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  1. I just wonder if Hallberg will be in lead role dancing shape by next Met season. 2020 has not been a year anyone expected. Like all dancers this year has severely reduced his ability to keep in performance shape and he was already choosing his roles, or at least the number of them in order to care for his body post injury. In any case, I hope I’m wrong because an R&J with him, Osipova, Abrera as Lady Capulet, and Hammoudi as Tybalt (one of his best roles imo) would be incredible.
  2. I’ve thought of something similar such as a short pas de deux in a mixed bill. But even that might be too taxing by next spring . I like the Lady Capulet suggestion better. Is there something like this that would be suitable for David Hallberg? I’d love for Alex Hammoudi to be recognized on stage as well.
  3. I got this too. Takes some of the pressure off and gives the box office more time to handle opera patrons requests.
  4. I called Wednesday to ask if I could exchange by phone on Sunday, rather than by mail or in person. The recording noted a 15 min wait time to speak to someone so I chose the option of leaving my phone number to get a call back. No one ever called back. I’ll try again today.
  5. Susan, I did not realize that. Definitely unfortunate.
  6. They actually sent my tickets to my daughter by mistake even though my address is on record as the primary one. I was going by what I was told on the phone re exchange week when I purchased the subscription. One mistake after another. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. What?? When I bought my subscription I was told exchange week started 3/22! Good thing I read ballet alert!
  8. Canbelto, I know this is heresy but I agree with you about Meryl Streep. She has a toolbox of mannerisms that you see in every role. IMO of course.
  9. Thank you for saying this! I too find the nisian photos distasteful. I have no problem celebrating a beautiful ballet body but his photographs cross over to titillation. Imo.
  10. I hope you’re right, Lady Bubbles! If (when?) Misty has to drop out of some of her performances Sarah would end up with Herman anyway. So awkward if there is a rift.
  11. If very short Copeland can dance with very tall Hallberg I don’t see why Sarah couldn’t be paired with Hoven. I don’t think that would be an extreme height difference. Would you say Hoven and Ahn are similar heights?
  12. This is what has me scratching my head. Surely Cornejo has some influence, particularly in his anniversary year, over who he partners. I’m completely befuddled and sad on her behalf.
  13. Hoping so much for this! I’ve always thought he and Schevchenko would be dream casting and hope Detroit goes well for them.
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