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  1. Could a moderator please change the heading to correct the spelling of Akram Khan's name?
  2. I saw last night's performance with Hayward/Campbell and this afternoon's with Naghdi/Ball. I found the performance of both leading couples overwhelming. Not only glorious dancing but they all inhabited the roles and gave them an emotional depth that had me reduced to sobbing out loud. I think the RB has found 2 exceptional partnerships - let's hope these partnerships are nurtured and allowed to grow...
  3. I have been following his career since he joined BRB from RBS! I managed to get a ticket for Friday evening's performance when the cast change was announced and am so over-excited it is ridiculous!
  4. I would endorse California's recommendation - it's a wonderful programme (and dropping Firebird makes it a more manageable length for travellers - I missed my train home after the matinee at the Barbican!).
  5. No, it dates from 1987 and I gather that over the years the set (particularly in Act 3) has been tweaked to make it even more fussy. The reviews showing up on Google from the 2015 performances are not good. http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/swan-lake-by-anthony-dowell
  6. I agree with Mashinka re the Dowell production. I saw it on 15th April 1989 and have never wanted to see it again! (So I haven't).
  7. Resigning under such circumstances would, in the UK, probably be deemed "constructive dismissal".
  8. This is, FAB-U-LOUS! I too hope that Chase Johnsey can find a new artistic home.
  9. The link is a shoddy rehash of the original article in The Times - they can't even spell principal properly!
  10. And of course the most important thing about Mr Ball is that he is from Liverpool!
  11. He has already partnered Osipova at the opening of the New Theatre gala in Hull (I think in the R&J balcony duet).
  12. I should point out that Sir Frederick Ashton became Director when Madam retired. She died at the grand old age of 102 in 2001. Sir Frederick Ashton died in 1988. Yes, I agree with you about a choreographing director knowing his own dancers and being able to meld the company to his vision.
  13. I am not based in the US and I am not saying that any of the events talked about above are acceptable but... I know someone who at 17 started dating a man of 33. I actually told her that she was a "bloody fool" when she told me. But 40-odd years later they are still totally bound up in each other and very happily married.
  14. Interestingly enough 2 of the 4 "big" ballet companies in England are choreographer led and that has been criticised because it is perceived in some quarters that there is too much reliance on their own work.
  15. Just to point out that the company is called Scottish Ballet
  16. I feel very sorry for the dancers who perhaps did not renew existing contracts to take up this opportunity and who may have already relocated and now been left high and dry.
  17. The Ashton R&J was the first one I saw as performed by LFB (now ENB) in the mid-1980s when I first started watching ballet. Thinking back I realise I loved its clean lines and simplicity as well as the heart-felt performances of the dancers. I saw the Lavrovsky at the London Coliseum in the late 1980s and was totally bored by it. I have never wanted to see it again! I still compare every other version I see to the Ashton, probably because it was my first. The only other production I hold as dear is the one by Massimo Morricone/Christopher Gable for Northern Ballet. That is not to say that there are not other productions I enjoy and admire.
  18. Solitaire was performed by BRB during midscale last year in the North and this year in the South. It has been performed by them in the recent past too. Just to mention that it is Scottish Ballet who are performing Baiser. Northern Ballet (I think for the first time in their history) is performing a triple bill of MacMillan works in Bradford and Leeds - Concerto, Las Hermanas and Gloria.
  19. Will it be the version he created for National Ballet of Canada?
  20. I'm so sorry to read that Sam Shepard has passed away. RIP
  21. I never count the number of fouettes (it seems impolite to me) and I have discovered I prefer well executed singles to multiples which never seem to fit the music (unless danced (in my experience) by Momoko Hirata of BRB who does them so fast the orchestra has trouble keeping up with her! Thanks for linking the clip Christian - I love the tutu!
  22. It is not the roundabouts per se it is the lack of directions on them! A number of "new towns" built up here in the 1950s/60s, designed to be efficient and pedestrian friendly. They all seem to be surrounded by roundabouts with very little in the way of telling you which exit you need. And please don't get me started on the masterpiece outside High Wycombe!! I think special celebrations for retiring dancers is comparatively recent outside of the London-based companies. The first I was aware of was Jeremy Kerridge at Northern Ballet when he came back a couple of months after he had actually retired for a valedictory performance as Scrooge in Christmas Carol. Apart from announcing this in advance it was marked by David Nixon coming on stage for the curtain calls and making a speech. A couple of years later when leading lady Chiaki Nagao retired there was a speech followed by all the dancers presenting her with flowers. At BRB they have made a couple of announcements in recent years for Robert Parker and for Ambra Vallo and Vicky Marr.
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