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  1. I saw the Sunday matinee and just want to report that Tiler Peck was a real star, pretty much dominating the stage when she was on it. As noted up-thread, the balances were not what I was expecting from the incredible dancer that she is, but other than bringing her hand down very quickly in those balances, she was amazing. Tyler was looking beautiful too. Also Harrison Ball was a standout as Gold, looking really elegant. The bluebird pas de deux was again a letdown. In the Saturday matinee, at least Lauren King brought her brilliant smile and radiant charm. On Sunday, Brittany Pollack, again dancing with Troy Schumacher, simply did not project or charm the way King did.
  2. A question about intermissions. Studying the program, I see that I got the scene/act divisions wrong in my post above. It seems to me like there should be an intermission between the spell and the vision scenes, rather than after the vision scene as there is in this version. After the spell seems like a natural place to take a break (to allow some time to pass, while the 100 years presumably goes by), and it seems jarring to me to split up the vision and awakening scenes. Maybe it would feel different if the awakening were longer, but it's so short I'm left puzzled about why it's not put with the vision. In the versions with two intermissions, where are they usually placed?
  3. Report from the matinee performance. Lovette and Gordon were a huge success. Lovette was radiant, natural, and technically secure, while Joseph Gordon IMHO has become one of the most important male dancers they have. He made the fishdives look effortless, smooth and secure. It's been so rewarding to see him grow into principal roles. May he have a long and injury-free career. I look forward to seeing it. Rarely do I say this but I wish there was another intermission. Or if there must be only one, move it to after Act I. When the curtain came down on the sleeping Aurora, with the perspective retreating further and further from the castle into the woods, to where it's totally overgrown and indicating the 100 years' sleep, I was emotionally prepared to take a break as well, as the 100 years progress. Instead, the music continues... moving on!! And this has been much discussed, but I agree about the superfast tempi. The fairies looked rushed. Miriam Miller was a beautiful Lilac Fairy, honestly she must have the most beautiful spread of arms in the whole company. But I found her bland and very lacking in authority. The fairies - Sara Adams and Kristen Segin were especially sparkling. But Claire Kretzschmar as the Fairy of Generosity, with the beautiful pizzicato behind her, was unfortunately brittle, and I found her similarly unappealing in the precious metals section (Silver). Emma von Enck (Emerald), in the most prominent role I've yet seen her in, made a strong impression, charming and fluid. It was interesting to see Ashly Isaacs (Ruby) back since I don't know when. Still has a strong presence, but more tentative than I recall. Finally, young Mira Nadon continues to cut a very striking presence in background roles. She has some distinctive and special qualities, and I hope she flourishes at NYCB.
  4. I noticed Ashley Laracey's absence and just assumed she must be injured. ... but it appears not. She would have been a much better choice, IMHO for the soloist in Ballet Imperial than Megan LeCrone.
  5. Thanks to those of you who have been posting about this piece. I have never seen it, and I wasn't necessarily going to see this program, but after reading your reactions, I'm going to try to make it to the last performance, on Feb. 6. I looked up the score (or should I say "score") on youtube, and while I was a little befuddled and Mr. Cobweb groaned, it got me intrigued to see something different.
  6. I don't know that the issue is just the angular facial structure. She rarely smiles, and when she does it doesn't look relaxed or genuine. She looks good technically, especially this season where she seems very solid, but her facial expression makes her look tense and not happy (let alone conveying joy or radiance, as one would hope to see in Lilac and Sugarplum).
  7. So true, but thank god she's not doing Aurora! I had my worries.
  8. ... if one only knew which dates! If anyone sees anything official, please post!
  9. Thanks, nanushka. I guess my mind is playing tricks on me. In any case, while there aren't many ballets where this pairing would work, I was very glad to see this performance. As another note on the past two night's performance's, Emilie Gerrity's turning "Dark Angel arabesque" was truly stunning.
  10. Yes, indeed. After last night's performance, I was thrilled when I heard Huxley would be dancing. He and Mearns did great together, and now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I've seen them dance this together before. My old programs are a total jumble (I hope to get them organized one day; if anyone has a good system, I'd love to hear it), so I can't check this out. Does anyone else recall? Anyway, they had a good rapport and both did extremely well. I get the feeling Huxley likes dancing this; he knows he's good at it. He makes it look totally effortless and barely looks winded after those killer variations. I liked Mearns better tonight than last night; less sloppy. Re the Sleeping Beauty casting, I was hoping to see Lauren King as Aurora... but I guess if she's debuting Lilac Fairy, that's not happening.
  11. She looked a lot better last night than she did on Saturday. More secure and in control overall, although there was still a problem with the fouettes.
  12. Very very Interesting, thank you BalanchineFan. I noticed that the skirts looked uneven, that is with the “stripes” so visible you can always tell that one side is higher than the other. Thought that was a bug, but hearing it’s a feature puts it in perspective. Hope those panels continue to fade...
  13. PS. Mr Cobweb, who had no idea of the BA discussion about the new Serenade outfits, queried me about the purpose of the “yellow stripe” in the women’s skirts. In vain did I try to explain it’s not a “stripe.” He felt it distracted from their legs. So, definitely not having the intended purpose.
  14. It occurred to me that Harrison Ball could be really good in the role too. Not sure whether with Sara though.
  15. Agree that Mira Nadon looked lovely, elegant and serene with a noble carriage. Very very promising And Russell Janzen is miscast in Mozartiana. MHO. I know there must be reasons for casting that I don’t know about but why not let Tyler Angle dance with Mearns in Mozartiana and give Ballet Imperial to Janzen. Seems like a much better fit. I missed Anthony Huxley like crazy. And I like Sara a whole lot better in Serenade than Mozartiana. Romanticism is a better match with her style of dancing.
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