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  1. Gender identity is fluid. Mr. Johnsey can identify as a ballerina onstage and cis in real life.
  2. I think it's safe to say NYCB's spring season is probably canceled.
  3. The Joyce Theater has canceled all performances in March. So Lyon Opera Ballet and some other touring companies will not be coming to NYC.
  4. Yes but after the AGMA investigation came out I think companies from Europe also distanced themselves from Domingo. He's already been fired from Madrid.
  5. Agrippina was an enjoyable new production. The Flying Dutchman was/is a total dud: https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2020/03/mets-new-dutchman-drowns.html
  6. Well they didn't anticipate that Domingo would cancel himself due to his own behavior.
  7. Unfortunately I think Lane added fuel to that fire.
  8. Ah, how short the memories are. In 1927 a young choreographer named George Balanchine had an exciting project but was saddled with casting ultimatums: he had to cast Serge Lifar as Apollo because Lifar was Diaghilev's lover and then also cast Alice Nikitina because she had a wealthy lover who donated a lot of money to Ballet Russes. Money and personal relationships used as a tool to getting roles is nothing new. I think Brandt and Trenary are both tremendously talented, so it's not as if one dancer's roles are not merited.
  9. Lourdes Lopez "liked" Kathryn's body positivity post on IG. So I think this isn't a doxxing of management.
  10. I know one was Nathalia Arja who was promoted to principal:
  11. Adrian D-W gives some clarification on his injury. Doesn't sound like it is long-term:
  12. I went this afternoon and overall I loved it. It was cool to ssee the HD cameras filming right in front of me (I sat in the orchestra). https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2020/02/agrippina-in-which-i-brave-baroque.html
  13. But they do under-utilize people who were promoted. For instance Abi Stafford was someone promoted to principal who rarely danced a principal's workload. Georgina Pazcoguin is a soloist whose rep always was limited.
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