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  1. I've seen Kowroski as SPF before but a long time ago. Last year I know she was working through a knee injury that ended up taking her out of the rest of Nutcracker and winter season.
  2. NYCB will be streaming Nutcracker on Marquee Arts Dec 3 - Jan 6. https://twitter.com/nycballet/status/1331287355710443520?s=20 This holiday season New York City Ballet and Marquee TV will bring viewers around the world the opportunity to revel in the magic of NYCB’s acclaimed production of the beloved masterpiece George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker® in a special streaming event available from December 11, 2020 through January 3, 2021 on Marquee TV. Tickets will be available for purchase starting November 27 at 10 AM EST at marquee.tv/nycbnutcracker and will be priced at $2
  3. Kathryn Morgan posted this lovely clip of her doing the SPF variation: https://www.instagram.com/p/CH79P02jo3c/
  4. Tyler Angle announced on instagram that he and his longtime partner Ralph Ippolito (a veteran corps member of NYCB) are now married. Congrats Tyler and Ralph!
  5. Google doodles pays tribute to Maria Tallchief:
  6. I really enjoyed PABallet's two offerings tonight. I liked Ghost Stories more on first watch but Evenings was also very good.
  7. It wouldn't surprise me if Lauren decided to focus on choreography in the future. She always had a lighter schedule than most principal dancers, maybe because of some injuries early in her career? She was getting invites to choreograph from ABT and Vail. I wish her luck.
  8. I'm a little confused about Lovette and her break with her parents. It sounds like she hinted that they're part of a fundamentalist cult?
  9. Tess Reichlen on her Instagram stories seemed to post a baby bump. Congrats!
  10. I wrote a review of all the works for bachtrack: https://bachtrack.com/review-video-new-york-city-ballet-digital-fall-lincoln-center-october-2020
  11. I like New Song and I thought the Tanowitz work had some interesting traces of Merce Cunningham-like choreography. The two other pieces have been extremely insubstantial IMO.
  12. Think the "new works" in recent years that will be a permanent part of the rep: Alexei Ratmansky's Russian Seasons, Namouna, Concerto DSCH, Pictures at an Exhibition Justin Peck's In Creases, Times Are Racing, Rodeo, Belles Lettres, Pulcinella Variations Wheeldon's After the Rain, This Bitter Earth, Carousel, DGV Forsythe's Herman Schmermann Kyle Abraham's Runaway
  13. If you read Repertory in Review Mr. B's works didn't dominate the seasons in his day either. He was into giving dancers a chance at dabbling with choreography. He was also a busy man -- he frequently flew to Europe for commissions in doing choreography for opera productions. A Balanchine premiere was a big thing in his day as well. And of course not all of his works have stood test of time. There's quite a few of his ballets that simply aren't done anymore.
  14. This is an article about the creation of the new pieces. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/11/09/how-new-york-city-ballet-took-on-the-pandemic It mentions that Harrison Coll and Indiana Woodward have moved to California to live with her parents as neither of them have any salary. Wow.
  15. Harrison Ball I think is definitely on track for promotion. He had some injuries but was dancing a principal workload before the pandemic. Harrison Coll is someone who seemed to have gotten sidetracked with injuries and then never really returned. I think Unity, Indiana, and Emilie are the soloists on track to be promoted to principal. One thing about NYCB is that even though corps and apprentices do get fired from time to time soloists and principals are usually allowed to retire on their own terms. Some were dancing well up until retirement (Joaquin de Luz), others just danced les
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