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  1. Like @cubanmiamiboy --at least as he felt in 2012-- I'm not crazy about Odile's variation, at least in the "traditional" versions I've seen, though the historical provenance issue is not what keeps me from loving it. I almost never find anyone genuinely beautiful in it--even in an "evil" way. It vaguely seems to me that Guillem made an impression on me in it, and maybe one or two others, but basically I find it overly fussy--which I think is my way of responding to what he described as its coming across as overly mechanical or academic. I do find it impressive when someone brings a bit of speed to the variation, but I doubt it will ever be a favorite.
  2. Thank you for your review @The Traveling Ballerina . If people have the time and/or interest, then I would love to hear in more detail from everyone what their thoughts were, positive and negative, about the production and the dancers.... (I wrote about the production in some detail on this site last year when it premiered. I found it more ingenious than magical, though I still enjoyed the performance I saw a lot. I'm also on record as a huge fan of Airi Igarashi--Nikolas Gaifullin, too, but how one reacts to him in this ballet might entirely depend on one's reaction to the production. I think that's a little less true of Igarashi in her role as the grown-up/dream Marie.) Edited to add that I just saw that @YouOverThere gave a review on another thread discussing the company's Nutcracker venue.
  3. Thanks for this detailed report. I would love to be able to see this production.
  4. Thank you @nanushka for posting! I would have missed this entirely otherwise....
  5. I saw a post referring to this on twitter and didn't know what to make of it. It's a strange story (at least as told in the NY Post), but missing any careful context through which one might make sense of it. Anyway, I hope Evdokimova is resting in peace...She is certainly still remembered by many ballet lovers.
  6. That strikes me as well --wish he had done one or two of these already ...but here's hoping!
  7. I am sorry your ankle is worsening. I have chronic ankle problems that have developed partly from ignoring an earlier ankle injury in its nascent stages (it was a repetitive stress injury). For what it's worth--perhaps not much--my experience is that the only thing that abets healing is rest, rest, rest, rest, and more rest. (Which unfortunately led to a bit of weight gain in my case, though I eventually lost most of it again.) My 2-3 worst ankle injuries --which were all primarily soft tissue, repetitive stress injuries--needed something approaching a year of babying to get better. And attempts to "strengthen" with exercises often led to setbacks and re-injury. I am sure there is some sweet spot that I missed--where you can rest it, but still do some gentle strengthening exercises--but basically, however much time I (or anyone else) thought my ankle needed to get better...it needed at least twice that. Over the years, I have found that wearing shoes designed for people on their feet all day--nurses for example--has helped to keep the chronic problems mostly -- but not entirely -- under control. However, it does mean that to match the shoes I usually dress very dully... Anyway, I trust your problems will be deal with more efficiently than mine, and I wish you luck. And thank for your very interesting writing...
  8. Just catching up with the news that Illiushkina will be making her debut as Odette-Odile early next year. Wishing her much success! (She was lovely in D.C. in her variation from Paquita.)
  9. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the performance!
  10. Sad news for lovers of ballet and ABT....though not entirely surprising. People often mention Abrera's Lilac Fairy....one of my favorite Abrera performances was her Princess Florine in Ratmansky's (Petipa's) Sleeping Beauty -- The performance I attended, I found her dancing in that role and in that production about as close to perfection as it's possible to get.
  11. In D.C. Svetlana Ivanova looked beautiful as one of the coryphees in the Grand Pas of Paquita as well. She was paired with another very fair dancer and they also timed/coordinated their movements together very well. (Likely Ivanova would be beautiful in one or two of the Paquita variations, but in any case I am glad the Mariinsky has such quality dancers in the ensembles)
  12. An extraordinary figure in the history of ballet--with a great legacy. May she rest in peace.
  13. He did pull away the second time leaving lots of extra space in a way that (to me) would have seemed comical had it not followed on a real mistake that interrupted the adagio just as it was reaching its climax. I like Parish and partnering mistakes happen....but this one was plenty awkward.
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