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  1. I truly hope a wave of cancel culture doesn't start for ballet companies...
  2. What a delightful production! Thanks for the link, Roberta. Yes. Lots and lots of mine. Actually there's an entire mime scene during the whole of the Mazurka in act I, very much like Peter Martin's in his SL ballroom act, where a whole mime between the four characters happen while yet another Mazurka is danced in the background. Also, the "War and Discord" music is used for Franz and his friends in the final act. 😀 Definitely a folk oriented production, with the wonderful Hungarian colors.
  3. I keep coming back to this. I think it is GENIUS!! Love love love.🥰
  4. And that could probably be the end of her tenure down here. Lopez did pull her out of the role, but also offered it to her. Tbh, I saw Morgan as the Striptease girl and didn't see her ready yet , body wise. Maybe she won't ever be back to where she was before getting sick. Quite a shame. For some reason I thought she could do a triumphant big return as O/O in Ratmansky's upcoming SL. The whole social media lacrimose post is a mistake, in my book, if she wants to keep trying to fit in a company. That will only scare AD's, and like it or not, the weight issue, even being a cruel, raw topic, comes with the job. On its non spoken description though... Joy Womack is the poster child for such controversial online rantings.
  5. That post, I suspect, was a catalyst. Morgan clearly said she wanted to dance the role and that she was pulled out of it. She never says that she understands the reasons why. She was definitely upset and she obviously felt she should had danced it. Lourdes liking the post is a mere "I hear you, and I acknowledge that you are frustrated". But that's it. The end result is the same. Morgan feels she should had been onstage for Firebird. Lourdes decided against it.
  6. I kind of guessed she would not last down here. Miami is rough.
  7. Of course he has the right to dress as he wants offstage. Which is what he's doing right now.
  8. I remember Johnsey stating just that, or something along the lines. That the company wanted him-(and everyone else)- to look more manly. The whole thing, according to him, started when he opted to act/dress/look more feminine offstage. That the company has the right or not to make such rules is probably subject to endless debate. And a formal investigation took place into the matters. And it is finished by now.
  9. Is usually one's family who does, when we're little boys.
  10. Johnsey was clear about it. The Trocks want to be known as a troupe of men in drag. Men dancing on pointe. Men satirizing ballet-( and showing how proficient they can be on pointe if wanted). They want men who dress and look like men offstage vs their comical onstage "female" alter egos.
  11. Apologies accepted 🥰. Of course I was just talking about the "whole concept" of the Trocks troupe and their approach to the art form. About gender fluidity and such I wouldn't even try to discuss, as it is quite a Pandora's box and much of a complex, personal perception that is certainly not of general consensus.
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