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  1. and I would say most NBS students think of the NBOC as "their" company and dream of dancing as part of it.
  2. also Dutch National Ballet has many NBS grads. It seems that I find Canadians in just about every ballet company I visit.
  3. Fischer and Lobsanova are going to Miami City Ballet, Jimmy Coleman to Royal Danish Ballet and Ethan Watts to Royal Swedish Ballet. Brent Parolin (not sure how he's an "outsider" since he trained at the National Ballet School before going to Stuttgart) is going to Ballet am Rhein in Dusseldorf as a ballet master.
  4. sorry, they have cancelled all grant applications for now.
  5. apparently the Alberta government has cut all arts funding...
  6. Joffrey Ballet has just announced that they will not be starting their season till February 2021. Friends, we are deeply saddened to announce the cancellation of all performances for the remainder of 2020. That includes our upcoming productions of Manon and The Nutcracker. It has become painfully clear that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to compromise the health and safety of large gatherings. We must listen to the advice of health experts and do all we can to protect everyone's well-being. As of now, we are moving forward with our winter and spring programs in February and April/May 2021. In the meantime, we will stay connected. The stage may be dormant but our artists are not. Stay tuned. Thanks to our audience, fans, and patrons for your incredible support of the Joffrey during this difficult time. We appreciate and love you so very much. We look forward to seeing you at the theater when the time is right ❤️ Alberta Ballet will not be starting again till May 2021: Alberta Ballet is planning to perform Swan Lake in May 2021, Peter Pan in July 2021 and to revive Artistic Director Jean Grand-Maître's All of Us featuring music of The Tragically Hip in August 2021. We're hoping by February there will be more certainty around the safety of mass gatherings and we'll be able to announce dates for Calgary and Edmonton.
  7. Apparently no one told iincoming director Alexander Neef that this was happening, and he's saying he can't leave the Canadian Opera Company before the originally planned takeover date in July. https://www.francetvinfo.fr/culture/musique/opera/couac-a-l-opera-de-paris-le-futur-directeur-pris-au-depourvu-par-l-annonce-du-depart-anticipe-de-stephane-lissner_4006063.html?fbclid=IwAR2UUinW2fknIJc3BJgW-wd875powT7ayV5oioKwUrIlxujuxOFMRz1zPiQ
  8. DTH have just announced they will be keeping this up through June 10.
  9. The National Ballet of Canada rents out a lot of its productions. But I don't imagine building a production of Serenade costs very much, as ballets go, and then you have the costumes in the warehouse for decades.
  10. On an NYCB wardrobe tour I did a few years ago, Marc Happel said that they categorically did NOT rent out their productions
  11. Perhaps it would be helpful if you explained with some examples what constitutes "discussing the discussion". I have been on this board for years, and maybe I'm just stupid, but I've never understood what is meant by "discussing the discussion", though you use that term as if it were perfectly transparent.
  12. I'm with you all the way in that opinion. Why oh why did RB spend megabucks on recreating those designs?
  13. thanks for the early warning, @fiddleback
  14. this is a hoot. The Australian Ballet's Wilis work from home.
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