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  1. Wow, I was surprised to see this news. I thought Silas was promising and I had expected to watch him in the years to come. I'll continue to listen to the podcast and his educational talks.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I teared up watching it. It was a short farewell and nowhere near what she deserved onstage. I saw many Instagram posts from corps members, soloists, principals and former dancers that indicate how respected and loved she is at ABT. I'm sad that we won't see her again on the Met stage and wish her the best, as she will be missed. She has been my favorite since I started going to see ABT.
  3. This final program was disappointing - some good but majority of the excerpts I would skip. I watched all of them, but only re-watched The Runaway, The Times are Racing and Oltremare. I did not care for Peck's Easy and the Tanowitz piece when I saw them live, and these excerpts didn't change my opinion. Ratmansky's Voices and Gianna Reisen's piece were ok, but not intriguing enough that I would want to see the full ballets in the theater. Oltremare was new for me and I would like to see the full ballet. I loved the energy of it and having Maria Kowroski come center right at the end made me want to see her dance. I've seen The Runaway a few times and agree with all on here that Taylor Stanley is fantastic. His dancing alone makes it worthwhile. I'm really glad to see The Times are Racing, as it's my favorite of Peck's sneaker ballets. I love the tap aspects and watching Fairchild and Peck dance next to each other. Fairchild's movements feel fuller and Peck's feel more casual and natural. I also like the back story of how they did DDR together as roommates. When it debuted, Robert Fairchild and Tiler Peck were still together, Justin Peck was still dancing and Amar Ramasar was still in the good graces of NYCB and fans. I missed seeing Ashly Isaacs dance Fairchild's role and would like to see it if they have it since she's no longer with the company. I also agree that it would been better to end this season with Balanchine - would have loved Serenade as a beautiful sendoff until next season.
  4. Really impressed by Bouder, Veyette and all the dancers in Donizetti. I’m not the biggest Bouder fan, but she nailed this one and it highlights her strengths - jump, speed, clean footwork. She was unstoppable. Veyette was in great shape too. He’s not a charmer or speed demon, but I always appreciate his effort onstage. Gerrity, Segin and Adams were excellent too. Looking forward to rewatching. Can’t help but smile and be wowed watching this one, which I what I needed today. Thanks NYCB.
  5. I missed Kowroski in Diamonds last spring. I read all the good reviews of her performance on here and saw her in the fall. I do prefer her over Mearns in this role, even if she wasn't at her strongest and Mearns was good in this performance. The highlights for me in this performance were Russell Janzen, Laine Habony and seeing Lydia Wellington before she departed NYCB. As JuliaJ noted, I also noticed Janzen's beautiful feet. He was regal in this role with his stature, carriage and long lines. I also agree that Daniel Ulbricht is really missing from this digital season. He's too good to not be featured more often! I also think that Ulbricht has the personality and energy to excite new casual viewers who may stumble across the videos.
  6. I think they feel good that they put something out there to see, but it wasn't much. I do feel for the dancers who aren't wealthy or don't have tons of resources and are in a pinch, but this did not make me feel more engaged with ABT or want to donate to their relief fund. I've had enough of the promotional videos, videos of dancers in their homes and playing on social media, and celebrities supporting ABT. We want to appreciate the art form and this isn't it. There are plenty of fantastic performances to stream from NYCB, SFB, PNB, ENB, Royal Ballet, Royal Danish, Mariinsky, etc. and I love being able to see classic full lengths and newer choreographers. I'm saving money since I don't have tickets to buy right now and don't mind giving a few donations if I'm seeing a full length ballet from a company across the country or across the world that I normally wouldn't be able to see. I'm intrigued by these other companies and their dancers. I watched SFB's Romeo and Juliet and liked seeing the full ballet with a few conversations and insights with dancers and artistic staff throughout the performance. It would be great if ABT could offer the behind the scenes and insights alongside the actual performance. They are letting their dancers down by not showcasing them in full performances.
  7. Thanks for posting. I watched Ballo Della Regina after watching NYCB’s and Napoli. Miss seeing Alban Lendorf at ABT in NYC...
  8. Same here...received by NYCB refund quickly and nothing from ABT after nearly 2 weeks. The email said it could take 30 days. I was not planning to request a refund from NYCB but as closures have extended, I changed my mind due to more uncertainty. Once things are running again, I'm happy to use it for tickets again though. For ABT, it was just too much to wait over a year for since there's no way I could use all my ticket credits for a short fall season if that even happens. I really would love to see some full lengths from ABT online though because I do miss them. When NYCB is on, I'm totally engrossed and in love with the neoclassical and vice versa when ABT is on with classics. Without some real content from ABT, I'm really favoring NYCB right now and if I do make a donation, will likely be to them.
