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  1. It looks like Forster and Shevchenko will likely be one of the principal couples in the new Ratmansky full-length (what a season for Forster!). Macaulay posted photos of them performing a pas de deux from the ballet at the Met Museum (apparently Ratmansky has drawn inspiration from several works in the Greek and Roman collection). These two costumes appear to be quite lovely:
  2. It sounds like Bouder is a maybe for this run of Nutcracker.
  3. It looks like Hod and Furlan may be a Sugarplum-Cavalier pairing. They could be really lovely together.
  4. No, there have been no public statements on the matter. I'm surprised they are switching the casting between Dubai and NYC. Would Copeland and Royal's performance in NYC would mark the first time ABT has presented two African American dancers, together, in the lead roles of any full-length ballet? If that's the case, perhaps they want to save any related buzz for the NYC performances. In any case, I'm glad to finally be able to see Cornejo's Romeo, now that he'll be paired with someone other than Copeland.
  5. The press release is on Broadway World and it confirms the pairings of Copeland/Cornejo and Trenary/Royal: https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwdance/article/Misty-Copeland-To-Dance-Title-Role-in-ROMEO-AND-JULIET-at-American-Ballet-Theatres-Abu-Dhabi-Festival-Appearance-20191111 I wonder if any dancers have misgivings about performing in a country with an abominable human rights record, one where you can be imprisoned or executed for being gay, for example. I guess these sorts of cultural tours are about putting aside differences and enjoying the transcendent quality of the art form. But yeah, as a gay man, I wouldn't exactly be thrilled about traveling to the UAE.
  6. Not to mention that Copeland is far from a sure thing these days, especially when it comes to her classical rep.
  7. I much prefer behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage over endless mirror selfies or glossy shots promoting a leotard line. It's interesting to see the process, and sometimes dancers are able to accomplish extraordinary things in rehearsal (five- or six-revolution pirouettes) that never make it to the stage. Regarding Brandt resposting fan posts in her Instagram Stories, I see this as a nice way of acknowledging fans. Mearns routinely does this after a performance, when people post photos of her curtain calls, often accompanied by adulatory language. It can feel nice to know an artist saw your post and acknowledged your appreciation of them. Brandt seems to have a lot of young dancer fans who really look up to her.
  8. Yes!!! I felt the same way. It was amazing to see the difficulty of the demi-soloist choreography in isolation from the rest of the ballet.
  9. I didn't really take Brandt's Instagram posts to be an audition for T&V, as I believe she was dancing the demi-soloist role in all the videos she posted. If they'd shown her rehearsing bits of the principal role, then I'd feel differently. They certainly highlighted her technical prowess, but then again, so do all of her videos.
  10. I'm thrilled with this news! I may need to do a Sleeping Beauty double-header that Wednesday. At least he's getting an Albrecht and Siegfried when ABT is on the road, so that should help a bit. But yes, it's still a lot to take on for the spring season.
  11. I thought perhaps I was just misremembering, but I could have sworn there were photos of them from those performances, too. He only has a presence on her feed up to her 2018 Don Quixote debut, and then nothing.
  12. This photo gives a pretty good indication of how Lane looks next to Hoven. I don't see any reason why they couldn't dance together; the height difference would of course be lessened when she's on pointe. Even though Copeland is short, she appears to have much longer feet than Lane. There was a definite sense that Part was somewhat removed from her peers, but I've never gotten that sense about Lane (at least based on social media). I feel as if I've seen tons of photos of Lane interacting warmly with her colleagues, and gracious comments being posted back and forth. Gorak seems to be her particular bestie.
  13. Yes, he follows her main account and her @pearltakespics account.
  14. Just checked and they aren't following each other on Instagram, which seems odd considering that they both follow many ABT colleagues, including those with whom they've frequently danced. Cornejo follows Copeland, Brandt, Paris and Boylston. Lane follows Simkin, Gorak and Cirio. The performances they turned out in Manon and Sleeping Beauty were sensational last year, and they had such chemistry. I can't imagine those performances being the product of a frayed relationship. But who knows what may have happened between then and now. I hope anyone who attends Saturday night will report on whether Lane presents Cornejo with flowers during the curtain calls and what the interaction is like. Those interactions, as well as absences, during anniversary/farewell curtain calls can sometimes speak volumes. Herrera's chilly reception of McKenzie during her farewell curtain calls comes to mind...
  15. I agree. Despite a lot of things I don't want to see, there's so much I do want to see, with all the debuts, Abrera's last season, and the sparing use of guest stars. I'm going to really need to pick and choose, as there are more casts I want to see than I'll be able to see. I haven't had that problem in several years, so I can relate, @canbelto.
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