeah I don’t like that mostly because by that time, Giselle is sweaty and mushing her hair around her face is gross as inevitably it sticks to the skin and is incredibly distracting. But then again, people with hair constantly falling in their face bothers me in everyday life too.
  12. Certainly seems that way. I hope she has a Plan B in place.
  13. I agree about Gillian looking too sturdy to be Giselle. She's never had the typical "ballet body" and it's very pronounced as Giselle. I didn't understand the casting either, she's been at ABT for 20 years so maybe McKenzie wanted to throw her a bone but at this late stage, and after she's been away for while on maternity leave it seems like a waste to keep casting her when a younger up and comer could take on the role. But then I've never understood an ounce of what goes through McKenzie's mind.
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