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  1. Dreamer, thanks so much for posting the casting. I am attending Feb 28 and March 1. I am interested in seeing Hernandez as I saw him many times when he was in the corps and as a soloist with San Francisco Ballet. I am thrilled to be seeing Cojocaru, as well as Cirio, whom I have also seen in the Royal Balllet and ABT, respectively, as well as dancers new to me.
  2. I was also disappointed in the change to Hurry Up, We're Dreaming? from Dawson's beautiful Animus Anima, as I am going to this Thursday and Friday performances. Animus Anima takes requires a technique with tremendous control and serenity. In Peck's work, I remember enjoying Blake Kessler especially, who, unfortunately, is no longer with the company. I agree with the comments above about Hurry Up, and would rather see just about anything else, even Nana's Lied.
  3. More casting is up and it shows Madison Keesler dancing Zeena, Dores Andre as Mattie, and Luke Ingham as Ethan in Ethan Frome. Sofiane Sylve is dancing Etudes with Aaron Robison, Luke Ingham, and Carlo di Lanno.
  4. PeggyR - it's just hard to tell without hearing the tone of your voice!
  5. Don't you assume Ian is Aaron Robison?! I hope they make the correction quickly.
  6. Jen Stahl was an outstanding Carabosse (or however she is named in Tomasson's The Sleeping Beauty) last year. I loved Van Patten in Snowblind and was happy to know that Jen Stahl was getting the role.
  7. Tiit Helimets did not dance last year in The Sleeping Beauty. He was the original (and outstanding) Prince in The Little Mermaid at SFB.
  8. The anecdote about the critic asking Balanchine about Apollo's being on his knees turned up on the PBS two-part documentary on Balanchine from a few decades ago, and, as I recall, the documentary had a voice-over with Balanchine's recounting this exchange.
  9. I would love to see Maloney as Mercutio.
  10. I have never seen Soares live, so am completely thrilled to see what will be his last performance with the Royal Ballet. It will be a special and emotional performance for the company. A FB friend who knows Soares quite well told me several months ago that Soares would indeed be dancing Rudolph in Los Angeles, but it was not from an "official" source. I saw Soares's FB post about his retirement just a few minutes ago.
  11. I was there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening. I was in the loge on Thursday and then in the orchestra section's third and fourth rows on the other nights. I love this ballet. It is utterly delightful. I even enjoyed the children all three nights. I thought the Saturday night cast as a whole, meaning the ensemble, was the most relaxed on stage and having fun. My favorite Harlequin was Maloney. For me, he was expressive in his torso, impish, and the most musical of the three, but each Harlequin was excellent. There was a lapse, as ksk04 stated, on the traveling fourth lift going from stage left to right, but the save was okay and these things happen to every performer for a variety of reasons. I understand what you mean, ksk04, about Shevchenko being wasted as Pierrette - we both saw her in The Nutcracker and I also saw her dance a glorious Gamzatti in L.A. last summer. She danced beautifully but I longed to see her in something with more weight. Having seen Forster in The Nutcracker and then as Pierrot, I can say the same thing about him - yeegods, let this man dance principal roles and the classics. Enough already. I liked Trenary very much, though some of the choreography was altered: in the first act solo, she took the hops on pointe in attitude devant with the raised leg lower than Brandt and Lane executed, and Trenary also came down in a controlled fondu after those hops instead of staying on pointe, which changed the phrasing and musically of the combination. She also came down in a fondu in attitude derriere croise that I did not recall from the other two Columbines. But I find her stunningly natural on stage with a beautiful presence. I found Copeland's dancing small and tidy and with no elevation where required; her acting was one-dimensional, which was not the case with Shevchencko and Abrera. Abera was gracious and effervescent in all ways, and danced with great beauty. Brandt actually made portions of her solos look virtuoso in choreographic intent due to holding balances, particularly in the last act solo where she does a releve twice on each leg from a tendu devant to passe to tendu derriere. Lane danced with all her heart, and her phrasing in her solos was wonderful to behold. I enjoyed all three Columbines and their uniqueness in the role. It was great fun seeing Aran Bell having a good time with his colleagues in the corps, where he will probably not be for much longer. Yes, that was Zhong Jing Fang, and I had the same reaction.
  12. Casting for the first three performances is posted, showing that Wona Park and Joe Walsh are dancing together in the matinee on Saturday, and De Sola and Robison in the evening performance.
  13. I was there tonight. I thought the announcement before the performance was that Whiteside was injured and therefore Simkin and Brandt would be dancing. Maybe ksk04 heard the announcement differently. The dancing from the leads was excellent.
  14. The casting at last! I'm in New York to see the performances on January 23 and 24, as well as the opera, Pelleas et Melisande, on the 22nd!
  15. After seeing Neumeier's The Little Mermaid on its opening night in SF and knowing how much he researches for a work, I read The Little Mermaid in a collection with annotations. This enhanced the ballet when I saw it the following season with both casts.
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