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  1. 👏👏👏 waiting for you here soon!! Thank you! 💛
  2. Ohhh I'm happy to know you enjoyed!! But you are right Ballet is lacking there and it is not at all appreciated by the Government neither by the Liceu, this is a great lack in the city as far as culture is concerned. And it is really a pity as the Liceu had a very important ballet company in the past centuries (1847-1988). Now with the new board of Directors and the Ballet de Barcelona in place maybe some things could change, but for sure this would happen slowly.... if it happens.... And with all this COVID-19 situation, who knows what's going to happen? If you come back again,
  3. Thank you Cubanmiamiboy! Our Artistic Director, Chase Johnsey, admires and respects Iliana very much, she was his coach for many ballets at Trocadero. We truly hope this project can be a reality soon for our company and dancers and also for the audience here in Catalonia and all over the world!
  4. Oh, really?! So glad to know!! We were already working on it and Iliana and Franklin were scheduled to come to work with our dancers the week before the premiere but now... who knows what's going to be? It's really a pity as we all were really excited and had many theaters interested in this show. Thank you very much!! Stay safe and healthy!
  5. Please find an update about Ballet de Barcelona The company has performed around Catalonia with great success both from audience and critics. Chase has really succeed in leading a wonderful team that by now counts on 12 company members, 5 aprentices and 12 trainees (with many dancers interested to join for next season). The company has already 3 productions in the repertoire : Mixed Bill, Nutcracker and Peter and the Wolf, being now immersed in preparing Jimmy Gamonet's Carmen together with the second act of Swan Lake. Please find videos of the productions for you to see how it looks
  6. Thank you JMcN, we are really excited in Barcelona!!
  7. Thank you sandik! The premiere went really well. All the crew is very happy and they already have got contracts for other venues in Catalonia and France! For those interested you can read our article here: http://internationalversionballetymas.blogspot.com/2019/06/the-ballet-de-barcelona-is-born.html?m=1 Thank you!!
  8. Amazing news! Today a brand new company Ballet de Barcelona under Artistic Direction of Chase Johnsey will premiere at Teatre Condal in Barcelona. 14 dancers, 7 nationalities (USA, Japan EU countries) and 39 days of life. Program includes some Pdd of classical repertoire with Chase dancing the Dying Swan and a new piece created by Antonio Carmena with the help of Marcus Salazar. Antonio, a former soloist at NYCB, has made a wonderful work in a Balanchine style. If you want to watch a bit of class or rehearsal you can go to Dance Magazine FaceBook page and watch them work in a streaming fr
  9. Thanks so much!!!! I've found the thread, read your review and found the link to NY Times. I didn't know neither that the same Barcelona and now Madrid version was also performed in Verona.
  10. I thought that this La Gioconda and its « Dance of the Hours » was also performed at the MET in NY after the Liceu. I know the dancers were the same, Corella and Giuliani but can anyone let me know if it has exactly been the same version as per the opera but mainly per the dance: Choreography, dressing, etc….? Many thanks!
  11. I’m afraid that this is a very difficult matter as bart is right and it depends on whether you are talking in Spanish (Castellano) or Catalan or other regional languages of Spain. What I can tell you is that for instance the “ll” in Corella doesn’t correspond to the “y” of yes, no matter if you pronounce it in Spanish or Catalan, but I do not know how to show you how it sounds, I’m afraid it doesn’t have a correspondent in English. Gomez should be said Gome”th” as Lucía is “Lu”th”ia, this “th” applies for “ce”, “ci” and “ze” “zi” As far as Liceu is concerned if you speak Catalan it is “Lee-
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