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  1. Past La Scala broadcasts are streaming daily on the Raiplay website. You can find the complete list here: http://www.teatroallascala.org/it/calendario-trasmissioni-rai.html There is no specialized site for La Scala's broadcasts, and each one has a separate link, although you can perform a search for "teatro alla scala" and the available titles will pop up. La Scala is also providing links each day on its Facebook page. Four ballet broadcasts are included. March 27 - The Sleeping Beauty (Nureyev production) with Polina Semionova and Timofej Andrijashenko https://www.raiplay.it/video/2020/03/La-bella-addormentata-2f2b817f-bb7e-4c34-95c7-b1777a4a7d24.html (Interesting that the theater did not broadcast the since discarded Ratmansky production, but did film a subsequent revival of Nureyev's.) April 3 - Don Quixote (Nureyev production) with Natalia Osipova and Leonid Sarafanov No need to wait, here's the link: https://www.raiplay.it/video/2020/03/Don-Chisciotte-1atto-bc39b9c4-355c-40ed-867d-697b6ca0fa3b.html April 17 - Mediterranea (Mauro Bigonzetti) with Massimo Murru Haven't found the link for this yet. April 21 - Le Corsaire (Holmes production ) with Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko Again, no need to wait: https://www.raiplay.it/video/2020/03/Le-corsaire-ba9ab34c-7e9d-47fb-a496-c2e6e5fd1981.html
  2. @Jack Reed, this performance of Jewels took place last season, so there's no reason to suspect that it can't be streamed. Initially the plan was to stream a live, audience-free performance of Swan Lake, but that idea was shelved once the quarantine began. Jewels was pulled out of the archive as Plan B.
  3. Tamara Rojo led a tiny group of English National Ballet dancers in class today.
  4. Now that St. Petersburg has banned gatherings of more than 50 people, the Mikhailovsky is also closed until May. There are, of course, opera houses in other cities. For example, in Perm and Samara they closed only today, after a directive from the Ministry of Culture. As recently as yesterday, the opera house in Novosibirsk insisted that shows, including a tour by the Bolshoi at the beginning of April, would continue. But today it announced its closure until May in compliance with the order. The Australian Ballet also canceled its performances after the government limited crowd size to 500 until mid June.
  5. The city of Moscow has banned gatherings of more than 50 people. The Bolshoi has already canceled all of its performances through April 10th. Presumably other theaters will make similar announcements soon.
  6. Rest assured, the Bavarian State Opera doesn't geo-block its streams.
  7. @The Traveling Ballerina, at this point you may actually be better off compiling a list of performances that have not yet been canceled. It would be shorter. The people I really feel for now are dancers in Japan, because if I understand correctly, most companies don't pay them for rehearsal time. They are paid per performance. Even their shoe allowances are only for performance footwear. So presumably if shows aren't taking place, they're getting nothing. Perhaps @naomikage can clarify this.
  8. Mariinsky Theater: Due to the introduction of a ruling by the Government of St Petersburg, No 121, “On measures to prevent the spreading in St Petersburg of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)” dated 13 March please note the following:The Mariinsky Theatre will continue to function, taking into account the restrictions introduced by the aforementioned ruling. The theatre’s repertoire is subject to change. We would like to ask for your understanding in view of the current situation.Additional information will be published on the Mariinsky Theatre’s official website. Mikhailovsky Theater: Dear patrons, We receive a lot of questions relating to the work of the theatre in the conditions of the imposed restriction on holding mass events. Mikhailovsky Theatre is, in the first place, a city theatre, where most of the visitors are citizens of Petersburg. Our theatre is open as usual and all the performances are going ahead as scheduled. (*The Mikhailovsky seats around 900.)
  9. St. Petersburg has banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people from March 16 to 30. The order specifically cites theatrical, cultural, entertainment and sporting events. https://www.gov.spb.ru/press/governor/184881/ And the French government has reduced permissible crowd size to 100.
  10. I gather there have been a lot of cancellations in Japan, so this weekend's cancellation of Petit's Notre Dame de Paris by the Asami Maki Ballet is entirely typical.
  11. The opera house in Amsterdam has been closed until March 31st. In Moscow the upper limit for events has been set at 5,000 people, which means that the Bolshoi and Stanislavsky remain open. Oddly enough, so is the Kremlin Palace, even though it seats 6,000.
  12. Cancelations have begun in Canada. Government orders in New Brunswick and Alberta have led to show cancellations for Atlantic Ballet Theatre and Alberta Ballet respectively. For now, the National Ballet of Canada is not following suit.
  13. Already mentioned on the Paris Opera Ballet page, POB performances through April 1 have been canceled after the government banned gatherings over 1,000 people. However, chamber concerts are continuing at the Paris Opera. In Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich and Dresden, opera houses have been shut until April 19th. In Hamburg the opera house has been shut until April 30th. The Royal Theater in Copenhagen is closed until March 29th. The Vienna State Opera has canceled performances until April 2nd. The National Theater in Prague and the Hungarian State Opera in Budapest have canceled performances "until further notice." In Vilnius the opera house is closed until March 27th. In Poland all theaters, concert halls and cinemas have been shut until March 26th. In Ukraine all theaters seating more than 200 have been shut until April 4th. Italy, of course, is under total lockdown. In Oman, the Royal Opera House in Muscat has canceled the remainder of the season. Several visiting ballet companies are affected. (Performances had already been canceled at the beginning of the year owing to the death of the sultan, including the Bolshoi's tour of Onegin, which was called off three days before the dancers were scheduled to depart, after the period of mourning was extended to 40 days.)
  14. Minister of Culture Franck Riester is among the infected. https://www.france24.com/en/20200309-france-s-culture-minister-has-coronavirus
  15. This needs to become the new normal.
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