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  1. Casting for the BAAND programs. Sterling Hyltin is back yay! Ces Noms Que Nous Portons featuring Taylor Stanley. In the Night featuring Sterling Hyltin, Joseph Gordon, Sara Mearns, Russell Janzen, Unity Phelan, and Andrew Veyette. In Creases featuring Sara Adams, Preston Chamblee, Emilie Gerrity, Gonzalo Garcia, Gretchen Smith, Harrison Coll, Indiana Woodward, and Christopher Grant.
  2. Reading the book right now. Only on the beginning chapters but enjoying the book overall. Gina has a good sense of humor.
  3. Well tbh I'm relieved. Abi Stafford has barely danced for many seasons. If she does dance it's in a smallish soloist part.
  4. I hope MSND will not be canceled due to the large child cast.
  5. CDC card will probably be fine. I plan on going to my primary care doctor and getting a note.
  6. Just got the email. NYCB will be requiring vaccinations in order to attend.
  7. Good. I'm really tired of the mollycoddling of unvaccinated people. I wonder how Nutcracker season will be handled.
  8. I made this video about David Hallberg's directive about arms: So David Hallberg made a video demonstrating what he wants arms to look like -- free and flowing, and not held at a very fixed angle. He cites the way NYCB, Mariinsky, or Bolshoi do it. I found examples of what he's talking about. In the first video (a variation from T&V), the Laura Hecquet POB has arms held in a very stiff, formal angle throughout the variation. It's very classically correct. In the second video, Tiler Peck of the NYCB does what David Hallberg demonstrates -- her arms fly higher as the music crescendos.
  9. I think Brandt will definitely be cast. Maybe Trenary too?
  10. I went to the performance at Rockefeller Center tonight. Overall enjoyed the evening although I found the Whiteside piece New Amerian Romance a bit boring. I enjoyed Christine Shevchenko and Tom Forster in Seven Sonatas, and I also enjoyed Indestructible Light. There was a cool dancer encore at the end.
  11. She has foot injuries that make her favor very broken in shoes. Alina Cojocaru is the same way.
  12. They are visible inher younger photos. She doesn't use them anymore because her feet have such huge bunions. Young: Her pointe shoes now:
  13. Kurt Froman announced it: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRjuKxLgA5A/ As did John Clifford: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRfGQf6A7i2/
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