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  1. I can’t respond to these comments without getting into very political territory. I can at least agree that a vaccine—once a substantial portion of the population has been vaccinated—will change the picture....No-one doubts your love of the Mariinsky @Buddy! Thanks from me, as well, @volcanohunter — I wouldn’t call the numbers a testimony to the wisdom or compassion of the company’s approach.
  2. "...Still ones hopes that this is being done as responsibly as possible for the benefit of the entire population." That is the issue... I don't know the severity of the outbreak in St. Petersburg and I certainly feel for the dancers--it seems to me that losing a season or a year to the pandemic must feel close to unbearable and depending where a dancer is in her/his career could have long term or even permanent ramifications for how that career unfolds. Yet, the risks performers take are not only risks for themselves. For that reason alone, the decision about performances can't be made
  3. Is there no calendar section? I would think even for locals that’s a very useful function and the company knows it has an international audience....Let’s hope an easy-to-find calendar section is on its way....
  4. Thanks for the interview. I wish De Luz great success. (I wonder if the announced run of the Giselle will happen as planned--I'm even a little surprised about this week's repertory program, as a quick Google search shows cinemas are closed in Spain right now...)
  5. Many dance artists and dance writers are paying tribute and expressing their sadness on Instagram -- and posting a slew of photos of the Doris Duke theater mostly in happier times.
  6. Just catching up here--I haven't been watching much of the ballet being streamed etc., just here and there occasionally. (Various reasons including general malaise at living shut-in...) . But I was curious about this ballet which I had never seen and enjoyed quite a bit. Thank you for posting!
  7. Thank you for posting @ECat -- enjoyed seeing Alizade...and that production of Sleeping Beauty looks gorgeous!
  8. Lots to chew on in the above comments ... nice to see most of them are pretty sanguine.
  9. Ashton's oeuvre may not be quite as large or wide-ranging as Balanchine's --it's hard to know in part because of the way it has been handled since his death, but it's a substantial oeuvre that includes a number of masterpieces plus other secondary but still very fine works. Even the greatest of these ballets are not danced as regularly by the Royal Ballet as one would imagine. Seasons go by without the company staging even one of his full length works, and more than a decade has gone by without other important works being brought to the stage. In the meanwhile, the company treats Macmilla
  10. That's a lovely example. Nor are we in as quite as much disagreement as you imagine; much better if one can guide the corps de ballet as Legat says she does at the Mikhailovsky. (I will add, though, that when I saw the Mikhailovsky in Giselle and Flames of Paris at the Koch theater in New York, I did not see a classical corps de ballet that was comparable to the Bolshoi's.)
  11. That’s a wonderful perspective. I admit I don’t find Vaziev inhuman (at least not what we saw) and I don’t believe that anyone who isn’t preternaturally tough could run the Bolshoi for long. I also doubt getting yelled at is the cruelest thing that happens to dancers. There may be better ways to discipline a corps—let’s hope so—though none of them are likely to be gentle. Was glad to see Filin acknowledged and thanked a couple of times including by Smirnova.
  12. I had a chance to watch more of the Bolshoi video--was that Chenchikova coaching Denisova as Aurora? I looked at the photos on the website and in photos she seems the only coach with those bangs. I ask because she came across as very caring and supportive even as she was working adamantly on certain details. I found myself really liking her, or at least, her way of conducting the rehearsal. Anyway--if someone knows, I'd be curious (perhaps @volcanohunter?)....I found it almost unbearable to watch Allash coach Smirnova and Skvortsov because she was wearing her mask incorrectly--but that says no
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