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  1. I wonder too if NYCB policy will change. About a week ago, I emailed NYCB and asked how having no intermissions protected the audience. Couldn't they close off the Promenade and only allow people on paths to the bathrooms? Couldn't they require masks or proof of vaccination instead? Yada yada yada. I didn't receive an answer.
  2. Canbelto, thanks for that photo of young Osipova. Her pointe shoes are always super grungy.
  3. I have read that Osipova uses them but have never noticed it either in person or in photos. Lamb's pix above look particularly strange.
  4. YES to Mejia too, forgot to mention him.
  5. I agree on Furlan and Ball, haven't seen enough of the other men named to say though. The 3 women should be principals too, especially Woodward. I'd like to see Spartak Hoxha become soloist.
  6. Your summary of the Pazcoguin issue is right on. It's so easy for people to be skeptical about claims that don't seem "credible". I also saw The Assistant and agree that it's a terrific and accurate observation about power imbalance in the work world.
  7. Buddy said: As sort of an aside, I remember Veronika Part dancing one of her exceptional Swan Lakes with a partner that was relatively new to it. For me, she commands the stage completely, but this evening it seemed that she stood back somewhat in order to let him shine a bit more. I thought that it was a fine gesture, if in fact it was her intent. I was curious about the partner in the Swan Lake you mention. I loved Veronika Part and saw her In SL several times. I recall Stearns and Whiteside, neither of whom I liked. Can't remember the other partner though.
  8. Marta

    Sarah Lane

    I feel sad that I'll probably never see Lane dance again. The departure of Veronika Part, while very different, was equally sad. Those who aren't in KM's magic circle don't last at ABT. I think there are holes in the interview too, and don't expect to be enlightened unless Lane writes an autobiography. In the final analysis it was Lane against KM. She was never favored by him and that was never going to change. Her request to not be partnered with Cornejo was a surprise to me. I thought their parting was connected to his not choosing her to be in his anniversary performance. Ultimately I also agree with canbelto.
  9. I'm with Vipa too. I want more Balanchine, more Robbins, more Ratmansky. Don't hate me but I don't want more Peck for a while.
  10. I agree completely. I watched it several times. She was phenomenal both technically and expressively.
  11. Wonderful. I watched it earlier and just watched again. Has NYCB ever revived it after Balanchine's death?
  12. Agree that Thank You NY has actual dancing, more movement in space. It seems trivial but as soon as I saw Stafford, I thought "lose that mustache". He looks completely different.
  13. I enjoyed everyone in this same interview very much, and Turazashvili's English was so impressive! Tereshkina is one of my favorite Mariinsky dancers, and it was also easy to see her in Fateyev's class.
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