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  1. I am watching it now a second time and I pretty much agree with what you say, Phrenshphry11! Mukhamedov is required to do some double sauts de basque, which are the tours you refer to, and she hops after landing, though I would like to see on video how others have managed such a difficult step. Double sauts de basque are rarely done by women, not even in class. I don't understand why Froustey was not cast as Titania (and I said the same thing about the casting for Cinderella). For me the highlight/revelation was Frances Chung. I was floored by her dancing and soulful presence. Impossible to criticize any of her past performances, but her every movement was infused with depth and expression. Her artistry has deepened. The dancers were so wonderful. Sasha de Sola Titania Esteban Hernandez Oberon Cavan Conley Puck Frances Chung, Ulrik Birkkjaer Act II Divertissement pas de deux Sarah Van Patton Helena Demetrius Luke Ingham Elizabeth Powell Hermia Myles Thatcher Lysander Julia Rowe Fairy Lucas Erni Bottom Vladislav Kozlov Titania's Cavalier pherank, I watched the 1935 MGM Midsummer Night's Dream on Wednesday. I have always enjoyed it!
  2. I also did not get an email allowing the choice of a donation/receiving credit for Program 6, as I have for four of the other programs.
  3. It's not surprising but very sad. I feel fortunate to have seen three performances before all this happened.
  4. Thamires Chuvas is working on the solo from the Diana and Acteon pas de deux.
  5. I got an email less than an hour ago from the National Ballet, stating that they are cancelling the remaining performances of Romeo and Juliet as of tonight, but currently anticipate proceeding with their June season.
  6. Well, that is wonderful news! I also saw posted on their website that a Herculean effort is being made that ticket holders to A Midsummer Night's Dream can see the film made of the opening/closing night.
  7. Due to contracts for new works and revivals, it may be more complicated than moving the programming to next season. SFB usually announces the next season in April. We shall see!
  8. I wonder how these cancelled performances will affect the programming for next season. Both Ratmansky's The Seasons and Marston's Mrs. Robinson will not be premiered this season and should be programmed for next year. [I am trying to have something to look forward to.] It would be wonderful to see the streamed capture of A Midsummer's Night Dream.
  9. My heart goes out to the dancers. This leaves Jewels in mid-April and Romeo and Juliet. I got notice today that Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre is cancelled this month, as is everything at the L.A. Music Center through March.
  10. I want to go to the Swan Lake with Shevchenko and Forster on July 2 but I am waiting.
  11. angelica, if you LOVE Shevchenko, you must see her in this! This is a two-act ballet that keeps a brisk pace and is nothing like Ratmansky's Sleeping Beauty. I saw it four times, didn't care for it during the premiere, then completely changed my mind and got more out of it with every performance. I have no desire to see Hurlin in it again but would gladly see Hee Seo and Shevchenko again and again.
  12. I can only vouch for Shevchenko/Forster and Seo, who are all worth seeing in this ballet. I have never seen Royal - who did not perform - in a featured role, except for Pierrot in Harlequinade, which does not allow any of us to imagine what he would be like as Chaereas.
  13. It was Lonnie Weeks who danced the closing solo in Wheeldon's Bound To, and who is actually referenced in meunierfan's post from June 10, 2019, cited above. Greco did not dance the closing solo; Jaime Castillo was the alternate for that solo.
  14. Tamm was in perfect shape and very impressive.
  15. I just saw with my own eyes from the printed cast insert in the program made available and handed to all audience members for the performance that I did not attend that Katherine Williams danced the Saturday matinee performance as Queen of Babylon.
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