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  1. Oh that sounds like a really interesting presentation! Do they have a mailing list or something? How does one find out about such things? Regarding the dresses, I like them much more than NYCB's which appear to be plain white leotards with simple dance skirts. Nothing Greek about them at all. That said neither look is offensive and I care much more about the dancing.
  2. There are actually 4 ABT corps women who are Chinese.
  3. who was the corps girl who wiped out so dramatically?
  4. Hasn't paid her dues? So we criticize the company for not promoting people fast enough, and then we criticize dancers for wanting more? She joined the company in 2011 and was made a soloist in 2015. She's been dancing leading roles for several years now. I think she's paid her dues.
  5. See Leah's post--it is the new Ratmansky full length, apparently
  6. There is a good article from March on the Sacklers and donations in particular, which broadly supports your point regarding Britain being ahead of us on this, although US organizations are also refusing contributions and others are considering doing so: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/25/arts/design/sackler-museums-donations-oxycontin.html The Met has since decided (in May) to reject their donations as well: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/15/arts/design/met-museum-sackler-opioids.html
  7. I'm sure you aren't the only one.... https://twitter.com/dalberda/status/1164942081493803010
  8. Both Matthews and Kajiya were getting principal roles before they left. Him with some regularity, she more and more that final season. Their decision to leave seems to have been based on the fact that there wasn't going to be space for both of them to be principals for some time at least, and that is understandably what they wanted. Also he was from Texas and was going home. Waski was getting very good roles at ABT including Myrtha. She was then out for a year injured and was just back this year. She is also not a good example of him not giving people opportunities.
  9. His popularity hit a low of 23% during the protests. It is now (or was in July) up to 32%. So better certainly, but hardly a ringing endorsement.
  10. I agree but I do think he did have an injury in the spring. If I recall he had been cast for some Purple Rothbarts and had to pull out?
  11. You are describing illegal activity and saying that women should shut up and deal with it or leave.
  12. So they don't email people until the last second--and when they do it is to beg for money. That is ridiculously tacky.
  13. I thought Teuscher was excellent this year--much better than last.
  14. In my opinion, you are missing out by not seeing Shevchenko in the role! (Not that Sarah wouldn't be reason to come back too, but there are other good reasons to see it)
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