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  1. An interview with Misa Kuranaga from KRON4: https://www.kron4.com/entertainment-news/cinderella-opens-2020-san-francisco-ballet-season/
  2. Not about SFB per se, but about their home which will impact next year. I had heard about this sometime last year. In 2021, the seats in the Orchestra, Grand Tier, and Dress Circle sections of the Opera House will be renovated. This project began back in 2013 with the Box seats, followed by the Balcony. This is the last phase of this renovation. https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/dance/the-war-memorial-opera-house-is-getting-new-seats-in-2021 SFB is in talks with BroadwaySF to present the last two programs of the 2021 Repertory Season at the Orpheum Theatre. The 2021 Season will be announced in April 2020.
  3. Hopefully this link will work. This is a link to SFB post on Instagram Stories: https://www.instagram.com/stories/sfballet/. I believe it is a public account so you should be able to see it. There are pics from the dinner, gala performance, and other miscellaneous. Just tap on the pic to play.
  4. Aw, thanks Helene!! I do plan to come up for One Thousand Pieces, Giselle, and PIte-Tharp-Liang. Especially looking forward to Giselle - my favorite story ballet.
  5. Although I did not stay to see Diamonds (had to get back to City Hall as I was volunteering for the After Party), Sasha DeSola did dance in place of Sasha Mukhamedov. Apparently there was an update to the program but I did not receive one. Another change to last night's program: Joseph Walsh replaced Carlo DiLanno in the R&J Balcony PDD. When Romeo came out I first saw the hair and thought 'that's not Carlo'. I then looked through my binoculars and confirmed with one of my friends who told me there was a change but there was not even an announcement prior to the performance as has been the custom in the past. My quick thoughts: A very enjoyable evening of performances. To my eye, everyone looks fabulous. Great to start with Stars & Stripes. Lucas Erni was wonderful in leading the regiment. I saw him at the after party and complimented him on his performance. Val's new piece Foreshadowing was a beautiful piece for the occasion and danced very well by Jennifer Stahl, Tiit Helimets, and Elizabeth Powell. I really enjoyed Bournonville's Jockey Dance - a very playful and competitive number as danced by Esteban Hernandez & Max Cauthorn. The piece was staged by Ulrik Birkkjaer - who must be on leave per his IG post (https://www.instagram.com/p/B7DnoCzAJkG/). I do expect him to be back later this season - he was just nominated (along with the cast of Millepied's Appassionata) for Outstanding Achievement for Ensemble Performance (http://www.izzies-sf.org). Dawson's Swan Lake PDD was beautiful - but I wasn't moved by it. Perhaps hearing the music and not seeing a tutu or seeing the PDD out of context was part of it. The last two numbers in the first half (Rowe's For Pixie danced to Nina Simone's Wild is the Wind & PDD from Le Corsaire) drew the biggest applause. For the second half, I really enjoyed Grand Pas Classique (danced by Wona Park & Wei Wang) and PDD from Bells (Yuan Yuan Tan and Vitor Luiz in his farewell performance). Overall a wonderful night of dancing and I am ready for the season to begin!!!
  6. From Sasha DeSola's IG: I will try to find a link for the interview.... And here's the clip from KTVU: https://www.ktvu.com/video/644718
  7. And here's one of Sasha DeSola & Benjamin Freemantle, who will be debuting a piece by Myles Thatcher:
  8. This IG post of Jennifer Stahl on the SFB account contains information on one of the gala pieces:
  9. An addition to the family for Luke Ingham & Danielle Rowe:
  10. Casting for Friday 1/24 is now up - https://www.sfballet.org/tickets/casting/ Fri, Jan 24 at 8:00 pm Cinderella: Misa Kuranaga*†Prince Guillaume: Angelo Greco*Stepmother: Maggie WeirichStepsister Edwina: Madison KeeslerStepsister Clementine: Isabella DeVivoBenjamin: Hansuke Yamamoto There will be a Meet the Artist interview at 7:00 pm, but no word on the artist to be interviewed - link to Meet the Artist (which includes the schedule for the season): https://www.sfballet.org/calendar/meet-the-artist-interviews/.
  11. Jennifer Stahl and Tiit Helimets have danced together a number of times: Second couple in Robbins' In The Night and Ratmansky's Symphony #9 come to mind. For Pixie, which was danced in Sun Valley in 2018, is what lead to Danielle Rowe's piece for last year's gala - here is the article: https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/dance/building-a-dance-step-by-step-for-a-world-premiere-at-sf-ballet-gala. When Tomasson's Swan Lake returned in 2016 and 2017, Sofiane was one of the Odette/Odile's: https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/41116-sfb-2016-swan-lake/?tab=comments#comment-366554, https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/42379-2017-season-swan-lake/?tab=comments#comment-379070.
  12. Here is the link to the topic of Cinderella 2017: https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/42494-sfb-2017-program-8-cinderella/?tab=comments#comment-380088. Chung and Walsh danced opening night, Andre and DiLanno also danced together in this run. Sasha was Stepsister Edwina in the last run, but is now Cinderella. Looking forward to seeing the casts for the rest of the performances.
  13. Casting is now up for the first three performances of Cinderella - https://www.sfballet.org/tickets/casting/ Tue, Jan 21 at 7:30 pm (Meet the Artist interview at 6:30 pm) Cinderella: Frances Chung Prince Guillaume: Joseph Walsh Stepmother: Sarah Van Patten Stepsister Edwina: Elizabeth Powell Stepsister Clementine: Ellen Rose Hummel Benjamin: Esteban Hernandez* Wed, Jan 22 at 7:30 pm (Pointes of View lectture 6-6:45 pm) Cinderella: Dores André Prince Guillaume: Carlo Di Lanno Stepmother: Jennifer Stahl Stepsister Edwina: Jahna Frantziskonis Stepsister Clementine: Julia Rowe Benjamin: Diego Cruz Thu, Jan 23 at 7:30 pm Cinderella: Sasha De Sola* Prince Guillaume: Luke Ingham Stepmother: Sarah Van Patten Stepsister Edwina: Elizabeth Powell Stepsister Clementine: Ellen Rose Hummel Benjamin: Myles Thatcher
  14. Here's the link to the Press Release, which includes the full program. https://www.sfballet.org/discover/press-center/press-releases/release/san-francisco-ballet-presents-the-87th-repertory-season-opening-night-gala-spellbound-on-thursday-january-16-2020/
  15. Vladislav Kozlov sighting: He was in the party scene at the Wednesday 7 PM performance. He was one of the parents. Casting is now up for the remainder of the Nutcracker run: https://www.sfballet.org/tickets/casting/ One dancer I've noticed missing (although she was listed in the first week): Wan Ting Zhao. Another debut listed (but now gone from the site as it was this afternoon): Myles Thatcher & Miranda Silveira as King & Queen of the Snow. Hopefully someone went and can provide a report.
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