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  1. Agree wholeheartedly. I thought you must be referring to Lane, and so was Griffie in a later post. The AD apparently doesn't like her dancing, or her, and gives her as few ballets as possible. He did the same with the great Veronika Part. Other less stellar dancers get 2 Giselles or 2 SLs, Lane gets one or none. The Lane-Simkin Giselle a couple of years ago was fantastically good. The Lane-Cornejo Sleeping Beauty last year was phenomenal. The AD doesn't care.
  2. FPF said: Am I remembering this incorrectly--I thought there was a passageway underneath the theater that you could use to get to the subway without really going outside? Or is there a faster route? Yes, there is an underground passageway that goes to the subway. I think it's closer to the MET, but in any case someone can direct you. That would speed it up a bit for you.
  3. I've seen both Bouder and Reichlen in Firebird in the last 5 years and both were great. I'd choose Reichlen because she's a greater contrast to Bouder, whereas Fairchild and Bouder are more similar to each other. Yes I know, they are very different but comparatively ...
  4. I was wondering the same. It's uninspiring and has weird pairings. The spring season also doesn't look fantastic. Usually I have trouble deciding which performance I want to see on a weekend trip to NY. Now I can hardly find one evening that I'm really eager to see. As far as Pereira and Pollack go, both of them leave me cold but I prefer Pollack.
  5. I think you're right. I saw it in June and don't remember all the interviewees. Too bad some/more of the sopranos he sang with weren't in it but some are dead, others perhaps not familiar enough names.
  6. I saw it and enjoyed it a lot. Even though there aren't many surprises if you've already been a Pavarotti fan for eons as I have, there is some new footage. Howard is not the ideal choice to direct the best doc. on Pavarotti, nor does he know much [anything?] about music but I think the film is well done and I recommend it. I wondered too why Freni or others who sang with LP, Domingo and Carreras to name the most obvious, were not interviewed. Let's face it, we don't know why. Maybe Freni thought there wasn't much to add, or maybe it was too personal. Bonynge and others may not have been invited, and many who sang with him are dead. I agree that the PBS doc. was excellent.
  7. Thank you, canbelto. I had read your review with pleasure. I meant specifically why are there no reviews from the NYT?
  8. Thank you! I had seen the DVT but not B'way world. I am afraid that the Times will just ignore NYCB's Nut. Whoever the decider is about what gets reviewed should get blamed and not the dance writers.
  9. I've been wondering the same, ECat. Earlier this month, I thought Kourlas was waiting to do a Macaulayesque compare and contrast piece of 3 different casts. Now I think there are just not going to be any reviews at all. That is not acceptable!
  10. I thought The Chaperone was one of the worst things I've ever seen on PBS. There is no drama! Yes, we see Robbie Fairchild as Ted Shawn teaching class with Ruth St Denis, and there are some brief dance sequences. The character of Louise is fairly well drawn, but the chaperone Norma is at least a co-protagonist. I can't figure out who the writer thinks the audience for this work would be. So many topical ideas are stuffed in there that seem perfunctory. The ending is particularly ridiculous.
  11. I can't disagree about the young girlish aspect, I just wished it looked less like a nightgown and more like a Juliet costume. Kirkland is incredibly delicate with a weightless jump and seems to barely touch the ground.
  12. I love Kirkland's SPF variation in MB's Nutcracker too and have also watched it a ton. I've always disliked her unfortunate costume. My least favorite is Puss 'n Boots with Red Riding Hood a close second.
  13. I read the article and I'm shocked that he is still so clueless. A part of me feels sorry for him, yet how can anyone be so insensitive and self centered in 2019? Consciousness raising is not going to work.
  14. I didn't think it was cute at all. It was being rude in the guise of a "joke", although unfunny, at D-W's expense.
  15. I saw last night's performance and agree that both Riccardo and Hoxha were very good. I've been noticing Hoxha for a while and he's a very strong dancer. He should be made soloist. While Riccardo does look more princely, I thought he seemed a little hesitant at times. He is also much younger than Hoxha. Joe Gordon was absolutely wonderful in TPC2. I do dislike the costumes very much. The men's costumes were just plain ugly, and the women's Juliet skirts were a dishwatery color and wrong for this ballet. All the movement of the skirts was quite distracting. Bring back the tutus.
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