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  1. Jimmy Gamonet de los Heros has passed away in Peru of Covid. He was 63. https://socialmiami.com/socialmiami-remembers-jimmy-gamonet-de-los-heros/ https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/obituaries/article249568088.html
  2. What's unfortunate is that some audience members might have read or watched all that stuff so when they get in there and they're actually watching ballet dancers ballet dancing they think those smiles are fake. Forced. Which is untrue. Those people WANT to be out there. It feeds them. It's what they live for. And they didn't work 12 hours that day and they're not starving themselves and they're not miserable. They're happy. They're thrilled to be performing.
  3. It's so tiresome isn't it? The same story over and over - they starve themselves, they're treated horribly, they're all miserable - all of which isn't true at all.
  4. I'll bet that's the same person. How sad they've both passed. He used to speak very highly of her. Thought she was a wonderful person and wonderful teacher.
  5. It's an unusual name and Sean used to talk about his bff in SF. I wondered if it were the same person.
  6. Was Damara Bennett good friends with Sean Lavery?
  7. Mr. Balanchine died in 1983 - that's 37 years ago. There were hundreds of dancers who worked for him, many of whom became stagers, ballet masters, teachers, and directors. His legacy was passed on as carefully as has been possible. Every major ballet company in the world performs his ballets. Some minor things may have evolved here and there but in general those stagings are amazingly faithful to the originals as are the works presented by the NYCB. There's also a change in the viewers. It's a different time, they've seen a lot of other ballets in the meantime, society has changed, expectation
  8. I liked the Justin Peck piece. I was afraid it was going to be sentimental but it wasn't. And they DANCED! And the camera had a point of view - there was an idea there. It's the only one of these pieces I liked. It may have been outside and they were in tennis shoes, but they looked like and presented themselves as ballet dancers. And it had steps. And they moved. I don't really get this thing with the modern choreographers. Where are the ballet people?
  9. Has anyone watched these new works on NYCB Digital Fall Season? I'm curious as to reactions. So far they've presented Sidra Bell and Pam Tanowitz.
  10. It's a bit confusing to me that the company would announce the addition of Chun Wai Chan at a point when they're not going to perform for another year. Does he keep his job in Houston in the meantime? Seems a bit of limbo.
  11. There's quite a bit of Chun Wai Chan on Youtube. He appears to be in the almost-six-foot range and he's an experienced partner as well as a beautiful, elegant dancer. My guess is he's going to prove to be very useful.
  12. Susie Hendl was one of those behind-the-scenes, unsung heroes of the ballet who had enormous influence with generations of dancers. Her eye and her taste were unmatched. She also had a manner of working with dancers that, in a very subtle way, communicated you can do this, you're going to be good. She strengthened their self confidence - men as well as women. She'd been a ravishing dancer herself, but it was her contributions in the studio and at stage rehearsals that made such a difference to so many dancers. She will be greatly missed.
  13. What do you mean it had no impact to their careers? Catazaro was too traumatized to return to the company. He went to Europe to find work. You call that no impact? Ramasar had to deal with protesters outside WSS picketing. Were there comments from Catazaro posted in the lawsuits? I didn't see that. Waterbury didn't need to "protect" them, she attacked them. She paid nothing; their lawyer fees are staggering.
  14. It's not true that she has no victims. Nor that all the men in the lawsuit have great careers. Finlay did this to himself, but the other careers are compromised. This has been traumatic for everyone involved. Whether the NYCB or the SAB have money isn't, or shouldn't be, the issue. "August institutions"? They were dragged thru the mud, it was so bad the dancers had to defend themselves from the stage. It's amazing you take those accusations and lawsuits so casually. "Big whoop." Like it's nothing. It's not nothing. It's humiliating and damaging. They would have just cause for suing her back.
  15. They'll live? There was a tremendous amount of negative press about both organizations, who had no part in this. Articles about the wisdom of sending little girls to these ballet schools. It was awful. And that's what people remember - not the part about those lawsuits being thrown out. That didn't get so much press did it? It's not nearly as much fun to write about. Waterbury ruined careers and lives. Intentionally. What about her victims?
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