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  1. Thanks nanushka. My partner and I are probably going to do that. We’ve been looking forward to the broadcasts almost every night now.
  2. What a totally delightful Barber of Seville! (I only watched the first half, the final ensemble of which is one of my favorites in all of opera). I’m not clear how long they are going to keep doing these, does anybody know? Request: Marriage of Figaro, old production, please!
  3. Of course, I wasn't thinking... all so sad.
  4. Thanks for mentioning this, vipa! It looks fascinating, I can't wait to listen.
  5. I wonder about the SAB Workshop performances. Maybe they are waiting to decide on that.
  6. That beautiful picture of Mira Nadon, the epitome of spring, represents what we are losing, and the dancers.
  7. My partner and I have really been enjoying the Met Opera's rebroadcasts over the past two weeks. This was a great idea on the part of the Met, generous and well timed. My only beef is why not start the broadcasts earlier in the day, like maybe 6:00pm, especially for Wagner Week. My favorite so far has been the 2007 Eugene Onegin - why did they EVER feel the need to replace that beautiful production?? Last night's Das Rheingold was just so so beautiful, and right now I'm hoping I can make it to the beautiful end of Die Walkure... probably not, but I'll get back to it before dinner tomorrow (since I have no commute time anymore). Having seen this cast in the theatre, I vividly remember how shatteringly beautiful it is. And can't wait for Barber of Seville next week. So there are some silver linings...
  8. After seeing the beautiful Unity Phelan and Harrison Ball in Haieff Divertimento yesterday, it's still very much on my mind. I was searching for the music on my streaming service, Idagio, but they don't seem to have that particular Haieff work. I see that on the NYCB website, under "Repertory," they have three videos with snippets of the current cast of Haieff. Very welcome to see. Unity looked even better in performance yesterday than she does in the videos. I also seem to recall that several weeks back, NYCB emailed me a sort of season preview which I didn't look at, but I thought it contained some kind of info or video on Haieff. Does anyone recall this, or know where to find any such video? Also wondering, as vipa asked me yesterday, how to pronounce "Haieff." Does anyone know?
  9. Thank YOU, vipa! I look forward to next time. I too love the final movement of Episodes. I find it gripping as it grows from quiet to intense, and the simplicity of using primarily arms and legs, like a constellation, or like the bare branches of trees in winter. (It inspires me to poetry, but sadly, I don't have the skills of a poet.) Mearns may not have a ton of dancing to do, but instead, her compelling presence is needed to anchor the whole thing (to mix in another metaphor). I could gladly see this again and again. It's been awhile since I've seen Rodeo, and I'm not crazy about it. All that running around! It just felt breathless and over-wrought to me. Why not slow down with all the entrances and exits, and let things develop on stage a little bit more?
  10. A quick note on last night's performance. Jovani Furlan is an invaluable addition to the company. He tore into the Paul Taylor solo in Episodes with unbelievable ferocity and unself-consciousness. Of the three performances/three casts of Swan Lake that I saw, the highlight was his journey around the stage with the crossbow, with a stretched-out line that epitomized search and yearning. More of this beautiful dancer, please!!
  11. Very unfortunate reports about Fairchild and Garcia, especially as they have often had great chemistry, like in Rubies. Did you see the matinee with Lovette and Ball today, abatt? I take it there was no improvement.
  12. Friday night, up in the 4th ring, I thought I spotted a woman who appeared to be nursing a baby. It was at a distance and I assumed my eyes must be deceiving me. Then, during the performance, I heard the unmistakable sound of a baby wailing as the mother (thankfully) hurried down the stairs and out the exit. Back to yesterday's matinee. It was good to see Aaron Sanz back after what seems like a very long injury. He looked good, but maybe lacking in stamina and his technique isn't where it needs to be. Is there any official word on the long, long absence of Harrison Coll? I don't think he's danced, except for Herr Drosselmaier, since being promoted to soloist. if anyone attends today's matinee, reports please on Lovette and Ball's second performance.
  13. Just back, very late, from a trip to Montclair, NJ to see the Richard Alston Dance Company. Too tired to write much now, but if anyone else has seen this run, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I've enjoyed seeing this company at Montclair for the past few years. Honestly, of all the contemporary choreographers that I've seen, I enjoy Alston the most. Inventive, straightforward (ie., ungimmicky), humorous, great choices of music, and just lovely pure dance. Sorry to see the company is shutting down, and I'm not sure how much his work is done by other companies, but I will be seeking it out.
  14. I thought Tiler looked great, but also it was clear she’s dancing injured. I hadn’t noticed it as much when I saw her in other post-injury performances, but the caution and limitations were evident. Still she brings her speed, precision, and musicality.
  15. FYI for those looking for a discount (as I am), today, tonight, and tomorrow’s performances are sellouts, and therefore standing room is open. $39.
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