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  1. So I did manage to watch part of the von Aroldingen coaching sessions last night before it went offline. We're treated to von Aroldingen working with Teresa Reichlen and Robert Fairchild on Who Cares? Reichlen looked stunning, impossibly lithe and with incredible expressive legs, while Fairchild's form and charisma made me miss him badly. Then onto the "Elegie" section of Tschai Suite #3, with Sara Mearns and Ask LaCour. Here I only watched a few minutes, so can't really comment. I enjoyed seeing von Aroldingen. But as someone new to the "ballet coaching" genre, the one I found most illuminati
  2. I was sent access to the von Aroldingen coaching session and would like to watch it, but it was only up for like 48 hours and unfortunately I've been traveling this weekend so I can't get it in. Wish it was available for just a tad longer, that's not really enough! The Ballet Connoisseurship program is run by SAB. I sprang for a program this spring, on Walpurgisnacht Ballet, with James Steichen as the speaker and Kyra Nichols too. There were some interesting nuggets but I was not inspired to attend again unfortunately. I think coaching sessions are a lot more engaging than hearing dancers
  3. I'm just getting around to watching the Gala. I like the concept and certainly, as filmed dance goes, I've seen a lot worse. I thought the Liebeslieder Walzer excerpt fared the best, beautiful in that setting. And it was just delightful to see the Divertimento segment, chock-full of my favorite dancers, looking terrific. But I just can't work up much enthusiasm for more ballet on video. Bring on the season! But why, after that teaser, is Divertimento No. 15 not on the schedule until the spring?
  4. I'm with you, vipa! I did subscribe, but when I look through the offerings I'm disappointed... not a good way to feel when heading back after a year and a half. Where are the Balanchine specialties, rarities, and delights? Isn't that what most of the audience has been pining for?
  5. I really appreciate these informative posts from pherank and volcanohunter, with photos attached. For the nonprofessional such as myself, this is very helpful in thinking about what to look for and putting it into context. Thanks much!
  6. Terrific news from SAB! I'm totally down with an all-Balanchine selection. Only disappointment is that I will be away that weekend. Booooo. But maybe there will be a video/livestream?
  7. That would be a crying shame, if true. I really love seeing the corps in the Diamonds livestream, with so many beautiful young and diverse faces, all looking proud to be there and committed to the art form.
  8. Thank you pherank and California! I would certainly love to see PNB too. Am I missing a digital season there now? Will have a look. I definitely look forward to deeper acquaintance with SFB. Another question, just curious how long is the dancers' contract for SFB? If they perform Jan-June, the dancers must have several months a year without a contract.
  9. After watching the Jewels livestream over and over, I have come to the shocking realization that I have been awfully provincial in my devotion to New York City Ballet. I really have to cast my eye farther afield. It's been a delight to see dancers who are entirely new to me, with fresh interpretations of familiar roles. Somehow it's great to see a dancer I've never seen before, kind of like dating someone new rather than continuing a relationship with a lot of baggage, or past performances however great they may have been. For example, Diamonds. I have seen Sara Mearns, Teresa Reichlen, and Ma
  10. Interesting to hear. I have been having trouble judging the height of the dancers from seeing them only on video. For example, De Sola looks tiny (to me anyway) in Diamonds, but I read somewhere that she's of average height. Zhao doesn't look tall compared to the other women in the opening line of Rubies. But, I guess one thing that's certain is that Mukhamedov is definitely tall. 🙂
  11. Agree, PeggyTulle. This was my first time seeing Mukhamedov (actually my first time seeing all the dancers) and I immediately loved her. I found her tall, grand, and yet very warm and human. I gather she has learned Diamonds but couldn't do it due to injury. That would be fascinating to see. On rewatching it all again, I especially loved Wanting Zhao as the Tall Girl in Rubies. Considering that she is not at all tall and therefore not an obvious fit for the role, I would say this was an inspired casting choice.
  12. For someone who is totally unfamiliar with SFB, the recording of Jewels is a great introduction to the company. I was so tired and uninispired of watching ballet on video, that I skipped MIdsummer Night's Dream... which I now regret! Jewels energized me again. The entire company looks great, and I fell in love with Sasha De Sola and the clean clean dancing of Tiit Helimets. I found the camera work mostly excellent, unobtrusive and mostly giving a good view of what was happening onstage. For example, that section in Rubies where the Tall Girl does big second position plies and arabsesques while
  13. Is anyone else having an issue signing on to purchase access? I have tried several times, with different credit cards, and I keep getting a message saying there was an issue with completing the payment and I should refresh the page. No luck with three different credit cards!
  14. I finally got around to watching the T&V coaching session. Much better and more interesting than the one for Prodigal Son, IMO. I look forward to the Stravinsky Violin Concerto coaching session tomorrow night. Thanks canbelto for posting that footage of SVC. The pas de deux with Ramasar and Krohn is amazing. Krohn has such an incredible physique and lithe way of moving it's hard to take your eyes off of her. I still have the postcard NYCB sent out announcing Krohn's retirement, with a photo of her and Ramasar from the pas de deux. Propped up on a bookcase, I keep meaning to have it framed.
  15. cobweb

    Simone Messmer

    Thanks for posting this, nanushka! I signed up to watch. I don't know anything about Ballet Chicago. From the website, it looks primarily like a ballet school and junior company. Is that right, or am I missing something about a professional company? Also, I'm curious about what hall they perform in.
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