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  1. I remember Hope Muir as a dancer with English National Ballet even before she joined Rambert. Best wishes to her for her new post.
  2. Such very sad news. I first met Katherine at an event in Birmingham and then we bumped into each other there, in other UK venues and in Europe. I always enjoyed reading her Word Lady blogs. She was a lovely lady who will be sadly missed. RIP Katherine.
  3. I hate to be a pedant but British clergy is a more accurate phrase. I thought your words were very reasoned. I do not know how Liam Scarlett did or didn't behave but it was stated at the time the news first came out that no students under the age of 18 were involved so there was no criminality. I've seen a number of loving and heartfelt tributes to Liam Scarlett on social media. If the people who made those tributes had positive experiences and memories with Liam Scarlett then surely they are entitled to grieve for their friend? The vast majority of articles I have read (and believe me I have read loads as I am doing the Links on the British forum this week) are basically identical as the media sources have just used the same AP release. They all mention his dismissal from the Royal Ballet so it is not as though this aspect of his life has been ignored/swept under the carpet.
  4. Thank you Drew for your reasoned words.
  5. I think the trouble is that for most people if these types of allegations were made they would have been dealt with in house and perhaps go as far as an Industrial Tribunal. Most people wouldn't face being hung out to dry by the press and social media.
  6. Remembering that twitter gives you 280 characters, I wouldn't have expected more than that anyway.
  7. I watched the service itself and found it quite beautiful in its austerity. The sight of the Queen sitting so alone was heartbreaking and perhaps could also be taken as a remembrance for all the people who have died over the past dreadful year.
  8. It really is so sad. I send my deepest condolences to Liam Scarlett's family and friends. I've seen some rather touching tributes from a couple of dancers I know on FB. NY Times obit: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/17/arts/dance/liam-scarlett-dead.html Published in the Australian magazine Limelight: https://www.limelightmagazine.com.au/news/tributes-flow-for-liam-scarlett/ Most of the articles on the internet just use the AP release. In respect of the ROH investigation I believe it was found that there were no criminal charges to answer as no students were under the age of 18. The timing of the RDB announcement is most peculiar - I understand it relates the incidents that were alleged to have happened in 2018/19 when Liam Scarlett was working there so why wait so long for this? Of course, Ashton Fan is absolutely correct about the Murdoch press. The original headline after news of his death came out was vile.
  9. We've just seen some of the details on the news. There will be a small ceremonial procession within Windsor Castle, not on public view, but that will be part of the broadcast. None of the Royal Family will be wearing military uniforms; everyone will be wearing masks and there will be no singing of hymns. Due to UK bubbling arrangements the Queen may be sitting on her own but Prince Philip's Private Secretary may sit with her as he was part of the Windsor bubble. I'm sure I heard that the funeral will be broadcast in the USA as well as here in the UK (and probably other countries too). I think our lockdown arrangements for the past 13 months have been somewhat different to anything implemented in the USA. Most people I know (including myself) talk about events that happened "last year" but actually mean 2019 as 2020 was basically lost!
  10. Given that the UK is still in lockdown, albeit starting to ease slightly today, a full state funeral would not have been legal whether one was wanted or not.
  11. Hello California, I would say that the lack of specific dates and safety measures at this time is due to the ongoing uncertainty about what stage we will be at in terms of release of lockdown and when various requirements have been assessed. It must be a total nightmare for the theatres trying to plan ahead and I applaud the ROH for issuing some plans that will hopefully become more detailed at each phase of our unlocking. There are a number of items in the British press that would indicate more will be known by 1st June and that public booking opens towards the end of August. I, for one, am glad that each phase of unlocking is being assessed before we move on to the next phase. We have lost far too many people to this dreadful virus.
  12. This radio feature has just shown up in my Facebook feed: https://www.npr.org/2021/01/16/957389036/with-a-leap-across-gender-norms-a-rising-ballet-star-looks-to-rewrite-rules-of-d?fbclid=IwAR3gM0uLUcXZI7gMNUgKfpUEIcbzD1WFMpOpwKOdHdI8x6IR2T_h6cxOv70&t=1610824179565 Absolutely agree with this sentiment Seattle_dancer.
  13. Sadly I'm geo-blocked from the article but I don't think he is unique in wanting to learn to dance on pointe. Apart from the Trocks, I have seen male dancers on pointe occasionally and, of course, Bottom in Ashton's The Dream, is a pointe role.
  14. Oh how dreadfully sad. Sincere condolences to his family and friends and all who knew him and have been affected by his passing.
  15. Thanks CarolinaM, I really enjoyed reading the article.
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