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  1. The National Ballet of Canada rents out a lot of its productions. But I don't imagine building a production of Serenade costs very much, as ballets go, and then you have the costumes in the warehouse for decades.
  2. On an NYCB wardrobe tour I did a few years ago, Marc Happel said that they categorically did NOT rent out their productions
  3. Perhaps it would be helpful if you explained with some examples what constitutes "discussing the discussion". I have been on this board for years, and maybe I'm just stupid, but I've never understood what is meant by "discussing the discussion", though you use that term as if it were perfectly transparent.
  4. I'm with you all the way in that opinion. Why oh why did RB spend megabucks on recreating those designs?
  5. thanks for the early warning, @fiddleback
  6. this is a hoot. The Australian Ballet's Wilis work from home.
  7. Knowing that you will all need something light, fluffy, and amusing, Stuttgart Ballet has scheduled for their YouTube channel this weekend..... Mayerling! The Stuttgart production with new sets and costumes by Jürgen Rose will be online for 24 hours from April 11th, 18.00 CET to April 12th, 18.00 CET on Stuttgart Ballet's Youtube Chanel https://www.youtube.com/c/dasstuttgarterballett The cast is the premiere cast at Stuttgart, with Friedemann Vogel (Rudolf), Elisa Badenes (Mary), Miriam Kacerova (Elisabeth), Alicia Amatriain (Larisch), Diana Ionescu (Stephanie), Anna Osadcenko (Mizzi), Marcia Haydée (Sophie) and Egon Madsen (Franz Josef). Not to be missed!
  8. I also received an email from NBOC which linked directly to my account so that I could choose what option I wanted (donate, voucher, forget what the third one was, but it wasn't "refund".) I think we should cut all box office staff some slack. I was communicating recently with Berlin State Ballet and my contact there told me they had 58,000 ticket cancellations to process and yes they're trying to do that from home.
  9. now that could be really interesting! ;-)
  10. @volcanohunter how did you find that message? It doesn't pop up on the landing page when you go to the Opera site. Neither does it come up on the page for the Balanchine program, which is currently showing "no seats available" for all performances but no explanation why.
  11. Spring 2020 Dance Programs at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts All events are free and take place at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, located at 40 Lincoln Center Plaza. Advance registration may be recommended for some events. Please visit nypl.org/lpa for more details. Conversations Advance registration required Dance Rewind The Jerome Robbins Dance Division has an ongoing documentation program dedicated to the recording of live dance performance and dance-related events and panels. This series highlights a selection of these films and videos, which date back to 1967. Dance Division staff will introduce each program, which will range from 60-90 minutes each. David Vaughan's The Dance Historian Is In David Vaughan was the archivist of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and author of Merce Cunningham/65 Years and Frederick Ashton and His Ballets. From 2012 until his death in 2017, Vaughan held monthly screenings of his favorite dance films and videos from our collection. The Dance Division continues this series in his honor with guest hosts. Advance reservations required.
  12. David Dawson has had an association with Dresden for over 15 years already.
  13. Dresden Semperoper Ballet announced their 2020-21 season, along with the news that Carlo di Lanno will be joining as Principal Dancer and Sofiane Sylve as Ballet Master (along with Marcelo Gomes)
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