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  1. Thanks, Bellawood. I agree all around. I came up from Richmond, VA for a ballet blitz this weekend and had the pleasure of seeing all 4 shows starting Friday. It was wonderful to see the company back and in great shape. I had the privilege of seeing Moves in Vail, but this felt like a miracle return with the whole company and orchestra. We are so lucky!!! The farewells were totally classy and unique to their respective artists. And it was a privilege to see some of Maria’s “lasts.” I’m getting choked up thinking about her Glass Pieces performance now. I’m ebullient, but thanks to you all for your thoughtful notes here. We are all better for it!
  2. I brought a complete newbie to today’s matinee. It couldn’t have been a better introduction to NYCB! The dancing was full of joy throughout. And it highlighted the best of today’s company: Balanchine and Robbins as fresh as if new, and Peck capturing the essence of the dancers. Standouts that even a complete novice was able to appreciate were Tiler in Serenade, Anthony (but really the whole cast) in Pulcinella, and Maria in Glass Pieces. Chan was exciting to watch and I look forward to seeing a lot more of him, as well as Furlan. It was such a treat to introduce someone to ballet this way!
  3. She's on permanent faculty at SAB, so I am hoping that her plan is to stay around.
  4. Just now on NYCB Instagram stories, Savannah Durham Zoe Magnussen Samuel Melnikov KJ Takahashi promoted to corps. Congrats!
  5. Ashley Hod and Gretchen Smith were both part of the MOVES group at Vail and were wonderful in challenging roles they premiered (DaaG, Pictures at an Exhibition). I would not be at all surprised if they were promoted tout de suite. Overall it was a wonderful weekend seeing NYCB back live. Both performances were nearly upstaged by critters running across the stage (a chipmunk and a squirrel, I think) but the dancers held their own. Anthony Huxley was mesmerizing in both DaaG and in his premier in Sonatine w Tiler Peck (also incredible).
  6. Anyone know who is likely to be in the company as "NYCB MOVES" to Vail International Dance Festival? I just got tix and am so excited to break the ballet performance fast! DAAG, Sonatine, In the Night, Pictures at an Exhibition.
  7. I wonder if Symphony in C is appearing so that Maria K can have one last go. She was SO beautiful in the PDD the last time it ran.
  8. Each state keeps a registry. I imagine that is what will be used in the future to verify since the cards are so ephemeral.
  9. Per Robbie's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNfzZA_D8Yj/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  10. Wow!! He's just lovely in this role, and his youth shines! Effortless battement and so much spring in his step. Thanks for posting, Ivy!
  11. Do we know if the dancers will be paid during the cancelled seasons?
  12. Personally, I don't care for KM's dancing, and I find her social media empire insufferable, like that of most social-media-obsessed professionals. It is all incredibly narcissistic. But America loves a narcissistic celebrity. And yet, I watched almost the whole self-serving ("I'm an inspiration"), self-aggrandizing ("top-five company"), solipsistic ("trifecta of dance magazines') video right through like a sucker. It is like the Housewives - hard to turn away from. Can I get my money back?
  13. Let’s all hope the corona virus stays away so the show can go on! I feel terrible for all those SFBallet dancers who won’t get to perform in Midsummer.
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