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  1. ABT Fan

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    I didn’t notice that but you’re right, he’s not listed in anything. He got injured at the end of the Met season but I thought judging by his Instagram he had recovered. (He’s also not cast in Harlequinade in January, a role he did this summer.)
  2. ABT Fan

    ABT in D.C. - Jan 2019

    Also, Shayer has been left out. He debuted Harlequin at the Met this summer with two performances, but in DC Maloney is cast instead.
  3. ABT Fan

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I’ll add more later, but Tschai pas with Peck and De Luz brought the house down tonight! I finally got to see them both in this piece and it was worth the entire ticket. They both make everything look so easy and their joy is perfectly matched. What technique, what musicality, what charisma!
  4. ABT Fan

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Casting sheets are back up. No changes for tonight are listed. https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/Casting/NYCB-Casting_September-18-23-2018-UPDATED2.pdf
  5. ABT Fan

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I get that now too. Strange as I was able to view it about an hour ago and also this morning. Perhaps they’re updating it.
  6. Casting has been announced for Harlequinade in D.C. in January. Of note, Simkin will join. Debuts: Trenary, Maloney, Royal, and Lendorf (who will return after a long-injury). Great to see another corps dancer get a big debut. I'm sure Trenary will be terrific as well. Also, of note, IMO, Lane/Abrera with Lendorf/Royal get only one performance. Lane/Abrera gave magical performances at the ballet's debut, but now they get seconds (Trenary/Brandt who are soloists get 2 perf's each). Not begrudging Trenary/Brandt at all, of whom I'm a big fan. But, Lane is a principal. And, as I just posted on the Fall season thread, Lane only gets one performance in one ballet in October. I knew she wasn't a favorite of the AD, but this is a new low. Sorry, rant over. https://www.abt.org/events/harlequinade-dc/ Added: I believe Trenary already did Columbine. My memory is failing me right now.
  7. ABT Fan

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    The rest of the casting has been released on their website. Only Dorrance's piece has yet to be cast. Also, Other Dances casting has been switched around. Lane/Cornejo are now cast on Fri, 9/26 (previously on 9/28). That's the ONLY piece Lane has been cast in. One ballet; one performance. https://www.abt.org/performances/master-calendar/
  8. ABT Fan

    Alastair Macaulay to Retire from NYT

    He says in his post that he will be replaced. "The “New York Times” will announce my successor before long. I don’t know when or who that will be - but it’s certainly my understanding that a new chief dance critic will be appointed." I hope that doesn't change.
  9. I wrote that quote, see below: I misinterpreted that in the complaint. My other sentence, which was a separate thought, "I'm sick to my stomach", still stands in regards to everything the defendants are accused of.
  10. ABT Fan


    Welcome! I hope you continue to enjoy your ballet classes. It's never too late to start, for health benefits as you say and for overall enjoyment!
  11. ABT Fan

    Arthur Mitchell has died

    Oh, how terrible. What a huge loss.
  12. Re: Finlay, Catazaro & Ramasar. They are grown adult men who should know right from wrong and were working professionals until they were fired (Ramasar/Catazaro) or resigned (Finlay). They were not prisoners in a dungeon, with no access to the outside world, no education, no social interaction, no responsibilities.
  13. Thank you. And I amended my other post to say it’s opening night, not gala night.
  14. OK, I've read part of the amended version (honestly, I skimmed a lot of the legal jargon). Students, too? I'm sick to my stomach. Happy opening night.
  15. Right, but as you mention as well, why weren't they added along with the donor and the other details in the first place? I realize no one here may know the answer, but that's strange to me. Not being an attorney, though, maybe this is common procedure...