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  1. I've been skeptical of this take Drew is referring to (not "knowing" it is considered racist) throughout this thread. In part because I follow football (soccer) and there have been many controversies regarding Russia/anti-black racism/blackface in the recent past. Most prominent was this: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/30/sochi-parade-blackface-bananas-confederations-cup-cameroon But it isn't really an outlier. There was a lot about this in the lead up to the last World Cup. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/can-russia-with-its-history-of-racist-attacks-and-hooligans-put-on-a-world-cup-welcome/2018/06/12/88f88ac0-6da4-11e8-b4d8-eaf78d4c544c_story.html Clearly Russians know it offends a great many people, they just don't particularly care or care to live according to other people's values. Note there have been a lot of really disgusting racist incidents in sport in Italy, England, etc. I'm not saying it is worse in Russia (though it may be), but the "we aren't racist, we don't have your/US history" and especially "we didn't know it was racist and because we don't have your history it isn't" arguments really don't hold water.
  2. Thanks for alerting us to this! Got tickets for the 18th!
  3. I think it is very unjustified to call sharing videos of her dancing as "tooting their own horn constantly." She is a dancer. She posts videos of her dancing. She isn't advertising other things--she's showing a rare glimpse of her process and progress. She's also a very good dancer, who I think richly deserves a promotion for her dancing...which is precisely what she's showing on social media. Her dancing. I really don't understand the indignation about it on here. If one is a fan of dance (which I assume we all are) why the intense criticizing of a dancer for providing increased access to just that.
  4. we also have no idea whose choice it is not to dance with whom. It could be Cornejo who isn't comfortable dancing with her for personal reasons. Let's keep in mind we have no idea if one of them treated the other badly or if this was a mutual decision.
  5. Keep in mind she seems to like dancing with her partner for R&J
  6. The refined and accurate way of putting it would be the way the NY Times did: Mick's partner.
  7. Nope because she wasn't in Apollo to open the afternoon. She was in one of the 2 middle pieces (the Tippet) but I think that was it. Still a very full day!
  8. I basically agree. I think Hammoudi and Gorak were promoted with the thought they did have principal potential, but they haven't shown themselves up to it. I feel Scott was promoted as more of a demi-character dancer like Salstein and never intended for principal. Zhurbin does so many of the important character roles, I think he earned his promotion in recognition of that fact. I also thought Hammoudi injured himself. He was at Saturday's matinee performance in the audience.
  9. Oh that sounds like a really interesting presentation! Do they have a mailing list or something? How does one find out about such things? Regarding the dresses, I like them much more than NYCB's which appear to be plain white leotards with simple dance skirts. Nothing Greek about them at all. That said neither look is offensive and I care much more about the dancing.
  10. There are actually 4 ABT corps women who are Chinese.
  11. who was the corps girl who wiped out so dramatically?
  12. Hasn't paid her dues? So we criticize the company for not promoting people fast enough, and then we criticize dancers for wanting more? She joined the company in 2011 and was made a soloist in 2015. She's been dancing leading roles for several years now. I think she's paid her dues.
  13. See Leah's post--it is the new Ratmansky full length, apparently
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