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  1. ENB is streaming Manon tomorrow as part of their Wednesday Watch Party. Cast: Cojocaru, Calley, Cirio. From ENB’s archives, circa 2016-17. Wednesday 24 June at 7pm BST on Facebook and YouTube. Remains available for several days.
  2. Ms Bouders partner in her Instagram photo looks much like Damien Woetzel who retired ten years ago. Would someone on this Board please enlighten me as to the correct identity? In any case, even one who may have excelled in a role several years ago sometimes “outgrows” it. A somewhat polite way of saying that they just do not look as good as they once did. In the case of SB that means being somewhat able to convince the audience that she is sixteen.Techicnical proficiency is not everything, especially in a story ballet.
  3. Has anyone heard who will be replacing Shapran and Bondareva on the NY tour? They are both still listed on the State Theater casting.
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