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  1. I've been ignoring the idea of renewing my NYCB subscription, for a number of reasons, laziness included. I got an actual mailing today and looked through it. Some things bother me. Correct me if I've made factual errors. It seems they re doing Symphony in C on opening night and not again. Am I correct? Why rehearse for one show? Slaughter is on two different programs. I don't mind seeing it, occasionally but don't want to see it several times a year. There is a strong focus on new choreography. I know this is a particular love of Wendy Whelan's. I don't want NYCB to be a museum, however
  2. I loved the video. I totally accept that watching filmed dance is a different experience that watching a live performance, no matter how it's filmed, because the film maker is directing you eye. Sofia Coppola made convincing and often moving choices. I enjoyed watching several times, however, I will always prefer watching dance live and can't wait to get back to it. It is a different animal. Of course a choreographer directs your eye by structure and content, but as a viewer you have more freedom. You can say, for example, I've seen this ballet a dozen times but never focused on the corps, I t
  3. The Gala video had its ups and downs in my opinion. I'm looking forward to going to the theater and seeing live dance.
  4. Love this game/discussion. For my money Roja would be quite a catch. Directorial experience in a big company. background in the classics, promoter of new works and female choreographers.A fantasy that won't happen. I wonder how much say Ratmansky will have in the pick. One problem for me is that former principal dancers have name recognition but don't necessarily have directorship skills.
  5. To put my two cents in, it is complicated. Levine made the Met orchestra what it is today. He coached singers to be their greatest. His genius as a conductor/coach/teacher is widely acknowledged. I do not have to go on. His "issues" were known for many years and many people looked the other way. Back in the day, there were many misunderstandings about homosexuality. It was often equated with pedophilia. Who is an adult and who isn't has also changed over time. I am not trying to excuse or explain away his behavior. I know a lot because my husband worked at the Met for many years. I'm ju
  6. Thank you for the reminder Helene.
  7. Agree. Excellent performance and a reminder of what a masterpiece the work is. The two arias are endlessly fastening.
  8. Seeing T&V made me even more eager to be able to get back to the theater. Peck's musicality is amazing. There were moments that lifted me up and made me gasp with delight! Veyette's partnering is also a joy. He gives the ballerina such freedom with just a small touch, or the use of one hand. The look is so elegant. I also enjoyed that, in the double tours/pirouette solo, Veyette could alternate single & double pirouettes, and then held a count at the top of a turn, so he could land the final tours on the last count of the music. Many men use a hand flourish to end the phrase. DeLuz cou
  9. Just watched the Prodigal Son discussion/coaching session. Confession, I'm not the biggest fan of "story" ballets, and I've seen Prodigal so many times over so many years, that I've been avoiding it for quite a while. Seeing this renewed my interest. I can't wait to see the stream of the ballet, but more than that I can't wait to see it live again. My appreciation for the work has been renewed
  10. I agree. It had me crying too. I loved the entire series. There is no hiding the fact that it is heartbreaking for the kids who aren't cast, but the adults around them handle couldn't handle it better. I also found it poignant that some of the kids knew it was their last Nutcracker year, because they'd be too tall next year. This is particularly sad in this pandemic year in which so many kids lost there chance. All in all I found the series a refreshing antidote to the ridiculous portals of ballet that are out there. Reality is dramatic enough IMO. a
  11. Interesting production born of these difficult times. Amazing and totally committed performers. It's being streamed on demand 12/23 through 12/26, in case you missed it https://www.nutcrackeratwethersfield.com. I believe the concept has legs for post pandemic. Bravo to everyone on the creative, performing, productive, money raising teams for delivering this Nutcracker in such a beautiful yet challenging setting.
  12. Tiresome is the right word. Unfortunately most of the people who watch will be people who've never seen a ballet company.
  13. I'm glad ABT is pushing on as best they can. I too agree that ABT should try to show us some classical pas with couples they can put together. How much these dancers have been able to stay in classical pas shape is a question, although Skylar Brandt (from her instagram posts) seems ready for anything. ABT's big ticket sellers have been the big classical ballets. That's the audience they've cultivated and programmed for, the exceptions being new works by Ratmansky and other new choreographers here and there. IMO audiences go to ABT to see big, theatrical, classical ballet productions. It may be
  14. I agree about the design, and as julaij said it isn't particularly user friendly. I wonder who their target audience is? I have to say, I'm not impressed with the planned programing, but perhaps it's too soon to make a judgement about the direction the new leadership is taking.
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