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  1. Around the time he went for a female corps position at the ENB he sometimes was referred as a "ballerina". I remember contesting such and not getting a very kind response.
  2. I looks like Jhonsey is no more a "gender fluid ballerina" but a male looking/male referred artistic director in Barcelona. http://www.balletdebarcelona.com/la-compania/equipo/chase-johnsey/
  3. I was recently in Barcelona, and let me tell you.... If I was to pick a european city to live, it would be there. I saw an amazing, luxurious production of Aida at the Liceu, and all I could think of was how great it would be if the city had a top notch ballet company as the perfect complement to the arts, food and beach.
  4. I just saw it!! So excited to have this jewel of a ballet in its purest form of existence right now!! Bring the recon on Mr. Ratmansky!!🥰🥰🥰🥰
  5. Iliana danced the lead in that performance. She was always a beautiful dancer. You too stay safe!
  6. I saw Gamonet's Carmen years ago when there was the "Ballet Gamonet" here in Miami. It was quite pleasant.
  7. Nothing new. Just like our current Hollywood "Shrines of Morality", #TheyKnew
  8. Don't remind me that I jumped on a plane once to see this. All my recollections are of Marcelo Ina huge beard looking like Moses and a frikin' boat spinning onstage. I slept through the whole thing. His LHBH and Anna Karenina-(saw them both in Russia)- I also found soporific as well. Not a fan at all of his own material, but certainly love his reconstructions.
  9. Or how about partnering issues..? If you remember Volochkova's case at the Bolshoi, it wasn't that much of how she looked vs. finding adequate partners for her.
  10. Lourdes agreeing with Morgan's message of encouragement doesn't necessarily equals Lourdes agreeing on Morgan looking adequate in the Firebird's leotard.
  11. If anything...I just really hope Morgan can eventually enjoy her dancing down here, even if it's less than what she expected. And this not only in terms of repertoire, but as a part of a troupe. I keep repeating that MCB is a tight bunch. I see them at the beach together...at the cafes around the city etc. What Morgan should NOT follow are Messmer's steps. The feeling of being an outcast. If she gets there her joy will be certainly jeopardized.
  12. Lauren Fadeley is her name. And she is more the muscular, tall type vs Morgan's hypothyroidism related weight.
  13. Again ..I can't stress enough the fact that MCB is a company of VERY petite dancers. Nathalia Arja, the Firebird, Is even smaller than Erica Pereira. The size difference during Slaughter was very obvious. I have the feeling that there was probably a deal for Morgan to get the role on the premises that she continued losing weight. And it just didn't happen. I think all performances were danced by Arja.
  14. 1- Wouldn't it be Lourdes herself who pulled her out of a role she very much wanted to dance....? 2- That's not what I got from the teary video. She clearly feels she was prepared for the role. She clearly states she was pulled out at the last minute. And she was emotional about it. And yes...the biggest picture here is definitely her message to the vulnerable teens that the world won't come to an end if you're not selected for Firebird based on your weight. That life goes on and can be enjoyable even without that role.
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