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  1. It was positively dreadful.
  2. I'm very excited for this program!
  3. I agree. I have seen her dance live, and I do believe she has it in her to get promoted, and quickly.
  4. I have been following Katie's story and started crying along with her. She is such an inspiration and role model! Brava to her!
  5. It is painful to watch her. Her face looks like someone is holding a gun to her head. Something is very, very wrong here. I've never seen a principal dancer with such poor form.
  6. Mack's jump IS huge! I saw him here in Salt Lake City, and when he came on stage in a jete, I gasped out loud at the height of it. It was really something!
  7. Thank you for posting Yukionna! What a wonderful program! The wedding pas de deux with Amanda Gomes and Wagner Carvalho is one of the loveliest I've ever seen. They have such youthful ebullience and even if it was not perfect, I loved it.
  8. I live in Salt Lake City, so I'll beat you there, Helene!
  9. ivypink

    Joy Womack

    I am fairly certain she is speaking about mental burnout. Joy has spoken openly in her vlogs about depession and anxiety, and as a person who also suffers from these conditions, burnout can indeed happen at six months if you are unhappy and stressed. Joy's Instagram from today, where she is exercising on some gym equipment, has me worried for her. She is dangerously thin.
  10. ivypink

    Joy Womack

    I think they burn out. Too much, too soon, and not enough time to be a child. And being alone with your coach doesn't prepare you for a team environment such as working in a company. As for Miko Fogarty, as I watched "First Position", I got the distinct impression that her mother wanted it more than she did.
  11. "Maya Plisetskaya of course was famous for her huge leaps..." I read that she used to take class with the men because she was so strong. But what really sticks out for me are her feet. She is rarely over the box of her pointe shoes, and they appear to be ill-fitting, i.e. very pointed and too tight. But most pointe shoes of that era did, as evidenced in photos. .I don't know how ballerinas danced on that type of shoe.
  12. Actually, Jenner did have the surgery to fully transition. She stated this in People magazine early this year.
  13. ivypink

    Joy Womack

    Her Prima Bars are no longer being manufactured.
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