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  1. Did anyone see this casting last year? It would be fun if they took the opportunity to showcase different casts. If they showed 5 casts, I would probably watch them all!
  2. Agree... especially about Bartok Ballet. The new commission I'm most interested in seeing is from Silas Farley, at least I know that he knows and appreciates ballet. I haven't seen any of his work, though -- as anyone seen any of his choreography?
  3. I also find the redesign unattractive and unengaging. The home page is all silhouetted sculptural bodies. No movement, no ballet. Nothing to draw the dance lover in.
  4. If you're a dancer, now is probably a really good time to have a baby. I suspect we may be seeing a lot more of this. Congrats to her!
  5. Just judging from this one interview, a simple fix for Megan Fairchild might be to clarify in her own mind what kind of dialogue is this meant to be. Is it a conversation between old colleagues about how both of them have been doing during the pandemic? Or is it an interview of Lauren Lovette and her reflections on her past, present, and future? Megan seemed to be taking it as a convo to which they would both share experiences, while Lauren seemed to be taking it as an interview of herself. I would prefer the latter, but I could enjoy the former as well, if they are both on the same page.
  6. Thanks vipa for pointing out this video. Lauren's story is fascinating, and she comes across so well, beautiful, engaging, and thoughtful. So many people are taking the disruption of the pandemic as an opportunity to reassess life choices. I wonder what direction Lauren will go in. My only complaint about the interview is Megan Fairchild's interviewing style. I kept wishing she would shut up and sit back, and let Lauren expand on what she was saying, like her stepping back from ballet. Can we hear what Lauren is thinking about ballet and her future, please? I kept feeling like Megan was changi
  7. I just got Dance Index as well. What a pleasant surprise. However, this makes me realize that I somehow did not receive the final issue of Ballet Review, despite being subscribed. I was out of town for awhile, and thought I had received all my mail, but this must have gotten lost. Bummer.
  8. "Thank you New York" has actual dancing, which some of the other new works completely lack. So thumbs up for that. But I don't know about Jonathan Stafford's new look. I didn't recognize him at first. Has he lost weight? Downvote on the mustache.
  9. All very true, Quiggin, and thanks for spelling it out. When I first started going to NYCB, I found the "black and white" ballets very difficult, and even dozed off a number of times. I kept at it, because I knew how deeply appreciated those works are, and over time I grew to profoundly appreciate them. I would love for there to be great new choreography, or even new forms of dance, so I try to watch with an open mind, but I keep being disappointed. It's hard to know when to keep trying to appreciate something, like, say, this week's Bell and Tanowitz works, and when to decide it's better to s
  10. Okay, now I delved into the Pam Tanowitz for Russell Janzen piece. I didn't watch the interview with Tanowitz, I don't know if that would help me to appreciate it. I'm just not seeing any real dancing going on, same as with the Sidra Bell piece. This "site" art form is just not for me. Let's get back to ballet!
  11. I started to watch the Sidra Bell piece, but I had trouble with my internet connection and gave it up about 5 minutes in. Admittedly, I didn't try very hard to get it back on. I had trouble discerning any real dance there. Also the camera work was frenetic, zooming in too close then darting back out, and jumping from one angle or one site to another. Probably that was intentional. I wondered if I could appreciate it more if I watched the whole thing and also the discussion with the choreographer to understand what her intentions were. But, based on what I saw, nothing drew me in. Disappointing
  12. Thank you, Rock! I'll have to check it out on Youtube. That is all very good to hear, and I look forward to "meeting" this young man.
  13. Furlan certainly deserves that promotion, based on what I saw of him in the fall and winter seasons. But I'm still waiting to hear more about Chun Wai Chan, and especially, is he tall? I can't think of any other reason he should be put ahead of Roman Mejia. Also, wouldn't Alec Knight be an obvious choice for soloist opportunities, and tall to boot?
  14. Depressing. I was hoping (doubting, but hoping) they could find some way to put on a season in some modified form. Interesting about a new male soloist coming on. Is he tall? Why someone new, and what about our homegrown talent, like Roman Mejia? Meanwhile, I'm finding myself not so into the digital fall season. With a few exceptions, like that great Tiler Peck-Andrew Veyette Allegro Brillante, I find it hard to get into ballet on video. But, I do look forward to seeing Anthony Huxley's great Oberon tomorrow. As for retirements, I too would be surprised if Abi Stafford and po
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