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  1. I too watched the interview/coaching session of the Siren last night, and I found it surprisingly lackluster. The interview portion was repetitive and superficial, with Kowroski, Clark, and Jackson repeating the same things: don't overact, you grow into the role, and the cape should be expected to malfunction. Then on to the coaching session. Unfortunately, it had nowhere near the nuance and interest of the City Center Studio 5 series with Tiler Peck/Merrill Ashley and Sara Mearns/Nina Ananiashvili. It shows Clark going through the cape solo again and again, with Lisa Jackson saying things lik
  2. The press release says they are "previously recorded" performances, it doesn't say when but presumably in recent years, not new. Prodigal Son - Reichlen (with it was Kowroski) and Ulbricht; Theme and Variations - Peck and Veyette; Stravinsky Violin Concerto - Hyltin, LaCour, Mearns, and Stanley. *wish* it was Kowroski,
  3. Wow, I knew he was young, but I didn't know he was THAT young. I too feel like I've been watching him for a long while. This puts into perspective the baffling question of why he hasn't yet been promoted to soloist. He appears so confident and poised that he could probably (so it appears) manage the pressures of being a soloist at a very young age, but still, there's a good argument for waiting till the person has a few more years.
  4. Wow, THANK YOU for posting this, canbelto! I can't wait to get back to the theatre to see these dancers, who feel like my dear long-lost friends.
  5. So I just watched the livestream (available for just a few more hours this evening). Mixed feelings. It was great to see the familiar faces of the dancers again, but I certainly am eager to see ballet in an actual theatre again. This was a huge undertaking, with Schumacher providing an hour of new choreography. I liked this choreography better than Schumacher's more experimental work, and would look forward to seeing more of it. In terms of the dancing, it was quite limited by the setting - the party scene takes place in the house, the mouse battle and waltz of the snowflakes outdoors (were th
  6. Those are fascinating photos. It looks so different without the costumes I’m used to, it’s hard to recognize it as the same ballet. The long tulle skirts worn now add an entirely new dimension to the ballet.
  7. In talking to a friend who knows little about ballet, I was trying to describe some of the mystical, beautiful moments of "Serenade." This led me to an internet search for photos of the iconic moments. I am eager to find a picture of the moment that the Dark Angel and the man enter - just the two of them, him with his arm outstretched and her behind, with her hand over his eyes. Surprisingly, I can find no photo of this moment on the internet. If anyone can point me to a pic, I would appreciate it. More generally, I would love to see everyone's favorite moments of "Serenade." And in poring th
  8. I'm not sure where this topic should go - this is not a NYCB production, but the dancers are all apparently NYCB, and probably most of the people who follow NYCB on this forum would be interested. Should "Ballet Collective" be listed as a separate company with its own forum? I have been getting publicity emails about this, and now I gather there's a positive review in the New York Times. I'm very intrigued by the production. If anyone has attended, please report back in detail!
  9. Interesting to hear. Now I'm more interested in figuring out how to watch it. I would have thought Sara Mearns would be the go-to Sugarplum Fairy. Is the camerawork distracting?
  10. I haven't viewed this Nutcracker (I don't even know what Marquee TV is), but it's fun reading the reviews. Just like the old days! I can't wait to get back to live performances. JuliaJ, I don't think they deliberately chose this casting for a recording and broadcast. I assume this was similar to the other pieces they released for the recent "digital seasons," that is, performances recorded for archival and/or publicity purposes only. When covid happened they reviewed and chose some for a release that was not originally intended. I think it would have been great fun if they had put out mu
  11. Did anyone see this casting last year? It would be fun if they took the opportunity to showcase different casts. If they showed 5 casts, I would probably watch them all!
  12. Agree... especially about Bartok Ballet. The new commission I'm most interested in seeing is from Silas Farley, at least I know that he knows and appreciates ballet. I haven't seen any of his work, though -- as anyone seen any of his choreography?
  13. I also find the redesign unattractive and unengaging. The home page is all silhouetted sculptural bodies. No movement, no ballet. Nothing to draw the dance lover in.
  14. If you're a dancer, now is probably a really good time to have a baby. I suspect we may be seeing a lot more of this. Congrats to her!
  15. Just judging from this one interview, a simple fix for Megan Fairchild might be to clarify in her own mind what kind of dialogue is this meant to be. Is it a conversation between old colleagues about how both of them have been doing during the pandemic? Or is it an interview of Lauren Lovette and her reflections on her past, present, and future? Megan seemed to be taking it as a convo to which they would both share experiences, while Lauren seemed to be taking it as an interview of herself. I would prefer the latter, but I could enjoy the former as well, if they are both on the same page.
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