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  1. If Blaine Hoven would retire (he’s not cast as much anymore), there would be room in the Soloist ranks for Patrick.
  2. They need to solve the issue of the four weeks they lost at the Met.
  3. And Soloist Blaine Hoven seldom is cast anymore. So that means that Patrick Frenette, Andrei Ischuck (sp) and other Corps. men will be cast in semi soloist roles, at Corps. salary/structure.
  4. Happy for the three promotions, which are deserved. Patrick Frenette needed to be promoted as well, in my opinion.
  5. Jake posted their rehearsal on his Instagram. They looked great. And Takumi is just an apprentice! Marvelous, high jumps!
  6. So, hopefully there will finally be promotions announced soon?
  7. Thank you! This answers a lot of questions for me as to their status. ( I am a retired Banker). 😮😞
  8. Is there a way to obtain access to ABT’s Balance Sheet? I know they are a non profit but I think they still have to report financial information.
  9. This is excellent news. I recently saw on Instagram that Irina and Max are rehearsing Corps. de Ballet member Luigi Crispino as Purple Von Rothbart.
  10. Thank you. Three that stood out: Brady Farrar, Takumi Miyake ( his jumps. Wow), and Kyra Coco.
  11. I just watched the ABT Studio perform on You Tube tonight. Really outstanding performances from these young artists. Sascha Radetsky said members of the Studio Company will perform in Nutcracker in December in Orange County.
  12. The name of the Twyla ballet was Deuce Coupe, to Beach Boys music. Yes, she was very good in that.
  13. I agree that Misty won’t be back, imo. She hasn’t danced with ABT since 2019. She has had a baby and is now involved with other projects.
  14. I think they are waiting until contracts are negotiated and signed.
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