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  1. ivypink

    Don Quixote Spring 2018

    "Maya Plisetskaya of course was famous for her huge leaps..." I read that she used to take class with the men because she was so strong. But what really sticks out for me are her feet. She is rarely over the box of her pointe shoes, and they appear to be ill-fitting, i.e. very pointed and too tight. But most pointe shoes of that era did, as evidenced in photos. .I don't know how ballerinas danced on that type of shoe.
  2. ivypink

    Chase Johnsey leaves Trocks; Joins ENB

    Actually, Jenner did have the surgery to fully transition. She stated this in People magazine early this year.
  3. ivypink

    Joy Womack

    Her Prima Bars are no longer being manufactured.
  4. ivypink

    2018 Met Season

  5. ivypink

    2018 Met Season

    "Does not have a beautiful face" That's a bit cruel. Having a beautiful face is not a prerequisite to being an excellent dancer. I can think of many dancers whose face is less than handsome/beautiful. I think David Hallberg has a beautiful physique, especially his high arches.
  6. ivypink

    Joy Womack

    I still don't understand why we are so far afield without the moderator stepping in. We should be discussing Joy Womack.
  7. ivypink

    Joy Womack

    I have seen Joy dance, and it was utterly thrilling. She danced Sugar Plum Fairy with Chase O'Connell of Ballet West at a guesting here in Salt Lake City with a local ballet school. The performance was impeccable. Joy is so glamorous, technically proficient, and artistically polished. Thier fish dive at the end made the audience catch their breath! Anyone who has doubts about her turnout should watch her most recent video. Her turnout is amazing. So is her extension, strength and flexibility. Her personality may be somewhat difficult, but she has not been shy about her struggles with anxiety and depression. These things are frowned upon in Russia, so she probably doesn't have much support. I feel for her. I think Joy deserves a break.
  8. ivypink

    Colorado Ballet 2016-17 roster

    Who is Alexandra's mom?
  9. ivypink

    Keeping Up With...

  10. ivypink

    Joy Womack

    Pretty much like any job anywhere else, sadly.
  11. ivypink

    Joy Womack

    I like how vagansmom described Joy's dancing as "artistically vacant". That nails how I feel. Joy always appears to be dancing the same thing. Take away the costumes and music to tell you what role she's dancing, and it all looks the same. Yes, she has great technical proficiency. But I have seen 15 year olds with greater artistry. She also seems to lack the lovely ballerina "lightness" that other stars have. That ethereal, magic quality when she moves. She seems more earthbound.
  12. ivypink

    Top Universities that offer Ballet

    The University of Utah offers BFA in Ballet.
  13. ivypink

    BW's 1st Black Sugarplum Fairy

    I'm sure they are riding the coat tails of Misty Copeland's publicity. She has brought ballet to the forefront, and that is a good thing. I am sick of Misty Copeland, however. She is not the first black ballerina, and won't be the last. She is pretty and dances well, but is not God's gift to ballet. She dances "heavy" and is missing the ethereal quality essential to a great ballerina. Adam Sklute has done a great job of making Ballet West a diverse group of dancers, though.
  14. I'm so happy to hear this! I love her dancing and have been a fan since her Ballet West days. I kind of suspected a promotion was in the works because she has been prominently featured in videos and posters recently.
  15. ivypink

    Joy Womack

    It is unfair to assume that because her family is well off that they would be paying her way. I also doubt that her salary is equivalent to $100 US. Her apartment is quite nice and she seems to have everything she needs. I'm still dying to know why she can't get the pointe shoes she needs. Surely she is not the only ballerina in Russia who wears Gaynors? And why wouldn't she buy some when she visits home? My personal viewpoint is that Joy create her own problems. She does have a negative outlook on most things, it seems. But if your colleagues have asked you to stop filming your company class, I don't blame them. I would hate having my every move broadcast to the world. By the same token, she is entitled to her opinions. However, in her current situation, she should be keeping some things to herself. Russia is not the US. Everything there is so politically sensitive. Be smart and keep your mouth closed.