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  1. I registered Thursday (I think) and received my link yesterday around 4:30 PM--hopefully the people in charge of membership reach out to you as it certainly seems like an error. Also happy to shoot you a PM or email if you're still having trouble--Don Q tonight should be lovely and you definitely shouldn't have to miss it on a system mistake!
  2. I ended up seeing three performances with Pineiro/Molina Soca, Lopes/Diaz, and DiPiazza/Liang and every show was absolutely wonderful. It truly is an exciting and vibrant production and I'm so happy it seems like it's going in the company's rep now that they've bought the sets. Now, brief(-ish) impressions, focusing on the highlights so that I can remember them later on! Mayara Piniero and Arian Molina Soca were clearly the veterans in the roles and both looked absolutely secure and confident throughout the show. Piniero was absolutely the most impressive performance of the weekend, it fe
  3. Casting is up for Don Quixote: http://paballet.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Don-Q-Principal-Casting.pdf Hoping to make it to opening night and maybe one more performance! Lots of lovely pairs to choose from.
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