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  1. Oh how dreadfully sad. Sincere condolences to his family and friends and all who knew him and have been affected by his passing.
  2. Thanks CarolinaM, I really enjoyed reading the article.
  3. Yes Robert Cohan received a knighthood and so very well deserved!
  4. We didn't really know what to expect from this work but most of the audiences really seemed to enjoy it. This was created for a Northern Ballet mini-tour to smaller theatres and premiered in Doncaster in May 2016 (I was there). It was such a successful tour that it was a main scale tour last year, when it was also very well received. At the premiere a friend told me that Jane Eyre was her favourite book and that she was disappointed in how the story was told. As the tour last year continued she changed her opinion quite a lot. Other friends, who teach literature to university stan
  5. JMcN

    Sergei Polunin

    If you register for The Times you can read 2 articles per week. I think something similar exists for Telegraph premium articles. Try using a different browser for the Stage if you have reached your monthly limit.
  6. On 2nd March evening I think Aitor Arieta is a more likely Albrecht than Sarah Kundi (although that could be a very interesting cast!). For me, James Streeter is THE definitive Albrecht in this production.
  7. Here's the official press release. The US release date is 22nd March. As an aside I happened to be at both of the filmed performances in Liverpool. English National Ballet / Akram Khan’s Giselle to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Hailed as ‘a masterpiece of 21st century dance' [The Mail on Sunday] Akram Khan’s Giselle is released for sale on DVD for the first time from 1 March 2019, giving ballet fans worldwide the opportunity to enjoy this award-winning production. Recognised as one of the greatest romantic ballets, Giselle has been re-imagined by celebrated cho
  8. Miyako Yoshida did dance in a variety of mixed programmes during her time with SWRB/BRB. Who could ever forget "License my roving hands". I can't even though I would like to!
  9. I agree Mab. Having been doing searches on the internet this morning all the VERY MANY articles I have found are nothing more than rehashes of the official press release (which is very lazy reporting). It should be very interesting and exciting days ahead for BRB (as long as he doesn't inflict Carmen on the company!).
  10. My all-time favourite production is Sir Peter Wright's 1990 production for Birmingham Royal Ballet, which he made as a gift to the city when the company moved there. I really like the party scene, which often can feel as though it drags but which just flows in this production. It took me many years to work out how one of the magic tricks is done (and boy did I feel foolish when I realised!). And then on to the transformation scene, which is the best bar none. It still thrills me after all these years and I still get a lump in my throat as the Rat King marches out of the fireplace. Whe
  11. I saw one preview and the official world premiere as well as a couple of other performances in Manchester and Liverpool. I must admit to being a huge fan of Akram Khan and I was totally blown away by this production. I saw 3 casts and they were all tremendous but, for me, James Streeter was truly outstanding as Albrecht. Overall the production was very well received - in Liverpool it got standing ovations at all the performances I saw (a near miracle in Liverpool) but I think it could be a bit marmite. One friend refuses to even mention it and another walked out at the first interv
  12. Link to Dance Spirit article about Jay Ledford: https://www.dancespirit.com/jay-ledford-transgender-ballerina-2584065372.html?utm_campaign=RebelMouse&socialux=facebook&share_id=3741869&utm_medium=social&utm_content=Dance+Spirit&utm_source=facebook
  13. It's great news about the promotions. Jenna Roberts had her valedictory performance as Juliet on 29th June 2018 with Tyrone Singleton has her Romeo. It was a glorious performance and she was just radiant during the curtain calls. David Bintley made a short speech before the performance started and there was a flower shower and bouquet presentation at the end. Nao Sakuma and Chi Cao had their joint valedictory performance on 30th June. I have followed both of them since the day they joined the company so it was a sad day for me. The performance was incredibly emotional and I felt
  14. Congratulations to all the promotees!
  15. Matthew Ball will be on a short leave of absence to dance The Swan in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake during the Sadler's Wells season. https://new-adventures.net/news/full-casting-announced-for-matthew-bournes-swan-lake
  16. I thought that came across in the Dance Magazine interview where he made his comments about class with lady dancers.
  17. Chase Johnsey has a big following among ballet fans in the UK. I sincerely hope Chase can make a career here and we get more more opportunities to see him dance. I was interested in his experience of working with ladies "en pointe" in the Dance Magazine article. He's just about the best fouetté-er I have seen! Interesting that Tamara Rojo gave him the opportunity but actually did not capitalise on it at all.
  18. Thanks for sharing Cristian.
  19. Neither the van nor the technical equipment has been retrieved so the money will be going towards that.
  20. BRB fans have known for some time that William Bracewell is pretty well unmissable! I remember seeing his Romeo at The Lowry a couple of years ago and immediately declaring that he was the best Romeo I had ever seen in that production!
  21. I love the Cuban Giselle! Anette Delgado is one of my all time favourites in this role. Thanks for your report. (I saw 2 performances in Paris last year with hideously expensive tickets and recorded music!)
  22. Indeed. Hopefully the success of the television series will spark the interest of potential new audience members too! I was interested to see that the announcement was made on what would have been QV's 199th birthday.
  23. The costumes were found dumped in a garage in the area the van's tracker had last been logged. No further news on either the van or the equipment. The JustGiving campaign has raised just over half of the target amount. The tour has continued. https://www.thestage.co.uk/news/2018/stolen-costumes-from-central-ballet-recovered/
  24. The company has also announced that Jenna Roberts is leaving. Her final performance will be as Juliet on Friday 29th June. https://www.brb.org.uk/post/news-dancer-departures-1718
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