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  1. MadameP

    Are there any great Classicists today?

    ? She is one of the most musical ballerinas I have ever seen!
  2. MadameP

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Kovalyova was injured.
  3. MadameP

    Are there any great Classicists today?

    Agree with Obraztsova and Osmolkina, and would like to add Stepanova and Novkova also.
  4. MadameP

    Vaganova Academy Graduation, 2018

    I just read that ELEVEN graduates have entered Mariinsky this year! They are: Maria Bulanova, Anita Voroshilova, Anastasia Demidova, Lada Ivanova, Daria Ionova, Anastasia Nuikina, Maria Khoreva, Rustam Azizov, Ilya Mogilnikov, Ervin Zagidullin Vakhtang Herkhulidze.
  5. I believe Petukhova is going to Tallin. Edited, but now I was told Bolshoi - so not sure! I do like her very much though, although she doesn't have the best physique.
  6. Here it is but what a shame they did not broadcast Paquita.
  7. MadameP

    Promotion of May Nagahisa

    Today May Nagahisa has been promoted to Second Soloist. She jumped from the Trainee position straight to Second Soloist, bypassing corps and coryphee categories.
  8. May Nagahisa promoted to Second Soloist
  9. MadameP

    Vaganova Academy Graduation, 2018

    It's difficult for anyone to give anything their full attention when they have two separate roles/appointments in different establishments! Hope we see Maria Khoreva in a principal role soon. She is off to a good start!
  10. MadameP

    Vaganova Academy Graduation, 2018

    Although Zhanna Ayupova was a wonderful ballerina in her time and is also an excellent coach and teacher, she does NOT have ultimate responsibility for anything at Vaganova. In everything, the decision is Tsiskaridze's. Zhanna has a second position at Mikhailovsky Theatre, where she coaches a number of important dancers, including Angelina Vorontsova. She also travels a great deal, assisting with the mounting of various productions. She simply doesn't have the time to give Vaganova all of her attention, neither does she have the contacts, or the strings to pull to get the repertoire that Tsiskaridze has managed to acquire for the Vaganova students. She is very much a second in command to Tsiskaridze in every aspect of the Academy, despite her title.
  11. MadameP

    Vaganova Academy Graduation, 2018

    I agree. Actually, I wonder at much of Tereshkina's casting at MT. For me, she is no Aurora or Giselle or Odette (Odile MAYbe) and no Raymonda. The list goes on. Technically she is strong, but she doesn't represent Vaganova style to me, and maybe that is because she was not wholly Vaganova trained. I cannot remember now whether she had 4 or 5 years at Vaganova, but certainly not the full course. I find her often, as you say, ostentatious, and I also find her hard, She just doesn't have that somewhat rarified Vaganova refinement. Khoreva DOES in my opinion. Very talented girl.