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  1. Polish National Ballet has finished their run of Manuel Legris' Le Corsaire successfully.
  2. http://www.balletnews.co.uk/the-national-ballet-of-canada-2020-21-season-roster/ Press release of joiners and leavers, promotions. Scott McKenzie previously of Vienna State Ballet joins, and 2 apprentices join as corps de ballet. Principal Dancer Francesco Gabriele Frola becomes full time Leading Principal at English National Ballet and becomes a guest at NBoC. Principal Dancer Elena Lobsanova and First Soloist Hannah Fischer have departed The National Ballet of Canada to join Miami City Ballet as Principal and Principal Soloist. Jimmy Coleman, Nicholas Rose and Ethan W
  3. Perm Ballet will be live streaming La Bayadere on September 19th. https://permopera.ru/playbills/playbill/92741/
  4. They are doing some streaming. Asami Maki Ballet did a live streaming of their gala in August for 3000 yen (which is approximately 30 dollars). National Ballet of Japan's Don Quixote will also be streamed for 2500 yen, with bonus features which are live streaming of rehearsal and a Q&A session with the artistic director Miyako Yoshida, which is in association with a broadcaster. K-Ballet is also planning to do some streaming for their coming Le Corsaire and Nutcracker and will also show the recording in the cinemas. Kabuki is broadcasted almost every week on terrestrial television.
  5. Yes there are quite many performers on stage at a Kabuki performance, and not only actors but musicians and singers as well. They perform shorter programs. (usually there are 2 performances a day, and a triple-bill format but now, 4 performances a day in double bill with reduced prices) But the ticket sales are not good as the majority of the audience are elderly people, and they refrain from going out. Almost all performances here are carried out with an empty seat next, so the capacity is reduced to 50%. As a result, we recently had the box office opening for Don Quixote (National Bal
  6. The roster has been updated, and several names have disappeared such as Korsuntsev, Baimuradov and Shcheglov (they appear on the coach's section so I guess they now have retired), as well as Gumerova and Kolegova and corps de ballet Chloë Réveillon. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/company/ballet/troupe/ https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/company/ballet/coaches/ Nikita Korneyev and Vsevolod Mayevsky seems to be promoted to coryphee.
  7. Hideo Fukagawa, one of the first internationally acclaimed Japanese dancers, has passed away at the age of 73 by pneumonia following a long illness. https://www.chunichi.co.jp/article/115860 (Japanese) Fukagawa gained a bronze medal at Varna in 1965, and silver medal in 1970. Also he won a silver medal and Nijinsky Prize at Moscow International Competition in 1969, when Baryshnikov won the Gold medal. (recorded on the DVD World's Young Ballet) He danced at Komische Oper Berlin, Stuttgart Ballet and as a principal at Bayerische Staatsballett, and returned to Japan in 1980. Sinc
  8. Thank you Buddy. This was a sweet production. Unfortunately one of the staff got COVID-19 positive and the last two performances were cancelled, but no dancers have tested positive and they are back in the studio preparing for the new season which will start in mid October. It is the first season for the new AD Miyako Yoshida former Royal Ballet principal. It was supposed to open with Peter Wright's Swan Lake that will enter the repertoire, but for travel restrictions, it was postponed and they will do Don Quixote instead. Still, a full length classical ballet. Japan is still strug
  9. Unfortunately the Bolshoi Japan tour expected this November~December is cancelled. https://www.japanarts.co.jp/en/news/p5214/
  10. Not at the performance, but the dress rehearsal was reported on local TV news on the day of the performance and the AD mentioned about the social distancing changes such as the 4 little swans. (By the way this performance's Odette/Odile and the Prince are a married couple in real life) It is an outdoor performance where the weather changes quickly and temperature may drop low so it is quite a short version, 2 hours including intermission.
  11. Ballet Chambre Ouest (of Japan, Mariko Sasaki of Royal Ballet is from this school) holds a 2 week open air performance in the mountains every year called Kiyosato Field Ballet, and this year all the performances are Swan Lake with a slightly social distanced one. (no 2 act pas de deux, 4 little swans not holding hands). They are streaming a full length performance of the opening night, with Ayako Ono and Yudai Fukuoka of National Ballet of Japan last night which I saw live and was fabulous with the nature surrounding the stage. Until August 8th.
  12. National Ballet of Japan has successfully premiered their new ballet for Children "Ryuguu the Turtle Princess" There were many social distancing measures at the theatre, but as you can see by the clip, it is quite a large scale production and has some partnering, I did see 2 performances, and the concept, dramaturgy and costumes, sets were excellent. And there were some Noh (Japanese traditional theatre) and Kabuki influence which gives depth to the story and visuals although this is a production aimed for children and families. I am sure it will be very interesting and intriguing for ad
  13. National Ballet of Japan will open its doors on July 24th with a new ballet for children, "Ryuuguu The Turtle Princess" based on a Japanese folk tale. https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/english/productions/ballet/ballet-for-children-the-turtle-princess.html It is a full length contemporary ballet with intermission (2 hours long) and will be performed at the Opera theatre with reduced seating. Here are the audience guidelines for prevention. The tickets were already on sale before the pandemic, but they asked the customers to return their tickets and put the tickets on sale later to m
  14. There had been news of many job losses in the theatre world in UK these couple of days in spite of the government emergency packages, Such as The Royal Opera House laying off all their entire casual staff (including stage technicians and wardrobe staff) Such a sad situation. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2020/jul/17/royal-opera-house-lays-off-entire-team-casual-staff-coronavirus
  15. The Australian Ballet's Swan Lake by Greame Murphy is streamed via Sydney Opera House's channel.
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