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  1. Sad...but I'm reeling from so much else, that I can hardly feel what I'm feeling....
  2. Fantastic news and something to look forward to!
  3. Atlanta Ballet has cancelled their upcoming Giselle--scheduled for this month originally--but has said they plan to present it in May instead (in place of a previously planned mixed bill). I think SFB's announcement is the more clear-eyed one. Unfortunately.
  4. Safe travels (and lots of hand washing) Buddy--
  5. I confess I thought perhaps you were making a sarcastic remark about the UK's slowness to act, so I googled "herd immunity...UK...Coronavirus" and and OMG!!! -- you were not being sarcastic!!! That seems like the government is gambling with the entire national health system and a lot of lives. We will see what happens.... (Mr. Drew is approaching 70 and has asthma and I'm not exactly young...so...uh...solidarity.)
  6. Buddy-- do you know if there will be another live broadcast of the new choreography evening?
  7. Under the (difficult) circumstances, I think the offer of the streaming dress-rehearsal is a very nice gesture...
  8. Princess Florine--Don't know if this is a debut or not but I think it may be:
  9. I try to suppress all desire to play the equivalent of "kremlinologist" with the Mariinsky -- but I must confess it seems a very good sign that Illiushkina is being given a second opportunity at Odette-Odile. I am hoping that she gets a chance at another major role soon.
  10. I've sat near children who can't keep quiet or still, but I have also had this happen before -- and it makes me crazy. Once was rather notably the first time I had the opportunity to see what was then still the Kirov. And it was the company's first tour in the States in over a decade. The performance was Swan Lake at Wolf Trap and a young girl sitting in front of me was with two much older women. I'm terrible at assessing children's ages, but I'd guess the girl was anywhere from 9 to 13. And completely quiet and engaged. But the two older women with her were constantly turning to talk to her and comment and make sure she was following the story etc. etc. At intermission I finally said something (as nicely as I could), but they resumed during the ballroom scene at which point the girl (who may just have been embarrassed) asked them to be quiet. And then they were.
  11. I personally have no wish to see NYCB as a home of nineteenth-century ballets or full length ballets — and would probably prefer they commissioned new work if they want to add a full-length work to their rep for box-office. I realize that it is a riskier proposition...(Ratmansky’s R&J was choreographed for the National Ballet of Canada, though it was recently staged by the Bolshoi.) Edited to add: I would love to see more revivals of rarely done Balanchine like Ballade or this season’s Haieff Divertimento.
  12. A beautiful tribute....I been longing to see Heymann especially for many years now. (See in real life that is, not just video.)
  13. Marina Harss has tweeted that Toby Tobias passed away today. She was long one of the ballet critics I most enjoyed reading--and most valued--in Dance Magazine and, later, New York Magazine. As many reading this may already know, she suffered through a long illness--may she rest in peace.
  14. That is a traditional version —you probably know this, but maybe not everyone does—and what Baryshnikov used to do to tremendous effect. For a while at ABT that is all I saw. (For example, I saw Corella do it that way —though less effectively than Baryshnikov.)
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