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  1. What are some of your favorite (and least favorite) arts performances of 2019? I made my own list here: https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2019/12/best-and-worst-of-2019.html
  2. According to my friend who has been at NYCB forever -- no, generally not. Unless someone caught his eye. See Gelsey Kirkland who was dancing Dewdrop when she was a teen. But first cast was usually a veteran couple. He did allow all his principals to guest a lot during Nutcracker season so there were opportunities. But back then NYCB was in some ways more rigid. Certain dancers "owned" roles. For instance if Jewels was cast Suzanne was Diamonds, Patty was Rubies, Violette was Emeralds.
  3. I honestly can't understand the casting of Megan LeCrone as SPF. This has been since Peter was AD. For whatever reason she was a Martins favorite and is a Stafford/Whelan favorite. I do not get it.
  4. Yes McGill was really on last night. I often dislike the Marzipan variation because I feel like even the strongest technicians can struggle with this solo but McGill made it look very charming and easy last night.
  5. I agree. She looked like a supermodel, but every jump was leaden and effortful and every pirouette seemed churned out. A few weeks ago I saw Indiana Woodward who is petite and doesn't have the stunning figure of Unity Phelan, but Woodward danced the hell out of that part. She was the best I've seen since Tiler Peck, Tess Reichlen and Ashley Bouder.
  6. I was there last night and am writing a review for bachtrack. I really enjoyed Lauren Lovette and Joseph Gordon, as well as Miriam Miller as Coffee and Sebastian Villarini-Velez as Candy Cane. I thought Lovette was very charming and Gordon might be the best classicist the company has right now among the male principals. I wasn't crazy about Unity Phelan as Dewdrop -- I thought her jumps looked rather floppy and her turns were effortful, and she's not a natural allegro dancer. I thought Alston McGill did very well as Marzipan last night. Alec Knight is always funny as Mother Ginger. For those who are paying attention they have no reinstated the pause before the backbend promenade. It starts at 3:14 here.
  7. I went to a "Behind the Magic" showing at NYCB. Roman Mejia performed Candy Cane, Preston Chamblee and SAB students did the Mother Ginger dance, and Ashley Hod and Jovani Furlan did the grand pas de deux. I thought the most interesting part was being walked through the entire Prince's mime. Hod and Furlan dance this Sunday afternoon. I thought overall they were really good although the partnering wasn't as seamless as it could have been. Hod has a beautiful arabesque.
  8. It's a myth that the Bolshoi dancers always nail the torch lift. For instance here it is decidedly not a seamless lift: This is much better:
  9. I can't remember a time I've really cared about the Giselle peasant pas variation even when danced well as it is here.
  10. Did anyone go to the performance with Kowroski as SPF tonight? Really wondering how she is nowadays in this role.
  11. I sympathize. I already saw the performance with Hyltin/Veyette/Woodward and immediately spring for Tiler's return to the stage. Le sigh.
  12. An update in casting: Abi Stafford is replaced by Unity Phelan on December 12.
  13. Sleeping Beauty is not that demanding of a role for the Prince though ...
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