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  1. I'd assume Skylar Brandt will dance it. And I agree those you mentioned are definites. I'm not sure, however, that they would only have 3 casts. When they did Giselle in DC in Feb 2020 there were 7 performances and 7 different Giselles scheduled: Hee Seo, Boylston, Abrerra, Brandt, Lane, Murphy and Copeland (who had to cancel and was replaced by Brandt) were all scheduled.
  2. My perspective does not need broadening on this matter. I live in one of the early hot spots. I'm still traumatized by the literally nonstop sirens of spring 2020. Many of my friends lost parents. One of my closest friends almost died. Opting not to get vaccinated and to therefore continue this pandemic does not qualify as "caution" in any legitimate sense of the word. Caution would dictate protecting yourself, your loved ones and your community by getting vaccinated.
  3. Cautious is a very interesting way of referring to opting not to get vaccinated against a deadly disease.
  4. An obituary for Katherine has appeared in the NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/16/books/katherine-barber-dead.html
  5. My friends thought that too. They got Covid from mingling with people unmasked outside. The new variants (prevalent in NY now) are much more contagious.
  6. Dirac, that doesn't seem to be what happened with the Royal Danish Ballet, however. Which seems to have been the final straw for him. They had his work on their schedule until this last week, and it was their investigation into his behavior as a guest with them in 2018-19 (I believe) that led to the decision to cancel his piece.
  7. Up until a day or two, however, it was in her written bio.
  8. Not for me: Sarah Lane Faith, Family, Friends, Health, Art, Nature🙌🏻 Married to @luisribagorda Our two fur babies @cora_maya_ribagorda
  9. Photographing your gf having sex without her knowledge and disseminating that footage is a bit more than "going on a date and acting like a pig."
  10. The version at the Met is actually not a copy. It is a preliminary full scale plaster model marked up with a grid for transfer to the final work in marble.
  11. my feeling about a lot of things these days.
  12. Agreed. I just thought that she'd want to do so fairly speedily. It's been over a week. I'm sure you are right though--it is the only reasonable explanation.
  13. It seems so strange that she hasn't addressed it at all on her social media by now. She's been posting, but not on this, and her info still has her as a principal at ABT. I understand wanting to process things in ones own time, so I don't meant this as a criticism, she owes us nothing. I just think it is somewhat surprising she wouldn't want to get something out there.
  14. Update (from a story on her IG): They are having a girl!
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