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  1. I think every time a big scandal happens within the ballet world that somehow seems to hint at its inner world the company image gets indeed tainted. Being Bolshoi with the acid attack, being a ballerina speaking out -( Kirkland, Volochkova, Womack, Morgan among others), being an AD being removed due to sexual conduct-( Martins)- bits and pieces of the enclosed world of ballet is revealed as a Pandora's box for the rest of the world to peak and be scandalized at. And those stories stay somehow in people's minds. Tell me that if after the acid attack your vision of how the Bolshoi was the same.
  2. Gelsey Kirkland's point relayed heavily on this. She believed that, besides her own, NYCB and its directives-( Balanchine at the time)- were indeed very responsible for turning a blind eye to situations.
  3. I'm glad that Ramasar didn't have his career destroyed, and that his is a cautionary tale for all men, both those guilty or those others who might suffer unjustified vilification if your theory is indeed being applied to them.
  4. So sexual assault is then equal to sexual abuse. Waterbury was assaulted because she was unknowingly filmed. Even if the sex was consensual. This is how it works...?
  5. But I'm confused. If they had consensual sex, that could be considered assault due to the unknown, to her, recording...?
  6. Given that the whole society agrees unilaterally on defining sexual assault. Waterbury wasn't sexually assaulted.
  7. Hi Drew! Sorry for this delayed response. Hadn't visited the site in a while. So...of course I saw the wonderful recon with both the recreated Fugue and Spessivtzeva's diagonal. It was great! And here's the Fugue. Enjoy !
  8. Miami is tough as a city. It takes a while to get used to it. Many never do. And the company is a very enclosed one. Super small and super closed. This dancers are like a little Rat Pack. And when there's someone who doesn't quite really fit, it's very noticeable from their social media platforms. I believe that was the case with Messmer and also somehow with Morgan too. The whole idea of calling anything Miami "home" is an enormous task that many never conquer. I'm still a work in progress after 21 years, and I sort of smelled Morgan wouldn't adapt that easy. I know Eddie never did either.
  9. I truly hope a wave of cancel culture doesn't start for ballet companies...
  10. What a delightful production! Thanks for the link, Roberta. Yes. Lots and lots of mine. Actually there's an entire mime scene during the whole of the Mazurka in act I, very much like Peter Martin's in his SL ballroom act, where a whole mime between the four characters happen while yet another Mazurka is danced in the background. Also, the "War and Discord" music is used for Franz and his friends in the final act. 😀 Definitely a folk oriented production, with the wonderful Hungarian colors.
  11. I keep coming back to this. I think it is GENIUS!! Love love love.🥰
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