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  1. MT is streaming a number of ballets on their tv channel. Today The Fountain of Bakhchisarai - Matvienko/Parish/Tereshkina/Belyakov - is being shown. I hope this link works. https://vk.com/videos-130074765?z=video-130074765_456239480%2Fvideos-130074765
  2. I enjoyed Smirnova's performance. I thought her reading of the character of Giselle was intelligent, full of detail and touching, and she displayed spontaneity in her interaction with other characters on stage. Her technique is precise and her petit allegro in general was excellent. Also, she certainly gave the impression of an insubstantial wili in the second act. I loved Belyakov - a true danseur and such a worthy principal finally! He has an excellent presence and that jump... the height of his entrechats is amazing! His acting is heartfelt and sincere and he looks the aristocrat. I thought Khokhlova in the peasant pas was delightful - so fleet and light in her footwork - and her partner Alexei Putintsev had great ballon. I have been very critical of other Ratmansky productions, but I really enjoyed this one. I thought the whole of the second act was beautiful indeed, and the choreography for the wilis very effective in giving the impression of an army of man-killers - especially in the scenes where they capture and dispatch Hans (Hilarion). Ratmansky increased the petit allegro element of the choreography and also the amount of mime, which I found to be totally in keeping with this 19th century ballet, and there were many new and beautiful poses - the kneeling pose that replaced the high lift in the act 2 pd2 for example. I thought Nelli Kobakhidzhe gave an extremely sympathetic performance as Bathilde and also Lyudmila Semenyaka as Berthe was entirely convincing and how wonderful to see her back on stage! We can all argue about various elements we didn't like (and I did find some of the changes of tempo a little sudden) but overall I thought this production is a success. Loved it!
  3. Agree. Olga took that Spessivtseva diagonale at great speed, too! Fabulous, wasn't it?!
  4. I wrote recently that of all the great performances that I've seen I'm still maybe waiting for the one that wins my heart. This may be the one. ____________________ I agree! I watched and it was really like seeing the ballet afresh! Such a beautiful partnership, heartfelt acting, and for sheer beauty of lines, epaulement, artistry - it was a staggering achievement for this young ballerina. I can't remember when I enjoyed a Swan Lake as much as this one! Bravo indeed to both Ilyshkina and Korneev!
  5. Excerpts show she was an absolutely stunning Odette-Odile. She has such beauty of line and epaulement and such artistry - it's a superb debut for this young ballerina, and to think this is her first principal role. It is an amazing achievement.
  6. Buddy, yes, I think Chebykina was still a coryphee when she debuted as Odette/Odile. I'm delighted that Ilyushkina is to have this opportunity - she's such a lovely young dancer with those beautiful lines!
  7. What a beautiful video - thank you!
  8. I love the Mariinsky Vainonen version with the gorgeous pas de six in the final act, and also the Sir Peter Wright version. Both beautiful!
  9. Some really great news today - Maria Bulanova has been promoted to Second Soloist, bypassing the Coryphee rank! She is a wonderful, dramatic ballerina with real presence on stage and acting ability! I am so pleased for her, and hope to see her in many more roles now! Congratulations!
  10. Can you post a link to the ballet/piece?
  11. MadameP

    David Zaleyev

    He was a wonderful Hooligan when I saw him in the role - technically brilliant, and truly rough around the edges in character, instead of being a bit too much like an Oliver Twist type as some are. Truly poignant in his acting. A very talented boy.
  12. More superbly landed double tours here also... not to mention the ease, poise and control and beautiful lines in arabesque, and the series of entrechats 6 ... quality...
  13. Agree he is wonderful. I have seen him in many roles at Mikhailovsky. It is a tragedy really that with his amazing talent, he is not a Mariinsky principal instead of Mikhailovsky. He has beautiful lines, that cruising ease of movement, high jump, spectacular turns - EVERYthing. He also has great charm and presence on stage. I don't want to say he is wasted at the Mikhailovsky, because that would be to imply Mikhailovsky is not a good company, which it certainly is, but from Lebedev's own point of view, he has missed out on the worldwide exposure and opportunities that being a principal at Mariinsky would have brought him. As it is, I can only say, yes, he's stunning.
  14. I have to say - I realised that some of it at least was not live - moving directly from Eleonora Sevenard's interview to the middle of her rehearsal with Rodkin, for example. I did not realise that the whole Bolshoi segment is taped in advance. It's a great pity.
  15. I do not have this book, so could you explain what exactly Valery Lagunov meant? I remember a few years back watching several classes taken by Boris Akimov, and he was equally courteous to all dancers and spectators, and full of the most incredible vigour and enthusiasm for his work.
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