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  1. wow thanks for doing all that work.
  2. could you tell us which ones they are? The Landmark website is far from intuitive and doesn't seem to have a search function.
  3. kbarber

    Royal Ballet 2018-19 season

    plus he has a few difficult solos thrown in there for good measure!
  4. I have seen Marcelino Sambé in Tarantella and he's pretty fab. I also really liked Hugo Marchand in Midsummer when the Paris Opera Ballet broadcast it (to Quebec); surprisingly fleet of foot for one so tall (he's 6'4 or 6'5 I think). Greig Matthews from the Joffrey is a beautiful dancer and Phlegmatic should suit him.
  5. In Toronto, HotDocs cinema, which has been showing the Royal Ballet broadcasts for a couple of years now, has announced Mayerling for November 17. Of course this conflicts with the NBOC's run of The Dream, but whatever, at least they're showing it. When I say "announced", it popped up in their schedule and you have to go looking for it. I am pretty sure I do more publicity for these showings to my mailing list than they do! The promotion people there tell me they have plans for the remaining RB broadcasts as well. Mayerling in Toronto is in fact showing up on the ROH's ballet in cinema page, (a miracle), the only apparent showing in North America.
  6. kbarber

    Apologies for the Temporary Outage

    I'm sure we all thought the NYCB issue had blown the board up!
  7. kbarber

    Where is Brooklyn Mack?

    I was just on Washington Ballet's website and Brooklyn Mack is no longer listed as a company dancer. Anyone know where he's gone?
  8. The West End production of Wheeldon's American in Paris, starring Robert Fairchild and Leanne Cope, will be shown in cinemas in North America in September (mostly Sept 20 and 23rd, but check the website for venues and dates/times near you. https://anamericaninpariscinema.com/
  9. Lunkina and McKie are dancing Sospiri Pas de deux by Juliano Nunes & MASK duet by Douglas Lee . (from McKie's facebook page)
  10. kbarber

    Job posting for artistic director

    I expect they want to avoid the genderedness of "master". and more power to them
  11. China's Chang and Canada's Xuan win top prizes at Ballet Olympiade in Varna VARNA, Bulgaria (Reuters) - Chinese dancer Sinuo Chang and Canadian ballerina Yuan Zhe Zi Xuan, also known as Jessica Xuan, won the top prizes at the Varna International Ballet Competition, the oldest ballet competition in world, on Sunday. Elena Iseki and Haruto Goto of Germany perform during the gala event of the 28th International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria, July 29, 2018. REUTERS/Petko Momchilov Held every two years since 1964, this was the 28th competition held in the Black Sea city of Varna with more than 120 top aspiring dancers from 34 countries aiming for glory at the event, known in the ballet community as the Ballet Olympiade. Many of the biggest names in ballet gained their first international recognition at the competition, held in Bulgaria’s “seaside capital”. Past winners include Russians Mikhail Baryshnikov, Natalia Makarova and Vladimir Malakhov, Canadian-trained ballerinas Evelyn Hart and Martine van Hamel as well as French dancers Sylvie Guillem and Patrick Dupond. The acclaimed Chang, gold prize winner of the 2017 Vienna International Competition, grabbed the top spot in the senior category for men aged 19 to 26 after advancing through the three rounds of competition. Dancers, separated into two age groups - seniors and juniors, participated in the competition rounds on the floor at the Open-Air Theatre either in couples or as soloists. China-born Xuan, an elegant dancer with the Dutch National Ballet, won the women’s senior division with 21-year American ballerina Katherine Barkman, who is currently a guest principal dancer for Ballet Manila, finishing as runner-up.
  12. kbarber

    NYCB 2018 Summer Season

    how much were NYCB ticket prices this year? They've always seemed somewhat underpriced at SPAC to me. Vail's are $60 - $125, much smaller venue.
  13. kbarber

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    I would like to add three cheers to the group sales department at NYCB. Very helpful indeed!
  14. kbarber

    Is Bournonville Still Alive?

    According to my count on the RDB website today there are 17 graduates of the RDB school in the corps de ballet.