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  1. I think it's true that she's never matched her Met debut performance, but in her most recent outing, she was dancing through an injury, wasn't she? I'd be curious to see her in the role again, without injury. I think Giselle can be a congenial role for an older ballerina (e.g. Ferri, Ananiashvili), but I'm not sure how well it will suit Murphy, who never really struck me as a natural Giselle. I consider Myrtha to be one of her signature roles, though, and I wonder if the D.C. casting indicates that she has retired the role. I hope that's not the case.
  2. I guess I missed that. Where was she supposed to perform the role in May? Did she perform it? I think part of the issue may be that the Teatro Colon version is different from the Bournonville version (at least that's what the article says). I'm glad to have the information provided by the article, but I agree with @Helene that the article is doing quite a bit of speculation, though they admit they are ("Extraoficialmente...").
  3. Here's an article about Copeland canceling. In it, she's quoted as saying she had only four days to learn the ballet. I know guest stars often swoop in at the last minute to dance a role, but my understanding is that they do that for roles they already know (even if they have to be adapted a bit to fit the host company's particular version of a ballet). https://www.lanacion.com.ar/espectaculos/sin-misty-copeland-se-inicia-la-sylphide-en-el-teatro-colon-nid2278993
  4. That sounds about right to me. ABT's most recent Giselle at the Met featured Copeland in performances at both the beginning and end of the run, but they didn't follow that same pattern for D.C. And she was originally supposed to have only one O/O this year at the Met. I wouldn't be surprised if the coming Met season sees her retiring roles like Gamzatti and Kitri, or not dancing them at all. I think O/O will be the one Petipa role she'll hang onto until her retirement. Her fall schedule is currently pretty light, as well -- two performances of Deuce Coupe and the one Apollo -- though she'll presumably be cast in some of the contemporary works.
  5. I've had the same thoughts about other companies perhaps wanting to woo Brandt, especially after she gained visibility on that Russian dancing competition. But I'm encouraged by the fact that ABT seems far more inclined to promote in-house talent than it did several years ago. Brandt may also wish to stay in the New York area to be close to family (her parents are at virtually every one of her performances) and to Hammoudi, whom she's dating (per their Instagram accounts). At least that's what I tell myself, in the hopes Brandt will stay put at ABT!
  6. Yes, and make sure you check out her Instagram stories; she has a bunch of clips there right now, as well. (You need to sign into Instagram to access them, though.)
  7. It looks like he's as least dancing again, in this Danish Design program back in Denmark. https://www.bellevueteatret.dk/en/forestillinger/danish-design/ Brandt has been looking stunning in the Giselle rehearsal videos she's been posting. I agree with @ABT Fan, though, that Trenary would be at the top of my wish list for the role. I'm glad she got to dance Aurora again this spring season, but I feel as if she's more than ready to take on another leading role in full-length.
  8. The Detroit Opera House site says it only allows exchanges for subscribers: https://michiganopera.org/plan-your-visit/faq/ But the UMS site says that it allows anyone to exchange (for a $6 or $10 fee): https://ums.org/season/ticket-policies/ You can buy tickets from either website, so I'm not sure which policy is in place for these performances. Maybe it would be best to buy tickets via the UMS site and get confirmation from their box office that you'd be able to exchange?
  9. In case anyone is planning to buy tickets before casting is announced, ABT recently posted this discount offer. The company seems to have embraced discount codes more than in the past (they were constantly offering discounts during the most recent Met season). If it can help them fill seats and bring in more income, I think it's a good thing.
  10. No "chief" in her title, like Macaulay had.
  11. Will we be seeing mostly debuts (at least company role debuts) in Apollo? On the ABT website, it lists Murphy as having danced Polyhymnia and Abrera as having danced Calliope, but I can't think of any other company members (besides the absent Hallberg) who would have previously danced the ballet with ABT. Assuming Murphy remains on maternity leave, is Abrera the only dancer who may reprise a role in the ballet?
  12. Maybe we can all chip in $2.50 for McKenzie’s retirement fund. Let the one-percenters contribute to ABT’s costume fund. Don’t force every ticket-buyer to make a donation. Unless a company owns its own venue and/or ticketing system, it reaps no financial benefit from facility and ticketing fees (in ABT’s case, that money would go to the Koch and the Met). But I guess ABT wanted in on the action and instituted its own dedicated fee. I’ve NEVER heard of any organization doing what ABT is doing. It belongs on a worst practices in fundraising list. Im seriously considering not buying a ticket for the fall season. As @abatt says, enough is enough.
  13. Ah, gotcha. I checked SPAC’s Twitter and Facebook and they did announce the cancellation by Friday afternoon, but I don’t think they should count on people checking those channels (or their website). An e-mail seems like a no-brainer.
  14. What were they thinking? The email above reads like a follow-up to a previously sent email announcing the cancellation. The “As you know...” bit seems to reference some prior messaging on NYCB’s part. In theory, I think the idea of asking people to donate tickets is a good one, but only if they’ve also been offered the option of a refund or exchange. The email above gives no instructions on how to get a refund. It’s always possible they made a mistake with their email lists and left @FPF off a cancellation message. It just doesn’t seem like NYCB to not communicate well with its patrons (I remember very clear and immediate messaging when they canceled a matinee due to a snow storm a couple years ago). I wonder if the fact that people bought their tickets through SPAC rather than directly from NYCB caused some issues with getting immediate messages out to ticket-holders.
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