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  1. vipa

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    Got my tickets to the De Luz retirement performance in the mail today. Faxing the request worked out!!!
  2. vipa


    Hello Colette, I'm happy to hear your voice. I look forward to reading your thoughts and reviews from Berlin
  3. vipa

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    I agree, bring Bright Stream back. It's actually one of my favorite Ratmansky ballets. Brandt & Lane would be a fine cast.
  4. vipa

    Ballet Now

    I agree Emma, that it was easy to lose sight of the fact it was a 3-night event, particularly after seeing the celebration when the curtain went down.
  5. vipa

    Ballet Now

    Thank you Nanuska and Emma for you suggestions. I'll check those out. Emma I agree that it would have been great to see, and have available, those performances of Balanchine. The Trust has a difficult balance in wanting the works to be seen and popularized, but not wanting videos to be so ubiquitous that people can "stage" and imitate them without the proper guidance. Another thought occurred to me about Ballet Now. Why did Peck dance so much on the programs? She said a number of times that she was in 6 different pieces. I don't attribute this to ego, rather to a novice's mistake. She could have imported another dancer to do Stars and Who Cares or Carousel.
  6. vipa

    Ballet Now

    I just watched this and really enjoyed it. Tiler Peck has at least the beginnings of what it takes to be a company director. She can coach, collaborate with others, knows stage craft and can get dressed up, smile and schmooze. I wouldn't put her in charge of a major company tomorrow, but I think she has the makings of a director. Some of the rehearsal footage was great, particularly the one with Catazaro in Carousel when things could have gone terribly wrong. Michelle Dorrance is fabulous throughout. The videos of Tiler Peck as a child absolutely show her amazing talent. I also enjoyed her work with Bill Irwin. All in all an enjoyable film that made me sign up for a free month of Hulu! If anyone has recommendations of what else to watch there let me know.
  7. vipa

    NYCB 2018 Summer Season

    Did LeCrone do the lead in Square Dance?
  8. vipa

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    I have had great experiences with NYCB both in exchanging subscription tickets and renewing my subscription by phone. Everyone I interact with is so helpful.
  9. vipa

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    I also faxed in my order form but haven't heard anything. I am assuming they will just send the tickets in August.
  10. vipa

    ABT 2018 Whipped Cream

    Thanks for the review cobweb. I saw it last year and passed on it this year. In fact for the first time in many years I took a pass on the whole ABT season. I couldn't get to the casts and ballets I wanted to see so threw up my hands and skipped it.
  11. vipa

    Macaulay on ABT 2018 Met season

    There was a lot lacking and missing in this assessment. How did Cornejo end up on a list with Sterns and Whiteside as coming nearer to being "central artists"? Cornejo is up there with the best of them IMO. Abrera, Hee Seo, and Copeland are named as representing a new American diversity that is replacing the old demand for Russians, without commenting on the differences in dancing or approach. Is this good or bad? I don't particularly like the ABT version of Swan Lake, but Keven M is criticized for the very standard version the company does. It is not a back to Petipa work as is Ratmansky's Sleeping Beauty and Harlequinade, so why even compare? He says that Misty Copel;and is the greatest ABT draw, and leaves it at that. It is a hot topic so I don't blame him for getting into it but, in that case, why mention it? Who is he writing for? What audience is he aimed at?
  12. vipa

    Don Quixote Spring 2018

    For me, Damien Woetzel will always be the gold standard for men in Stars and Stripes. I am a fan of S. Lane and Simkin but I saw them give a terrible rendition a few years ago. Here's one more video - Woetzel and Nicole Hlinka (a much forgotten former principal with NYCB).
  13. vipa

    Don Quixote Spring 2018

    I've seen very bad performances of Ballo and Mozartiana at ABT. I don't think they can devote the rehearsal time needed to pull off those works. The last Theme I saw at ABT was Veyette guesting, he was still in great shape and brought his A game, with Boylston who was a replacement and had issues. There are several ladies at NYCB who sail through the piece. My opinion is that ABT should leave NYCB rep alone. They have a rich rep to mine with Tudor, DeMille, Ashton, Ailey etc. Symphonie Concerante isn't done by NYCB and is doing double duty by being the ABT piece at the City Center Balanchine shows.
  14. vipa

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    All great points abatt. I wonder if ABT takes the NYCB schedule into consideration at all when building their schedule. As an aside - I will miss DeLuz tremendously.
  15. vipa

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    Interesting that there are 8 principal women to 4 principal men. Simkin won't be around. No one program attracts me, but maybe casting will help. I wouldn't mind seeing a Lane/Cornejo Other Dances.