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  1. The company could easily exempt children from the requirement.
  2. I've seen Ramasar as Demetrius. I suspect they're afraid of the queues for the women's toilets. Lots of people bunched up together sharing air, stalls and fixtures.
  3. I think I've been misunderstood. I was not horrified by what I saw in that clip the way I am horrified by Zakharova, Somova or Smirnova. Rather I found it soulless and uninteresting, lacking in phrasing or daring or energy running through the limbs and extending beyond them. I didn't enjoy any aspect of it, not the principals, not the demi-soloists and not the corps. That's what's so dispiriting. (Although yes, I despise arabesques--and attitudes--that rise above the head, unless they're actually supposed to be penchés.)
  4. Hmm. I guess ballet has reached a point where I can't enjoy it anymore. It's deeply sad for me, but I evidently after some 45 years, I have to get off the carousel.
  5. Planes can easily fly over Latvia, I've transferred there many times myself because the airport in Minsk is a dive. And I'm pretty sure that Aeroflot planes, assuming regular flights between London and Moscow are continuing, aren't avoiding Belarusian airspace. More likely, the quarantine requirements in Britain make traveling untenable. The United States has no such quarantine restrictions, so Sara Mearns recently flew to Moscow and back.
  6. The Stuttgart Ballet in a program of works by Christian Spuck, Marco Goecke, Edward Clug and William Forsythe. On demand until June 21.
  7. Viewers in the UK, US and Canada can purchase access to the British Ballet Charity Gala featuring Ballet Black, Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, New Adventures, Northern Ballet, Rambert, Scottish Ballet and the Royal Ballet, and hosted by Darcey Bussell. The stream will be available until July 18. https://stream.roh.org.uk/products/british-ballet-charity-gala The program includes pieces by Sophie Laplane, Will Tuckett, Jonathan Watkins, Kenneth Tindall, David Bintley, Matthew Bourne, Yuri Possokhov, Andrea Miller and Valentino Zucchetti.
  8. The Staatsballett Berlin has announced its repertoire for next season. (The link at the top of this thread leads to the Bavarian State Ballet.) https://www.staatsballett-berlin.de/en/saison_21-22 It includes a David Dawson double bill, a new piece by Sasha Waltz, The Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, Onegin, Swan Lake, Jewels, a Forsythe/Eyal bill and a young choreographers' evening.
  9. The Royal Ballet's stream of Apollo, Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux and Dances at a Gathering can be purchased here: https://stream.roh.org.uk/products/balanchine-and-robbins It can be accessed until July 11.
  10. Oksana Lyniv is about to become the first woman to conduct at the Bayreuth Festival. https://www.bayreuther-festspiele.de/en/programm/auffuehrungen/der-fliegende-hollaender/ https://m.dw.com/en/the-bayreuth-festival-to-have-a-female-conductor-for-the-first-time/a-55003920
  11. Sae Eun Park has been named danseuse étoile following today's performance of Nureyev's Romeo and Juliet. https://www.operadeparis.fr/actualites/sae-eun-park-nommee-danseuse-etoile-du-ballet-de-lopera-national-de-paris
  12. The National Ballet of Canada in excerpts from The Sleeping Beauty - prologue fairies, bluebirds, cats and newlyweds.
  13. Sure, especially in light of the fact that the Gold and Silver Waltz was not choreographed on an Amazonian ballerina.
  14. The director of the 1983 telecast dealt with this by showing the entire stage, so you do see a smallish Farrell making her exit, but you also see the chandeliers switch on and the couples coming on from stage right. Sort of the Fourth Ring view.
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