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  1. Wow, thank you for posting this. They both look gorgeous. I sure hope Forster is eating his Wheaties in preparation for the upcoming season. What a load of debuts he will have. I’m thrilled he’s finally getting his due (and hopefully a promotion).
  2. I am really looking forward to seeing her and Forster (in his debut) in SL. She was excellent with Whiteside this past season, but with Forster I predict it will be a performance not to be missed.
  3. I saw that too. I was too upset to post about it. Lane not only has far fewer scheduled performances than all of the other female principals, but also fewer than soloists Brandt and Trenary. Why TBA for The Rose? Lane created that role. Even if she is given the lead in the new Ratmansky and at least two shows of that, it still won’t make up for the lack of casting in other things.
  4. Casting is up for the tour to Chicago in March. Of note: Bayadere Act II: Teuscher/Stearns, Seo/Bell, Boylston/Cornejo, Lane/Ahn, then Teuscher/Stearns again. The rest of the casting can be viewed here: https://www.abt.org/performances/master-calendar/
  5. Thanks for this. Interesting that the Cleveland Orchestra will accompany them. I always wonder how something like this is broached with the dancers (I assume it must be for the reasons you cited).
  6. They're doing two shows of R&J in A.D. in April. Copeland/Cornejo and Trenary/Royal are the casts. (I'm wondering if the pairings are mixed up by mistake, since Copeland/Royal and Trenary/Cornejo are listed for the Met.) https://www.abt.org/performances/master-calendar/
  7. I wondered that too. Also, given the injury/cancellation rate of Hallberg/Osipova, that’s another reason to have another team ready to go.
  8. Wow. I see it’s now on ABT’s site. I wonder why Shevchenko and Royal were not given that slot for their debut prior to the Met season. That’s usually how they do it. The coaching staff will really have their hands full this season preparing so many soloists for major debuts in the classics.
  9. Forster has now been cast as Prince Desire opposite Hurlin for the matinee on 6/17! I really think this could be his year to be promoted. Debuts as Albrecht, Siegfried, Romeo AND Desire! (OMG, that's a lot in a short amount of time....) Lane and Brandt's Desires are still TBD.
  10. Who are you thinking of, I’m curious?
  11. I’m really surprised Brooklyn Mack isn’t returning as a guest artist. I’m no advocate of guest artists (with the exception of a well-placed one or two, like Kim), but after his successful and popular appearances last summer I assumed he’d return. But, looking at the numbers alone, since three other guests are scheduled to appear I suppose one more would be too much. I’m wondering if Simkin won’t have a much larger plate once more casting is released. He may very well have a lead in the new Ratmansky, who chooses him regularly. And, maybe he’ll debut as Desire with Lane. The fast footwork would suit him well. Those TBA’s may be to see how he, and others who may debut, adapts to that style. I also just recalled that he’s done T&V with Lane before, so that’s a possibility (and has renewed my hope that maybe she’ll get that ballet again). Fancy Free is also in his repertoire as is Bluebird. But, it’s still surprising that he isn’t doing Siegfried. Now, Hoven. He danced SO much this past season and in many debuts: Lankendem, Lescaut, Bluebird, Pierrot. I saw most of them and he killed it so it makes no sense why he’s been left out this year (he’s no Hammoudi). So, I’m holding out hope that he will get a bunch of TBA’s and be cast in the new Ratmansky. I think he’d be terrific in T&V - much, much better than Gorak. And, as I’ve already suggested, as Desire with Lane or Brandt. He would also be great in Fancy Free. I’m excited for all the other male soloists getting debuts, but Hoven should be too.
  12. He and Ferri danced together for weeks this past January, in something she had put together in London. He posted countless photos of that on his Instagram, which are still there. And he got married either in January or February. So he apparently found a way to keep dancing with her. Separately, I remember Hammoudi was initially cast in Time There Was opposite Seo in the second cast, but he didn’t dance Friday. He name wasn’t even in the program (Forster danced instead) so clearly it was not a last minute change. It’s possible he’s injured again, but that was the only ballet he was scheduled to dance in. With nothing on the horizon for him at the Met, so far, I wonder if he’ll be leaving at the end of the season.
  13. Yep. Seo and Teuscher are dancing in tomorrow’s matinee so it’s understandable why they weren’t there. Plus, neither are partners with Cornejo. I didn’t see Stearns either.
  14. Lane did not come out onstage, but the only person who presented Cornejo flowers was McKenzie. The others were just standing at the back when the curtain rose and threw single flowers. I didn’t see Seo or Teuscher either. Lots of confetti and the audience went wild. Ghosts was better this time for me since I just focused on Cornejo’s magnificent dancing. His solos are so personal and constructed for his singular talents, I can’t imagine anyone else doing it if a sub was needed (maybe Simkin, but him subbing is so unlikely). Royal (wow), Shevchenko, Trenary, Bell and Hurlin were the other standouts. The evening still had a smidge of bittersweetness for me, but glad I came to recognize an extraordinary artist.
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