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  1. and there is literally no evidence that Brandt's family money has at all influenced casting, as in the Balanchine case and as some people (not you Canbelto) have insinuated.
  2. Exactly--if you are citing someone's viewpoint in a way that indicates you agree with them, it behooves you to know what sort of person they are.
  3. How depressing (but not unsurprising).
  4. It is not public knowledge. It is clear, however, that some sort of falling out happened, based on their social media (lack of ) interactions, in addition to the not being cast together, even for events like his 20th anniversary celebration where he'd have had a major say in who his partners were.
  5. Exactly (I think I mentioned Simkin and his lack of ABT appearances in my earlier post). You are right too, about Gorak, who I'd almost forgotten about. I'm really sorry he never really developed in the areas in which he is lacking. He is so beautiful in some ways.
  6. Of course she can. But one of her great advantages was in being a dancer that did pair well with the shorter (and thus more tricky to find partners for) men. Lane might be lovely with Stearns, but you can't very well imagine Teusher dancing with Cornejo.
  7. Whatever the cause of the falling out between her and Cornejo, it materially hurt her career with ABT. She was one of his best partners (maybe the best), and they seemed to enjoy working together and were cast with some frequency. Part of her extra value to the company was in that she was a good partner for the short men. With Simkin doing very little with ABT now, and Lane and Cornejo not dancing together, that is lost. I do find it surprising that she isn't being cast by Ratmansky any more. He has never been one to cast based on rank or how the company administration views dancers. If he is using her less, it is because --for whatever reason--he no longer wants to.
  8. If you all are referring to Misty--two things. 1) It is possible but it seems directed at someone (in her view) buying the things they get. I don't think that implies Misty--she may be cast because she brings in the big $$ in terms of audience but it seems a stretch. 2) Sarah Lane follows Misty. She follows the other 2 up and coming female soloists. She does not follow Skylar.
  9. Or she is more gracious and wants to downplay the tension. I can't find that Sarah Lane liked any of Skylar's posts about her Giselle (most of the company members liked at least one)
  10. Classy (NOT). She's a principal. She should not punch down at a soloist. And citing Hope Hicks on hard work! 🤮
  11. I agree about the ending, but you were forewarned so....
  12. Evidence she forgave the actual perpetrator please. I've seen NOTHING that suggests that.
  13. Again you ignore the matter of CHOICE inherent in this. There may be women walking around topless in Times Square, but they chose to be topless in public. She did not consent to be seen topless by the people who saw her photo.
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