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  1. Things are looking pretty rough here in New York, and I think a lot of us are starting to come to terms with this going on for longer than 2 months. I’d be really surprised if the shows are back on in any “normal” way.
  2. Thank you! My goodness, this sounds like true drama...
  3. Speaking of story, to echo someone’s earlier post, is there a synopsis anywhere?
  4. That’s awesome, @Kaysta and @AB'sMom. Can’t wait to hear more.
  5. Agreed. I don’t think of Brandt as a natural swan queen, but those early rehearsal videos on her Instagram story looked promising. Separately: thanks to the advice of those on this board, I made my own subscription with Smirnova/Kim Bayadère, and both the Osipova/Hallberg Giselle and R&J. I think it’s unlikely I’ll be in a position to make all three, but all the exchange information provided here has convinced me to make the plunge. Thanks especially to those who alerted that there was no exchanging in to these performances—you helped me finalize my selection.
  6. Oh I’d loooooooove to see Fairchild in the Sylvia pas. Or Indiana Woodward.
  7. I should clarify: what’s new, for me, is not that there are emotions at all — rather, it’s the nature of the emotion or story or whatever it is here. Some aspect of Rotunda feels different here, and I can’t quite put my finger on it, except that I’m intrigued.
  8. Also on last night’s program was In G Major, in which Mearns is absolutely magnificent (and Danchig-Waring partnered fantastically). It’s the first time this ballet has really moved me, and I attribute that to Mearns and Danchig-Waring’s work. (All the more impressive because they also were in the new Peck after just a 15-minute intermission.) The closer was DGV, which I adore and which always seems to bring out excellence in the principals. Reichlen and Stanley are partnered together, despite the height difference, and are a sight to behold. I especially enjoyed Lovette in DGV. I don’t usually think of her for these leggy roles, based, I guess, on her height, but she’s great in this stuff (and, of course, has some of the most beautiful legs and feet in the company). It was a good performance.
  9. Saw the new Peck tonight. In many respects, it’s similar to recent offerings (sculptural use of the ensemble, motif in which the ensemble gathers in a circle upstage center, repeated kinetic duos and trios that combine whiz-bang technique with precision), set against a drab gray backdrop with dancers clad in shorts, tights, and leotards resembling everyday rehearsal attire. A substantial portion of the ballet feels like a rehash of material Peck has already visited, just with less eye-popping costumes and a duller backdrop. But there’s also a lovely, tension-building pas de deux with Sara Mearns and an almost melancholy stunner of a solo for Gonzolo Garcia that feels like he’s dancing alone in the studio. In these two sections of the new work, the familiar Peckisms give way to a new, nuanced emotion, and they both feel utterly natural, honest, and free of pretense. In these sections, I think I’m seeing an emotional thread that I haven’t seen before in Peck’s work—and it’s intriguing. Hope to see more in this vein.
  10. Landed on this student newspaper story about NYCB’s Christina Clark choreographing for Columbia University’s student ballet company, Columbia Ballet Collaborative. The story also notes that ABT’s Gabe Stone Shayer is choreographing. I remember that the group received some press some years ago, but I haven’t watched a performance. Has anyone seen them recently? Is it worth the trip?
  11. I know I’m neither the first nor the last to express this sentiment, but Kolpakova is truly a treasure.
  12. Thanks for this, @Leah. Really appreciate the way you articulated this.
  13. Aha. Just saw that Takahashi is getting a few Teas too. Love to see these opportunities for the apprentices — one of my favorite things about Nutcracker season! Would really appreciate any reports.
  14. How normal is it for an apprentice to take on lead Candy Cane? Weber’s got several performances ahead.
  15. I think I saw the same casting in that period — I also remember being awed by Rebecca Krohn.
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