  9. I was just coming here to see if there was an update since this forum is always well informed. I had emailed ABT and Met Opera yesterday to check on the status of the season and my tickets, as I have not been able to check my mail in the city. I'm not surprised by the news, but had hoped that there would be some season even if later in the summer. I really do hope for a proper farewell for Stella, as she has been my favorite female ABT dancer since I started attending. I was looking forward to a few things this season: Gillian back, Osipova, Hallberg, Simkin, Kimin Kim, Sarah Lane, and T&V. I don't get very excited about their short fall season, but I'll probably try to attend more this year. Hope all the dancers can take this time to heal injuries and recharge and can be in great shape come fall and next year. It's unfortunate but not unexpected. I had just been thinking about how soon I'd be willing to sit in the Met Opera House or Koch Theater for several hours in close proximity to others and the coughs that typically annoy me would actually worry me. Hope you are all staying safe out there.
  10. I noticed how cautious Tiler was tonight, but I loved loved seeing her back and was excited to see her perform all the fouettes without any issue. She looked great. Joseph Gordon was excellent - his spins and jumps looked effortless. He's really grown on me over the years, a confident and beautiful performer. I really wish I could go again this week, as it was a great night all around. Daniel Ulbricht was a standout tonight as well.
  11. Allegro started the night off strong with Tiler Peck delivering the speed and musicality we expect from her. I'm always excited to see Roman Mejia and although his take wasn't quite as expected, I was not disappointed. It was my first time seeing La Source and I enjoyed the music, Joseph Gordon and the corps dancers. Baily Jones didn't have enough presence onstage, but I would be open to seeing her in the role in a few years as she continues to grow and progress. Ashley Bouder was technically fine. Now that casting is up, I'm thinking of swapping out my Swan Lake tickets from Bouder and Furlan to Peck and Gordon. Highlight for me was seeing Teresa Reichlen in Firebird tonight. I found her to be truly captivating in the role.
  12. I attended only 2 Nutcrackers this year, the first of which I bought back in August and ended up seeing Lauren Lovette and Joseph Gordon. Lovette is not my favorite and I was hoping to see Sterling Hyltin or Sara Mearns as SPF and Daniel Ulbricht as Candy Cane. I enjoyed the performance and it was nice to see the full view from 2nd ring dead center (usually am on the side). The dancing was fine but didn't leave me wowed. Once casting was posted and I saw Tiler Peck was back, I was very tempted to spend the money to see her but didn't. I was very excited to see her SPF on TDF for last night's performance and got tickets. It was a magical evening, even though the holiday season has passed. I was in row C, which offered a very different view than 2nd ring. I loved seeing everything up close and felt very engaged. Sometimes, I find myself bored by the party scene and it deters me from buying tickets for more performances. Last night was different. Tiler and Tyler were beautiful and exciting to watch. Even being recently back from injury, Tiler was close to perfection and Tyler an excellent partner. I really enjoy watching both of them. Lauren King as Dewdrop was absolutely fantastic and a real highlight of the evening. She was so radiant, elegant and secure in her dancing. I don't get to see her often, but can't wait to see more of her. I enjoyed her Dewdrop more than Unity's back in December. Daniel Ulbricht shined as usual and truly brings energy and thrill to his performances. I can't make it to the final Nut today, but from last night's performance, they finished this nonstop season on a high. Looking forward to winter season!
  13. I attended programs B and C and then program D twice. Of the 3, I think I enjoyed Program D the most simply because of the dancers. I couldn't get enough of the four of them, especially Sarah Lamb and Edward Watson. I'd only see Watson once in 2015 and loved him. Overall, the programming as a whole did not blow me away, but reminded me of how little we actually see these dancers here. I am overdue to return to London again to see as many performances of The Royal Ballet as I can jam into a long weekend. It was a treat to see Robbie Fairchild in NYC, as I hadn't seen him since Brigadoon at City Center in 2017 after he retired from NYCB. As David Hallberg is barely at ABT anymore, I thoroughly enjoyed watching him dance with Joseph Gordon in the Bejart piece. At this point, I'll take anything in which I can see him. Of B and C, I was very impressed by Marcelino Sambé and Lauren Cuthbertson in "Two Sides Of" and Cassandra Trenary. I attended an event at which Trenary noted how much she loved MacMillan, so I was excited to see her in "Elite Syncopations" and she was great. Both of the Bond pieces that I saw were elegant and enjoyable, but not particularly memorable. The last piece in Program D was "Cristaux" and it reminded me of a magic show with the glittering crystal costumes, music and lights.
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