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  1. I'm not positive but I think the 1979 Coffee might have been choreographed on Karin von Aroldingen. I too was charmed by the NYT article about the new casts of Nutcracker children. And terribly impressed with their comments. 11? 12? 13? They spoke like little adults.
  2. It's pretty amazing that two high-profile projects with West Side Story are currently being prepared - this new B'way version (with an amazing line-up of producers), and Steven Spielberg's new film version. Neither project will use the choreography of Jerome Robbins. Sounds scary, but you never know...
  3. I'm not sure the word affair has anything to do with marriage. Also, relationship usually implies something more serious, and more trusting, than what we're talking about here. definition of affair 1aaffairs plural : commercial, professional, public, or personal business handles the company's public affairs an expert in foreign affairs b: MATTER, CONCERN How I choose to live is my affair, not yours. 2: a procedure, action, or occasion only vaguely specified also : an object or collection of objects only vaguely specified Their house was a 2-story affair. 3or less commonly affaire a: a romantic or passionate attachment typically of limited duration : LIAISON sense 2bhad an affair with a coworker b: a matter occasioning public anxiety, controversy, or scandal : CASE the Watergate affair of the early 1970s
  4. Jack - I saw a performance but i don't think it was the same one you attended. I never heard that Verdy's variation was ever any place other than right after the opening section. But I believe the 2nd variation, which was originally Mimi Paul, was rechoreographed in 1976, the same time Mr. Balanchine added a second PdD for Verdy and the new ending. I think the 2nd variation we now see was done on Karin von Aroldingen. I thought the Ballet Arizona Emeralds was very well staged and beautifully coached.
  5. I believe it was during the City Center days when a very popular program of Swan Lake/Firebird/Faun/Western was deemed too long by Morton Baum. What's called a "Run on" principal couple and 4 corps girls are added to the finale so the patterns remain the same.
  6. Justin Peck has choreographed a number of pieces for the Miami City Ballet. He most probably knows Jovani Furlan from there.
  7. Helene - you have to remember for that most of Martins' tenure (is that the word?) the ballet master staff was made up only of people who worked with Balanchine.They had all been in those ballets and worked directly with Balanchine. No generation was "skipped". Whatever possible was passed down. It's a common error to assume (because it wasn't made public) that no one came in - Verdy worked there on-and-off for years, teaching and coaching; McBride had been there several times before - it's just that this last time so many dancers were involved with social media and posted pictures and comments. But it's a mistake to think Martins didn't do that at all. He most certainly did. Tallchief, LeClercq, Una Kai - they were all in there at different times under Martins. As his ballet master staff got older some retired, some died, but they were replaced with a new crop who maybe hadn't worked with Balanchine himself, but were certainly taught by those who did. Rosemary Dunleavy remains at her post - she was Balanchine's ballet mistress from the 60's and she's still in there day after day.
  8. No fear needed. Those ballets and stories and nuances have been passed on by all the people who worked there. There are no "secrets" kept from the dancers. They've been told and then they told the next generation, etc. The Balanchine ballets are also protected by the Balanchine Trust, there are many films of performances, films of the originators of roles discussing what Balanchine said, he we wanted it, on and on. There is little need to fear for his legacy.
  9. What consequence? What were they going to do? This probably lasted about 5 minutes, and they were totally unprepared for it.
  10. Emma I don't understand why you think Martins not following Stafford's request to delay coming backstage until the dancers who wanted to could go upstairs - why you think Martins disregarding that request could be construed as the Board not fully empowering Stafford. It was unexpected, no one knew what Martins was going to do. I would say, instead, that the promotion of dancers and the hiring of new apprentices indicates Stafford has plenty of authority.
  11. This was clearly not well handled, which leads more credence to Bouder's version. I just feel Jon Stafford was caught in the middle and is blameless here. But whatever was done it was done before the casting was posted - which was 2 weeks in advance. We wouldn't know anything about it were it not for Bouder speaking out. I think she made a misstep.
  12. And maybe it's true. But it's also possible Martins thought after all these years it should be somebody else's turn to go first. Or even that somebody else was better suited.
  13. I'm afraid I agree with EJohnson. I also think Stafford might have been deliberately and publicly distancing himself from Martins.
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