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  1. I too would happily pay to watch a complete Liebeslieder and, in my experience, it's a ballet that is best appreciated close up.
  2. She could be deciding what to do next so she can make an announcement with a positive spin.
  3. I too am bummed about Sarah Lane, if it is true that she is no longer with ABT. She had become a really fine dramatic artist of depth and beauty. It is weird that Kevin M. bothered to promote her but then didn't cast her. I'm a bit surprised Gillian Murphy is still on the roster. Her comeback from maternity leave was interrupted by COVID so I wouldn't have been surprised if she decided to retire. I also wonder about Misty Copeland. A month or so ago, in an interview, she said she hadn't been able to do much physically during the shut down because of injury. ABT will return a changed
  4. With all due respect, I don't believe we can jump to the conclusion that dancers who are leaving MCB at this time, are doing so because of Lopez. We are in a pandemic and many people are rethinking their lives and careers. I don't have insider information to comment on Morgan's hiring and casting at MCB, but it could be a case of misaligned expectations. Many dancers in many companies learn roles that they do not get to perform. In terms of body type, Lopez hired Lauren Fadeley, who is not a waif. She did quite well casting wise and got promoted. My guess is that the expectations on both side
  5. I'm confused, sorry I haven't been keeping up with this conversation. Is there a link to a Lopez interview in which she said she told Morgan she was sidelined because of her weight?
  6. The link to the last Listening Party is below. I believe the next one is on Sept. 17 "Music to Love or Hate." Also at MarkMorrisDanceGroup.org the video fault is quite fun.
  7. I don't know if anyone is joining the Mark Morris listening parties, but they are informative and entertaining. He mentioned "Soundies" this evening. Three minute musical films that had been available via jukebox like devices in the early 1940's. They can be found on youtube. Here's a young Gwen Verdon in one.
  8. The first two online streaming nights of the Vail festival have been very enjoyable. Friday night's opening performance and Saturday's passing Balanchine on discussions.
  9. Nantucket Festival totally worth a watch IMO. I'm not sure how long it will be available. https://nantucketdancefest.org/
  10. I watched the Lake Tahoe Dance Festival part 1. It's a struggle to present a festival in any form in the current circumstances. My favorite was the Adrian Danchig-Waring's presentation of the Apollo solo on his lawn. Well done!. The Ashley Bouder variation from Tchaikovsky pas is readily available on YouTube, and not the best musically IMO. It was great seeing an excerpt from Lilac Garden, although I don't know how it would read to people not familiar with the ballet. The Lovette piece seems weak and probably plays better live. The DeMille pas from "The Other" was hard for me to make sense of
  11. O I'm sad, but not surprised that Nutcracker was cancelled. For one thing SAB has to be up and running in order to provide approximately 100 children, who probably start rehearsing in October. Just one of many, many unsolvable issues with a big production like that. So sad.
  12. I just filled out the questionnaire. Clearly they are trying to get creative with cash flow ideas. These time call for new ideas, so I wish them well.
  13. I am very surprised. I expected him to have a long career with NYCB, because from the beginning he was involved in so many different types of projects - choreographing at summer intensives, acting as MC at Met Museum performances and other venues, leading outreach projects, hosting the podcast and more. He seemed to be the go-to speaker/presenter. I assumed the company saw him as someone who could eventually be part of management or public relations. Maybe he will return after his formal education, and do just that. Anyway I'm sorry to see him go, but wish him well.
  14. Just want to add that I'm reading Phil Chan's book - Final Bow for Yellowface. A short and interesting read (195 pages) that develops the ideas I've heard him express in interviews. I find it particularly relevant during this time when many of us are thinking about race, and race relations.
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