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  1. I can't say that I'm surprised. While she didn't possess the strongest technique or the depth that others did, I am sad to see her go as she still had a lot to offer as a dancer. I saw her in the December 2019 in The Nutcracker and she was beautiful and warm, very charming. I haven't been wowed yet by any of her choreography. I do think that with more time and focus dedicated to it, she'll produce some great work. She's still young and establishing herself. Once live theater performances are on again, I'd definitely go see a new work by her. Wishing her great success in her new endeavors!
  2. Wow, I was surprised to see this news. I thought Silas was promising and I had expected to watch him in the years to come. I'll continue to listen to the podcast and his educational talks.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I teared up watching it. It was a short farewell and nowhere near what she deserved onstage. I saw many Instagram posts from corps members, soloists, principals and former dancers that indicate how respected and loved she is at ABT. I'm sad that we won't see her again on the Met stage and wish her the best, as she will be missed. She has been my favorite since I started going to see ABT.
  4. I think they feel good that they put something out there to see, but it wasn't much. I do feel for the dancers who aren't wealthy or don't have tons of resources and are in a pinch, but this did not make me feel more engaged with ABT or want to donate to their relief fund. I've had enough of the promotional videos, videos of dancers in their homes and playing on social media, and celebrities supporting ABT. We want to appreciate the art form and this isn't it. There are plenty of fantastic performances to stream from NYCB, SFB, PNB, ENB, Royal Ballet, Royal Danish, Mariinsky, etc. and I love b
  5. Thanks for posting. I watched Ballo Della Regina after watching NYCB’s and Napoli. Miss seeing Alban Lendorf at ABT in NYC...
  6. Same here...received by NYCB refund quickly and nothing from ABT after nearly 2 weeks. The email said it could take 30 days. I was not planning to request a refund from NYCB but as closures have extended, I changed my mind due to more uncertainty. Once things are running again, I'm happy to use it for tickets again though. For ABT, it was just too much to wait over a year for since there's no way I could use all my ticket credits for a short fall season if that even happens. I really would love to see some full lengths from ABT online though because I do miss them. When NYCB is on, I'm total
  7. I was just coming here to see if there was an update since this forum is always well informed. I had emailed ABT and Met Opera yesterday to check on the status of the season and my tickets, as I have not been able to check my mail in the city. I'm not surprised by the news, but had hoped that there would be some season even if later in the summer. I really do hope for a proper farewell for Stella, as she has been my favorite female ABT dancer since I started attending. I was looking forward to a few things this season: Gillian back, Osipova, Hallberg, Simkin, Kimin Kim, Sarah Lane, and T&am
  8. I noticed how cautious Tiler was tonight, but I loved loved seeing her back and was excited to see her perform all the fouettes without any issue. She looked great. Joseph Gordon was excellent - his spins and jumps looked effortless. He's really grown on me over the years, a confident and beautiful performer. I really wish I could go again this week, as it was a great night all around. Daniel Ulbricht was a standout tonight as well.
  9. I attended programs B and C and then program D twice. Of the 3, I think I enjoyed Program D the most simply because of the dancers. I couldn't get enough of the four of them, especially Sarah Lamb and Edward Watson. I'd only see Watson once in 2015 and loved him. Overall, the programming as a whole did not blow me away, but reminded me of how little we actually see these dancers here. I am overdue to return to London again to see as many performances of The Royal Ballet as I can jam into a long weekend. It was a treat to see Robbie Fairchild in NYC, as I hadn't seen him since Brigadoon a
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