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  1. Paris Opera Ballet will return to Garnier in the fall with classics and creations by renowned choreographers, despite the work taking place there until the end of the year, announced the dance director Aurélie Dupont. https://actu.orange.fr/societe/culture/malgre-les-travaux-le-ballet-de-l-opera-de-retour-a-garnier-a-l-automne-CNT000001rl0A6.html During the renovation work, the dancers will be on the proscenium, that is to say the front stage which will cover the orchestra pit. For the classical, spread over twenty performances from October 2, "there will be essentially solos and pas-de-deux, danced by the stars, the first dancers and the first dancers of the Opera", she indicated. On the contemporary side, from November 5, the corps de ballet will dance 17 representations of four creations by contemporary choreographers like Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet. The Lacotte creation"Le Rouge et le Noir" was postponed "in October-November 2021," said Ms. Dupont, adding that the ballet "Mayerling" which was to enter the repertoire in May was moved to 2022.
  2. Obituary in New York Times. Nikolai Fadeyechev, Elegant Bolshoi Dancer, Is Dead at 87 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/04/arts/dance/nikolai-fadeyechev-dead.html?smid=tw-share
  3. SFB's Gala is now available till July 6th.
  4. 2020 Opening Night Gala will be available until 7/6
  5. http://www.balletnews.co.uk/the-national-ballet-of-canada-20-21-promotions/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=socialnetwork Principal Dancer Elena Lobsanovaand First Soloist Hannah Fischer will be departing The National Ballet of Canada to join Miami City Ballet at the end of the 2019/20 season as a Principal and a Principal Soloist, respectively. Also departing the company are Corps de Ballet members Jimmy Coleman and Ethan Watts to join The Royal Danish Ballet and The Royal Swedish Ballet.
  6. And the National Ballet of Canada has just released Promotions and Retirements. https://national.ballet.ca/Ballet-News-Plus/News/2020-21-Promotions Siphesihle November to First Soloist and The David Tory Award to Alexander Skinner. This is so symbolic. (the other promotions would be mentioned on another thread I guess) Agree every word with volcanohunter. They only favor dancers that came from the school and rose their way through the ranks. (mostly Canadians) There was also a press release mentioning about leavers, and Hannah Fischer, Elena Lobsanova is leaving, as well as Jimmy Coleman and Ethan Watts. Brent Parolin (another outsider) is retiring.
  7. Misa Kuranaga often said in her interviews that she owed a lot to Ponomarenko in her Boston Ballet days.
  8. Nikolai Fadeechev, Soviet and Russian ballet dancer, People's Artist of Russia has passed away at the age of 87. https://www.bolshoi.ru/about/press/articles/memory/nikolai-fadeyechev-has-passed/ He had been partner of great Soviet ballerinas such as Ulanova and Plisetskaya, and after his retirement he coached many dancers such as Sergei Filin, Andrey Uvarov, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Ruslan Skvortsov
  9. Something a little similar is the Music Box Challenge on Yuriko Kajiya's Instagram (there are several videos)
  10. Tair Gatauov, principal of Astana Opera and Honoured Artist of Kazakhstan passed away because of traffic accident on June 10th. Astana Opera streamed La Bayadere with Tair as Solor in honour of this artist. Here is a profile video of him.
  11. According to this article (interview with Lissner) https://www.lemonde.fr/culture/article/2020/06/11/stephane-lissner-l-opera-de-paris-est-a-genoux_6042522_3246.html Ballet Gala, Schechter/Robbins/Pite, Cherkaoui/Eyal/Ashton, Jiri Kylian will be cancelled. La Bayadere is supposed to open at Bastille in December.
  12. Soloist Alexandre Hammoudi will say goodbye to the company and here is the video where he talks about his memories at ABT. It is sad that he will leave the company without a farewell, as the MET spring season was cancelled but best of luck to his future plans.
  13. National Ballet of Japan will stream MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet with Ayako Ono and Yudai Fukuoka. Available from Friday, May 29th for a week. https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/english/news/all/nntt-at-home.html
  14. It may be available for a short period but I liked this Coppelia from Novosibirsk Ballet. Anna Jarova is just lovely with good technique and the production, especially the costumes are lovely. https://www.russianseasons.org/ru/live/balet-koppeliya-spektakl-novosibirskogo-gosudarstvennogo-akademicheskogo-teatra-opery-i-baleta/
  15. Sleeping Beauty by Mariinsky Ballet Primorsky Stage, starring Ekaterina Osmolkina and Kimin Kim, starting in an hour.
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