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  1. Barbara

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    Thank you, FauxPas. I did see this post but did not take the time to read the hashtags or the comments to understand fully what she was saying. I'm very sorry to hear this and wish Elina all the best in the future.
  2. Barbara

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    This is the first I've heard about Elina Miettinen leaving the company. I always noticed her and will miss her presence. I follow her on instagram and must have missed any mention of it. She does seem to do a little acting/modeling and product endorsement so perhaps that's what she'll pursue. Has anyone knowledge of her plans?
  3. Barbara

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    I'm intrigued by many of these suggestions but with one caveat. There is sure to be poor morale if someone is brought in IF some of the current taller male soloists aren't also given opportunities in the full lengths. I'm thinking of Hoven but Forster in particular. My choice would be to hire someone exciting from outside who knows the full length rep, promote Gabe Shayer to soloist this year, give Forster and Hoven real opportunities to test them out, and if one of them seems to have the goods, promote them pronto. Also hoping Lendorf can return soon. I believe he could partner both the shorter and taller women.
  4. Barbara

    La Bayadere -- Los Angeles 2018

    Pleeease Mr. McKenzie, use Tom Forster!
  5. Barbara

    ABT 2018 promotions

    I feel the same about Fang - I cannot take my eyes off her. I think she always shows a little something extra. So happy for her and the C/Katherines!
  6. Barbara

    2018 Romeo & Juliet

    I agree with all of the comments above about the entire cast. Oh, let's not forget Alexandra Basmagy-Diaz's beautiful debut as Lady Capulet. Also seduced, if I may say, by Hammoudi's Tybalt. He may have been a character actor/dancer disguised as a leading man all this time. I haven't enjoyed him this much in a long time.
  7. Barbara

    2018 Romeo & Juliet

    I must respectfully disagree with this description of Devon's characterization. I thought it was a triumph and that she and Bell show the makings of a wonderful partnership. Even from the Dress Circle I could read her emotive body language and the very thing I did think she showed was abandon and passion. They had a palpable chemistry. It was the most moving R&J I've seen at ABT in a long time.
  8. Barbara

    2018 Romeo & Juliet

    I totally agree!
  9. Barbara

    ABT 2018 La Bayadere

    I have a different opinion of the Saturday matinee. Devon was a mixed bag today. Her upper back was so stiff that I'm wondering if there is an injury and makes me wonder how her Swan Lake (which I loved last year) and Juliet will be. She suffered greatly in comparison to Sarah's soulful expressive turn on Wed. Where she excelled is her rock solid balances; she nailed the scarf variation. I thought Ahn was very raw with a long way to go as a good partner. Even his solos were not clean or exciting. No chemistry with either lead woman. (Why wasn't Tommy Forster given this opportunity? Or Blaine Hoven? Where has he been?) Trenary was excellent as Gamzatti! So glad to have her back. Her Italian fouettes were grand and solid. The shades were much improved today. I preferred the sharpness of Joey Gorak's Bronze Idol to Gabe's today; I often find him explosive but sloppy. All in all some things to like, others not so much.
  10. Barbara

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Did Bolle really do 3 performances today??? That's what it looked like from his IG story. The 11:00 Kids performance, then the 2 Giselles. Or perhaps he was just indicating his admiration of the company doing 3 performances in one day.
  11. Barbara

    ABT Fall Season 2018

    Surprised Gemma Bond's name wasn't mentioned. I've enjoyed her work and think she's still on the corps roster. (Although according to her IG feed she's pregnant, probably had the baby by now, and might be taking time off.)
  12. Barbara

    Mel Johnson

    So sad to hear this news. Every so often I would wonder why he was no longer posting. RIP Mr. Johnson.
  13. Barbara

    2018 Met Season

    If that happens I'm back to the exchange window!
  14. Barbara

    2018 Spring Season

    Abatt, I noticed this too but for me it worked! It might have looked like she was losing a bit of control (that's her m.o. isn't it - dancing on the edge of control?) but then swung the final spin into, well I don't even know what to call it - a very fast spin throwing herself into a backbend with her head thrown back. I found it thrilling! Wish this had been filmed so we could see that bit again.
  15. Barbara

    2018 Met Season

    I'm sorry not to see Paulina's Myrta but look forward to Katie Williams as well. I think Stephanie Williams would do well in the role too. I don't know her height but she seems on the taller side to me. She has that dark beauty and lyricism that reminds me a bit of V Part.