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  1. “Neglected home base” - I feel this too.
  2. This is my dream pairing. Hope to get to see them together at the Met in the future!
  3. Fabulous news and so deserved! Also hoping this means a Met debut! I’m thrilled!
  4. I wonder if BB will give her permission to video document class etc, which seemed to be an issue of disagreement when she was at Kremlin Ballet. I wouldn’t have thought she would be happy with an Artist contract.
  5. I think the ABT women do their chaines on a very high demi point and quite fast with the arms held down to their sides, hands placed just above the tutu. I’ve grown to like them when done in this way. My recollection when SB debuted was that they looked very clunky and slowed the momentum of the dance. I wonder if they’ve been tweaked over the ensuing years.
  6. I agree with all you say here, ABT Fan. McKenzie was willing to test Hammoudi who didn’t meet all expectations but has now imo found his real forte in roles like Tybalt. Forster has not been given roles in the Petipa/Macmillan rep that could be considered a testing ground and which are overdue and timely.
  7. But I think Stella is in a much more secure position than Part was. Much more in the fabric of the company and with Sascha’s position with the Studio Company, I don’t think Kevin would force a retirement. Not that I agree with the treatment of Part. It was unforgivable for her career to end like that.
  8. Yes, I was hoping for both Tom and Blaine to be promoted. Can I hope at least that they continue to get more full length role opportunities? For heavens sake, Tom should be given a shot at Siegfried, Albrecht, Romeo, Solor etc etc.
  9. Good for both guys! Congratulations to them! No promotions to principal?
  10. I’m puzzled as to why Bell is the only one available to cover this part. Honest question: does the company only allow one additional dancer to learn a principal role and be available to cover? If a second dancer was interested in learning a role would they have to do that with private coaching?
  11. Yes! She and Joe Gorak were perfection together in this 1800’s style. They looked like they stepped out of a child’s music box. A total delight!
  12. Who knew Keith Roberts was such a cut-up? And a truly creepy/touching Carabosse! New respect.
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