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  1. I notice that the new website doesn't seem to have any mention of the Janice Levin award. They used to have a specific listing of past winners, I believe on the "Meet Our Dancers" page. Now I don't see it anywhere. Wonder why not!
  2. I have to agree with the praise for these two dancers, who both stood out to me. Fangqi Li was very elegant and polished and someone I would eagerly seek out again. Ischuck made Hilarion more sympathetic than he sometimes is (he came across like a nice guy, not an awkward loser). He's a tall guy, so hopefully we will get to see him in a dancing role soon.
  3. When I went to buy tickets and encountered the massive fees, I walked away from the computer. Only a few weeks later did I decide to go ahead with one single ticket. But - what are they thinking? It would be better to raise ticket prices, rather than add fees that make people feel they are being taken advantage of and deter people at the moment of purchase. Similar to masked dancers. No way! What are they thinking?
  4. Sadly, I agree with all these assessments of ABT's fall programming. I think they misjudged what the audience wants to see. (To be fair, I have a lot of gripes with NYCB's programming too!) I will be going tomorrow night to see Herman Cornejo and Skylar Brandt. I had hoped to see Catherine Hurlin too, but no complaints with Christine Shevchenko. That's it for the two week season. Hope to see some shakeup with new management. Has there been any news (official only, of course!!) about the process of finding a new AD? To add insult to injury, I just went to the homepage to check on any casting updates, and when I click on the calendar link for tomorrow, I get a message saying "Hi, the page you are looking for does not exist."
  5. Thanks for the info, @california. We’re veering off topic here, but like your sister I also had a terrible reaction to the second moderna shot. Haven’t been so sick in years! I want the booster but will be careful.
  6. Thank you, @FPF. I should have looked that up.
  7. It was a lovely afternoon for Kowroski. It was a festive, buzzing atmosphere. The audience was packed with dedicated balletgoers, dancers current and past, friends and family. We were sitting a few rows away from Kowroski's husband and what appeared to be a whole related contingent; and just down the row from Robbie Fairchild. I thought the program was well chosen, showcasing her range as well as the range of the company, and the repertory. She appeared very well in all of them. The program opened and closed with Balanchine pieces, fittingly enough, and in between two pieces from contemporary choreographers, both created (I assume DGV was done for her and Tyler Angle, correct me if I'm wrong) on her. Like someone said up-thread, Amaria appeared better and more interesting on second viewing, against all my expectations. Three of the pieces (Slaughter, Amaria, and DGV) had her legs as their primary focus (and much appreciated!); in Chaconne she got to display other aspects of her technique. I'm not a huge fan of Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, but it's a great vehicle for Kowroski and guaranteed to get the crowd whipped into an appreciative frenzy. (I also loved the moment when Aaron Sanz, as the gunman, whipped out a face mask. Great update; the audience loved it.) Then the heartwarming parade of her colleagues bringing tribute, concluded by her adorable little boy and husband. Thanks Maria for bringing so much enjoyment for so many years!
  8. KarenAG, just wanted to say I'm so sorry this happened to you! I know I would be heartbroken too. I'm planning to get the COVID booster, but just in case I have an untoward reaction, I deliberately did NOT get it last week because I didn't want to be sick for the Kowroski retirement! It was a special afternoon as befits a great ballerina. I hope you are enjoying the reports and video. I will try to post a few more words later today.
  9. Isabella LaFreniere demonstrated she has everything needed to take on the grand ballerina roles: strong technique, confidence, glamour. She dances with authority, with a grand sweep, has a megawatt smile that radiates throughout the theatre, and an expansive presence that touches your heart. I always knew she was good, but not THAT good. Highly impressed - in love with her, in fact!
  10. Good to hear. Thank you Lauren for years of beautiful dancing and artistry!
  11. I thought Isabella LaFreniere was beautiful - confident, glamorous, dancing huge, everything we've been waiting to see from this beautiful dancer for years. She has to be happy with that debut. I was so in love with her, and with Chaconne in general, that I just got off the phone with the box office for a ticket to tonight! (Chaconne only; skipping the rest of the program.) There was a disappointing lack of rapport between her and Danchig-Waring, though. I thought he looked more dour than usual, and there wasn't much eye contact between them, despite her megawatt smile that warmed the hearts of the entire theatre.
  12. My partner saw something similar. He says that the guy who wound up on LeCrone's right (Zuniga, that is) failed to reach for her hand - then suddenly lunged for it. My partner's impression is that either Zuniga forgot what he was supposed to do (that seems impossible) then suddenly remembered and lunged for her hand; or he just got his timing wrong.
  13. Thanks for pointing that out. That is a lovely photo of the three women, and their stunning dresses, on the repertory page. I wish NYCB more clearly listed timing for the programs.
  14. Good to know I'm not the only one! What was the timing on that, how long is La Valse? As I finish up a long week of work and multiple performances, I'm actually thinking that the only thing I really need to see tonight is Chaconne, so I might do the same thing, and slip in after Rotunda.
