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  1. O I'm sad, but not surprised that Nutcracker was cancelled. For one thing SAB has to be up and running in order to provide approximately 100 children, who probably start rehearsing in October. Just one of many, many unsolvable issues with a big production like that. So sad.
  2. I just filled out the questionnaire. Clearly they are trying to get creative with cash flow ideas. These time call for new ideas, so I wish them well.
  3. I am very surprised. I expected him to have a long career with NYCB, because from the beginning he was involved in so many different types of projects - choreographing at summer intensives, acting as MC at Met Museum performances and other venues, leading outreach projects, hosting the podcast and more. He seemed to be the go-to speaker/presenter. I assumed the company saw him as someone who could eventually be part of management or public relations. Maybe he will return after his formal education, and do just that. Anyway I'm sorry to see him go, but wish him well.
  4. Just want to add that I'm reading Phil Chan's book - Final Bow for Yellowface. A short and interesting read (195 pages) that develops the ideas I've heard him express in interviews. I find it particularly relevant during this time when many of us are thinking about race, and race relations.
  5. The program was on YouTube but you could also be sent a Zoom link, which is what I was given. You could submit questions using zoom chat.
  6. Yes, I believe that is the video. It was quite interesting how, during the presentation, you could submit questions. It seems the questions asked were the most frequently asked. It must have been quite a job keeping track as questions rolled in. I think there were over 4.000 viewers!
  7. I may have missed it, but I haven't heard anyone mention the Mark Morris zoom effort last night. Forgive me if I'm repeating covered ground. An hour long presentation that, for me, was more interesting than satisfying. The always interesting, intelligent, opinionated Mark Morris and his musical director spoke, answered questions from viewers and introduced pieces. The pieces were short. Apparently the 18 dancers in the company were sent music and a movement assignment/response that they could do at home. They filmed themselves and submitted their work. It seems Morris received 70 to 80 submissions from the dancers for each assignment. He and his musical director made choices about what videos to use and in what order. As I said the end products were more interesting that satisfying but I liked that they were looking it as a new way of working. A zoom creation. I believe the hour is now available on Youtube if you look for Mark Morris. Anyone else there?
  8. Great performance on everyone's part. I couldn't believe the tempo. I've actually done this ballet (many years ago). My jaw dropped when it began. I saw how fast tempo was taken, and was amazed how fluidly these corps dancers moved at that speed. IMO you're not going to see that anywhere else. Bouder and Veyette were both amazing. There was a section in which he finished a turn stopping up and then had to generate fast turns from that stopped position - WOW - I couldn't believe he attempted that and succeeded. The way Bouder covered space - another WOW - I've never seen anyone travel doing jumps on pointe like that. Once in a lifetime performance as far as I'm concerned. I was swept away, and I can't nitpick this one at all - If I see another performance as great as that in my lifetime I'll count myself lucky!
  9. ECat I was going to write this but you wrote it for me. I'm really loving the Megan Fairchild interviews!
  10. I'm old enough to remember the Joffrey Ballet as a NYC institution and they did Square Dance with a caller. It's interesting that companies doing Square Dance don't try it. It may be a hard thing to add and I don't know how the Balanchine Trust feels about it. It makes me think of Apollo with/without the birth scene.
  11. Just watched Justin Peck's Pulchinella Variations and am bummed out. I never got to see it live and know it got great reviews. I didn't like it at all. I find the costumes distractingly ugly. The choreography is super packed with steps, but it's not very musical. Steps are done to the music, but too often it feels like dance is happening with music playing in the background. I credit Tiler Peck. She can turn anything into a musical statement, and she did here, but the choreography didn't help her out. I'm curious to here other reactions, particularly because the ballet was so well received.
  12. It takes fast negotiations with the various unions. NYCB seems to have managed
  13. Hod became a favorite of mine from the moment she entered the company. She was being cast frequently when injury took her out. Such a talent. I hope to see a lot of her in the future.
  14. Cobweb, I wondered if you've seen the MacMillan ballet to the same music. ABT did it some time ago, and a totally different take on the music. Anyway, I've always liked the second movement. Here it is with Marianella Nunez.
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