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  1. The physical properties of particles haven’t changed much in those 100 years, apparently. Masks seem to still work pretty well.
  2. You can also just click on the title bar of the video box, at least in my browsers, and it takes you right to the site or app.
  3. Indeed! The male lead looked quite impressive in this act. (I haven't watched the other two.) While I'm grateful the company has released this video, I'd love to see more of him in higher-quality recordings (e.g. more close-ups, etc.).
  4. The email @volcanohunter quoted above makes it sound like you’d need to become a member (lowest level is Friend, $100) in order to get access. But it’s definitely a confusing setup.
  5. Even if they were going to hold firm on the minimum $100 donation to become a member — why not spread the word on that? Surely there are some current non-members out there who could be motivated to donate in part by the opportunity to see Ferri, Bolle, Cornejo and Murphy in that video.
  6. Seriously, what the $&*%? Totally out of step, and totally oblivious to the potential power of digital content. It's as if the modern world has been twisting their arm and they're saying, "Well, ok, but we're only going to do the new way if we can do it the old way." Just, why? (I know, I know, one answer could be: they "couldn't" get all stakeholders to agree otherwise. To which I say: they didn't make it happen, as so many others now have.)
  7. Yeah, I don't see any reason why they couldn't advertise this pretty aggressively, at least in select forums. Many longtime fans of ABT, Ferri, Bolle, Cornejo and/or Murphy would be delighted to know about this and perhaps make a donation in order to get access to that video. That may not be "selling admission," but it's no different from any other performing arts institution making such access contingent on a donation. There are so few opportunities to see ABT performances on video. I shouldn't be surprised anymore by anything ABT's marketing staff does (or, more often, doesn't do), but if they don't find a way to get the word out about this more broadly, I think it would be a sign of serious mismanagement.
  8. Has anyone seen the Kaufmann recital? $20 feels high to me for recital streams, though it sounds like the quality should be good. I wonder if they wouldn't end up making more in the end if they charged $10-15 each, though. I can't help thinking, "But it's just a recital..." Why charge approximately the same as for a live HD transmission of a staged opera, with movie-theater sound?
  9. I think it would be extraordinarily inappropriate if Kent were to make such an accusation, at least publicly. It is unlikely that she could "know" where she got it. Even if one has been obviously exposed on a particular occasion, there will almost always have been other possible exposures that occurred in the period when the virus was contracted. If Bronczek was irresponsible in hosting the event, so too was anyone who chose to attend.
  10. This definitely sounds exciting. Thanks for the heads-up, @Ashton Fan.
  11. Many of us have been staying mostly at home even without any symptoms for much of the past 4 months — not only for fear of contracting the virus, but also because asymptomatic spread does indeed seem possible. Until there is a treatment and/or vaccine widely available, I would hope that anyone with potentially COVID-related symptoms would either stay isolated or, at the very least, pretty strictly minimize contact with others. That's the reality of living through a pandemic, unfortunately.
  12. Well, there are certainly numerous diseases that do act like that. For obvious reasons, asymptomatic spread gives a virus an evolutionary advantage. Is there strong evidence that diseases similar to SARS-CoV-2 do not act like that? This particular virus may be new, with relatively few studies (or even "studies"), but it's part of a group of related viruses that have been studied more broadly.
  13. No worries I think the lead times on a variety of fronts are indeed going to be a major factor in slowing things down beyond what estimates of "when a vaccine is available" might initially lead us to hope for. Vaccine distribution, widespread immunity, dancers getting back in performance shape, season planning, marketing, rehearsals, etc. — all of that is going to take a good amount of time. The process of getting out of this is going to be a long one, I think.
  14. Agreed. I'm confident in predicting that we won't see indoor performances with audiences in traditional venues any time in the first half of 2021, on any sort of a national scale.
  15. Yes @Quiggin, for that and other reasons the time between when we “have a vaccine” and when it has a substantial impact on how we live our lives is likely to be measured in (many) months, not weeks.
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