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  1. I am forced to rely on Google's translation, but the announcement from the Royal Danish Theater appears to make several references to "offensive" and "abusive" behavior. I recall that when Scarlett was suspended by the Royal Ballet, press reports mentioned complaints about drug use and bullying, in addition to the allegations of inapproriate behavior toward RBS students. https://via.ritzau.dk/embedded/release/planlagt-forestilling-aflyses-pa-grund-af-oplysninger-om-kraenkende-adfaerd?publisherId=3885992&releaseId=13619891 Have Scarlett's former colleagues at the Royal Ballet
  2. After the women's competition, Inès Mcintosh, Bleuenn Battistoni and Nine Seropian have won promotion to coryphée, and Camille Bon and Clémence Gross to sujet.
  3. I'm going to assume that when the Times went to print, no one there was aware that Scarlett had died. The cancelation of a ballet production abroad isn't normally newsworthy outside of specialized publications, but this one had whiff of scandal to it. Evidently, that made it irresistible to the editors. The headline has since been updated to "‘Offensive’ British ballet supremo Liam Scarlett found dead."
  4. Just today The Times had published a story with the very loud headline "Denmark shuns ‘offensive’ British ballet supremo Liam Scarlett" about the Royal Danish Ballet canceling a run of his Frankenstein over misconduct allegations. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/denmark-shuns-offensive-british-ballet-supremo-liam-scarlett-g6npr6d5d
  5. The Polish National Ballet in Krzysztof Pastor's Romeo and Juliet
  6. Men's round of the promotion competition. Chun-Wing Lam and Jack Gasztowtt promoted to coryphée, Andrea Sarri and Nikolaus Tudorin to sujet.
  7. Don Quixote from the Vienna State Ballet. On demand for about 24 hours. https://play.wiener-staatsoper.at/event/a63fb13b-a75b-43b9-b28d-eb4ce2abe210
  8. Something, perhaps, for the kids. Martin Short tells the story of The Sleeping Beauty, illustrated by footage from the National Ballet of Canada production.
  9. Thank you very, very much for the link.
  10. The Vienna State Ballet in Hans van Manen's Live and Martin Schläpfer's 4 (that is, Mahler's Fourth Symphony). Available for about 24 hours. https://play.wiener-staatsoper.at/event/051389f2-89a9-4cce-8063-561b3667aaa7/play
  11. The Stuttgart Ballet in Hans van Manen's Adagio Hammerklavier and Große Fuge and Mauro Bigonzetti's Einssein. Available until April 5.
  12. The Staatsballett Berlin in Mauro Bigonzetti's Caravaggio. Available for about 24 hours.
  13. The National Ballet of Canada in excerpts from Guillaume Côté's Frame by Frame, Aszure Barton's Watch her and Marie Chouinard's 24 Preludes by Chopin
  14. That's very unfortunate, and it's a shame this wasn't fixed. What's disconcerting is not so much that dancers appear seven feet tall, but that their limbs seem to lengthen and shorten as they move through space. I've encountered the aspect ratio problem at ballet-in-cinema screenings more than once, although usually the dancers were stretched sideways in those cases.
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