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  1. Aha. Just saw that Takahashi is getting a few Teas too. Love to see these opportunities for the apprentices — one of my favorite things about Nutcracker season! Would really appreciate any reports.
  2. How normal is it for an apprentice to take on lead Candy Cane? Weber’s got several performances ahead.
  3. I think I saw the same casting in that period — I also remember being awed by Rebecca Krohn.
  4. I feel the same way — she has a real presence. I’m really glad to hear that she’ll still be dancing, and I hope she gets exciting opportunities in Monte Carlo. We’ll have to hope that the company tours the states soon!
  5. Oh wow. Wellington’s been one of my favorites, and I’m going to miss seeing her onstage. Here’s hoping she enjoys her next steps, whatever they may be.
  6. Got to see a nice T&V tonight. Teuscher is lyrical and soft in the role, Stearns bobbled the tours/pirouettes from fifth sequence but was otherwise adept, the demi men (Sebastian, Forster, Frenette, Royal) looked strong, and Williams sparkled among the demi women. This isn’t necessarily a T&V on par with City Ballet’s, but it’s quite good nonetheless, and ABT brings something new and different to the ballet. I had to leave after the first act due to some work surprises, but they also announced a number of cast changes in Seasons — maybe another BA poster will be able to report back.
  7. Well, it is Kim — given how high he flies in his variations, he may be able to skip the airport 😂 Should be an awe-inspiring performance. I’m jealous of everyone in Costa Mesa!
  8. Love to see all these reports on Shakirova. I’ve been watching videos of her for a couple years now, and in those short clips, she’s struck me as a really charismatic performer with killer technique. Glad to hear that she delivers in live performance! I’m now all the more eager to see her onstage someday...
  9. If he is who I think he is (I’m not totally familiar with him), he had an absolutely princely demeanor and seemed like a sure and stable partner. Spartak Hoxha also was good.
  10. MacKinnon was great tonight — she’s got more than enough technique to handle the role, with lovely amplitude in her jumps, wonderful articulation in the quick sections (something that you don’t always see with tall dancers), and those long, long limbs. She projected joy throughout. Gordon did end up performing in TCP2 tonight. While he’s not quite tall enough to work with this cast, and he’s not quite up to Angle’s level in partnering (I mean, who is?), he acquitted himself well and had thrilling solos. Bouder, meanwhile, was incredible, and clearly seasoned in the role. Sarah Villwock was a shining star in one of the demi spots, and I rued, again, that she’ll be leaving us before we get to see her in a major role. Here’s hoping she gets many, many opportunities at PNB. I get the impression that Villwock may be a pretty special dancer, and that we in NYC may have only seen a fraction of what she’s capable of. As for the rest of the program: Serenade looked fantastic. It’s always great to see City Ballet dancers so at home in the ballet, and Lauren Lovette, Emilie Gerrity, and Erica Peirera just keep getting better and better. All three seem happier and more relaxed onstage this season. The corps also looked excellent, and I was struck, as always, by the level of talent among the more experienced corps women. Summerspace was ... fine. I’m not a huge fan of Cunningham, and while ballet dancers are capable of performing the steps, they’re still ballet dancers, not modern dancers. It’s like they’re working in another physical language without fluency. Andrew Veyette and Lydia Wellington seemed closest to “getting it.” All in all, a nice night at the ballet. (I do have to note, though, that Alec Knight’s hair is truly distracting. I really thought it couldn’t be that bad, and then I saw it onstage and couldn’t look away. The man’s got talent and presence to spare — if only he could get a new dye job?)
  11. Yeah, per Wikipedia, Copeland’s 37 now, and was 33 when she was promoted. Isn’t late 30s when most start to give up the most challenging roles (with some exceptions like the ageless Gillian Murphy)? Especially when they’ve had injuries on the level that Copeland has? As to age, Susan Jaffe retired at 40; Irina Dvorovenko at 40; Xiomara Reyes at 42. Julie Kent retired at 46, but I’m not sure that everyone has the fondest memories of the last years of her career. As for injuries, Tiler Peck is around 30 years old, one of the greatest technicians in ballet, and has been out with a herniated disc for months now, though she seems to be on track to return. David Hallberg had horrific injuries. Ballet is, unfortunately, what it is — catastrophic injuries are not uncommon and not necessarily attributable to one’s commercial opportunities. Ballet is a brief and brutal career.
  12. Texting or talking on the phone? (Both would make me want to scream!)
  13. w/r/t Brandt, I'm wondering if she and Bell are also preparing for a gala appearance or a guest debut at another company? I can think of more than a few dancers who tried out some of the classic roles guesting in smaller companies or abroad. Some of them went on to perform the roles with their home companies, others not.
  14. Really excited for this. Farley’s so, so good at these kinds of discussions — extremely knowledgeable, does his research, and has a great voice and presence.
  15. Surprised and a bit disappointed that Stanley’s not yet cast in Opus 19/The Dreamer (especially since he was recently featured in a promo video for the ballet). Maybe later in the season?
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