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  1. Wonderful film that I'd never seen. Thanks for the link!
  2. Marta

    Job posting for artistic director

    Dirac said: Also, given the apparent emphasis on hiring a woman, in the recent past Whelan hasn’t exactly been outspoken on behalf of, say, female choreographers: I’d hate to think of women not getting a crack at opportunities because Whelan senses weird energies coming from them, or something. If she's going to run the company, I just hope she's now ready for that woman-to-woman connection ....... Weird energies that clash and weird connections ... "physically and emotionally not ready for ... the woman to woman connection"? It was her right to choose whom she wanted, but her answers, or rather her responses [she didn't really answer the questions] are disappointing and seem to hail from another decade. However it isn't fair to prejudge what she would do if she becomes the AD.
  3. Marta

    Job posting for artistic director

    Signs aren't pointing to Lopez because she was in the company while Balanchine was still living.
  4. Thank you so much Katia for posting this. I love Makarova. I'm watching it now.
  5. Marta

    Job posting for artistic director

    Maybe there are mystery candidates that none of us have yet mentioned. All of the mentions are unlikely. Either happy where they are, have no experience, too old, combinations of those. Woetzel to me would have been the best choice, but I would be very surprised if he left Juilliard. I agree with fleurfairy that the interim team is managing very well yet I don't think they should remain permanently. Many people have advocated for Jon Stafford. Lopez or any other woman shouldn't be considered because she ticks the female and minority boxes.
  6. That is exactly how I feel. Farrell created that role, and without her it's another ballet.
  7. I'm quite sure you're correct. When I read that Farrell was invited back to stage DQ and refused, I thought that couldn't be right. Somehow this ballet without the original cast doesn't seem "viable". Not that I ever saw it in the theater. Clifford has clips of it on youtube however.
  8. Marta

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Thanks for posting this, Ivy. This video is wonderful for those of us who couldn't see it in person.
  9. Marta

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Good point, you're right.
  10. Marta

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    True ... except for point two. Very few SAB alumni get jobs with NYCB? I thought it was more like very many.
  11. Marta

    Job posting for artistic director

    Drew and Vipa, thank you both. I was also struck by the interim team's invitation to the great dancers who have returned to coach. I recall the video clips of Verdy just a few years ago coaching Tschai PdD. What a fabulous treasure for a dancer!
  12. Marta

    Job posting for artistic director

    Mamma mia! I can't believe anyone still says "colored". That definitely disqualifies him. Also, as someone here said, he seems to have neither interest nor much awareness of contemporary choreographers like Ratmansky, Peck, etc. I doubt he would be the successful candidate. However, I said that about the current occupant of the White House too.
  13. Marta

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I never loved the theme idea that NYCB came up with 10 or more years ago. I do love the all Balanchine or the Balanchine B & W but as Vipa said, I also would be thrilled to see a program with an indisputably great Balanchine and two new works, or two by other choreographers, new or not. I'd be curious to know which programs had higher ticket sales.
  14. Marta

    NYCB: Jewels & All Balanchine

    I also was curious about what The Traveling Ballerina didn't like about "Symphony in C". TB, find the comment from your review "...perhaps a ballet with a cast of around fifty dancers is an ambitious undertaking for a company that has no leadership" curious too! This ballet is so rich in contrasts and moods that I suggest at least a few more viewings. One can only begin to perceive this ballet in a single performance.
  15. Marta

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I've been thoroughly enjoying all the reviews. I'm late with my impressions of the only two performances I was able to see in the first week of the season: Jewels on Thursday night, and the all Balanchine on Friday. I was excited to see Kowroski in Diamonds and thought she was magnificent. Her dancing transported me into another realm and, as someone has said here, seemed to give form to an "inner life" quality. I loved Bouder and de Luz in Rubies! Both were great and fulfilled all expectations. Kretzschmar as the Tall Girl didn't seem any taller than the other women and although she danced well enough, I really wanted to see Reichlen-- always. Emeralds was a disappointment. Both Stafford and Angle looked stiff and danced out. Angle particularly had a portly look not helped by the unflattering costume. He should retire this role. The all Balanchine program was wonderful. Reichlen in Barocco was fantastic and Stafford seemed like a different dancer than in Emeralds. I didn't think the two women looked that terrific together. Peck and de Luz were thrilling in Tschai PdD. All the superlatives have been said; I loved it and I was absolutely thrilled to see de Luz twice. Stravinsky Violin: I liked Hyltin very much in this and thought all the dancers were good except la Cour who at times looked tired and effortful . In the Bizet, Joseph Gordon was great! He really stood out with his clean technique and light jump. I saw him in spring in Coppelia and he was excellent. Kowroski and Angle were gorgeous in the adagio, even though I could barely take my eyes off Kowroski. Troy Schumacher stood out in the last movement and I've never noticed him before. Spartak Hoxha was impressive in 3 or 4 of the ballets I saw. He's been in the corps for a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Woodward, Janzen, Olivia Boisson and Miriam Miller.