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  1. I'm hoping they will release this on DVD for those of us in North America! Very happy with their Onegin DVD and I hope they're seeing that there's an audience.
  2. California

    Colorado Ballet 2018-19 season

    I just have to brag a little with this clip of Francisco Estevez and Asuka Sasaki doing a gorgeous torchlift in the Colorado Ballet's Nutcracker this season. Very exciting. I haven't seen this in Denver since Alexei Tyukov and Maria Mossina retired. In truth, this looks as good as clips I've seen of the same move in Ratmansky's version for ABT - actually, better than many attempts there.
  3. California

    Woohoo! Onegin DVD now available!!!!

    Fascinating...have they ever looked at the range of music used by Balanchine? Much/most not written for dance!
  4. California

    Bolshoi Ballet Summer 2019 ROH London Residency

    The Bolshoi seems to like Costa Mesa, and it sells well. I saw their Don Q there in February 2010. As I remember, they had originally announced La Bayadere and then substituted the Don Q, perhaps so they could show off Osipova-Vasiliev. https://latimesblogs.latimes.com/culturemonster/2010/02/dance-review-the-bolshoi-returns-to-the-orange-county-performing-arts-center.html
  5. California

    Dog at the ballet

    Fake "service animals" are becoming a real problem. Public transportation in Denver has started posting very detailed signs that they only allow service animals specifically trained to assist a person with a disability. Airlines are also getting stricter. https://kdvr.com/2018/10/19/rtd-to-riders-stop-bringing-snakes-spiders-other-fake-service-animals/ https://usaservicedogs.org/airline-policies
  6. California

    Sergei Polunin

    I noticed a tattoo on Herman Cornejo's arm when he reappeared topless at the end of In the Upper Room last month. Something I've never understood: don't tattoos interfere with the body's ability to sweat at those locations? It just seems like too many would be a health issue, especially for athletes, but that doesn't seem to discourage people.
  7. California

    Woohoo! Onegin DVD now available!!!!

    Mine arrived today. I've never seen these principals in the theater (Vogel and Amatriain) but they were terrific on this DVD from 2017. With a dark set, it was sometimes difficult to see dancers clearly (despite my fiddling with settings), but it will do. A second DVD is included with an interview with the costume designer Jurgen Rose, Marcia Haydee and Reid Anderson. Almost two hours long (in German with English subtitles) it has some interesting tidbits, e.g.: Cranko had originally been commissioned to create this ballet for the Royal Ballet with Nureyev, Fonteyn, Dowell, and Sibley. But it was cancelled by the Royal (no explanation given) before he could get started and decided to just do it for Stuttgart instead.
  8. California

    Future technology

    I wonder about this, too, but now it seems vinyl records are making a comeback - now that I have long since given all my old records and stereo players to Good Will. I still have a TV hooked to a working VHS player, as some of my most precious VHS tapes were never released on DVD. But this is a continuing issue -- remember cassette music tapes? Beta videotapes? Video disks? Super 8 movies? Floppies for your PC? For better or worse, there are always tech shops (for a price!) that will happily convert your old generation stuff to a new generation. Planned obsolescence...
  9. California

    Blog Post by ED Samantha Turner

    Colorado Ballet also performs exclusively to live music and has its own orchestra. I suspect there are other regional companies who can claim this achievement. I'm glad Ballet Arizona can claim this about their own company, but I agree that there's no need to misrepresent the condition of other companies.
  10. California

    Woohoo! Onegin DVD now available!!!!

    Very glad to hear this. It would be fun to be able to do a close comparison of the two R&Js (Cranko-MacMillan). Speaking of rights: I'm reminded that there was a problem with the LeClerq cookbook. Wish they'd get that resolved!
  11. California

    Woohoo! Onegin DVD now available!!!!

    I'm wondering what triggered this release. I can't find any other Cranko or Stuttgart ballets on DVD, although it appears there was an ancient VHS no longer available. I'd also love to get his R&J, especially because of the intriguing comparisons with MacMillan's. European companies are usually so generous in releasing DVDs (unlike the American companies!). Perhaps they need money? Or perhaps they feel overshadowed by all the other companies gaining worldwide recognition with their DVDs? Anybody know the story?
  12. California

    Woohoo! Onegin DVD now available!!!!

    Here's the UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tchaikovsky-Crankos-Onegin-Various-Entertainment/dp/B07HNFX47S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542301230&sr=8-1&keywords=cranko+onegin+ballet Here's Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/Tchaikovsky-Crankos-Onegin-Alicia-Amatriain/dp/B07HNFX47S/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542301395&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=onegin+ballet+cranko To be released November 16, so perhaps that's the delay. EDITED TO ADD: Just appeared on Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/John-Crankos-Onegin/dp/B07HNFX47S/ref=tmm_dvd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1542301559&sr=8-1-fkmr0
  13. California

    Nutcracker 2018

    Good for Balanchine!! This is consistent with other reports of his rejection of America's ugly Jim Crowe racism, especially in that era.
  14. California

    Nutcracker 2018

    I am very glad to see this evolution. And I'm glad the Balanchine Trust supports it.
  15. California

    Tribute to Jerome Robbins

    Alas, I get a message (in Denver): "network access unavailable"