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  1. aurora

    Job posting for artistic director

    Lady painter is certainly not a modern phrase. It is exceptionally old fashioned (Victorian era). And is often not very accurate. Rosa Bonheur was certainly female but she was no lady. Even woman poet (etc) are not what I would consider modern usage. If you are going to designate the gender of the artist (in whatever medium), I'd argue "Female poet" or "female artist" is more the norm.
  2. You are talking about "aiding authenticity" in a ballet based on a Shakespeare play about faeries in a wood, and one about a girl who falls asleep for 100 years and is woken up by a kiss. I don't see why that kind of authenticity (ethnic) is desired. What about a black or asian Giselle? Or Aurora in sleeping beauty? Or Odette and Odile? Do they conversely require "whiteface?" for authenticity? Or are dancers of other races now there simply to fill in when their race is called for in a role? This is what is implied by logically parsing your statement...
  3. aurora

    RIP Denis Tan

    The ice skater Denis Tan from Kazakhstan was stabbed to death in the street, apparently by people trying to steal his car mirrors. https://www.bbc.com/sport/winter-sports/44887051 RIP Denis
  4. aurora

    Cats in Charge

    I'm totally obsessed with Cornejo's soccer jersey-wearing kitty. She's one of my favorite things on instagram!
  5. aurora

    ABT 2018 Whipped Cream

    The Grand Imperial tradition in ballet is what is referenced here by CharlieH, not the plight of peasants in Imperial Russia... Certainly there was a great (and opulent) tradition of ballet before the revolution.
  6. aurora

    ABT 2018 Whipped Cream

    agree 100%
  7. aurora

    ABT 2018 Whipped Cream

    Today's show was going so well. Skylar was especially good--her solo was so fast it was breathtaking. Gabe really was a marvelous boy--but then on the final big solo he fell in his first jump and seemed badly hurt. He got right up, but clearly he knew something was wrong immediately. He kept smiling, but basically had to mark and pose his way through the solo. They did the tosses, but didn't actually toss him in the air--just lifted him up and down. I feel so terribly for him and hope he is ok soon.
  8. aurora

    Macaulay on ABT 2018 Met season

    That is my impression as well--I just meant this seemed like progression (downward) in Macaulay's opinion and not totally out of the blue, despite how enamored he certainly was with Hallberg at one point.
  9. aurora

    Macaulay on ABT 2018 Met season

    I feel like he started souring on him a while ago, just after he went to the Bolshoi--talked about him developing in the wrong ways etc. I'd try and find some direct quotes but I can't bear to read that many of Macaulay's reviews.
  10. aurora

    Odile Variation Hops on Pointe

    I like both variants to be honest. Aesthetically I see them as roughly equal, but I see the ABT version as hypnotic, and the culmination of the character. With Siegfried in front of her she's luring him towards her and then, with the relevee, indicating he should stop....It really is the last part of the seduction of that character.
  11. aurora

    Odile Variation Hops on Pointe

    what Lupe Serrano does is, as you indicate, distinctly not the same. In fact it is much what ABT does currently, though it is done at a slightly different place in the music. I wonder if the change to doing them on pointe was an alteration to that sequence by Alicia Alonso to showcase her amazing strength and technique? I admit I had a hard time tearing myself away from watching D'Ambroise pirouette on a foot with no relevee... 😧
  12. It has been some years since I saw Polina (at ABT in Swan Lake) but she is too cool for me. Lovely limbs and positions but no emotion. Of course that is something that can improve over time.
  13. aurora

    Don Quixote Spring 2018

    No company allows filming of performances by audience members, although I guess in Russia it is tacitly allowed.
  14. aurora

    Marcelo Gomes

    I don't agree with the premise that he had anything to protest in regards to his treatment. I love Gomes. But if an incident was made known to the company he worked for, it would have been negligent not to investigate. He was clearly a huge favorite of audiences and of dancers/staff alike. I'm pretty sure they too would have rather this never happened.
  15. aurora

    Don Quixote Spring 2018

    She did one of the three shades earlier this season. So she's actually had a couple of opportunities this season (and done well both times I saw her)!