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  1. Wow! or, rather, once again.... shudder ....
  2. I shuddered reading this....
  3. I had missed this news. Thank you for passing it along. Ivanova has been an exceptionally lovely presence at the Mariinsky--I join you in wishing her a wonderful next chapter....
  4. I was thinking of Wheeldon’s Variations Sérieuses....I think it dropped out of the rep so people don’t remember it much...,
  5. A wonderful —and beautiful—actress. May she rest in peace.
  6. Welcome @TheAccidentalBalletomane — rapturous” is a perfect word for how wonderful ballet can be. I think many of us are mourning the loss of live performances. Next year in the theater!
  7. I'm kind of ecstatic with excitement for the dancers and trust this will be be a shot in the arm for company morale. I think most if not all of them have great futures ahead of them! Perhaps, when I allow myself to think more coldly about the matter, I do find it...risky...to promote dancers to principal who haven't proven themselves in multiple principal roles and--in the context of ABTs repertory specifically--who haven't shown repeatedly that they can carry multiple full length ballets. I love Trenary (as I do Brandt) but Trenary's full length leads have been what? A very successful A
  8. Congratulations to Avsajanishvili --
  9. I think (young) women are, in some contexts, implicitly and sometimes explicitly encouraged to wear less and less (by advertising for example) for reasons that don't necessarily have anything to do with thinking nothing is "wrong" with nudity. That is, women's fashions sometimes have less to do with freer, less repressed or neurotic views of the body than with the commodification and hyper-sexualization of women's bodies. The latter is entirely complicit with puritanical views of nudity, and definitely not a benign "let it all hang out" emancipation from body or gender hang ups. Of course,
  10. I read your post with interest...What strikes me though is that ballet (classical ballet--not dance in general) emerged in a court society in which nudity was definitely neither a norm nor an ideal nor an acceptable social alternative so that even it were true that "we" are heading in that direction, ballet itself as an art form would be substantially changed if nudity were considered just another costume. And at a certain point it might no longer be ballet. It might be dance; it might be great art; and it might even be something ballet companies included in their repertories now and then just
  11. A wonderful ballerina -- stunningly beautiful (and great at comedy too). I very much hope she can give a live farewell performance.
  12. Thank you -- I often think how hard it must be for dancers who were planning to retire at the end of this season to have "lost" their final season dancing. (I assume some retirees I read about have re-assessed due to the Covid19 time away, but they too are ending their careers in an unexpected way that may feel abrupt and a little sad.)
  13. Big news--sad that Watson's final season was no season at all. (Something he shares with any number of dancers and a real loss for all of them and their audiences.) He's a remarkable dancer and has had a remarkable career. I'm a little sad about Tristan Dyer as well--I only saw him twice (once in Scarlett's Age of Anxiety and once as Benno in Scarlett's Swan Lake) and found him quite interesting both times. (I don't remember ever having had the chance to see Montes). Wishing all three dancers wonderful and exciting futures...
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