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  1. Megan's interviewed Anthony Huxley.
  2. Arron Scott posted that he’s retiring from ABT.
  3. Not exactly free streaming but I'm loving Hamilton on Disney Plus. I saw a replacement cast about two years ago and seeing the OBC is absolutely amazing.
  4. Not exactly streaming but here's NYCB dancers recreating famous choreography with their pets:
  5. Alexandra Waterbury has been posting up a storm about how ballet is sexist and racist:
  6. I alerted them to it on twitter and Facebook ...
  7. The Rubies uploaded by PABallet is incomplete. It doesn't even finish the pas de deux!
  8. I haven't been able to access the Ekman piece for PA Ballet even though I was sent a password ...
  9. Do you have to reregister for every offering?
  10. As long as there's racism, I don't think anyone can say that they're "exempt." If you are white in America, you can't say you "don't see race" because the fact is many people only see race, and you're the beneficiary of that attitude. Also people don't get to "choose" when that choice is made for them. Again, this is not limited to POC. I'm going to go with the GS Warriors again -- Steve Kerr can't "choose" to not see race if he wants to manage his team because the fact is he coaches a majority black/mixed race team. He himself is white, but because of the people he has to coach everyday, he can't take himself out of that discussion. I think ballet companies are finally coming to that realization that they can't take themselves out of the dicsussion either and that's a good thing.
  11. What a curious notion that people who are, in fact, discriminated against because of their race are playing the "race game." To use another popular organization in the Bay area -- do you feel Steph Curry is "playing the race game" when he goes out and protests BLM? Or is he protesting because he actually is a POC who believes in supporting this cause?
  12. RDB is streaming Rubies. There's a geo-block but I was able to access it easily via some VPN program.
  13. Well I'm bummed. I've never seen any footage of the Coppelia except in excruciating video quality, and I was looking forward to seeing Patricia McBride as the doll.
  14. My favorite Abrera role was Lise in Fille mal gardee. Absolutely enchanting and she really is an Ashtonian dancer with the upper body grace and natural charm. I was also impressed by the energy she brought to smaller roles. Fir instance her Mistress in Manon was hilarious. Here is a role she SHOULD have danced: Odette/Odile:
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