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  1. I looked at Mearns' IG and I think the picture of the clasped hands is of Sara with David Hallberg and that they are at City Center. It's just two hands with the floor shown underneath them. Did you read somewhere that they were at NYCB? I don't see that. Mearns uses #joni and Wheeldon is using Joni Mitchell music for their Fall for Dance duet. Hallberg also mentions 15 years of wanting to dance with Mearns in his posts about the Wheeldon-Joni Mitchell-Fall for Dance project. If Mearns was performing at the Empire Hotel they would have announced it.
  2. The list may be endless, but these particular men ALL went to jail. Three are in prison presently.
  3. I am so sorry that happened to you CanBelto. So sorry to hear about it. It does change one's perspective, I imagine. I think it's completely right that that sort of activity is criminalized and that it be referred to as sexual assault. The legal system is slow to respond to changes in technology, but things do seem to be moving in that direction. A few people here are posting as if the #MeToo movement is over. I don't see any evidence of that. I don't think we're going to return to the days when all men (or people of power) can abuse the less fortunate with impunity. There is a roadmap t
  4. It's a beautiful excerpt, but with DAAG it would be hard to pick a bad moment. I can't wait to see the entire ballet again. I loved this last program. And Duo Concertante is just lovely to watch. I have no idea what the ending means, but it always gives me such a sense of loss and longing. I remember seeing Robert Fairchild perform it with Sterling Hyltin when he decided to leave the company. (gorgeous and space "eating"!!) I also have memories of seeing Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins do it together. Just seeing the two of them standing at the piano said something. The scale of their b
  5. I haven't seen all of her posts, but I know she's been rehearsing a Christopher Wheeldon duet with David Hallberg for Fall for Dance. Do you think that's it? There's also a Dancers of NYCB fundraiser on the roof of the Empire Hotel Oct 18th. I didn't think Mearns was involved in that, but there will be performances for those who support Dancers of NYCB. For a $100 donation you can have access to the event online. For $250 you can go in person. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-dancers-of-new-york-city-ballet-registration-122906122521
  6. I really liked the Scherzo as well. I wasn't aware it was an excerpt. I also agree with all the posters about Megan Fairchild's hosting. She was great. I think she's gotten a lot of practice doing her YouTube channel, but it seems both she and her brother were brought up with some acting training (and continued it during their careers). She is so comfortable in front of the camera. I liked that the introduction was geared towards children. She had a good script that was informative, entry level ballet knowlege and still didn't talk down to anyone. I also enjoyed hearing Maria Kowrow
  7. Regarding Waterbury's intentions, I don't see how any one of us could know what she intented at any point. Basic negotiating tactics favor starting with a big ask, knowing it will get whittled down in negotiations, and also starting with a promise to keep things private knowing you can go public later. You can't do the reverse. That's all that I see. No brazen blackmail. That's how one negotiates. Additionally, in the civil court system the only thing you can be awarded is money. The defendants can't undo the suffering they've caused. They can only pay money in recompense and acknowlegement. T
  8. That depends on your definition of sexual assault. Finlay is still liable (if that's the word) for taking sexually explicit photos of Waterbury without her consent and disseminating them. That part of the case can move forward. I disagree that her chances of winning are "slim to none' particularly with respect to Finlay's intentions. The decision itself says that the texts accompanying the images show that Finlay knew it would cause her distress if she found out. If he knew it would cause her distress and he did it anyway, it seems to me that that is the definition of "intentionally causing di
  9. Great article! Thank you Kathleen. Which ballet is it, (Brahms Shoenberg third movement, perhaps?) that is pictured in the media control room?
  10. Thanks for the casting and the films! I haven't found the program, so I'm probably not listing the exact cast. I know Sterling Hyltin, Rebecca Krohn and Tiler Peck were in Liebeslieder the first time I saw it, I just can't recall the fourth woman off hand. It was not Wendy Whelan. Still, if Megan Fairchild dances the Jillana role it could well have been her. I haven't seen Liebeslieder enough to feel that one dancer has made an indelible mark on any of the roles. I have that sense in other ballets, though. Sanguinic will always be Merrill Ashley for me (though I was wowed to see the
  11. Oh, me too! I had no idea Wendy Whelan was regularly cast in that Nein, Geliebter. That must have been quite something. I think I've seen Unity Phelan dance it. But I saw Liebeslieder once before she was in the company so I must have also seen someone else. If the cast was Tiler Peck, Rebecca Krohn, Sterling Hyltin and Megan Fairchild does anyone know which of them would have danced that duet?
  12. Ooh, a fun new game; re-watching all of my old Balanchine videos! I have that DVD, too. I remember not really liking Emeralds when it was broadcast on Dance in America way back when. Maybe I'll enjoy it more now that I've seen it live.
  13. Do they wear soft ballet slippers in the other two early movements? I really don't remember the women wearing pointe shoes before T&V. On another topic, have people checked out the new NYCBallet.com website? Some of the videos seem redone to include clips of earlier versions of the ballets and to incorporate interviews with NYCB's stellar musicians. I enjoyed the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 2 clip with Lauren King and Susan Walters. I saw Lauren King dance it twice last season (Spring 2019 I believe) and she was like a ray of sunshine, and so, so secure technically. https://www.n
  14. Anyone want to guess why Balanchine would have made that choice? One advantage is with excerpts you get to see samplings of more ballets. It shows the breadth of his work, his mastery of different styles. I appreciate, for instance, that we only got the Elegie from Tschaikovsky Suite #3. Once you've seen one of those early movements you really don't need to see the others. It's three movements of barefoot girls waving their long hair around before we get to Theme & Variations. That particular edit was a gift! Fill the time with another ballet. Mostly, though, the excerpts function as
  15. So glad you enjoyed it, but Diamonds itself IS an excerpt. It's part of the full-length Jewels, so one might say it makes the opposite point. I agree about the promotions. It's been way too long. I was surprised how much energy I got from reading about the promotions at ABT. Unity Phelan and Indiana Woodward are on the top of my list. And I'm surprised to realize that Emily Kikta isn't already a soloist. She and Roman Mejia deserve soloist status, imo. I'd scrounge around for an extra donation just to see that!
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