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  1. If someone has power to fire you and ruin your career, "consent" becomes moot. There's too much power over one person.
  2. Domingo was unique in that he was singer, conductor, and impresario all at once. So he had power in all three arenas. Like if a soprano was at LA Opera who would she have complained to, as he was also the AD?
  3. What. You realize that there are laws against this and the woman shouldn’t have to “go.” The man should be fired for this behavior? And who cares if these women were “nobodies”? No one should have to deal wuth sexual harassment.
  4. I admit being guilty to this. I also thought that the tired performances that were without her usual spark were a result of the weight loss. Now I know that it was probably first-trimester fatigue! But about how a dancer "looks" onstage I was once standing next to a Russian ballerina renowned for her long, lithe body lines. And while she looked like a million bucks and was indeed very slim, I was surprised to see she did not look nearly as waif-like as she did onstage. Up close I could see how much MUSCLE definition she had -- her arms had the taut muscles of a professional athlete. What she does have onstage is incredible proportions that allow her to look extremely thin. Offstage if you had told me she was a professional runner I would have believed you.
  5. It’s very difficult for victims of sexual abuse to speak out. Society’s tendency to blame and harass them. I work with kids who were molested and they weren’t believed by their families even after kids were born. i believe the women. People don’t lie about sexual harassment and abuse period.
  6. And San Francisco: https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/music/sf-opera-cancels-domingo-appearance-after-sexual-harassment-allegations
  7. Omg, herniated disc? Her recovery sounds really day by day and obviously I’m hoping she’s back sooner rather than later but this is the kind of injury where she really needs to let her body heal.
  8. Maybe because she's a prominent British ballerina with an unusual background and British VOGUE wants to promote British artists? And from what I've seen of her, the hype is justified. She's an amazing ballerina. Assumptions that she only got on VOGUE because she's Kenyan are reductive -- she's not just the "Kenyan ballerina" and it's sad if anyone thinks that's all she is.
  9. Wiseman never identifies people in his docs. It's his thing. Part of this is that many of his docs dealt with extremely sensitive issues. But it's weirder when he;s just documenting ballet.
  10. Sesame Street deserves the honor for the excellence it has brought to television and also the variety of cultural icons they have had guest. Also for repeatedly enduring attacks that it "promoted" some sort of agenda.
  11. Sarah Lane confirmed it in her instagram.
  12. I finally read the whole thing and here's what I thought: https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2019/07/marius-petipa-biography-royal-danes-and.html
  13. Faye Arthurs, former NYCB corps member, is now a dance critic. Her reviews can be found here. I find them to be some of the most intelligent I've ever read. https://www.fjordreview.com/author/faye-arthurs/
  14. Sure they can do it. But their Balanchine performances are objectively disgusting and awful.
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