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  1. It was a wonderful program. I recall seeing it when it was first televised. I loved Farrell and Andersen and saw them dance several times in the 1980s. It's certainly worth repeated viewings.
  2. I agree, but also couldn't NYCB have made the announcement on their site? It's unclear which organization decided to cancel.
  3. I started searching the ABT 1978 performance on Youtube on my TV at 7:45. No go, I then went to ABT.org and the LC site. What a mystery, it's unfindable! I finally was given a link courtesy of another ballet lover's site that required you to put your email address in and I watched it on computer Does ABT/Lincoln Center really think people are going to copy it? Films of a film, come on, we can see that on Youtube now. We can see the T&V there now. We can see better versions of Les Sylphides by ABT too. I loved T&V especially. What a masterpiece and what a beautiful definitive performance of it by Kirkland and Baryshnikov. It doesn't get any better than that! I thoroughly enjoyed DQ PdD and the Firebird. I particularly liked Tcherkassky in Les Sylphides but overall I thought it wasn't a particularly special performance of that work. Later, after the program was over, I found this link to the Youtube site. It is totally unclear how long ABT 1978 will be available. On the LC website it says available for a limited time on demand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn45Q4SbiGk&t=209s
  4. Kathleen O'Connell: I meant The Runaway. I'm put off however by anything connected to Kanye West, although I don't think it's a good attitude to have! . I haven't seen much of Abraham's other work.
  5. No, you're not the only person who liked Bartok Ballet. I liked what I saw of it, and also of Voices. I recall that when these ballets premiered there was widespread dislike of them by both the balletomanes on this forum and critics. Really these excerpts were the most interesting and stimulating on the whole program. I liked the Bigonzetti enough to want to see the whole ballet. The rest of the program left me cold. I disliked the whole format of so many short pieces and thought it was a flop. Taylor Stanley was fantastic; from what I read I don't know if the rest of Abraham's work would have appealed to me.
  6. Farrell & Martins in Tschai PdD is fabulous! Thank you canbelto for the link. The clip in the Turning Point is just a minute or so. Some of the steps especially in Martins' variations are significantly different from the version with McBride and Baryshnikov which I think is the greatest. Tiler Peck and Joaquin de Luz were also spectacular last year.
  7. The Doubrovska Remembered DVD is just wonderful. I watch it often. I love the way she speaks so expressively, and how she moves when teaching. What a thrill it would be to see a film of her actually dancing!
  8. BalanchineFan said: I was surprised they didn't have toasts from more of the past generations of ABT stars. Either they weren't invited to toast, or they were and declined.
  9. Grab it! I was interested, too, and also checked eBay where there are used copies for $50 and new for $200+.
  10. I'm also echoing what almost all of you have said. No dancing, "perfectly dreadful", infomercial, way too much talking, boring celebrities, amateurish. I don't mind seeing Jennifer Garner as she is a known balletomane. Most of the others just struck an off-key note even more than Tony Bennett. Why didn't ABT show 5 minutes of the new Ratmansky instead of a speeded up mashup montage that gave no sense of what it's like? Same with the stars of tomorrow montage in which you couldn't identify any of the dancers or choreo, and most of that was also in fast forward. Those were deeply unimaginative wastes of footage. Jessica Lang in my opinion is a mediocre to crappy choreographer and her PdD was not interesting. I was particularly struck by who did NOT appear in a cameo toast to ABT. As someone noted on another site, there was no mention of Tharp, or others who were of significant importance to ABT. Whaa??? I'm sure you can fill in the blanks. I sent a contribution too, but it was not the equal of those I gave to NYCB and the Metropolitan Opera.
  11. I absolutely love Farrell. I thought I had seen the film on youtube, but searching doesn't find it. There is an interesting interview with her though: I saw the film at the MFA in Boston, introduced by Farrell herself. She also spoke with the filmmaker [I think] afterward, or mayb before. It was memorable! Several years ago I watched the film again on a DVD from a public library. You could try your local.
  12. A video just appeared recently on youtube: "An Evening with Natalia Osipova", showing Valse Triste [Osipova & Hallberg], Ave Maria and Qutb, a work by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui danced by Osipova, Kittelberg, and O'Hara. It's worth a look. I'd watch her in almost anything. There's a charming intro by her in English. I liked Valse Triste . I wouldn't want to see either of the other two pieces again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRct7defoiU
  13. Thanks, pherank & cycling martin. I don't recall going to the WP for months but maybe they really track forever!
  14. I was unable to bypass the pay wall. Does anyone know how to do this without subscribing?
  15. I also got my refund from NYCB within 3 days. I don't have a subcsription to ABT, but did request refund from Met Opera and received it quickly.
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