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  1. Thanks for linking! WOW there is so much talent.
  2. No longer unexpected, but heartbreaking nonetheless.
  3. Have there been any updates since then? I feel like our expectations of emergence from C-19 keep getting extended and extended 😥
  4. Things are looking pretty rough here in New York, and I think a lot of us are starting to come to terms with this going on for longer than 2 months. I’d be really surprised if the shows are back on in any “normal” way.
  5. Thank you! My goodness, this sounds like true drama...
  6. Speaking of story, to echo someone’s earlier post, is there a synopsis anywhere?
  7. That’s awesome, @Kaysta and @AB'sMom. Can’t wait to hear more.
  8. Agreed. I don’t think of Brandt as a natural swan queen, but those early rehearsal videos on her Instagram story looked promising. Separately: thanks to the advice of those on this board, I made my own subscription with Smirnova/Kim Bayadère, and both the Osipova/Hallberg Giselle and R&J. I think it’s unlikely I’ll be in a position to make all three, but all the exchange information provided here has convinced me to make the plunge. Thanks especially to those who alerted that there was no exchanging in to these performances—you helped me finalize my selection.
  9. Landed on this student newspaper story about NYCB’s Christina Clark choreographing for Columbia University’s student ballet company, Columbia Ballet Collaborative. The story also notes that ABT’s Gabe Stone Shayer is choreographing. I remember that the group received some press some years ago, but I haven’t watched a performance. Has anyone seen them recently? Is it worth the trip?
  10. I know I’m neither the first nor the last to express this sentiment, but Kolpakova is truly a treasure.
  11. Thanks for this, @Leah. Really appreciate the way you articulated this.
  12. I think I saw the same casting in that period — I also remember being awed by Rebecca Krohn.
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