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  1. I think the “cultural Renaissance” of Washington has peaked. When the Obamas came to the city they brought a renewed energy. DC seemed almost hip. The Obamas went out and supported the restaurants and entertainment. This administration only dines at the Trump Hotel. A new administration changes the dynamic of the city, and this one does not support the arts.
  2. Kent doing Tudor is not new to WB. They used to perform “Leaves are Fading” back in the 90s.
  3. Finally able to read the article! Kent and the board seem to have totally lost sight of Mary Day’s vision. Day always encouraged new choreography and an uncluttered aesthetic. Do Kent and the board remember the demise of the National Ballet? Washington has never been able to support the type of company Kent envisions. I would love to know what has changed to make this feasible. The school no longer produces dancers for the company. The last company dancers from the Mary Day era are not teaching at Washington Ballet, but across the state line at Maryland Youth Ballet.
  4. Is there a way for someone to paste the Washington Post article here? I have already read my 10 articles on the site this month and am blocked.
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