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  1. NYCB has an in-depth article about Prodigal Son: https://www.nycballet.com/discover/stories/spotlight-prodigal-son/
  2. Tess Reichlen just had her baby. Congratulations Tess! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLktSu9gN_E/
  3. I could see if they did a ballet about, say, Anna Pavlova or Marie Taglioni that they'd interpolate some of their most well known numbers into the ballet.
  4. Uh ... the choreography just doesn;t fit Swan Lake. It's more a 9 minute virtuoso display and thus the perfect gala piece. I also couldn;t imagine anyone doing the Tchai pas in an Odile costume,
  5. Another pas de deux I like is Papillon. Olesya Novikova dances it in galas at the Mariinsky:
  6. Pas de Quatre was also part of Boston Ballet's digital season.
  7. For a small fee here's Paquita with Ashley Hod and Andrew Veyette: https://www.aballetnetwork.com/paquita.html
  8. Paul Taylor is streaming Esplanade: https://mediaspace.du.edu/media/Newman+Center+PresentsA+Paul+Taylor+Dance+Company/1_rcp6xnok
  9. Simone Messmer should be in the running. (KIDDING.)
  10. More good news: they are adding a performance of Vienna Waltzes to be streamed June 3:
  11. Tess and Danny in Prodigal Son? Yay! 😃
  12. They're archival but they will be filming new stuff for the gala
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