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  1. Choreo wise, this fragment is all Ponomarev....
  2. Wow. Thanks for the report. I am still confused with Dulcinea's/Gamzatti variation. In DQ Dulcinea does not do Italian fouettes. She does sautes on pointe, sissonnes and a round of chainee turns at the end of her variation. Queen of Dryads does Italian fouettes though....
  3. cubanmiamiboy

    Balanchine's Don Quixote: Worth a Revival?

    No...not in a XIX Century way. More like in the way that the gossiping 60's NYC dance world-(and probably many others sitting in the audience at the time)- knew of how bizarre the Balanchine/Farrell afair was.
  4. Well...if to the "last act" you refer to the wedding of Gamzatti, then the Russians might had given us opulence pre Bolshevik era, because the Soviets gave us no act whatsoever. And Vikharev's was buried so early into Oblivion that it can't really count. What the Russians now have is a truncated production, no more..no less. Ratmansky could had corrected the misses and faults of Ponomarev's Makarova's and Vikharev's. I hope he did.
  5. cubanmiamiboy

    Balanchine's Don Quixote: Worth a Revival?

    I haven't seen the ballet, but for what I have read, it was quite art imitating life there, and I find that bizarre.
  6. I firmly believe that, when doing a ballet recon, the choreographer should look at the evolution of the work and not jump into too radical changes that might put the production in jeopardy, to the point of being taken out of the repertoire, which is what has happened so far with all Vikharev works. Temple destructions are usually hard to achieve. I've seen less that satisfactory ones both in Bayadere and in Opera. If he did not achieve that final properly, then we have a problem. The other important issue is to actually bring the original libretto back..the proper story with the real ending. Fake endings do jeopardize classic works-(perfect example with Andersen's The Little Mermaid, where her original suicide is becoming lost in popular folk culture after Disney's changes. Makarova was the real savior of La Bayadere as she was able to rescue the real finale for the modern audiences. By now NYrs are familiar with the whole story, and might look at the Soviet truncated productions with displeasure. I know I do. Ratmansky could enhance this and more by having access to the real music of the last act. The interpolation Dulcinea's variation I don't think was a wise idea. If the original variation/music is not preserved...why didn't they leave Ponomarev jetes one...? Golden Idol should had stayed.
  7. cubanmiamiboy

    Thoughts on Iolanta/The Nutcracker

    A few years ago saw a double bill at the Bolshoi that comprised the better known parts of the score of the ballet followed by the Opera. No inyermezzo. During the Nutcracker music, the stage was open to the audience showing the Iolanta sets. At some point the soprano playing Iolanta got into the stage and kept wandering about during the WHOLE of the ballet score..as if in a dream, her blindness obvious . That poor woman did quite some wandering before the Opera started. It was very awkward to say the least.
  8. cubanmiamiboy

    Balanchine's Don Quixote: Worth a Revival?

    That elderly abuse onstage business that others have referred to...? Isn't that bizarre...?
  9. Where is CharlieH...? I'm dying to read the reports...
  10. cubanmiamiboy

    Balanchine's Don Quixote: Worth a Revival?

    I can just imagine the inner circle of dancers who knew the whole of the drama between the two seeing such a thing onstage, and I'm sure many of those who have seen the original video, and by now know the details of the platonic affair, have drawn conclusions and parallelisms. I know I would
  11. cubanmiamiboy

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    I find Boylston very boring. I certainly did, Susan..via Radvanovsky's Tosca! 🤗🤗🤗
  12. cubanmiamiboy

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    Boylston was totally out of touch with "In the Upper Room"
  13. cubanmiamiboy

    Balanchine's Don Quixote: Worth a Revival?

    Because of the obvious.
  14. cubanmiamiboy

    Balanchine's Don Quixote: Worth a Revival?

    This whole affair of El Don/Balanchine vs Dulcinea/Farrell onstage sounds bizarre to me.
  15. cubanmiamiboy

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    I went to tonight's performance, and I'm sad to report it was one of the most ,to me, boring programs I've ever seen done by any company. I don't have the program right now, but I'm sure other will identify the works. First one was a colorful unitard thing with a couple of wooden props that the dancers kept pushing and turning. Totally forgettable. Them came a hybrid in between tap, rock and roll, swing and tablao, which was even MORE boring than the first one. And finally the much overdone, overrated "In the Upper Room" closed the night. I think I even dozed off a bit. 😶