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  1. kbarber

    NYCB at SPAC 2019

    you used to be able to go to Saratoga on the Friday and see three different programs Fri nite, Sat aft, Sat nite. Since they have switched to scheduling like this, for me it is not worth the trip to Saratoga. Such a shame.
  2. kbarber

    Royal Ballet 2018-19 season

    I have never understood "tutu ballet" to have negative connotations anyway; I've always considered it purely descriptive.
  3. kbarber

    2018-19 Season

    the number 20 bus takes you right from Garnier to Bastille. Or you can take the Metro, which is faster, but I prefer to stay above ground because paris is beautiful.
  4. kbarber

    2018-19 Season

    There are public tours in English of the Palais Garnier
  5. kbarber

    Woohoo! Onegin DVD now available!!!!

    I believe there were rights issues, but in the last year all of the Cranko story ballets have been filmed, and I am sure they will be released in due course.
  6. Finally! What ballet lovers have been yearning for: a DVD of John Cranko's Onegin. Starring Alicia Amatriain, Friedemann Vogel, David Moore, Elisa Badenes, Jason Reilly and Marcia Haydee and the Stuttgart Ballet, with the time-honoured designs by Jurgen Rose. Available in all formats from amazon worldwide.
  7. The company is performing at another Budapest theatre, the Erkel Theatre, while the opera house is being renovated.
  8. I saw Balanchine's Don Q when the National Ballet of Canada revived it, and it is one of very few ballets I have ever walked out of. Just dreadful.
  9. kbarber

    Royal Ballet 2018-19 season

    He performed it with the Stanislavsky and guesting with Bavarian State Ballet. I saw him in the latter and was not terribly impressed. His technique seemed to have suffered a lot so his first solo was very wobbly. Also I just found him histrionic.
  10. wow thanks for doing all that work.
  11. could you tell us which ones they are? The Landmark website is far from intuitive and doesn't seem to have a search function.
  12. kbarber

    Royal Ballet 2018-19 season

    plus he has a few difficult solos thrown in there for good measure!
  13. I have seen Marcelino Sambé in Tarantella and he's pretty fab. I also really liked Hugo Marchand in Midsummer when the Paris Opera Ballet broadcast it (to Quebec); surprisingly fleet of foot for one so tall (he's 6'4 or 6'5 I think). Greig Matthews from the Joffrey is a beautiful dancer and Phlegmatic should suit him.
  14. In Toronto, HotDocs cinema, which has been showing the Royal Ballet broadcasts for a couple of years now, has announced Mayerling for November 17. Of course this conflicts with the NBOC's run of The Dream, but whatever, at least they're showing it. When I say "announced", it popped up in their schedule and you have to go looking for it. I am pretty sure I do more publicity for these showings to my mailing list than they do! The promotion people there tell me they have plans for the remaining RB broadcasts as well. Mayerling in Toronto is in fact showing up on the ROH's ballet in cinema page, (a miracle), the only apparent showing in North America.
  15. kbarber

    Apologies for the Temporary Outage

    I'm sure we all thought the NYCB issue had blown the board up!