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  1. I'd add that I like seeing debuts, and also I'd like to see more of the lesser-used pairings. For example, why not give Sara Adams and Harrison Ball a few more shows? Or give Lauren King or Unity a few more SPFs. I guess I've seen Nut so many times, and I've seen the principals in general so many times (not just in Nut), that to really be drawn in I want to see something new.
  2. Thanks for the reminder, I also thought Sebastian Villarini-Velez and Alston Macgill looked terrific. I also had mixed feelings about Unity Phelan's Dewdrop. She is so stunning in that costume that just looking at her is a pleasure, but her dancing was effortful and sloppy.
  3. Agree. The debuts are what make me more likely to spring for the steep cost of tickets. Enjoyed Lauren Lovette, Joseph Gordon, and Unity Phelan last night. Lovette has become more radiant and secure as the years go by, and there's something about Joseph Gordon that is just tremendously appealing. Cainan Weber made a big impression in Tea, bringing a roar from the audience. The long, long limbs of Miriam Miller made Coffee mesmerizing. Overall, maybe I've just seen Nut too many times, but I find the magic wearing a little thin, especially the party scene. I love the violin solo, the transformation, the battle, and the snowflakes, though - that whole section is my favorite part (well, along with the Sugarplum pdd).
  4. Wow, I would LOVE to see this, and I would even spring for another ticket!! But I assume it's for the final weeks of the Nut season, when I will be out of town. I wish they didn't save all the exciting debuts for the week between Christmas and New Years, when I am invariably out of town. I believe Pazcoguin is the only female soloist who has not yet done Sugarplum. About time!
  5. Wow, that casting with Phelan, Danchig-Waring, and Woodward is very tempting. But the ticket prices... ouch!
  6. So glad to see Peck and Huxley back!! Baily Jones debuts as Dewdrop and also Marzipan.
  7. Glad to see Maxwell and Boisson back, both out for SO LONG.
  8. Wow, that is terrific news. Did anyone see her? She's been out, I don't know, like two years?
  9. Thanks for the good news, Jacqueline! I would love to hear a report.
  10. I no longer have a subscription to the NYT, so I can't read the article on the Nutcracker children. But just tell me one thing: Is Athan Sporek doing the Nutcracker Prince again? He was great last year.
  11. Hmmmm week 3 and no sign of Peck or Bouder. Hope to see Tiler back very very soon. I have a ticket for Dec 10. Happy to see the casting is Lovette, Gordon, and Phelan. I bought that ticket way in advance. Unless some enticing new casting appears, this may be my only Nut this year. For several years now I’ve seen maybe 3-5 each year. But without new casting I may be reaching my limit esp with the ticket prices.
  12. That could be a terrific pairing. Hod has done Sugarplum before, but it must be a debut for Furlan. I look forward to seeing more of him!
  13. I just did a quick search on this site. They did it in Spring 2014. There are various comments on the topic "Spring Season 2014."
  14. Tiler Peck's Dewdrop, of course. I buy my Nutcracker tickets before knowing the casting, and over the past several years I've been delighted to find I was seeing Tiler's Dewdrop several times. It was like finding out I was holding a winning lottery ticket. Also for Dewdrop I would love to see Emma von Enck (pretty sure it would be a debut) and Emily Kikta (not a debut, but I haven't seen her do it before).
  15. I remember seeing it maybe 4 years ago. I particularly remember how beautiful Rebecca Krohn and Russell Janzen were. I think it was before Janzen was promoted to principal, so that might help pinpoint when it was. As I recall, they fielded two casts including a bunch of debuts, so I was assumed it would be coming back the next year, but it didn't. I would love to see it again.
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