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  1. It is true that there is not so much "ballet" in this documentary but the small La Bayadere rehearsal scene with Makarova and Nunez is valuable and also the modern part and Osipova's many confessions are very interesting. Especially how she rehearses Arther Pita's work The Mother and also Cherkaoui's Medusa are thrilling and knowing how her passion comes through (how she was not happy at the Bolshoi) are quite eye-opening.
  2. I agree with you Christian. Bayadere is everything. I remember seeing the Nureyev version at Paris Opera Ballet a few years ago, in the Millepied era, he insisted of avoiding the blackface of the children at the Bronze Idol sequence so all the children were without tanning makeup. it did not look strange at all.
  3. I agree Viktor Lebedev is a beautiful, fabulous and elegant dancer, and although Mikhailovsky Ballet is a good company I do miss him at Mariinsky, he should have been glorious there with more international exposure. I don't think he is not on the shorter side (of course not as tall as Yermakov), he has long, lean lines and suited for many roles. I saw him in La Fille mal Gardee in St Petersburg a couple of years ago which was a warm, lovely performance and look forward seeing him in Duato's Sleeping Beauty during their Japan tour later this month.
  4. Volcanohunter's views are completely the same that I think. What an uninspiring, boring company is the current NBoC. She has been in the company for too long and almost every new creation is a disaster regarding quality. The roster is also very poor.
  5. The whole stream of Vienna State Ballet's World Ballet Day is dedicated to the rehearsal of Emeralds, coached by Ben Huys. I think it includes the Walking pdd.
  6. A video of Alicia Alonso's funeral, her coffin wrapped in Giselle's veil and sent off by the dancers and a large crowd of people. Very touching.
  7. And he also choreographs for famed figure skaters such as Evgeny Plushenko and Alexei Yagudin. Especially Plushenko's Tribute to Nijinsky was a very popular program. I have not seen the full Smekalov Paquita so I cannot comment on that but Smekalov's The Bronze Horseman is an epic work worth seeing. At least Smekalov is not an unknown choreographer.
  8. Sorry I am terribly late in noticing this topic one year old, but I saw this performance. it is by NBA Ballet Company, and here is the flyer for the performance http://www.nbaballet.org/performance/2012/1202_Les_Millions_dArlequin.pdf it lists as Evgenia Obrastsova and Alexei Timofeyev as guests but Obrastsova cancelled because of injury and Ekaterina Osmolkina replaced her in the performance, so I think it is Osmolkina here. (I saw the performance) Alexander Mishutin is a former soloist at Stanislavsky Music Theatre and he also reconstructed Awaking of Flora for a Japanese company.
  9. Now you can watch the full documentary of 4 students at Vaganova Academy graduating class of Nikolai Tsiskaridze on demand here (until September 21th, 2020) Four students are Mikhail Barkidjidja, Marko Juusela, Arron Osawa Horowitz and Kirill Sokolovski. You can watch how they prepare for the diploma, the auditions and graduation concert, and how Tsiskardze coaches them. Part 1 https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/3004617/?fbclid=IwAR2io-wybLojjTbHJL_JYoDo26NE3Riw9ATWuLbDFxgSRO3Z_-se7JgcV8g Part 2 https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/3004618/?fbclid=IwAR1Xg3jHgC1NttU75lE06Fc1qBQ2tcgSRdPFrH9m1aDzHLDlZ5fVBKLTD0Q
  10. But the performance was not open to the public and even the journalists could not see it. https://www.ft.com/content/865b72ee-dde9-11e9-b8e0-026e07cbe5b4 It was only performed once for the customers of Chanel, the sponsor of the gala.
  11. While Alexander Volchkov is now listed Working under contract...
  12. By the way Jared Matthews has left Houston Ballet after recovering from a serious illness. He became Assistant to the Artistic Director of the Estonian National Ballet.
  13. Chisako Oga of Cincinnati Ballet will join as second soloist. Other interesting additions include Sangmin Lee a gold medalist at YAGP and Joy Womack. Pauina Waski joins as corps de ballet. https://www.bostonballet.org/Home/The-Company/Dancers/FullCompany.aspx
  14. Koho Ogawa writes she is retiring as a professional ballerina due to injury. Very sad for such a talented dancer only 24 years old and wish the best for her future.
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