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  1. Silas Farley danced the male lead in Concerto Barocco a few years ago on the last performance of Spring Season. He was great and partnered Ashley Laracey in her debut. I wish he'd dance it more often.
  2. I don't think they have any trouble fast tracking dancers in terms of the roles and opportunities dancers get. It's the actual promotions that are slow in coming. Personally I agree with everything DC Export posted. Roman Mejia, for instance, is dancing a full load (and he's brilliant) but he can't be much more than 20 years old. He's been a full company member for two years as of November. He's got time. Even in the fast tracking days of old it was rare to see a dancer promoted in rank in less than two years. Ashley Bouder and Megan Fairchild are the only ones I've heard of, aside from Darci Kistler who was promoted quickly partly because Balanchine felt HIS time was short. Indiana Woodward became a soloist in February 2017. Female Principals time as soloists: Ashley Bouder Feb 2004- Jan 2005 Megan Fairchild Feb 2004- Jan 2005 Maria Kowrowski Spring 97- Spring 99 Sara Mearns March 2006-June 2008 Lauren Lovette Feb 2013- June 2015 Tiler Peck Dec 2006-Oct 2009 Teresa Reichlen Jan 2005- Oct 2009 Abi Stafford Jan 2002-Dec 2007
  3. Phelan has done the Swan Lake pdd at Vail, white swan. 2018 I think. There are pics on her Instagram.
  4. I just came from the film and my issue is that I couldn't suspend my disbelief. Any film should present you with a world that makes sense, even if it's been done before. The same story can be believable one time and truly unbelievable and tedious the next, due to editing, performance, the pacing of the film and numerous other elements. The dancers were good but the choreography didn't do anything but allow them to prance around in their costumes and execute an arabesque or double turn every so often. None of it added up to anything. Also: WHAT is with this current trend of emotional actors allowing snot to run down their faces and sit there for an entire song? Please someone, make it stop!
  5. Was this the first time you've seen Cunningham's work? There are videos of Cunningham's company performing Beach Birds on youtube, and I believe the entire video can be viewed through the Merce Cunningham Trust website. https://www.mercecunningham.org/the-work/choreography/beach-birds/
  6. West Side Story breaks box office record for the second time. They may never open, and may never need to for financial reasons. I saw this WSS last weekend. Excellent cast, though I didn't particularly like the production. For one, their take on Maria is too sexually knowing for me (beautiful soprano voice). Regardless of Sondheim's dislike of I Feel Pretty, it establishes Maria as an innocent and it's still cut. Strangely, I don't miss it as much as I miss the Somewhere Ballet. There were some really nice moments, and only a few duds... No balcony (perhaps it's still being built?) There is von Hove's signature film/video aspect, which helps because you can't see into Doc's or the dress shop where Maria and Anita work. Riff is the weakest of the excellent singers, but he's a great dancer/actor and amazing to watch. Overall the acting is good. The Anita is quite good. The Tony understudy is fabulous (Isaac Powell hurt his knee). Amar Ramasar is great. I'm not sure the pacing works, but the biggest issue is that Maria needs someplace to live onstage. It's weird that she plays her home scenes in an open area. Aside from Doc's and the Dress Shop there is no set. When Tony comes to see Maria she should be at home with her dad (or someone!) calling from offstage. Instead they kneel on the floor. When the police officer comes to question Maria after the Rumble, she needs to be trapped at home, unable to get to Tony. I know I'm attached to the original, but those scenes didn't make sense. Mostly I hope they go further with the re-imagining. de Keersmaker's strongest moments are when she uses the group to make an image that reflects the story: the two gangs pulling Tony and Maria apart, the three dead bodies borne aloft. I wish there had been more of that. Still, they're in previews and it's probably unfair of me to say anything. Maybe it's like Tony says... Somethin's coming, don't know when but it's soon. https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/WEST-SIDE-STORY-Has-Broken-All-Time-Broadway-Theatre-House-Record-20191230
  7. Oh, that's bad news. Get well soon everyone.
  8. This made me laugh. Having been on pointe, I ALWAYS think "Ow, ow, ow" in rhythm to any hops on pointe.
  9. Thanks, California! And Marta, I always liked the costume. It seems very young girlish, and Kirkland is so incredibly delicate in it.
  10. Thanks, von Aroldingen would make sense. It's hard to find out anything about it online, though.
  11. So funny... Kirkland doing the Sugar Plum Fairy variation in Baryshnikov's Nutcracker is one of my all time favorites. I watched it a million times and could probably do the choreography for it right now (albeit, badly). My least favorite of the traditional ballets would be the jesters in Swan Lake.
  12. They're all so charming. And that picture of Charlotte asleep on the piano bench cradling the Nutcracker! So beautiful.
  13. This isn't about this year's Nutcracker, but NYCB's Instagram says that Balanchine rechoreographed the Coffee variation in 1979 for the 2nd time. Does anyone know which dancer he rechoreographed it for? He'd done a version that was for Gloria Govrin prior to that (and a version created on Arthur Mitchell prior to Govrin's).
  14. Didn't Takahashi have a leading role in the new Lovette, not first cast but one of the following performances? NYCB does just throw the new kids out there, and they usually kill it.
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