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  1. Josette

    2018 Nutcracker - Costa Mesa

    I loved Shevchenko as Gamzatti and so am going to both Shevchenko-Forster performances.
  2. Josette

    Simone Messmer

    I remember the tone of the facebook argument fairly well, and the posts quickly disappeared, thank God. Having heard Kochetkova speak in real life, it seemed as though someone else, with a good command of English vocabulary and grammar, was posting longish retorts in her stead. It was not just a single comment by Simone Messmer by any means. I saw Messmer three times with SFB, and she was exceptional. I was disappointed that she left. She joined the company the same year that Mathilde Froustey joined and Mathilde danced everything. Everyone has moved on.
  3. Josette

    Thoughts on Iolanta/The Nutcracker

    Thanks, miliosr, for your terrific commentary, which is likely much more entertaining than the production itself. I'm looking forward to your final thoughts!
  4. Josette

    Thoughts on Iolanta/The Nutcracker

    Miliosr, I am waiting with bated breath for your comments on disc 2.
  5. Josette

    Woohoo! Onegin DVD now available!!!!

    Great news! Thanks for letting us know, kbarber.
  6. Unless you can get first row seats, the orchestra seats have the potential tobe disastrous in the first eight rows as the seats are not staggered and there is no rake in the auditorium. For that reason, I usually sit in the Founders' Circle and especially like and aim to purchase the "wing" areas on each side of the Founders' Circle (row B is better than row A). The front loge seats are fairly good. I have only sat in the balcony for the opera. Except for the orchestra, all other sections are steeply raked. This year, due totally to the Royal Ballet's appearance, I donated and talked personally with someone in the Donor Services department, expressing my excitement about the Royal Ballet and how my ballet teachers had all come from the Royal Ballet, so they gave me front row seats for all shows. I was flabbergasted at how wonderfully they accommodated me, but then so many people prefer to sit farther back. As far as casting, I would expect Steven MacRae to be first cast Rudolf unless Edward Watson is back, and also Thiago Soares for a performance. There will likely be three distinct casts. It is a great show in which to see a variety of their principal dancers and soloists. I am as excited about seeing Gary Avis as Franz-Josef (or in anything, actually) as much as seeing whoever does Rudolf.
  7. Josette

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    Hilarious! Boy did I need this today!
  8. This was a joy to watch. Thank you so much for posting it, Katia.
  9. Josette

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    Oh my, Whiteside as Rochester?!
  10. Josette

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    Well, I am remaining positive for Tom Forster, especially as Rochester in Jane Eyre (loved the book, and films with Orson Welles/Joan Fontaine and William Hurt/Charlotte Gainsbourg). Sarah Lane should be very good as Manon.
  11. Josette

    SFB in London 2019

    Hummingbird is the ballet in which Feijoo was so extraordinary with Victor Luiz. YY Tan didn't have the same impact. I'm glad they are reviving Bespoke, as it was one of my favorites from the Unbound Festival.
  12. I agree, ksk04, I have my season seats for Fridays, so I will need to move to Saturday evening.
  13. Josette

    Maurice Bejart at the Opera and Elsewhere

    I saw Farrell dance with Bejart's company on many occasions, and would agree with all that miliosr and Mashinka say above. During the 1970's, the company had some exceptional, world-class dancers who knew how to project, and the arena-ballets, such as Le Moliere Imaginaire and Notre Faust, were tremendously exciting events. I also have fond memories of Rita Poelvoorde's dancing and saw her regularly on the Brussels metro - it is nice to have her name mentioned above.
  14. Josette

    World Ballet Day 2018, October 2

    So World Ballet Day is starting in about an hour? And will last 12 hours?
  15. Josette

    SF Ballet 2018 Tours

    Henry Sidford took on Joe Walsh's role due to Walsh's injury and was outstanding, likely contributing to his promotion to soloist. What a shame they they could not allow Sidford one show. That being said, I look forward to seeing a fully-recovered Walsh dance this season. I saw him in Nutcracker last December and he was not his usual exemplary self, and I hope he is fully mended.