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  1. Actually, as of this moment, it doesn't even say "Dancer" anymore. Sad. I wish her all the best.
  2. Yes, very upsetting about Sarah. I guess I'm not surprised either though.
  3. I don't see Stella Abrera listed as principal. They may be updating the site? Also, Sarah Lane is no longer on the roster.
  4. I would have gladly donated to watch that performance. Sadly, it appears I'm not exclusive enough. Huge mistake. I am happy to pay for a virtual performance given the opportunity. Sorry ABT dancers.
  5. Congratulations to her. Despite my feelings about the Paquita redux overall, I thought Maria Shirinkina looked really good. So much improved from Corsaire last year, transformed actually. Didn't think of it until now. Out of a shadow maybe. Good for her!!!
  6. I was at the Saturday Matinee. I will stop short of saying I hated it. It was like one long and ridiculous can-can-equivalent. I couldn't follow it, and I really didn't care. It was all just a mish-mash of silly. I have never seen Tereshkina dance live, and she did not disappoint, but I felt like there was no meat to her roll in this ballet. I got the sense that she could have done it all in her sleep. Such a waste of what looks to be a great ballerina. Yea, her fouettes were great, but hardly worth sitting through three hours of pure nonsense. I will say this though, I totally agree with cubanmiamiboy, and others who have mentioned the wonderful Vaganova kids. They were a delight. It was like going back in time. I hope when the Mariinsky returns next year, they bring something with some kind of emotional substance, or any kind of substance. Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I need some kind of drama when I'm seeing a ballet. A circus in pointe shoes is not for me.
  7. I would love to see her dance Giselle at KC. I am confident she will not disappoint. Nobody should think for a moment that she is a simple "Kitri". DC has already warmed to her charm. We saw her Columbine this year.
  8. Brooklyn Mack maybe? He's on the roster as a guest artist and He's Local to the DC area. Regarding Brandt as Giselle, I saw some footage of her dancing the roll during a Russian ballet-competition-type-TV-show. I think she has the potential to pull it off.
  9. Love reading these reports. So happy for Sarah!! Anybody see Aran Bell's debut at the matinee yesterday?
  10. I feel very fortunate to be able to see him at this point in his career. Bravo Rolando!
  11. Cubanmiamiboy, I was sitting in the third row so I could really see the expressions on Rolando's face. To me it was clear that he felt like he was somehow back to where he knew he was supposed to be; dancing a beautiful production in front of a full house who really appreciates his artistry, and cheers him on as he blows their minds. I think he, along with others on the stage, had a wave of emotion when they saw how heart felt the standing ovation was.
  12. I attended the Saturday Matinee performance of Sleeping Beauty. It was truly a delight. The house was full, the dancers were all wonderful and the audience was appreciative and enthusiastic, with good reason. Princess Aurora was danced splendidly by Katherine Barkman and Prince Desire' was danced spectacularly by Rolando Sarabia. Katherine was warm, engaging, smooth and buoyant. She clearly appreciated every other dancer she came in contact with. She also charmed them all. She is Charismatic, and a lovely, lovely dancer. Rolando was full on dance master in this performance. I'm not a dance expert so I struggle a bit to articulate what it is about him that's so special. He leaps, bounds, spins and then lands full stop in such a way that it seems as if he hadn't been moving at all. And then, he beams because he knows he nailed it, again. I think his partnership with Katherine Barkman is a really good one. They made everybody happy, and they seemed pretty darned happy themselves. Kateryna Derechyna danced a lovely Lilac. Victoria Arrera, an apprentice, danced Princess Florine. It's a good way to begin. Our Bluebird was danced by Masanori Takiguchi; he is still in the Studio Company. I thought he did a great job. He's a big jumper. The white Cat and Puss-in-Boots were danced adorably by Brittany Stone and Corey Landolt. And, let me not forget to mention Daniel Roberge who played a really cool Carabosse. I don't know how else to describe his characterization. He was over the top, but not way over. He was menacing, and he made me giggle. This was truly a stellar performance by all and the audience let it be known. There was a joyous standing ovation at the conclusion of the performance, and to everybody's pleasant surprise there were also individual curtain calls. All of the lead female dancers received little bouquets, including the one that was really a man. This is significant because any kind of blooming thing handed out at a Saturday Matinee at KC is kind out of the ordinary. Keep the flowers coming! I hope this signals more good things to come from and for TWB. Thank you Julie Kent!
  13. Got this information in an email. As far as I'm concerned it's all good. Close to being sold out though. Principal Casting:* Wednesday, February 27, 8:00PM Princess Aurora: Eun Won Lee Prince Desire: Gian Carlo Perez Lilac Fairy: Brittany Stone Carabosse: Stephen Nakagawa Thursday, February 28, 8:00PM Princess Aurora: Katherine Barkman Prince Desire: Rolando Sarabia Lilac Fairy: Kateryna Derechyna Carabosse: Dan Roberge Friday, March 1, 8:00PM Princess Aurora: Maki Onuki Prince Desire: Andile Ndlovu Lilac Fairy: Adelaide Clauss Carabosse: Gian Carlo Perez Saturday, March 2, 2:00PM Princess Aurora: Katherine Barkman Prince Desire: Rolando Sarabia Lilac Fairy: Kateryna Derechyna Carabosse: Dan Roberge Saturday, March 2, 8:00PM Princess Aurora: Eun Won Lee Prince Desire: Gian Carlo Perez Lilac Fairy: Sarah Steele Carabosse: Stephen Nakagawa Sunday, March 3, 2:00PM Princess Aurora: Maki Onuki Prince Desire: Andile Ndlovu Lilac Fairy: Adelaide Clauss Carabosse: Dan Roberge Sunday, March 3, 7:00PM Princess Aurora: Ayano Kimura Prince Desire: Ariel Martinez Lilac Fairy: Brittany Stone Carabosse: Gian Carlo Perez *Casting subject to change
  14. theo

    Simone Messmer

    MCB is participating in Ballet Across America at the Kennedy Center. Tomorrow tickets go on sale for KC members. So, I decided to look at the MCB roster and saw that Simone Messmer is no longer there. Anybody know anything? Did I miss something?
  15. I am curious. Please let us know more if possible.
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