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  1. fondoffouettes

    Nutcracker 2018

    It seems far less clear how to deal with Coffee, if they decide to revise it. With Tea, there were obvious, mostly cosmetic changes that made the dancers appear less caricatured. But in that video, Reichlen isn't wearing blackface or blackface "light" (the spray-tan version you see in the Met's Aida), and her hair is her own. And as far as I can tell, her makeup is heavy, but not exoticized. So, it would come down to the costume and choreography. I could definitely imagine eliminating the gesture where she covers her face with her arm in the beginning, which seems like something out of Corsaire. But I think they'd have to consult with specialists to know what choreographic elements maybe be respectfully referencing Middle Eastern dance traditions and which may be stereotypical and potentially offensive. It's tough because the music itself paints a picture of the Middle East as highly sensual and languorous -- classic 19th-century Orientalism. It's like the musical equivalent of a Gérôme painting. And Balanchine matched that with his choreography. So even if you tweak a gesture here and there, it's still an eroticized fantasy of the Middle East. So how do you "fix" a piece whose very concept may be offensive to some? I guess you just do the best you can, and make compromises.
  2. fondoffouettes

    NYCB Winter 2019 Season

    Adrian Danchig-Waring made his Instagram account public again. An update on the status of his foot. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp99lpjgfVD/ I hope we'll see him back onstage at some point this winter or spring.
  3. fondoffouettes

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    The Met site has finally been (partially) fixed. Abrera is back in the four roles that Smirnova and Shayer had temporarily occupied. There are still issues with some roles being double-cast for the same dates, though.
  4. Yeah, it was barely indicated this afternoon. And in this manege, for the turns where the ballerina kicks out her leg at 90 degrees or less, Tereshkina decided to kick her leg much higher, and it looked unattractive. Overall, it was a pretty unpleasant performance, lacking lightness, musicality and wit. Kim provided the bravura dancing we've seen only rarely from NYCB's men in this role in recent years; I kind of felt the audience was overly reactive to Kim, but to each his own. I kind of agree. I wish I'd put the money toward NYCB tickets instead. I only went to this afternoon's performance, and the Joffrey Four Temperaments was just meh; it really lacked the sharp, taut quality that the ballet requires. And it didn't look like a great fit on some of the corp members, either. The Tchai Pas had the issues already mentioned by others, and the Midsummer Night PDD was a pleasantly forgettable performance. The highlight of the afternoon was Symphonie Concertante; it was great to see this somewhat neglected work, and the ladies of ABT must have really settled into it because they looked like a relaxed, cohesive whole. The principal trio was excellent, and it must be a killer for the women; they are onstage so much. Is it in the same league as a work like Divertimento No. 15? No, but think it's a lovely piece, and one that deserves to be performed more often. It's fun to think of all the great lead female pairings that could happen at NYCB.
  5. fondoffouettes

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    I don't think anything has been fixed. I tried clearing my browser's cache and also using an incognito tab, but Shayer is still showing up for me in all of Abrera's roles.
  6. fondoffouettes

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    Now Gabe Shayer is listed instead of Smirnova for Manon, Whipped Cream and Corsaire [edited to add: also Harlequinade]. The weird double casting of certain roles for those ballets is still appearing. I mean, I'm all for Shayer getting opportunities, but I can't really see him as Princess Tea Flower. 😉 I'm hoping they meant to assign Shayer some of the TBAs for Manon, Whipped Cream and Corsaire. They also need to fix the spelling of Gulnare and Pierrot.
  7. fondoffouettes

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    It's true, but it's saying that when you click on all the other dancers, too. What is going on??
  8. fondoffouettes

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    It's on the individual production pages, like this one: https://www.metopera.org/season/2019-abt/le-corsaire/ It's possible your computer is still showing the Abera image because the image was cached.
  9. fondoffouettes

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    This makes no sense. I don't think ABT would bother to fill secondary roles with a guest artist. Is it possible Shevchenko is filling in for Abrera for one or more productions and someone at the Met mixed up Smirnova with Shevchenko? I just hope Abrera is okay, and that she's not being Veronika Parted. Edited to add: The more I look, the more wonky things I notice about the Met site. For the 6/29 Swan Lake, it has both Seo and Teuscher dancing O/O, and both Bell and Stearns dancing Siegfried. Whipped Cream has "TBA" dancing on dates for which actual dancers are assigned. Manon and Corsaire have similar issues where two dancers are assigned to the same role on the same date. Clearly something is very wrong with the site.
  10. Yes, that's absolutely a Russian thing. You'll find videos on YouTube where Odile takes bows after her 32 fouettes, completely interrupting the flow of the Black Swan PDD's coda.
  11. fondoffouettes

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    I do think she's grown a lot as a dancer, but this sums up so many of her performances at ABT, sadly.
  12. fondoffouettes

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    That’s odd it wasn’t mentioned in the press release. (Gomes, Abrera and Murphy’s anniversaries were mentioned in the season press releases.) I guess it’s possible Cornejo said he didn’t want the fanfare, or that the company is no longer marking these anniversaries. But I hope they are just waiting to announce the anniversary performance separately.
  13. fondoffouettes

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    I agree. As much as I love Stella, I think management may have had her best interest in mind when they didn't cast her as Aurora this coming season. Even though she was lovely the last time around, I recall that her Rose Adagio was extremely tense. Her characterization of Lilac Fairy is peerless, now that Part is gone, so I do hope she continues to be cast in that role. I think the fact that she wasn't cast last season as Gamzatti, a role she's danced a hundred times, was a sign that she's going to start retiring the more technically demanding roles in her rep.
  14. fondoffouettes

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    It looks like most of that was from 10/22 and earlier. I think this was the first casting change that involved Copeland (if you don't count that entire Upper Room cast being nixed): It's also possible ABT is more sensitive to these sorts of issues than Disney.