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  1. I'm really surprised to hear about Tiler's balances. I've seen Tiler dance Aurora in two previous outings of Sleeping Beauty and her balances were out of this world secure. When I saw her last Thursday I was surprised to see her do a quick "hand up, hand down" kind of balance but thought it was nerves or just a bad night. It's totally okay to do the Rose Adagio that way, it's just very surprising from Tiler. To me it's like Joan Sutherland not doing any interpolated high notes in Lucia di Lammermoor.
  2. I must say that while I enjoyed Mearns' Lilac Fairy she is absolutely delicious as Carabosse (or Sarabosse) as she calls herself. Funny, gleeful, malevolent, chews the scenery and the stage.
  3. I was at both last night and tonight's performance. I agree that Russell Janzen just about gave up trying to dance by the end of Act 2. At one point he stood at the side of the stage gasping for air before finishing the coda. He was marking the steps more than dancing them. Tonight Tiler Peck unexpectedly had some wobbly moments in the Rose Adagio. In fact the first set of balances was more of a quick arm up arm down thing than a true balance in fifth position. Her final balances were better but they were still much shorter than what I'm used to from her. As for Ashley Laracey, I hate to comment on this but I barely recognized her she looked so thin. I had to do a double take. She danced beautifully but it was actually uncomfortable to watch her because I thought she looked scarily thin.
  4. For Bachtrack: https://bachtrack.com/review-to-create-a-world-gallim-dance-joyce-theater-new-york-city-february-2019
  5. I had heard of the poor ticket sales. I think that's why the Met is doing a February break and extending the season into June. Opening night the place was fuller but still quite empty for such a wonderful revival.
  6. Definitely one of the best things the Met has put on this season. I'd definitely catch the HD or if yiu're in the NYC area catch a remaining performance. https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2019/02/la-fille-du-regiment-vive-la-france.html
  7. Nadon is rather tall. More of a Lilac Fairy type than an Aurora type.
  8. According to some Instagram and Facebook posts Mel Tomlinson passed away:
  9. Joe Gordon was replaced in Interplay by Peter Walker tonight. Hope he is not injured ahead of his big debut in Sleeping Beauty.
  10. For the moment no. He's in London filming CATS.
  11. canbelto

    Sergei Polunin

    Dont even know what to say about this.
  12. In the spring there are several mixed programs: Slaughter on Tenth Ave/Barber Violin Concerto/Diamonds Valse Fantasie/Suite of Dances/New Peck/New Portner/Western Symphony Judah/DAAG/Stars and Stripes Principia/Symphony in Three Movements/The Times Are Racing Stars and Stripes/Slaughter on 10th Ave/Tarantella/Times Are Racing
  13. Well FWIW the house was very well sold today, with the audience reaching into the far reaches of the fourth ring. And the all-Balanchine programs have been well-sold. So they might figure why switch up a good thing?
  14. My thoughts on the new combinations program, including Justin Peck's Principia and Kyle Abraham's The Runaway: https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2019/02/nycb-winter-diaries-justin-pecks.html
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