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  1. BalanchineFan

    NYCB 2018 Summer Season

    There's a NY critic who refers to that tutu inversion as "Hello Sailor!" If flips up all at once when the women penché. I find it very disturbing and wish they would reconstruct the Karinska powder puff tutus.
  2. BalanchineFan

    "Where are the Women in Ballet?"

    Interesting conversation on the dearth of opportunities for women choreographers in ballet. I've been enjoying reading it, even though a lot of it is over a year old. I couldn't find the Alastair/Luke Jennings twitter thread. That seems to have disappeared. Tharp got her commissions at ABT and NYCB because of her work for the Joffrey. Deuce Coupe, specifically. She got the Joffrey commission because of her modern dance work. I point that out to say that I believe commissions from ABT and NYCB were even harder for modern dance choreographers to get then. Tharp's success paved the way for a lot of people, even if the path remains restrictively narrow. While I appreciate some of the traditional aspects of classical ballet, I don't see them as a reason to deny women choreographers commissions. Women can still dance on pointe, men can carry them around (if the choreographer says so), and women can choreograph it all. I don't see how any of Ratmansky's comments provide any reasoning for denying commissions to women choreographers, even if he might see the reasoning.
  3. BalanchineFan

    Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    Another way things get passed down is by short outside gigs. Lauren Lovette is taking a group to Vail, and has done so in the past. Jared Angle performed with a group in Nantucket, as he's done in the past. Tiler Peck is dancing Tchai Pas with Roman Mejia (a debut for him. He also worked with Lovette). Ashley Bouder Project had Mejia, Olivia MacKinnon, Claire Kretschmar and India Bradley (she's also working with Lovette)... both in Martha's Vineyard and at the Joyce. A lot of coaching goes on during these summer outside gigs. If you look at the dancers' Instagram feeds, and at summer performance schedules the world over, you'll see a lot of growth opportunities for promising young NYCB dancers. I think the NYC Choreographic Institute also employs any NYCB dancer who volunteers. They get paid union scale for two weeks of rehearsal, and a chance to create a role for an up and coming choreographer.
  4. General public tickets go on sale tommorrow for the Balanchine: The City Center Years. Performances run Oct 31-Nov 4th and feature several different companies each night, including NYCB, ABT, Miami City Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet, The Joffrey, SF Ballet, The Royal Ballet and Paris Opera Ballet. https://www.nycitycenter.org/pdps/2018-2019/Balanchine/
  5. BalanchineFan

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    Will there be a place for people to post about the Balanchine at City Center programs? They look very interesting, several different companies on each program. NYCB appears only once doing Symphony in C, Oct 31st. Are they going on tour for the rest of the event?
  6. BalanchineFan

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    I think classical soloists are expensive, compared to rehearsing to piano. I can't imagine Liebeslieder goes onstage with just one rehearsal with all the musicians. Most ballets are rehearsed with piano and get the full orchestra for the one dress rehearsal onstage. The conductor might attend one studio rehearsal prior to the onstage dress, but I'd think with Liebeslieder you'd need the singers there for more of the rehearsal process, which means even more money. It's hard to read the union minimums, but it looks like singers get 25% more than scale if there's only one person on a part. Pro rata is $348/3 hour minimum, plus 25%.... for each of the four singers. And I think it says they can only rehearse 4 hours a day.
  7. BalanchineFan

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    I have really enjoyed Lauren Lovette's choreography, particularly Not Our Fate. It was groundbreaking enough to get an article with a large picture in the NY Times. In my opinion, Justin Peck has more than enough going on to be secure and not petty about "competition" from other NYCB choreographers. I'm sure he has realized that one person can't choreograph an entire new season for 80-100 dancers every year. They need more choreographers, not fewer. He's quoted in a NY Times article (can't remember if it's the same one) as encouraging Lovette to choreograph, "If you want to do this, do it now."
  8. BalanchineFan

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    I always thought Liebeslieder wasn't programmed that often because the dancers need to rehearse with the singers and the four Brahms soloists are expensive. They have pianists on staff so I can't imagine too much added cost there. I went over 30 years as a Balanchine fan before I saw Liebeslieder. It was so beautiful and satisfying that I couldn't believe I'd missed it for so long. I'm not going to miss it again. Seems to me the theater was full the last time I saw it, but I would have been in the first ring. Why do you think it doesn't sell well?
  9. BalanchineFan

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    I've seen Calvin Royal III dance Agon ppd a few times with Unity Phelan. He's great in it, though there are no solos in the ppd. Maybe he could do some of the Balanchine rep. I also saw his Benvolio in R&J and was surprised how well it looked. I hadn't particularly pictured him in classical story ballets.
  10. BalanchineFan

    2018 Spring Season

    I saw Craig Hall's final NYC performance. He didn't get a bouquet, but they added After the Rain ppd to the program so that he could perform and NYCB posted online that he would be retiring and becoming a ballet master, so most of the audience knew. I don't think he got a solo bow, but it was very moving to see him perform that piece one last time. I wish they would do one solo bow for departing soloists. What could it hurt?
  11. BalanchineFan

    Roster Changes Announced Spring 2018

    I was there for the final performance and I have to say Lowery was just ravishing. I've been watching NYCB since 1979 and it was such a special afternoon at the ballet. I can't think of when I've seen her look so good, expansive, musical dancing, everything completely fulfilled. She looks in excellent shape and like she was relishing every moment, master of her elements, particularly in Concerto Barocco. Agon isn't quite the "joyous" ballet, but it was also finely done. It's great to see someone that tall who dances that big. "You can see more," Balanchine said (of tall dancers in general).
  12. BalanchineFan

    Washington, DC - Spring 2018

    Lauren Lovette has been working with an injury. At one point over the winter she had pictures of herself in a boot (soft cast) on IG. She may also have been at an onstage lec-dem wearing a boot. Was it the Apollo event? Tiler Peck is somewhat shorter than Sterling Hyltin. I've heard that Tiler is under 5' tall. I've seen her in person on the street, but I couldn't say for sure. Sterling is someone I've spoken to and (best guess) she's in the 5'3"-5'6" range, roughly my height. Anthony Huxley is not a big guy.
  13. BalanchineFan

    Winter 2018

    I was at that performance and I don't remember a thing about Neverwhere. Just sayin.
  14. BalanchineFan

    Winter 2018

    I think Tiler has great chemistry with Amar. They brought me to tears a few times in Liebeslieder Waltzer. She's such a brilliant technician I think she dances better when the choreography is difficult. She understands what to do. When I saw her in SL it was a bit like, bourrees (check) swan arms (check), fouetteés (double check!) but the story didn't sing. The audience loves her though. And rightly so. Her debut in Piano Concerto #2 was a thing of historic beauty. The woman doesn't have many shortcomings.