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  1. Too funny!! I can totally see it.
  2. Thank you Kathleen, you are always a source of great information!
  3. So then it seems likely that the best recordings of Liebeslieder (in terms of the video being recorded straight-on, without abrupt random zooms on someone's face, poorly timed switches of vantage point, and unfortunate limited framing) are probably the ones NYCB has been doing in recent years. That is, the same series that we saw in the Digital Spring Season, apparently shot from somewhere in the back of the orchestra or first ring. No idea if they are filming every performance, or just some for use in publicity. Since they are showing an excerpt from Liebeslieder in the Digital Fall season, i
  4. Thanks for this, Leah, and thanks to Kathleen O'Connell for that beautiful footage of Lovette and Jared Angle. I personally have vivid memories of Sterling Hyltin in this section the last time around. The recording above, unfortunately, is dreadfully cut-up, that is, cut shots that mar the whole thing. Do any of you, with longer experience and vaster knowledge than I have, know what is the best recording that was done... and is there any (legal) way to access it?
  5. Totally. And the recent performances with Sara Mearns, please.
  6. This was terrific. What a terrific series. I went to the City Ballet website afterwards to see the video of Tiler talking about the Pink Girl, but the video is not on the new website, bummer. But, highly recommend these coaching sessions.
  7. I was glad to see the dancers and the effort that went into Natural History. But, I found the piece repetitive and dull. The distance didn't help. But still, I'm glad they made the effort and I would have attended if I could have.
  8. Thanks for this, Kathleen. This is why I love live performance. You see real people in real time. Even on an off night, I'd rather be there than see a video.
  9. Unity Phelan and Jovani Furlan to principal. Emilie Gerrity too. Emily Kikta to soloist.
  10. Thanks, canbelto! You see more performances than anyone I know (except for maybe abatt), so I value your perspective!
  11. Agree, canbelto! Did you leave out Joo Won Ahn on purpose, or was that an oversight?
  12. Whatever happened to Sarah Lane, and even if she sabotaged herself, this ungracious removal, all too reminiscent of the Veronika Part debacle, reflects poorly on management. On the other hand, I am delighted by the promotions... both these particular dancers, and even more, the fact that there are promotions at all. ABT knows more about the situation for performances than I do, and they must have some optimism that they will have some need for their dancers in the foreseeable future. Hurray!!! Bring it on!!!
  13. You may be right that this is the logic behind presenting excerpts, but I don't think this makes a lot of sense. Many entire performances of Swan Lake are online, but live performances still sell out. For me, however many times I might watch that scintillating video of Tiler Peck and Andrew Veyette in Allegro Brillante from the digital spring season, I would be back at the theatre in a heartbeat to see them or any other cast. For many people, the existence of video in no way substitutes for live performance.
  14. I will certainly tune in, but I too find the excerpts dispiriting. Why? Why not the whole thing? On another note, following up Leah's comment about the lack of videos on the new website, I am not so crazy about that website. All silhouetted toned bodies, no dance?
  15. By the time the company is performing again, whether this winter or spring (hopefully not later...), I wouldn't be surprised if we see more retirements of senior principals and soloists. I also wonder what about the status of those who were apprentices when things were cancelled. No doubt there will be a lot of shakeup. On my subscription, I see that I was scheduled for a program called "Baroque Variations." I wonder what was included in that!
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