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  1. Gosh, I was just thinking about Giselle casting and was looking over the roster. They won't have just 3 casts - they never do that. I imagine 5 or even 6 Giselles. Seo, Boylston, Murphy (presumably), Brandt, Shevchenko (Met season last yr was supposed to be her debut) are givens. I'm wondering if they'll give Seo 2 shows, like they frequently do (opening night for one), or will we see Trenary given a debut? The men are a bigger question mark, imo. Six principals have already performed Albrecht (Ahn, Bell, Cornejo, Forster, Stearns, Whiteside), but Royal was supposed to have his debut last season with Shevchenko. So, which one will not be cast? I think a Brandt/Cornejo pairing is inevitable, since Copeland won't be performing. Or, Trenary/Cornejo is she's given her debut. Possibly scenarios, based on previous pairings (not necessarily Giselle): Seo/Stearns - opening night + one more possibly Boylston/Bell or Boylston/Whiteside Murphy/Forster Brandt/Cornejo or Brandt/Ahn Shevchenko/Royal or Shevchenko/Whiteside Trenary/Cornejo But, again, one male principal will be left out. For Myrta, I'm sure it'll be spread out between Teuscher (2 shows I imagine) plus Hurlin and Williams, with one for Shevchenko (if she gets her Giselle debut). (Side note: I can't imagine going to an ABT Giselle and not seeing Lane....)
  2. Agree. However, it would have been more professional (and kind) for that principal to have done that texting/asking out of view and earshot.
  3. I’ve been wondering the same, why no announcements yet?
  4. Oh, that Paquita video brought back memories! I had that VHS tape of this performance and must have watched it a million times growing up.
  5. ABT Fan

    Sarah Lane

    Yes. This is it.
  6. ABT Fan

    Sarah Lane

    I didn't get that impression, but I'm also a bit confused over parts of her interview. It seems like either some necessary details were either omitted or the vagueness of some sections are the problem (or the editing was poor). If she was referring to her Juliet during the 2020 season as being her final performance, that doesn't make sense since that was scheduled for May 28 and she still had Giselle and Aurora to dance in the following weeks. Unless, she knew her Giselle/Aurora were going to be canceled. I wish she had been specific. I'm a bit surprised that she didn't mention never getting her own SL yet subbing for it once and being relegated to Copeland's black swan understudy and the morale-buster that must have been (or, perhaps she knew that speaking publicly about that would only invite a firestorm of criticism). I agree with cobweb that we don't have the whole story. Regardless, it's unbelievably sad that Lane's career (at least with ABT) has ended this way. I think she's 35 or 36 (?) and companies are not getting back to the full swing of things till next year really, so I think the likelihood of her joining another company are slim - and won't that mean leaving her husband behind, something she didn't want to do for SF? Part of me wishes she had taken that principal contract, she could possibly have had a much more fulfilling career and been treated a heck of a lot better, but then selfishly I'd never have seen her Giselle and so many other extraordinary performances of hers. Corella has always been a big fan of hers, and she danced with his company in Spain a few times, so maybe PA Ballet is a possibility. And, it's only an hour train ride to NYC to see her husband. Her partnership with Cornejo was rare and magical. What a shame that it unraveled. I can't fathom going to ABT and not seeing her on stage (it's not like she retired). Is she going to be in the audience to support her husband? It's just awful.
  7. RIP Jacques. A legend indeed. I was lucky enough to meet him years ago when I was volunteering at his NDI. What a gracious man. What a dancer!
  8. Another thought would be Irina and Max. They’re both excellent coaches, sought out by many of the company’s top dancers.
  9. Absolutely! I could also see Abrera and Radetsky running as co-leaders. They’re both so beloved amongst the company.
  10. Boylston posted this below a month ago and it’s absolutely gorgeous. She also posted clips of her and Whiteside rehearsing Nutcracker in costume with Ratmansky. Don’t know what it’s for. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CF-zBqfA05A/?igshid=i6kgrwc0s34g
  11. Yes. I can barely stand to think about it. Also, all of these dancers losing two years out of their short careers (I don’t consider their digital seasons to be equal). It’s devastating. I agree with what someone wrote above - ABT should be showing us some classical pas with current couples or dancers who are quarantining together. New work is great, though I haven’t watched it yet, but it would be exciting and some food for the soul to see some great pas.
  12. Got it. That’s probably why. I hope she lets us know what her future plans are. Maybe she’ll go into teaching full time. She’s still posting what look to be recent videos of her dancing/rehearsing in a studio, sometimes wearing a mask, so I hope she continues to dance in some way. But, I’m very sad knowing I’ll probably never get to see her perform again.
  13. It still says “Dancer” when I just checked. https://instagram.com/sarahlaneofficial?igshid=1ocxow3kcug1x
  14. Lane’s IG now says just “Dancer”.
  15. I’ve seen other dancers put a similar or exact same title on their IG that aren’t associated with or employed by one company who do mainly freelance. Lane was a principal dancer with one company until very recently and has guested with other companies, even earlier this year pre-covid in lead roles, i.e. a principal dancer role. So, I can understand her listing her title that way. If she does any guesting, once that is allowed, I imagine she’d only do a lead role. IG titles or job descriptions are to tell the world “My skill set is this”. If a company needs a Giselle, they want a principal dancer not just a “ballet dancer” or “former dancer” or whatever. Not saying a ballet company will only hire her or any other dancer for a principal job/role if their IG title says “principal” but this is about advertising yourself. So I don’t think it looks bad. I think it’s sad, like all of whatever happened (including how McKenzie treated her throughout her entire career) that caused her departure but bottom line that she can no longer list “with ABT”.
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