  15. Tiler Peck and Roman Mejia gave a treasure of a performance. They look great together, are incredible dancers, and this piece is a great vehicle for both. After not seeing Mejia for a year and a half, I notice a more mature, adult quality about him, that is very attractive. I liked Unity's understated approach to the After the Rain pdd; for once it didn't seem overwrought to me. Still don't need to see this again. Megan LeCrone's mishap was bad. She totally crashed onto the floor in what looked like a tripping, clumsy drop. The audience was relieved to see her appear again looking fine. I wasn't watching closely enough to be sure of what happened, but it seemed like more than just her losing her balance. I've also had enough of La Valse for awhile. I have at ticket to tomorrow's matinee, mostly because I want to see Agon again (and getting to see Peck and Mejia again is a bonus I didn't expect). But I'm thinking I might arrive late and just slip in during the pause between La Valse and Other Dances.
  16. I'm trying to figure out if Chaconne is on the schedule for Winter or Spring, but it's hard to find that information quickly on the website (unless I'm missing some season overview page). Does anyone know if it's coming back? It definitely should!
  17. I thought Sara Mearns was perfectly glorious in Chaconne last night. I don't have the memory of other dancers in this piece the way some of you do, so I didn't miss any non-ethereal quality. She charged through in a blaze of sunlight and glitter (poetic license), with a joyous smile to fill the theatre. There were other standouts as well. So great to see Harrison Coll, for the first time in years, looking so strong and full of vigor. Olivia Boisson and Alexa Maxwell both looked good as the demisoloists (saw them in these roles last week as well). Boisson has a beautiful smile and a lovely, gracious presence. Maxwell looks like she's lost a ton of weight since before the pandemic. I guess I'll get used to it, but I thought she looked pretty good before too. In any case, she still dances with an assertive sprightliness and bright appeal to the audience. Finally, Emily Kikta. Kikta Kikta Kikta. So beautiful, so beguiling. More please. I dozed off during Rotunda, and the M/M opener was a little dull compared to Mira Nadon's performance last week.
  18. It would be nice to see someone besides LeCrone get a chance in the role this time, but it seems she's the only one cast. I also miss Savannah Lowery in the role. And I remember Ashly Isaacs blazing through it, alongside Joseph Gordon (can't remember who was the other guy with them), not too long ago.
  19. Yeah... no. This makes it easier for me to make a decision, especially since I have some doubt about the adorability factor with all the kids 12 or over.
  20. I have to imagine that if Jonathan Stafford and Wendy Whelan were not there for Abi's farewell, that had to be at her request. I can't believe that company leaders, who are performers to boot, would not be present with flowers and smiles unless the honoree specifically requested them not to be. This is all very unfortunate. I was a fan of Abi's dancing, probably more so than others on this Board (this is beside the point, but I found her a much more interesting dancer than Jonathan was). But in recent years, it was clear her dancing had lost some steam. Unless she was able to significantly up her game, the right thing to do was retire. I hope she can see that. It would look bad for the AD to have his sister dancing at a level below most of the very capable, and ambitious, soloists.
  21. I’ll resort to a ziplocked dinner if I must, but the snack bar sandwiches were pretty good, and very convenient when dashing over from work. I enjoyed occasionally getting there early and having the ham and cheese sandwich and a glass of wine while surveying the scene on the mezzanine.
  22. I especially enjoyed today’s Glass Pieces. In the first section Mira Nadon, Jovani Furlan, Isabella laFreniere, and Davide Riccardo all looked great. Riccardo is having kind of a breakout season, at least in terms of my noticing him. He has a ton of potential and I can’t wait to see more of him. In the third section the men have picked up some oomph from earlier in the season, although the second batch of six guys still seems too lightweight. But an energetic performance all around.
  23. Just back from the afternoon performance. I'm getting used to the intermission-less format. While I miss the chance to stand up and schmooze, I do like getting out early, especially on weeknights. Assuming they go back to having intermissions, maybe they can at least revisit how many. Most nights have (had) two intermissions, but my vote would be to have just one. Also, I notice some loosening of the policy about late seating. Presumably this is related to no intermission and checking vaccine status for entry (meaning people are coming in late?). People have been seated while the overture is playing, at several performances this week. Also the woman next to me today got up and disappeared during a pause, then made her way back to her seat a good 5 minutes into Pulcinella Variations. Bathroom break and then returned? Not sure, but it was annoying. I hope this doesn't become a permanent feature. (I was also seated next to someone recently who was eating out of a plastic takeout container before the curtain went up. Then proceeded to text and chat with her neighbors during the performance.) As one more note about the "logistics" of attending, I got there early a few nights ago, intending to get a sandwich on the mezzanine for dinner. No sandwiches! Only cookies, chocolate bars, and whatnot. Bring back the sandwiches!
  24. Interesting point. Curious to know - did Martins make an appearance at the La Cour farewell?
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