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  1. Oh, that's bad news. Get well soon everyone.
  2. This made me laugh. Having been on pointe, I ALWAYS think "Ow, ow, ow" in rhythm to any hops on pointe.
  3. Thanks, California! And Marta, I always liked the costume. It seems very young girlish, and Kirkland is so incredibly delicate in it.
  4. Thanks, von Aroldingen would make sense. It's hard to find out anything about it online, though.
  5. So funny... Kirkland doing the Sugar Plum Fairy variation in Baryshnikov's Nutcracker is one of my all time favorites. I watched it a million times and could probably do the choreography for it right now (albeit, badly). My least favorite of the traditional ballets would be the jesters in Swan Lake.
  6. They're all so charming. And that picture of Charlotte asleep on the piano bench cradling the Nutcracker! So beautiful.
  7. This isn't about this year's Nutcracker, but NYCB's Instagram says that Balanchine rechoreographed the Coffee variation in 1979 for the 2nd time. Does anyone know which dancer he rechoreographed it for? He'd done a version that was for Gloria Govrin prior to that (and a version created on Arthur Mitchell prior to Govrin's).
  8. Didn't Takahashi have a leading role in the new Lovette, not first cast but one of the following performances? NYCB does just throw the new kids out there, and they usually kill it.
  9. I find there's something very compelling about the casting and the costumes. Farrell and d'Amboise are paired. He's at the end of his career, a decade older than all the other men, she's still in her prime but wears a ribbon in her hair like a younger girl. Peter Martins dances with Heather Watts (originally Kay Mazzo, I believe). When Farrell and Martins dance together in other ballets (Chaconne, Tzigane, Diamonds) they often seemed like the king and queen of the world. Their height and size, the amplitude of their movement, the grandeur of their stage presence contribute to them seeming to reign over all before them. When they dance with other people it's different, they both seem more human, vulnerable. They have different inherent roles and impact, less grand. It becomes a choreographic statement in RS's Davidsbundertanze. Balanchine is very deft that way. Simple decisions have a huge impact on the ballet. I wouldn't call it a pencil sketch. It's its own ballet. Perhaps the dark demons stalking Luders character seem ... a bit hackneyed, but I see what Balanchine is going for. Schuman was tormented. Some of the ballet is just glorious and makes its emotional impact in a way that, for me, brings the aching lyricism of Liebeslieder to mind. If a ballet could break your heart, this is it. At one point, Farrell and d'Amboise have an exit downstage past the piano that always takes my breath away.
  10. Yes, that was my original error. It's under R.
  11. I'm jealous, but I did see Phelan in DAAG this fall. 😊 I haven't seen Nadon since Herman Schmerman. I'd like to see her dance Coffee.
  12. Janzen was promoted to principal February 2017, so you're saying it would have been before then? He became a soloist in 2014. I'm pretty sure Janie Taylor retired before 2015. One of the pictures on Robert Schuman's Davidsbuntlertanze's main rep page seems to show Ashley Laracey. Another cast included Maria Kowroski, Sara Mearns, Abi Stafford and Janie Taylor. Jared Angle is one of the only men pictured.
  13. I'd love to hear what you think of the video. I find it just exquisite. But you can't be in the mood for Symphony in C, or anything like that.
  14. OMG, thank you both, JanLevNYC and ECat! I thought Zoe had danced, but when I looked at my program she wasn't listed. Maybe I saw her cast in the dress rehearsal. The review has a lovely photo, and a lovely mention, too. YouTube has a clip of 4T's that (I believe) has Lydia Wellington dancing the first theme. I wish dancers would copy their NYCB online bios before they leave. I always want to take one more look.
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