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  1. I made this video about David Hallberg's directive about arms: So David Hallberg made a video demonstrating what he wants arms to look like -- free and flowing, and not held at a very fixed angle. He cites the way NYCB, Mariinsky, or Bolshoi do it. I found examples of what he's talking about. In the first video (a variation from T&V), the Laura Hecquet POB has arms held in a very stiff, formal angle throughout the variation. It's very classically correct. In the second video, Tiler Peck of the NYCB does what David Hallberg demonstrates -- her arms fly higher as the music crescendos.
  2. I think Brandt will definitely be cast. Maybe Trenary too?
  3. I went to the performance at Rockefeller Center tonight. Overall enjoyed the evening although I found the Whiteside piece New Amerian Romance a bit boring. I enjoyed Christine Shevchenko and Tom Forster in Seven Sonatas, and I also enjoyed Indestructible Light. There was a cool dancer encore at the end.
  4. She has foot injuries that make her favor very broken in shoes. Alina Cojocaru is the same way.
  5. They are visible inher younger photos. She doesn't use them anymore because her feet have such huge bunions. Young: Her pointe shoes now:
  6. Kurt Froman announced it: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRjuKxLgA5A/ As did John Clifford: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRfGQf6A7i2/
  7. IMO going to the theater is a privilege, not a right. If theaters can impose dress codes (no flip flops, must wear shoes), they have a right to impose vaccination requirements.
  8. Some organizations like Hamilton are requiring employees get vaccines too: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/13/theater/broadway-reopening.html
  9. NY has something called an Excelsior Pass.
  10. I'm a teacher and one of the most awful calls I made was in March. I called a parent saying that their child had not been attending class and she was usually an excellent student. The mother told me the father had been taken off the ventilator that morning and passed away.
  11. Well judging from my social media it absolutely does. My friends who haven't gotten vaccinated all regularly post clips from right-wing media personalities to justify not getting vaccinated. And also the red states have a signifcantly lower rate of vaccination than the blue states. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/07/16/most-american-adults-live-blue-states-most-unvaccinated-adults-live-red-ones/
  12. Getting vaccinated or not has become a part of the political culture wars. Tucker Carlson, Laura Inghram, and other right wing personalities and politicians regularly discourage people from getting vaccinated.
  13. A missed opportunity can mean years of delays. I remember when Stella Abrera was dancing nearly every night. She was doing soloist roles and corps roles and you couldn't miss her. She was for sure being tracked to principal. There was an announcement of Giselle. And she got injured. After that she spent years as a utility soloist before finally making principal at age 37 or so.
  14. In the interviews Megan conducted I was so surprised by the dancers who said they learned a role in a matter of hours bc of a last minute injury. I think Ashley Bouder said she learned Firebird after one run-through.
  15. The story of the principal asking for her role the minute she was injured sounds typical of the business. It's a very tough business and every injury unfortunately is an opportunity for another dancer.
  16. I am vaccinated but as I teach little kids I also have a responsibility not to get them sick. I would be less stressed out if more people were vaccinated and there is less viral load in the community.
  17. Indoors is a different matter though.
  18. I remember her getting a huge knee injury during the Here/Now festival in 2017. That was a season many, many dancers went down with injuries and lots of non-standard rep ballets were being performed. I saw her with a knee brace shortly after an in-performance injury. I remember her being subbed out of Russian Seasons for one.
  19. Springsteen on Broadway also has this policy: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9589966/springsteen-broadway-astrazeneca-vaccine-reversal-canada/
  20. Also visible with Irina Dvorovenko:
  21. Roman Mejia definitely will be promoted. Or should be.
  22. The Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall have both announced this policy: https://operawire.com/metropolitan-opera-announces-mandatory-audience-vaccination/ https://operawire.com/carnegie-hall-to-require-proof-of-vaccination/ I think moving forward this will become the policy.
  23. They're visible with Sarah Lamb ...
  24. One thing I notice from a lot of interviews is that Merrill Ashley was a very strong force in the company and many dancers felt like they benefited from her. It's a shame that she is no longer involved in coaching. Gina is not the first dancer to say what a positive force Merrill was for her.
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