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  1. Safe to assume Don Q will be cast since they'll perform that on tour in the winter/spring. It's also probably a no-brainer that Love and Rage will be on the bill, as it was supposed to make its NY premiere last summer after the world premiere in Costa Mesa that winter. Lastly, Hee Seo announced on her IG that Swan Lake will come back to the Met next year. So, that's 3 full lengths at least for a 5-week season. They'll most likely add one more and then do a week of mixed rep. I'm one of the few who loved Jane Eyre from 2019 so I really hope that comes back, eventually.
  2. I agree with you regarding Fang, and being that I think Peterson is an even less suitable option I'm quite baffled at their thinking. McBride would have been an excellent choice. Oh, how I've not missed hating on their casting choices..... Thanks for flagging this. I would LOVE to see his Albrecht. Not this time.
  3. Thanks, abatt, maybe I’ll check out one of those shows. JuliaJ: the rep programs usually don’t sell extremely well, but imo they should have chosen much better programming after a 2 year hiatus. If they had done a week of Swan Lake instead it probably would have nearly sold out. I am all for mixed rep programs in addition to the classics, but they, like every other business right now, are desperate for cash. Understandably, maybe lack of rehearsal time coupled with getting dancers back into performance shape made that unrealistic. They performed some of these rep pieces on tour this summer so that may have been the easiest choice. If that’s the case, doing SL instead of Giselle might have made more financial sense.
  4. Another casting update: Fang has been replaced by Stephanie Peterson as Myrta at the matinee on 10/23.
  5. I noticed that Hurlin has been replaced by Shevchenko as Myrta on Thurs 10/21. Shevchenko is still debuting as Giselle Saturday night. Hope everything is ok with Hurlin. Also, Hee Seo announced on her IG today that they'll be doing Swan Lake in the spring.
  6. Thank you California and aurora! I don’t always look at people’s stories…
  7. Casting has been announced. Brandt, Teuscher and Hurlin get debuts as Clara. Teuscher is an unlikely choice imo. Full circle for Hurlin, pretty cool in fact. Surprised that Trenary isn't included, but maybe she has other holiday plans. No Copeland. https://www.abt.org/performances/the-nutcracker/
  8. On his IG? I follow him and see no NYC posts…unless he has a second account I’m not aware of.
  9. He’s taking part in Fall for Dance so that must be why.
  10. Oh, these are so spot on and at times, hilarious! Loved his Kitri, Odile, Kachei from Firebird, Nureyev sweep and NYCB female. Those made me laugh out loud.
  11. Agree with the above- I’d love to see Forster as Albrecht but wished he was paired with Shevchenko or even Boylston (he had great chemistry with the later in Jane Eyre). I am happy to see that Trenary gets her Giselle debut. Feel bad that Ahn was left out, but one guy wasn’t going to get it. Surprised with Fang’s Myrta debut. Would rather have seen that spot go to McBride or Qiao.
  12. I got a cheap intro subscription to Starz so I have watched 1 1/2 episodes so far. Not sure if I’ll continue watching. What drivel. How predictable. How depressing. The dancing is great but there’s so little of it. Irina is fantastic and campy but there’s not enough of her. I imagine, if I were to keep watching, the red haired roommate will soon be putting glass in Claire’s pointe shoes. 🙄
  13. Gosh, I was just thinking about Giselle casting and was looking over the roster. They won't have just 3 casts - they never do that. I imagine 5 or even 6 Giselles. Seo, Boylston, Murphy (presumably), Brandt, Shevchenko (Met season last yr was supposed to be her debut) are givens. I'm wondering if they'll give Seo 2 shows, like they frequently do (opening night for one), or will we see Trenary given a debut? The men are a bigger question mark, imo. Six principals have already performed Albrecht (Ahn, Bell, Cornejo, Forster, Stearns, Whiteside), but Royal was supposed to have his debut last season with Shevchenko. So, which one will not be cast? I think a Brandt/Cornejo pairing is inevitable, since Copeland won't be performing. Or, Trenary/Cornejo is she's given her debut. Possibly scenarios, based on previous pairings (not necessarily Giselle): Seo/Stearns - opening night + one more possibly Boylston/Bell or Boylston/Whiteside Murphy/Forster Brandt/Cornejo or Brandt/Ahn Shevchenko/Royal or Shevchenko/Whiteside Trenary/Cornejo But, again, one male principal will be left out. For Myrta, I'm sure it'll be spread out between Teuscher (2 shows I imagine) plus Hurlin and Williams, with one for Shevchenko (if she gets her Giselle debut). (Side note: I can't imagine going to an ABT Giselle and not seeing Lane....)
  14. Agree. However, it would have been more professional (and kind) for that principal to have done that texting/asking out of view and earshot.
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