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  1. I attended programs B and C and then program D twice. Of the 3, I think I enjoyed Program D the most simply because of the dancers. I couldn't get enough of the four of them, especially Sarah Lamb and Edward Watson. I'd only see Watson once in 2015 and loved him. Overall, the programming as a whole did not blow me away, but reminded me of how little we actually see these dancers here. I am overdue to return to London again to see as many performances of The Royal Ballet as I can jam into a long weekend. It was a treat to see Robbie Fairchild in NYC, as I hadn't seen him since Brigadoon at City Center in 2017 after he retired from NYCB. As David Hallberg is barely at ABT anymore, I thoroughly enjoyed watching him dance with Joseph Gordon in the Bejart piece. At this point, I'll take anything in which I can see him. Of B and C, I was very impressed by Marcelino Sambé and Lauren Cuthbertson in "Two Sides Of" and Cassandra Trenary. I attended an event at which Trenary noted how much she loved MacMillan, so I was excited to see her in "Elite Syncopations" and she was great. Both of the Bond pieces that I saw were elegant and enjoyable, but not particularly memorable. The last piece in Program D was "Cristaux" and it reminded me of a magic show with the glittering crystal costumes, music and lights.
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