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  1. https://www.brb.org.uk/post/joiners-promotions-leavers-201819 End of season joiners, leavers and promotions 9 JULY 2018 As the 2017/18 season comes to a close, Birmingham Royal Ballet is delighted to announce the following: Yasuo Atsuji is promoted from First Soloist to Principal. Yvette Knight is promoted from Soloist to First Soloist. Brandon Lawrence is promoted from Soloist to First Soloist. Maureya Lebowitz is promoted from Soloist to First Soloist. Miki Mizutani is promoted from Soloist to First Soloist. Yaoqi
  2. Joy is not listed on Universal Ballet's website (that I can see). Is she still joining? I see she is guesting with multiple companies.
  3. Apologies, I see Joy's latest news was already reported by another posted.
  4. Joy just posted a photo on her FB, thanking Kremlin ballet for the memories and support. "I'll carry the experiences with me into the next chapter!" and appears to be on her way to NY.
  5. I believe the dancer who left is Gabrielle Perkins. She's now with Hungarian National Ballet
  6. Can someone explain to me what this seeming trend in nebulous Instagram posts is all about? I've seen similar posts from younger (non-famous) folks as well and frankly, I find it somewhat annoying. I get he's trying to create a buzz, but...."coming out of the shadows," ... "Act II" Apologies, but I prefer the straight on approach. Regardless of what it is, just post 'it.' His many fans have missed his presence and would love to know his next steps.
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