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  1. I agree completely about Onegin. The great Hvorostovsky, that beautiful set, Renee Fleming. No Mozart is listed for the next few weeks but maybe in April or May. I saw the Macbeth, Don Carlo and Norma at the Met with the same casts and all are wonderful. I'm really looking forward to watching them again.
  2. In case you haven't seen it, this NYT article about how Italian dancers are managing to keep dancing is wonderful and has an upbeat inspiring video. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/17/arts/dance/italy-coronavirus-dance.html
  3. I loved it too and the set design was great. The Netrebko Hvorostovsky Trovatore is magnificent. I've seen it 3 times.
  4. I thought Smirnova was excellent. True, she sometimes doesn't emote. I think her dancing is much richer than it was 5 years ago although I've never seen her in person. I was underwhelmed by Tissi. He's very princely but somehow just didn't sing. I dislike Grigorovich's SL, the production in general, the almost total loss of mime, and visually the colors, the costumes, the gloom, the lighting -- are not thrilling. The national dances in particular were quite dull, even the Spanish, although Sevenard is a dancer to watch.
  5. Somewhere I read that Shipulina was cast for Sunday. although it seemed unlikely since she is not getting many roles. I was really looking forward to seeing her. I do like Smirnova but she's been in 3 recent transmissions, so I had hoped to see a different dancer.
  6. Very sad news. She was a wonderful writer. i read her New York mag reviews and later on her own blog. For quite some time I've wondered where she was.
  7. What an intriguing idea! From your mouth to a creative artistic director's ears!
  8. Trusnovec is amazing in everything he dances. I hope he'll continue to dance as guest.
  9. Thanks for this and other reviews of Voices. it sounds fascinating and although I don't think I'd love the music, i really want to see the work. A new piece by Ratmansky is always of interest.
  10. Absolutely! Sure, fine with me also to discuss the minute details of Ramasar et al., but it's good to acknowledge that there's another massive problem that affects us all.
  11. Operas in general are much more expensive to produce. The Met is much larger than the State theater, the orchestra is larger, most operas have many more bodies on stage than even the Bolshoi's DQ and therefore more costumes, more dressers, more makeup. To respond to a comment about opera being more prestigious and associated with upper class patronage, this is partly true. I think though dance is foreign to most people. Opera is music and words and those are familiar. Ballet might register because of Nutcracker, but what's modern dance? What's flamenco, what's Indian dance. These forms are esoteric.
  12. Nutcracker tix were definitely prohibitive, and in general ticket prices are much higher than they were a few years ago. I want to point out though that a ticket to a mid- to top price seat to see the Boston Ballet will cost more and will be an inferior seat in terms of sight lines. True on all counts unless it's a classic narrative ballet and you have a good seat plus binoculars.
  13. Agree wholeheartedly. I thought you must be referring to Lane, and so was Griffie in a later post. The AD apparently doesn't like her dancing, or her, and gives her as few ballets as possible. He did the same with the great Veronika Part. Other less stellar dancers get 2 Giselles or 2 SLs, Lane gets one or none. The Lane-Simkin Giselle a couple of years ago was fantastically good. The Lane-Cornejo Sleeping Beauty last year was phenomenal. The AD doesn't care.
  14. FPF said: Am I remembering this incorrectly--I thought there was a passageway underneath the theater that you could use to get to the subway without really going outside? Or is there a faster route? Yes, there is an underground passageway that goes to the subway. I think it's closer to the MET, but in any case someone can direct you. That would speed it up a bit for you.
  15. I've seen both Bouder and Reichlen in Firebird in the last 5 years and both were great. I'd choose Reichlen because she's a greater contrast to Bouder, whereas Fairchild and Bouder are more similar to each other. Yes I know, they are very different but comparatively ...
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